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Good afternoon, ladies! 88 degrees right now but it's not raining!

I had work today and nothing on tap for tonight. Tomorrow I have English Paper Piecing bee and lunch with the ladies so that will be fun.

What an accomplishment for T to only have As thus far! I didn't realize Kelly had trouble with her hearing. Fortune keeps you hopping. I need to get at and do my carpets now that it is hotter. I still haven't turned on my AC.

Have a great day, everyone.

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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
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Good Afternoon! The sun is shining brightly but it is cool outside even though there is NO wind blowing. The next four days are to be rain, rain, and more rain which we don't need. I spent the morning working with some other auxiliary ladies putting together hospital history: newspaper clippings, pictures, and articles saved over the years into 3 ring binders. We finished them today; the hard part of sorting was mostly done earlier in the week. We all wondered who is going to go back and read this stuff. It was fun to look at old pictures of people, we know now as being "old," taken when they were young.

"Gma" -- I wouldn't blame you for checking into a motel if the ac guy can't come soon. There is nothing worse that hot humid weather and no air! It's too bad T's program couldn't have been in an auditorium with comfortable seats or at least have folding chairs. Our high school will put chairs on the gym floor for people who can't climb the bleachers. Long hair was one issue we never had with Jason; his hair starts to curl as soon as it has any length at all and he hated the curls. Ian's hair is very curly (and clipped short!) while poor Zowie's is straight as a string. Bob has a cousin who lives in the same town as his aunt so he takes her to church or anywhere she wants to go. This is a gal who worked until she was 85; traveled thousands of miles to oversee 8 or 9 Hallmark stores the family owned. She's a go-getter no doubt about it! I'm sure you and Jack are looking forward to the long weekend!

I have a WM list started and need to add a few things so had better get going. Today seems like Friday; I wish it were because I would have been to the dentist and home again by now. Have a great rest of the day and enjoy!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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Good morning to you all! I have to hurry and post as I have to get up and dressed in a few minutes and take Fortune to the groomers so he will be all nice and clean and be out of the way of the ac guy. Jack is still upstairs snoozing away.

We are putting the deposit down today for our cruise next year so that will be fun. I think we are going to go the end of Sept next year on their big new ship Allure of the Seas. Jack will be 62 but wants to to all the stuff they have like the rock climbing wall, the flowrider, which is basically surfing or waterboarding (he is gonna break his neck either way) but for me it is the pool, pool, pool. They have 4 of them not counting the kids area so I can change each day then start ove again! We are getting a balcony room that looks out over the boardwalk as that is what Jack wants. I didn't want one as I was afraid of the noise from the people on the boardwalk, but about 6 months ago we watched a program about the sister ship and they showed how the doors to the balcony are air locked and no sound comes in so I aquiesced.

I had a rough night again last night. I sure will be glad when my sleeping evens out. I am ok first thing in the morning, but by about 2 pm I am so tired I can't put one foot in front of the other and need a nap, but Jack gets home at 3:20 or so and I like to start dinner around 4 so I just trudge along until bedtime.

Jean: Kelly had beautiful board straight corn colored blond hair as a little girl. She now has very curly red hair!!! It changed in college. Jay was always a dark blond, but he shaves his head close so you can't tell much except he isn't dark headed. I have had several classmates post pictures of us being in grade school and such like I posted here. It is fun to look at stuff especially high school pictures and you wonder, "what was I thinking?"

Susan: I got both the rugs done, but one spot just would not come out and I scrubbed it good with the hand part of my shampooer. Fortune vomited something up that was pinkish, I think it was a dog treat and it stained the carpet. You can barely see it, but I know it is there.

Well gals, I know it is short today, but I have to get up stairs and get dressed. Have a great day and weekend (like Jean I kept thinking yesterday was Friday and jumped the gun) Pool here should open on Monday so we shall see. Faye
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Please go to #25 to post, thank you.



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