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Good Afternoon, Flowers! Happy Mother's Day to all! We've been to early church, waited a half hour afterwards to go to a brunch at the waterpark, and then went bird feeder and flower shopping. Now I've changed into comfortable clothes and have a few things I want to get done this afternoon. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing; we had a 1/4" of rain while we were in church this morning. We could use a nice gentle shower to settle the dust.

"Gma" -- You'd think whoever put in 4 pumps would have enough power available to run all 4 at the same time. It was probably some educated person with NO common sense. Does Jack have any idea how long he will have to work the night shift? I'm like Fortune in that I don't like my schedule messed with. It's too bad he can't eat yogurt to get the probiotic stuff.

Susan -- I'm sorry Glory is still sick. You are good friends to take care of each other. Pneumonia is not something to mess with no matter how old a person is. I so admire your planning ahead for the menu for last night. I love lasagna so would have a really hard time with just 3 bites. I'm so surprised that you still have a Ben Franklin store! That was one of my old favorites and there haven't been any around here for years. They went from being a "dime" store to crafts then just disappeared.

Bob is asking how I want the feeders arranged so had best go "help" him. We are adding more finch feeders and liquid feeders while we take down the seed feeders that the dumb black birds can clean out in no time. Enjoy your day!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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Talking Happy Mothers Day


It is a beautiful sunshiny day here in the Heartland. I seasoned lots of burger patties with garlic powder and lemon pepper and Will cooked them on the Webber. We ate what we wanted and now the other cooked patties are in the freezer to be enjoyed on a later date. We always like to BBQ more then we will be using for why waste a good fire. I haven’t done a lot this day and don’t plan on it. We went to church this day and will go again this evening. I am sipping a sf ff latte. I got a good laugh when I took my first sip of what I thought was my regular but it wasn’t. I had Will taste it and he said, “I’ll take it back. Well he hadn’t tasted his yet but went back to exchange mine. The gal that made our drinks said, “Oops ~ I switched containers and you have a latte in yours.” Well his was sitting on his desk here at home so she made me a new one in my stainless and gave him a new one. Now I have two ~ I’ll surely be wired if I drink both of them. Ah, life is good.

DONNA FAYE I am so glad for you that you are living on high ground. But it sure must make it difficult to shop since so many of the places are on the lower levels and water everywhere. I sure hope Jack is able to traverse though the mess and get to work though this for they certainly need him at work. OH those CA fruits are so good.

JEAN What fun to put up bird feeders that can keep out some critters you don’t want to be feeding. We don’t put them up because of our garden. Don’t want to start inviting them to our yard.

SUSAN Good going to eat before like you planned. I found that I have been making Greek Yogurt for a long time and calling it Yogurt Cheese. I use a large measuring cup with a strainer placed in the top with a coffee filter in the strainer and dump a carton of yogurt in it and let the whey separate. Voila ~ Greek Yogurt. When I got my yogurt machine the directions told me how to make Greek yogurt ~ yep I have been making it for years. I use it in various dishes.

GAIL Having a wonderful day I imagine.




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