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Juno 01-29-2001 04:04 PM

The 5% Club is about more than hope. It is about seeing the possibility everywhere, all the time, and about perseverance and understanding that our bodies and health go through cycles in every arena. We recognise that people DO become healthier, stronger and slimmer and we are set to be in the admittedly slim percentage of those who do it. Some of us will be edging up toward a 3 year anniversary for being here posting away, so you better believe it is working!

Well the time has run out of this weekend pretty quickly. And again I have, after Friday, fairly well wallowed in lazy downtime. I can only say that I seem to need it and will not hassle myself for it. The class on Friday was just great! Tomorrow is ballet - yikes. I appreciate all your enthusiasm and support - and I am really excited about a new discipline and new training for my body. But I'm not kidding myself, and I'm not gonna kid you either - no I am not sailing into this and doing "well" in terms of what a dancer would think. That just isn't the story, this is REALLY challenging, way way hard and also emotional in the striving of what I can do. Others take on team sports and marathons and that is not for me - I guess if Lisa was still here I would say this is my marathon, something just huge and hard and will require Herculean will just to go to the class and get pounded each week. Steph, I am a bit on the curvy side as well. I do think that being face to face with those mirrors will disallow any denial of the truths about my body - positive or negative. More than once this week I edged away from the junque idea or seconds with the idea of looking at my image on Mondays.

I see hope in the light slowly returning - yahoo! I just love it when the darkness begins to recede again. Since we don't have snow I might head out some days and move a little turf - why not? I am also (I will confide) working in a book called "The Artist's Way" which is a recovery program for blocked artiste types like myself! It is going great and it covers all levels of creativity - I strongly recommend you check out this book if you even get a tiny feeling of the idea you would like to unleash more creative energy in your life.

I'm nodding off here, and will get some sleep. Wish me luck for ballet and know that I will be a club regular and will attend the fantastic Friday class. Food - I'm up for fish and veggies this week, and maybe some expirimental side rice or potato dishes. No chips all week, just a wee bit of very good chocolate. A good week, and I'm here for another one!

Check in, all!!!!


Raychel 01-30-2001 05:50 AM

Oh my is it the last Monday of January already!!??

Not much time here - work is still crazy.

I'm doing okay - Juno you sound ready to take on your ballet!! Go lady go!

I'll post more later....

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

STEPHSTEPH 01-31-2001 02:01 AM

I had great ambitions to get on and post but I believe that is going to be thwarted by all the sounds coming from upstairs. Obviously there are at least two that have decided to get up from nap early. One is sounding grumpy!!

I am feeling much better. Never went in to the Dr. but was given a big more advice over the phone and for the most part I can feel a big difference. Mainly the advice was to stop weaning myself off the cold/sinus stuff but keep taking it round the clock to get the junk out and get a lot of sleep! I have been getting to bed early every night and as of this afternoon have improved quite a bit since yesterday afternoon.

Exercise here is going good and hopefully no more sickness pitfalls. I have been getting up by 5:15 (yuck) because it just seems like that is the best time for ME time even though my body doesn't like it. I have been doing it for weeks now and I am getting used to it. I only hit the snooze twice now. I just kept thinking that there was no way I was going to get good quality time in starting May because I will be watching a new baby & then comes summer. So once again I am trying the mornings.

Food is okay but I have many more years before I am old enough to remain in control!!

Now one of the kids is making loud noises - must run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steph

Catherine 01-31-2001 10:01 PM

Good morning everyone. I am so busy lately, but really needed to connect with all of you again.

My January went quite well. I planned out dinners on a weekly basis and bought only enough groceries that I needed. Quite a shift for me. I love to buy groceries. I also made a workout calendar a month in advance. I did well the first part of the month because I knew what my immediate plans were, but not so good the later part. Things kept cropping up and Iíd miss workouts. I think that for February I will have to go week by week for both.

I continue to keep my workouts diversified with cardio, ST, yoga and pilates. However, because it is so diversified, I have shortchanged cardio and I NEED to do more of that. My new plan for February is cardio 4xís, ST 2xís, and one each of yoga and Pilates. I think that this will be much better.

Mentally I am trying to get in a better place. I am struggling very much in relation to abandoning my bad habits and influences Ė both internally and externally. The mind is such a tricky thing! It really is a process of daily renewal. I am very thankful for Mondays and the fresh start they offer.

I am anxiously awaiting a week vacation in sunny FLA. I am really looking forward to sun and fun. Hubby and I plan to do little, if anything. I will be doing a lot of walking, but am not going to kill myself over a week off from workouts.

Juno Ė I want to have a workout room that is one wall of mirrors. Do you find that encouraging or discouraging while doing ballet?

Steph Ė I am glad to hear that youíre feeling better. And you have been getting up early again for workouts! Great job! In envy you so much!

Iíll be on vacation next week, but think of me and send diva dust that Iíll finally breakthrough this mental plateau and do what is good for me.

As always, thanks.

STEPHSTEPH 02-02-2001 02:40 AM

Anybody want any birthday cake??? I still have 1/4 of the ice cream cake (which I am sure my boys & DH will devour) but today arrives the other big cake for the other ones birthday. My guys are 5 & 3 yesterday and today and from now on they are sharing a cake!!!!!

I've been good about exercising and I am with you Catherine on the missing of cardio. I upped mine from 3 a week to 5 because it just makes me feel better. Strength training is 3 but I can do 2 and not feel guilty. Now I love yoga & pilates but I have decided that I don't have to beat myself up if I just have time for 2 short sessions per week. I am not studying to be a yoga guru and just need it to keep my body flexible. I need to get over the guilt thing when I don't meet my expectations.

Catherine - Enjoy the sunny state of FL (I'm jealous but can't get away!) I save all of my vacation time for summer because I need the break then. However DH promised me a short winter break for our 10th anniversary - got 2 more years!! I have to do my workout schedule weekly otherwise it always gets messed up.

Juno - We shall probably see you in the NYC Ballet next fall, right? It was just your first class and I imagine you will find all the right moves after a few more visits. I keep saying I am going to get out and take some kind of class but after going to my childcare classes, the kids stuff, I just don't feel like signing myself up!

Raychel - You must be swamped! I think of you all the time when I am strength training. My main thoughts are "Steph what a wimp - Raychel Muscle God!" Oh I am getting stronger but the desire to lift the heavy stuff comes and goes.

My parents are coming tomorrow so that means I must go clean. Not that they care but of course I do! Now I need to go order stamps so have a great weekend! Steph

Raychel 02-02-2001 05:54 AM

Hi all...*pant*pant* Work is still crazy...I've quadrupled my job orders the past two weeks...no exaggeration!!

Catherine: Daily renewal...sometimes hourly renewal for me. I'm constantly tweeking the amount of cardio I'm doing. I find 3 good sessions (2 30m, 1 60m does the trick for me.) I don't feel like I'm ignoring it and its not so much cardio that its wasting my muscle. Old habits/influences are so hard to change. Most poor behaviors are just that - habit. But keep working at it because you will break them down little by little. I have a love/hate relationship with dance class mirrors....

Steph: Glad to hear you are feeling better finally. My DH just got put on eve work again so I'm considering switching to eve's at the gym. I don't really want to though - morning is my time. But I have to tell DH I'm considering it so his feelings don't get hurt. As our schedules are now, we won't see eachother until his days off or on the weekend mornings! Not such a bad thing when I'm frustrated at him! (ps - you are HARDLY a wimp!!)

Juno: I wish I had the energy to get into all the interesting things you do. It seems after exercise, work, chores, errands there is no time or I'm too tired to even think about doing something pleasurable. Thats a sad statement actually - and we don't even have kids!

This is my first evening alone in a long while with DH back on swing shift. I plan to cook myself a good dinner, with candles, maybe even a glass of wine. Then I'll veg out in front of Friends and record ER...I'm looking forward to a quiet evening with myself.

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

Juno 02-06-2001 11:22 PM

Hi - this is going to be a very quick check-in. We had a very busy weekend and now of course I am in the thick of the busy week, yow! A fellow MT had a baby late last week so I have an extra doctor for extra measure!

Things are going really really well in the health and fitness dept, despite the busy schedule keeping me from the gym more than I would like. I finally tried the "Target Specifics" tape, at least the abs and arms, and it is very doable, and an option when the club isn't happening. Ballet - I have had 3 classes now. I learn something everytime and sweat a lot more in there than I do in any aerobics class! What a discipline. While I have no illusions about my abilities, I do feel taken seriously in the class and I am expected to learn it and do better. The regular teacher was gone yesterday and the director taught the class. He is European and very classical in approach, this is not ballet lite even though it is very definitely a beginner's class. I figure I probably have 20 years on all of my classmates.

Food has clicked in, in part because I was battling so much exhaustion. I realized that the sleep deprivation and lax eating was taking its toll so I got down and a little more structured about it - the results have been instant energy. Once again we learn again - Duh!

And with that update I must return to the large pile of tapes awaiting my attention. I hope all is well with everyone, and I hope to read checkins soon! How are you?


STEPHSTEPH 02-07-2001 02:40 AM

I keep pulling up the boards but then something happens and I don't have time to post. Now I only have a few minutes but I figure that is better than none!

I think I have finally kicked the bug but boy that was the only time I have been sick for a whole month. Started Jan. 1 and just didn't let up. I am back on track with my exercise and feeling good about food. I am really starting to tell the difference in my shape by doing weights. I have been doing it for a few years but since Nov. and really starting to do increased weights - I am much tighter everywhere. I don't have saddlebags, my waist & hips aren't half as padded, my arms I still look at in dismay but I'm working on them. I haven't lost much weight but I am pretty sure I can buy a size or two smaller in pants when I head out to the mall and buy some new clothes soon!

Been busy too with parents, birthdays, etc...I have a bunch of schooling this month and I finally booked my ticket to Houston for my first days away with no kids/DH. I might need a big push to get on the plane but I'm not feeling guilty about leaving which I would have felt before this. Now I deserve two days away!!!!!!!!

Baby #1 is up - must run! Steph

Raychel 02-07-2001 04:52 AM

Hello to all....

Our new floor is nearly done! It looks wonderful! We are just waiting for some trim pieces to finish it. Of course now the cabinets look just awful next to the new floor...soooo we have a painting project planned for the near future! LOL!

I just booked a B and B inn for vacation in March in Monterey Bay. We are meeting my gf and hubby there (they live in Penn., they were the ones we were going to go on a cruise with). I can't wait...the inn is pretty luxurious and we'll go see the the sites while we are there!

Juno: I'm glad you are liking the ballet - talk about a whole body work out. Now you know where my calves came from! he he he...I get sore from lifting weights but I'll tell you what, its nothing like the sore I used to get from dancing! Are you McDougalling again?

Steph: Well you know my story with weight training, so you will here no arguments from me on doing them!! Its really nice to see progress - this time last year (checking my log) I weighed 3lbs less but was larger in inches!! Talk about progress!

I hope everyone is doing okay...don't hesitate to do a drive by posting!

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

Raychel 02-10-2001 12:05 AM

Wow its quiet around here! I hope everyone is doing okay. It got rainy and cold here all of a sudden. We were actually getting spring weather and then *bam* its cold again. It will be like this until it truly gets to Spring!!

Everything else is going pretty good...

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

Parrotwoman 02-11-2001 04:41 AM

Hello, all, I hope you don't mind if I do a "drive-by" (love that term!) after being gone for so long.

I passed my 2 securities exams!!! Hoorayy for me! Now i'm working on the life insurance stuff and training at work. I'll be actually working by the end of the month. I'm ready.

My life has a bit more structure in it, and as a result, I'm doing better with food. Exercise is going well, too. I'm glad to hear you are all hanging in there!

Juno 02-12-2001 01:45 PM

Drive by here, as well. I love the trem, Raychel.

I have to admit I am not on the web as much lately, so count me in in spirit when I haven't driven by so much. I am so busy in my life that I just have to figure out places to cut time and surfing qualifies. I also have figured out that I am actually addicted to reading. It is a love of mine, but it actually stops me from getting things done and is a delay tactic for a lot of unpleasant chores I would say.

Again I have not done well exercising over the weekend. What is this? I must baby step my way into at least a nice walk each day, wouldn't that make some sense?

Have a good monday--


STEPHSTEPH 02-13-2001 02:34 AM

I was just going to do a whip in and do a quick note but I think I have a few spare minutes so I will try and actually write something! I had a very nice weekend here and got out of the house & into the big city to try and break up my cabin fever. Went to the Home & Garden show which did my mind a world of good to imagine spring and all my flowers popping out of the ground. Unfortunately now they are buried under at least 1 Ĺ feet of snow!

I havenít been on the internet much either. I just come on briefly during nap mainly to e-mail, check a booksite to see what people are reading & here. I have a million other things to do and I am trying to get in my exercise & my hobbies before computer time. I have always been a book addict & there isnít day that goes by when I donít shove in a few chapters. I usually read for at least an hour before bed. This weekend besides doing all that I did I managed to read one excellent book & one ho-hum one for book club. I am a fast reader so it helps!

I dropped in on my DH at work Saturday and one of the guys working told Steve after I left that he always thought I was pretty but that I looked really good now that I look better after having kids than before. Letís see Ė now I actually sleep rather than when I was in my 20ís sleep was the last thing I needed, I rarely ever drink when I was a beer drinker on the weekend, I exercise regularly and I sure eat a heck of a lot better! Yeah Ė someone noticed!! He is someone that probably only sees me once a year when before I had my first son I saw him daily. He gave me my ego boost for the yearJ

Raychel Ė Do you ever have a problem with the fact that your hands have a hard time hanging onto the weights vs. you not being strong enough?? I am doing heavier and heavier weights but my little tiny hands are having a heck of a time holding on some of the moves. I have gloves but just must have weak little fingers!!

The weights are doing more for me than all my years of cardio & my dips into pilates & yoga. I love cardio & yoga/pilates but my back is stronger, I stand up straighter and though I think it is everything all together Ė the weights are making the big improvements. I am looking forward to muscled arms this year because I think if I keep plugging along this way I am heading in a good direction for me. Now if only I could cut some more of the fat out of my diet. Baby steps sure take a long time sometimes!!!

I really am feeling kind of pity towards my poor DH these days. I finally got him into the doctor (he has just been feeling like crap since before Christmas) and at the moment he is diagnosed with Stress headaches (which his has lasted over a month). Yes he is stressed at work but he doesnít sleep enough, doesnít eat properly (he eats good but not enough in the morning & Iím sure his body is craving food), he hasnít exercised since before Christmas but you know when you are the wife and trying to point out all these things of course he is just fine. I almost want to call the Dr. myself because I am sure DH didnít mention the 4-5 hours of sleep. I am being a pain now and sending him to bed early, wonít watch any late TV with him & leave the room so he falls asleep. I am just about to start packing his lunch/breakfast but he is 36 shouldnít that be his responsibility???

Okay I am done gabbing. Hope you all have a good week & see you all later ( I have a 1 yr. Old trying very hard to delete this message!! ) Steph

Raychel 02-13-2001 10:17 PM

Good Morning all! We are still getting some good rain here. I want to crawl into bed and do some good reading!!

Steph: Grip WAS a problem for me initially. Your hand/forearm strength will come up as you continue to use weights but here is two things that will help. First when you grip, think about using your middle finger and ring finger. Because our thumbs are strong, we tend to put a lot of stress on them when we grip and not utilize the WHOLE hand. Second, work your forearms once a week for about 12wks...reverse grip curls superset with wrist curls. Do you know how to do these? They will burn like crazy but after 12wks you will notice a definate improvement in strength. And on the DH scenerio...I am in the same spot as you. I SO want to "help" my DH but it all comes out as nagging.

Juno: You sound busy but happy and productive! Don't forget daily renewal as BG would say...this might help those "bye" days on exercise.

PW: CONGRATS on passing those exams. What a relief to have it done with, now you can move on to bigger and better things!

Work has calmed down some here. Its good to not feel so "wrung out" at the end of the day. Take care everyone!

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

Parrotwoman 02-14-2001 08:15 AM

Hello, all. My, we all sound so busy! I have a bit of time before my bird club meeting, so I thought I'd stop in.

Juno--I am also a reading addict. How is the weather up north? Is it getting to be any more like spring? I've noticed that the days are getting longer, which really helps my spirits.

Steph--Husbands are difficult. My husband is absolutely married to some of his not-so-great habits, and of course, he won't admit that they have anything to do with his health. I try to keep my mouth shut and put good food on the table at night.

Raychel--Thanks! Now I'm working on insurance (for our life insurance line), and I'm almost done with that. I'm really getting excited about getting started with this new career.

I've been doing much better, mostly because I have a schedule and I'm out of the house all day. I've been packing food to bring along with me. Exercise is going well, too. Slow and steady will win this race!

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