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flower 02-20-2001 08:47 AM

Hello everyone. Are we eatting less and moving more? I finally got back on program today...sort of. :) I had an extra protein serving and one less fruit. But all and all a good day. I mall walked. So, now I need to go do my crunches and I will call today sucessful. Where is everyone? I know kf can't go to the mall daily. Does the library have free access? We are gonna have to figure out something for ya!!! Did Paul start work today? Was it a good day for him?
Well to everyone else...come out and play!!! flower/audri

karefree2 02-20-2001 06:50 PM

Hi Audri,

Seems we are the only ones posting. I am glad to see you here though. I was afraid now one else would be here today so it was nice to see new posts on the old thread and a new one started!

I have had Houdini dogs before. Good luck. The only thing we have had any luck with is an electric fence. They get zapped once and steer clear of the fence! It sounds cruel too but it usually only happens once and to me it isn't as cruel and them getting run over. Hope you friend comes back soon .

Paul did start his job yesterday. He seems to like it but the hours are really l-o-o-ng. Well, I shouldn't complain. It is work.

I have 8 hours left on BL and if I get up early enough (evidently 4 AM is the optimum time. UGH!!!) I can use Juno. I will try to make a daily post.

Sounds like you are doing great with your plan. I am still hanging in there. On the way to ride the bike now so I will


flower 02-20-2001 08:54 PM

Good morning. The dog has gotton a liking to Cameron. So I let her sleep in his room last night. I figured this may turn out to be a long term thing, so I might as well try to figure something we can all live w/. She is very intelligent. She actually does commands from the kids too. The kids want to keep her forever. I did not want a second dog. Our bulldog passed away in Oct.

I think I will be able to stay op today too. Imagine that!!! I have to go to super walmart for groceries and to Grif's 5 month appointment. Time flies. I need to find Chris a gift too. Our 4 year anniversary is Thurs. I really hope the hotel calls for an interview. But I won't get too bummed if they don't. I will figure something out. audri

flower 02-21-2001 07:07 AM

Hi ya. MW was silly and posted on part 5 if ya all want to see a new message. :) Which I know ya do cause no one has been posting much these days!

Riley came home sick today. Griffin has an ear infection. I ate a spicey chicken sandwich and fries from McDonalds! So much for staying on program. Tonight I eat lean and green! I found a high chair though. That was a good thing and I got some new cookbooks from the library. No job calls.
:( I have the temp job this weekend. I go out for seafood on Thrus. (My anniversary) :) Yummy!!!!!
So today has been full of ups and downs. audri

karefree2 02-21-2001 05:49 PM

I am here on Juno so I don't know how long my stay will be. Thanks for the directions to MW's post. I will get there to read it if I have to go on BL to do it. BL is suppose to be for the rest of the family but.....

Things are going alright around here. Rode the bike 2 times yesterday. Once for 20 minutes and once for 10. I am getting better! Sugar cravings are at an all time high. I wish I didn't love it so much. My life would be so much thinner! LOL!

What is the dogs name Audri?


flower 02-21-2001 09:31 PM

I am having a "me vs the world" day. I am feeling like I am responsible for everything this family does!!!!! I need to be spontanious and fun. Moms job sucks! I have no close friends to have fun w/ these days. I just feel like crawling into a whole and crying. Or screaming. Maybe both. I need more sleep. Grif did not cooperate there and Chris stayed out w/ his friends from out of town till real late. He works grave tonight so I gotta let him sleep too. This sucks. I need to run away. But then all my problems would be here and even messier when I returned. No one calling me for an interview is really getting to me. Maybe I should figure a way to get self employed. Won't help for insurance but it is a start on bills. I need a glimmer of hope! I started the day w/ 2 poptarts and a Hawaian punch. It was yummy but the scale isn't gonna move w/ breakfasts like that!!! I wish you all were closer to help me out of this funk! audri ps/ the dog's name is Missy. Hate the name too. :)

karefree2 02-21-2001 10:46 PM


You are right the job of "Mom" is the most stressful and the least respected but....

I do know how you feel. I have gotten to the point of thinking of destinations to go to when I run away and I am thinking in terms of a one way ticket! Just fantasy, of course....Paid a big bill today which took the balance down on the checking account. That is depressing. But, the car insurance is paid for 6 more months so that is one less thing to worry about. That is good even if the checking balance makes me nervous.

I like the name Missy, BTW. If ya'll get to keep her though, and you REALLY hate the name I have heard you can change it pretty easily to one with the same number of sylables (that doesn't looke right but you know what I mean.)

I was watching Oprah the other day and they were saying that our body did not know if we were on vacation floating on a float in the ocean, riding the waves. Sitting in the sand with the warm sun warming us with a tropical beverage at our fingertips or if we were hanging onto our sanity by our very fingertips in the midst of everyday survival and that we could trick our minds by using some relaxation techniques. I might try that.

On Juno so I am quitting while I am ahead.


Sandy3830 02-22-2001 12:34 AM

Hello, I just stopped by to read and thought I'd say hello.

Audri, I hope you are feeling better about things soon. I think everyone thinks about running away at times.

Karefree, good job on riding your bike, keep it up. I'm happy that your hubby is working again, should make it a little less stressful.

Mailwhale, your trip sounded wonderful.

Itsworthit, just think you'll have mud pretty soon insead of the ice lol.

Looks like spring is on the way around here, my daffodils are a couple on inches high now. The ones in NH are still under the snow.

We went to Canada to snowmobile last week. We were able to spend some time with Taz. Had a great time even though it was a bit chilly.

Take care everyone.

mailwhale 02-22-2001 06:52 AM

okay I posted on 5 because the day I wrote it we were on thread 5...but of course I lost my connection, and couldn't get reconnected, that day or perhaps even the next, and I just kept this screen minimized until I got connected and quickly hit "post" I could see it went through, and then was disconnected and could not even get back on to open the page back up fast enough so that I could read it off line. And of course, I am already off-line, so I'll have to try that connect and quickly post trick again, but don't be surprised if you are already on thread 7! LOL, today is Wednesday 2/21 at 5 p.m. pacific...who knows when it will actually go through! I'm sure everyone is way sick of my connection gripes...sorry!

I am reading the "Art of Happiness" and it has been talking about the difference between pleasure and happiness. That we all have a right to happiness and that is the goal of life- to be happy. And that all of our actions should move us more towards happiness, than sorrow. But that pleasure and happiness are not the same thing...in short for me, eating chocolate may bring some temporary pleasure, but does not lead to happiness...truly more sorrow and self destructiveness. I think this book will be a good study for me, And today I've been chocolate free!!!!!!! Wahoo, finally a step in the right direction again!

Well, let's try to send this through....
Wishing you all HAPPINESS!!!!! MW

1Dolphingirl 02-23-2001 05:27 AM

Well I'm back. The weirdest thing happened 2 weeks ago....My parents called from their 4 week vacation in Maui & asked me to fly over alone & spend a week w/ them. Well of course being the responsible mother of 4 & wife of 1 that I am I said no. When I told my hubby about the call he said absolutly YES!!! he said he would handle everything & that I shoud go & have a great relaxing time. So i went & it was wonderful. It was so nice to be pampered & not responsible for anything but my own self. the family did great while I was away & now I am home trying to get back into the swing of things. Real life seems sooooo hard. I know what you mean Audri. sometimes life seems like it is pressing down on you. Hang in there it willl get better. I can't believe Griff is 5 months old already.

I do hope everyone is having a better day today & I think MW advice about living & moving towards happiness is good advice for all of us. Hang in there even in the tough times. :)

thecookiemommster 02-23-2001 07:24 AM

Sorry I have not posted in a while but my hubby was in texas for about 3 weeks and our internet connection went down and had no idea who to call or what to do! http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//nervous.gif

I am just glad things are back to normal!(what I think is normal anyway) :)

Audri... Mommy stuff was pretty stressful for me when my hubby was gone...I don't think I got more than 4-5 hours a sleep a night and I think I am still trying to get over that 3 week ordeal! http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//dizzy.gif

I made ok food choices during that time but did stress snack a little bit. :D

Someone is a the door I gotta go....

"Walking On Sunshine" :cool:

karefree2 02-23-2001 08:10 PM

This will be quick since I am having the some connection problems as MailWhale!

Good to see everyone! I couldn't get here yesterday but I did do my exercise and I have already done it today. BTW, thanks Sandy for the encouragement. Hope ya'll had a great time with Taz in Canada. It sounds like fun.

Cookie! Really good to hear from you again! Hope to see your post more often. I have missed your "sunny" news. BTW, who was at the door?

Audri, hope you are feeling well. You'll get through it. Is Griffin doing better?

Dolphingirl! I would NEVER have come back from paradise!!!!


flower 02-23-2001 10:27 PM

Soory no word from me yesterday. My post wouldn't go thru. I am better somewhat. Two of 3 boys are om medication for infections now. I may be next. I work the next 4 days doing production floral work. Hope it is pleasant. Saw Cast Away finally last night. I ordered a book called Life Strategies. Must be self help month. :) The dog is behaving. Chris's dad is gonna come get it if Pat doesn't come soon. Anyways, gotta take kids to school. I have to wash my laundry or it will be nakie time! :) audri PS/ I want a sunny vaction too!!!!! Cookie-good to have you back!

1Dolphingirl 02-23-2001 10:42 PM

It was really hard coming back from Paradise. But I'm back now so I guess I'd better make the best of it, right? I'll tell you one thing it was easier to exercise there. We walked every morning by the ocean on a paved walk in front of all the hotels, swam & walked on the beach. the treadmill just isn't the same if you know what I mean. ;)

Audri, I hope you are all feeling better soon. :)
Cookie, good to see you. :)
KF, good job on your continued exercise. Constantly striving to work on the issues at hand is what will help us make the lifetime changes. :)
Sandy, I'm glad you had fun with Taz.
Mailwhale, thanks for the inspirational thoughts you always add. We appreciate you. :)

Have a wonderfully successful day everyone!!! :) (Even if we aren't in Paradise. ;) )

karefree2 02-24-2001 09:25 PM

This is my 3rd attempt. The firszt one had a message to each of you. I tried to recreat it in the 2nd one. This time....

Well, this is all I have left.


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