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SaraB 02-15-2001 04:59 AM

Hello, pg friends! Boy this thread has been quiet lately. Thanks, Scully, for recommending the other board too. I've enjoyed reading posts there as well.

Not too much new for me to report. The m/sickness continues at it's yucky pace and I am trying to cope. Still having some bleeding off an on too, although nothing major.

How's everyone else doing?


Jen 02-15-2001 07:18 AM

Hi all. Not much new with me. I have my first ultrasound in 2 weeks, I'll be almost 13 weeks then. No morning sickness yet, I'll feel quesy once in awhile, grocery shopping can bring on an upset stomach but so far no actual vomiting. Yesterday I had a small order of onion rings and that almost did me in. I felt so sick I though for sure I was going to puke but I kept it down. Well I now know what NOT to eat!

I've been so sleepy I haven't exercised in 3 weeks. I finally got on the bike today for 30 minutes. I feel better for it so I'm going to try and get more exercise. well I'm almost done the first trimester so I should be getting that energy back. I hope!

Sara - sorry to hear that you are still having the ms. I hope it passes soon.

bensmom 02-15-2001 06:31 PM

This board sure has been quiet lately.

Sara - I hope that ms leaves you soon. I was very blessed (with both pregnancies now) to have never gone through anything like real ms.

Jen - I, too, went through the sensitivity to certain smells. There were times that I thought just the odor of something would make me sick. But, I am very lucky that that passed before the second trimester began.

Things had been going well for me until last week. I have had some horrible back pain lately. Of course, living here in the Northeast in the winter brings many colds. So I thought it might just be muscle aches from that. But we have had rain lately and I have noticed that when the humidity and pressure rises, my back will hurt more. I was told when that happens to put up my feet and wrap a heating pad in a towel for a little while. I am praying that it is not sciatica. I have not been able to exercise as much as I want to. I guage it by how I feel when I get out of bed in the morning. If my back hurts when I get up, I won't workout. I am looking forward to Spring when I can go for a walk. I have learned that the right sneakers make a big difference too.

I hope all of the other moms-to-be out there are doing well.

edd: 12 July 2001

Scully 02-15-2001 08:08 PM

Hi Everyone!
I am doing well, and getting past what I call m/s. My stomach feels yucky a lot of the time, but no vomiting. I also have sensitivity to smells! So much so, I find food less appealing. I have my tired moments, but not too bad overall. I really want to get back into my exercise regime, and keep fit. I am going to the pool tomorrow to do water aerobics. It is so wonderful to be in a warm pool! It reminds me of how the baby must feel surrounded by amniotic fluid.

My DH was in California for several days and sent me a dozen long stemmed red roses. :)
It was a delightful present to get while he's away. He is coming home tonight and we will all be happy to be together.

It's gonna be a busy week starting today. The kids have a half day today and tomorrow and off on Monday. Fortunately, there is always something to do. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can send them outside when they get rambunctious! It will be nice to sit on the deck and be out in the fresh air again. I miss it!

Well, my next Dr. Appointment is on March 6 and at that time I will be about 11 weeks. I am hoping that I will be able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. Since my last appointment with the Midwife, I changed my mind and I want to go back to the doctor who delivered my second child. I wasn't totally happy with the experience there. It's too long to get into, and you'd be bored with it anyway. I guess that I need the comfort of having an M.D.

Anyway, I am glad that you are all doing well. Sara, I hope that the M/s subsides and disappears by the second trimester! I know you must be miserable. I'm not sure there is a worse feeling than being neauseas all the time.

Well, gotta go!

Warmest Regards,
Scully and bellybean

SaraB 02-16-2001 05:38 AM

Hello friends! Good to read about how many of you are doing again. Sorry that I've been so down lately. I really am normally a happy person, really! This sickness is getting to me. I hope it only lasts a few weeks more, because I have been so down-in-the-dumps. I really want to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy, but I've been miserable... I can relate to what everyone said about smells, they do me in all the time! That and riding in traffic, that gets me every time. (We live in the Denver area, so there's plenty of that.) I keep a garbage can in the van and have had to use it on many occassions. (Sorry for the gritty details!)

Jen -- Enjoy that ultrasound! It feels SO good to see that little heartbeat!

I am very anxious to get back into exercising (I miss it, believe it or not!) so I'll be glad when the doctor lifts that restriction. I start a pre-natal water aerobics class in March if dr. okays it -- can't wait!

Take Care of yourselves, Mommies to Be! (Get lots of rest!)


ckn 02-16-2001 08:09 AM

Hello to everyone. Haven't posted in quite awhile. Everything is fine with me. Had 2nd Dr.'s appt. Monday. Gained too much weight and blood pressure up a little other than that everything ok. Said should be able to hear the heart beat next month. We are still trying to decide on the amnio test. Highly recommended because of my age. But so scary.
The tiredness is getting better and this would have been a good week except that I had to get a cold so I have felt miserable along with all the pregnant stuff. Have worked all week also. Trying to save as many sick days as possible. Sometimes I just seemed overwhelmed by all of this. Having to start it all over again. But I know that I am just remembering all of the bad things and I've got to start concentrating more on the good things that go along with having a baby!! Sorry if I sound down. Do any of you experience lots of emotions? I don't remember that from my first pregnancy. But I can just be sitting and I will just start crying for no reason. And I'm not a crier. I guess it's just hormones. Plus my almost 18 year old baby will be graduating and going to college and I guess it's just all of it together. Well I've written a book and lots of is depressing. I'll be better next time and I will try to post more regularly. Everyone take care.


Jen 02-16-2001 09:32 AM

Sara, I totally understand about you feeling down. I hate being sick to my stomach, I hate throwing up, I always feel rotten afterward. Having to go through it on a daily basis, not knowing if it is ever going to end has got to be very depressing. I hope that when you are in the 2nd trimester that it will pass.

Cassandra - I'm looking forward to Spring too. I want to get back out and do some walking but I hate going out in the cold and snow.

Scully - water exercise sounds fantastic. I can't remember the last time I was in a pool.

ckn - talk about emotions! I've had days where I've been watching tv and just bawling at something. Also is tired an emotion? At this point it feels like it should be. I can hardly wait until my energy level increases in the 2nd trimester (keeping my fingers crossed!).

JeanneMc 02-16-2001 10:38 PM

Yes, ladies, I'm still hanging around here! Only 4 more weeks until my due date--yikes, I'm starting to panic. We had a shower last weekend, which was small but fun, and another on Sunday. We've planned to go out on Monday and buy all the stuff we'll need that we don't/didn't get at the showers, and that'll be cool. We've also decided we need to go ahead and pack our bags for the hospital--did I mention that this is starting to scare me????? Help, I'm not ready!!!

Sorry to hear that so many of you are feeling lousy; just think, that stage will be over soon and you'll get your energy back and be feeling much better.

Ckn, I know someone who recently had an amnio, and she said it really wasn't that bad. Not great, of course, but OK. She said it was the kind of thing that if they told her they had to do it again, her reaction would be "Oh, yuck" rather than being scared or refusing to do it. Hopefully it'll be OK if you decide to do it, it might be worth it to have some piece of mind.


SaraB 02-17-2001 04:29 AM

ckn -- boy, am I ever emotional -- I can totally relate! I think what you are feeling is totally normal. Like Jen, I cry at half of what I see on TV! Plus, you are going to go through a major life change with this new little one, putting you at a whole different stage in life. Not that it won't be good, but it's a lot to try to take in.

You know, I always thought I would never want an amnio, but lately I've been thinking I would if the doctor said I should. They do it SO often now, it must be pretty safe. Plus that reassurance that all is well would be really nice.

Jeanne -- you are getting so close! Wow! It's going to be great! I'm so excited for you! Before you know it you will be on here telling us your birth story and making all us first trimester people cry our eyes out! :)

I am feeling a little better today, a gift from God. Maybe the m/s is starting to get better? Today I end my 11th week, whatever that means. I can't keep all the weeks/months counting quite straight. When exactly is the first trimester over???


bensmom 02-17-2001 04:53 AM

Isn't pregnancy something else? For some people it is 40 weeks of horror and for others it is just like any other day. I am amazed at all of the differences each person goes through. I honestly believe that for something that so many (millions) of people go through, it can only mean that God is controling this particular part.

Scully - That is a great website you recommended. I am enjoying it immensely.

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you all feel great!

edd: 12 July 2001

2bslim 02-17-2001 08:48 AM


I hope you dont mind me jioning in your club? I am anywhere from 10-14 weeks pregnant
unsure at this stage.I am expecting my third but am in need of a lot of support to keep me on the straight and narrow.My last pregnancy I ballooned up to 120 kg I want to be smaller this time round after the birth if possible. I am currently 95 kg.Well I am 22 years of age I have 2 boys: Jake 5yrs Nathan 2yrs. I am West Australian and am married. I think thats all my info?
SaraB I too have had bleeding this time round but I hope I can return to my body combat class this Monday.Amnio? Why may you need one? I hope you dont mind I am nosey by nature.
Sounds like most of you are having your first babies, I can tell you ,I have two horror stories of child birth ,hee hee, Number three was definetly a suprise hubby took it better then me...Jeanne I bet those Butterflies are going mad only four weeks to go I have never lasted the full 40 weeks, You just may find your baby doesn't wait.If you havent got your bag packed ,pack it now!!!!!So where are you all from= I dont mean exactly maybe your state or country? I know we should not ask but i just feel then i know who I am chatting to a little better. I am new at this internet thing we have been hooked up for a month and a half. If you'd rather not I will completely understand...Well I certanly seemed to have rambled I hope your Morning sickness's like mine go away fast and your birthing is easy Hope i have not impossed and look forward to your postings

SaraB 02-17-2001 09:47 PM

Hello, friends!

It's great to see this thread active again -- thanks everyone for writing!

2beslim -- Welcome! We're glad to have you join us! I don't have any reason to have amnio, I was just thinking while I was typing about if I ever did have to face the issue! :) We are expecting our third baby too.

Cassandra -- I know what you mean about the m/sickness and other complications. I keep thinking, if everyone had to go through ms to have a healthy baby, I would understand, but why do some women have it and others, nothing? The other day my DH said, "maybe some women just tolerate it better" (which of course ticked me off and made me cry, because it was like saying I'm not handling it well, but that's another whole story!), but I don't think that's true. Some women really don't HAVE it. I don't get it.

But on a positive note, I've felt pretty good for the past TWO days! Hooray! I still have waves of nausea at times, but nothing like the constant-head-in-the-toilet life I've been living. I'm trying not to get my hopes up that the worst is over, but I admit that's what I'm praying for! :)


Scully 02-18-2001 08:36 PM

Hi everyone! Welcome 2Bslim!
Well, it's Sunday morning, and I am ready for the new week.
Sara, I've been thinking about you, and what you said about feeling like you are normally a happy person...I know that you are. I have to tell you, that since I found out that I was pregnant, I have went through big hormonal changes. I've not been feeling so well myself. (And you had BAD morning sickness) I told my husband just last night that I was thinking how I needed to take better care of myself. I've just been so blah lately and my stomach constantly is bothering me. When someone asks me how I feel, I say okay--but not great. Then I feel guilty for admitting it outloud, because we are supposed to be so happy about the pregnancy. (Which I am) but, I keep thinking that I hope this feeling is temporary, and first trimester. A friend of mine reminded me that I'd feel things a lot faster now since it is my 3rd pregnancy and I am now 35. I'm just not so sure that I believe that totally. I constantly have stomach aches, and my tummy is so bloated. I can tell a difference in my jeans already, and I am being really good about not overeating. I am constantly aware that I am trying to NOT gain weight in the first trimester because I know that I don't need to. I find myself so selfconscious, and I told myself that I must try to work on my body image really bigtime now. It wouldn't be healthy to be depressed about that NOW! Anyway, I just wanted to share with you that you are not the only one who feels like it is not permissable to complain about feeling bad. What is that anyway? They say that every pregnancy is different, and I can honestly say that this one will be the biggest challenge, because I [b]hate[b/] feeling sick too, and I don't feel like my "normal" self. Hopefully this will pass us first trimester people soon! I also wanted to tell you that I have also had days of light bleeding (still brown), but it is everyday. It bothers me too. I feel like I want to run to the doctor for them to check me out, even though I know that a lot of women experience this throughout their pregnancies. I sure hope that this is something that passes too. No cramping or anything...but it still is always on the edge of my mind. I am 8.4 weeks along today. I read that the first trimester ends at the end of week 13. So I suppose that second trimester officially begins the first day of the 14th week.

Check this out, you mommies will [b]love[b/] this site!!!

Other than that, I highly recommend the water aerobics. I feel like it is going to be a special bond between the baby and myself. I never did it with my other 2, and I inntend on doing this until I deliver. It is optimal for feeling light--and boy will I ever need that! LOL :)

Hope everyone is well!

Scully and bellybean :D

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Jen 02-19-2001 04:29 AM

Hi all. I'm at work right now. feel like crap. I'm coming down with a cold or something. my chest is feeling really tight and i've got swollen glands. is there anything i can take for cold relief? i usually take nyquil but i'm certain i can't take that. can you take the nasal sprays for stuffy nose when pregnant?

otherwise nothing new. this is week 11 for me. i think the first trimester is over after week 12, so the beginning of week 13. I think I have gained a pound or 2 but nothing major. my diet hasn't been fabulous but i've been taking my supplements. i've been trying to keep up with my fruits and veggies. but it just depends on whether or not I have any appetite.
take care all

SaraB 02-19-2001 05:14 AM

Scully, thanks for sharing your feelings. It helps to know there are people experiencing the same feelings and I am not totally crazy.

Jen -- sorry to hear you are feeling sick! Here's the list of meds the doctor gave me that are SAFE (although different doctors have differening opinions, I've learned.)
Dimetapp, Sudafed, Chloroseptic, Robitussin (plain), Vicks drops or rubs, Sucrets, Theraflu, Tylenol Sinus, and Tylenol Cold and Allergy, and of course plain Tylenol.
Get well!

P.S. Scully, I KNOW this is so much easier said than done (because I do it too!) but please try not to worry about weight gain. I know you are a healthy person and exercise -- you will do just fine!

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