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flower 02-07-2001 09:03 AM

I am posting tonight instead of early morning cause this girl starts her p/t job tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it. Maybe it's cause I know it is only temp or maybe I am just too nervous. I painted today so I wouldn't stress out. My front door, the gate, the wrought iron trim and the metal outside ashtray are now brick red. It looks so good! I got myself some hair accessories on clearance at Kmart too. I am gonna go take a bath, wash my hair and play dress up. The only cool thing about working is being able to do my hair, cause someone other than my children see it. I love doing flowers, I realy do. I just wish this was something I could use my creativity on. But I will make a couple hundred dollars that I desperately need, so I guess I should think of it as money in my pocket! Hopefully she has lots for me to do. I do not want to answer phones all day. I will post sometime before day 2 and let you know how it went. Eat less, move more!!!! flower

karefree2 02-07-2001 08:52 PM

Hi, all!

Flower I am sending you good thoughts out to Nevada that the job will be more pleasurable than you think and that you enjoy making the $'s. I understand. Sometimes money is more important than loving your work but it is so nice if you can have both! Who is watching Griffin for you? I hope it isn't daycare. That can really cut into your salary!

Itsworthit, sorry to hear you and Dave are feeling poorly. On the plus side though, I bet digging out REALLY burns some calories. Ya'll take it easy though. I have heard it can be hard for the heart. I couldn't live there. I love the way snow looks. It is really beautiful but I can't function in it. I have to just hibernate like a big ole' bear!

I haven't exercised yet today. I may ride the bike for a few minutes. I have to get all my coupons together for a shopping trip today. Kroger has some good buys and they double coupons.

Dolphingirl, it sounds like you have been busy and still finding the time to exercise. That is the most important part.

Looking forward to hearing all about MailWhales vacation.



flower 02-07-2001 09:42 PM

Nope, Griffin isn't in day care. Chris works grave yard so he will be a sleepy daddy today. He thank goodness doesn't work tonight. I won't use daycare unless I find a job that makes over 15$ an hour! :) And then Chris had better have a good paying job too or he becomes Mr. Mom!!!!! Well, off I go, just had to log on to calm my nerves! audri/flower

1Dolphingirl 02-08-2001 12:14 AM

Flower, I'm sending happy thoughts your way too. :) I hope your day was wonderful.

I did a Richard Simmons video today & walked 1 mile on the treadmill. I still wish I could say I have learned to really love exercising. But I haven't. I just make myself do it everyday.

At 8:30 am I went to the store & now I'm home & it is all put away.

Have a great day!

flower 02-08-2001 07:22 AM

Well, I survived day one. I did a lot of prep work for the arrangements. Over 40 are all greened. I made 3 of the arrangements to go out. I cleaned up and came home. About 8 hours. I walked there and back home. My feet are tired! But I feel like I really accomplished something! Well, I had better pay attention to the family. flower

flower 02-08-2001 08:45 PM

It is cold here today but I still plan on walking to work. There are snow flurries all around. Mind you I shopped on Monday in cut offs and a t shirt! Crazy weather! My feet are rested and it is time for yet another day. I really think p/t work will be enough for me, unless I don't mind my house falling apart. I was in bed by 8:30 last night! flower/audri

flower 02-09-2001 08:38 AM

day 2 down!!! I liked yesterday better, the boss took the day off. I was bored. Tomorrow will be better. I walked to and from again today. I ate out for dinner. French dip and salad. I could have done better, but I usually do worse! :) audri

flower 02-09-2001 08:54 PM

Okay-time to refocus. I gotta make sure I drink my water!!!!! Who cares if that means more potty breaks. The scale doesn't move w/out the H2O!!!! I can see I am talking to myself. :) More tomorrow. :) flower/audri

karefree2 02-09-2001 09:02 PM

Hi everyone.

Audri, it sounds like you are doing great. How far is it to walk to work and then back again. If it is any distance at all, I don't think you did bad at ALL with the french dip and a salad. I am sure you walked off more than that.

Have ya'll seen the guy (I think his name is JUstin or Jason but I am probably wrong) who has been doing the commercials for the sandwich shops. The ones they are doing this year has bunches of people who have lots tons of weight. It would get expensive though feeding the family that way!

I haven't been walking and the bike rides are a laugh. I don't think 10 minutes helps that much but it is better than nothing.

Dolphingirl, I totally agree that I wish I could love exercise but I admire you more that you don't and you STILL do it. Good job!

Are there only 3 of us posting? MailWhale should be back soon and maybe Itsworthit will be able to post soon too. I miss hearing from everyone.

I think I will make creamed tuna on toast and a salad tonight. It is an easy, quick meal and Paul loves SOS of any king! Bless his heart.


flower 02-10-2001 08:21 AM

Day 3 down. She paid me too for the first 3 days, which is cool since I needed groceries. Work is a bit over a mile away. It was busier today. We spent a lot of time processing flowers. Which is fine by me. I don't think she brings in enough $ to hire me after the holidays.

I am gonna go get undressed. I just want to watch tv and be lazy. Tomorrow-I will ride my bike...audri

flower 02-10-2001 09:56 PM

Obviously-work has fouled my mood somewhat. I yelled @ Chris for 30 minutes for basically being a male!!! I went to bed after that. I was just plain mean. I am not used to being gone all day and then coming home and being mom. (job #2) I will go to my mommy's for awhile, clean up around here and then post again. I need to shake the cobwebs out of my head!!! audri

1Dolphingirl 02-10-2001 10:03 PM

All the kids have a swim meet today so I'll be at that all day. It would be so fun if they all did well so they will all be in good moods.

I'm sorry you lost your temper Audri. It is so hard to work all day & then come home & work some more. I know it is frusterating but try to remember that when you work all day outside the home everything inside is just not going to get done they way you like it. (That is a very hard concept--I struggle to remember when I go work at my hubby's office.)Try to use your walk home to relax. You are doing a good thing & it will probably get easier as you get into a routine. Hang in there!

Time to go. Have a great day & keep eating less & moving more! :)

karefree2 02-12-2001 04:19 AM

Ahhhh. Must be something in the air. I have been riding my broom too , Audri, so don't feel too bad. Sometimes I think Paul is passive aggressive on purpose because he knows it drives me crazy and he likes to drive me crazy. I have given great thought lately to applying for the Survivor series for season 3 and when the filming is over staying on whatever God forsaken desert island, or snake infested continent they dropped me on. I often feel I am not fit for civilized company so maybe me and the rats and spiders could get along real well.

Itsworthit, ya'll be careful. Ice walking is hard to do! SOS is s--t on a shingle. Usually chipped beef in a gravy served over toast. But you can use anything really. Ham, beef, chicken, tuna. I think SOS is a term from the army. I don't think they abbreviate though.

I'd love to hear from Oops and the rest too. If ya'll are dropping by to read, please do post.

Well, I feel better having been here. Sometimes I think you girls are the only ones listening!


flower 02-12-2001 08:45 AM

Hello all. My family actually cleaned yesterday. Today they were lazy again, but I suppose one small miricle a week is a lot!!! I am not looking forward to work tomorrow. This isn't my ideal job. I am one step closer to what I want.

I mall walked today. I took a nap w/ the sick baby and I grocery shopped. A pretty plain Sunday. Just the way I like it. :) I will do some crunches and ride the bike before bed.

Talk to ya again tomorrow. audri
190this time/178/130

karefree2 02-13-2001 08:45 PM

This will be a short one. I still have to get some points for today. That is the only new years resolution that I have not abandoned. LOL! Well, I haven't abandoned the weight loss but I certainly haven't been as diligent about it!

We have been riding the bike for 20 minutes. Not to bad.

Eating is getting more controled too.

Paul is suppose to start a new job on Monday of next week. Say a prayer that it will be what he wants, girls.


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