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Katiebug- I hope hope hope to be there by the end of summer. Its a little discouraging at times. I found these cute size 8 capris on clearance and I said, :Hey what the heck might as well. Little by little the are fitting better. Its pretty exciting!
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Oh my GOSH so do I!!!! I used to be size 8 like 5 years ago... And I found some pants and capris that are sooo cute that are size 8!! I cannot wait to wear them! I have about a month left of summer before school starts, so I don't think I'll lose 20 lbs to get to goal by then, but I'm hoping that by the beginning of October I will be 145-150!!
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Default I smell a business Opportunity

I am 5'9" myself and have heard so so many of the same things that you all have said. At my lowest I weighed 175 and wore a size 9/11 (from Express) and 13/15 in juniors. Hahaah that was about 10 years ago. Today I am a sizes 18"W" and cant wait to hit 16 "W"hahahah. The problem for me too is I have long legs. No matter if I am tiny or heavy nothing hits my ankles right either. When I am smaller I found that GAP jeans in tall where just a little too long and regular where way to short. I learned to hem them.

Shopping for SHOES and JEANS does suck no matter what for me - So I buy dresses instead. Never have the probelm with a dress I think we should start a business that is tailored to tall heavier women. Like someone said there is a 20P... why not 20T...Cute shoes, cute bras, cute undies cute jeans and best of all cute bathing suits. (Have you ever noticed that sometimes you find a pair of undies that fit so well you wished they were your swim suit pants? BUT NO those have to have 5 million yards of material and cover up every inch of your bum).... Not layne bryant sytle but a more hip style... Size 8 and up shoes only. No small shoes. I have never met a person who was over 5'9" that had a shoe size smaller than that. My mom always said "Honey you are tall.. if your feet where any smaller you would fall over" hahaha I had a size 10 shoe by middle school and always had to stand in the back of all of the pictures with the boys!
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Been here how long(?) and didn't know this thread was here. Hey there Amazon sisterhood!

5'11". Highest weight was 353 lbs. and size 30. Currently hovering around 290 lbs. and size 22/24. Lowest weight (in college) was 170 lb. I was still a size 16 back then. My goal is 160 lbs, ultimately, but honestly, I'll be happy when I hit 180 lbs.

I was raised by a petite-sized mother with old world thinking. Made me feel huge, ugly and unlovable most of my life. Screw that noise! We don't speak any more and I've learned to love my height and strength. I wear heels and tell those who need to share how intimidated they feel when they're near me that it's not my problem but their's. I own every square inch of my crap, they should own their's.

It is tougher to be tall and find clothes that fit, no matter how much we weight. I have a friend who weighs just 140 lbs and is the same height as me. Tiny bones, I guess. She can find short skirts and shorts and sleeveless clothes, but nothing that's long enough, even at her size. For me, sleeves are never long enough, and neither are t-shirts. I always have to look for tunics.

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Originally Posted by rocksplash View Post
Yesterday my friend's nonna asked me if I had lost weight. When I said "not since I last saw you, no." she said "why not?" My friend (who was chubby but is now one of those girls who complains about being fat despite being a size 4 hourglass) was horrified and said "Nonna, she's just tall!"

Nonna saw through that excuse and told me tall or not, I'd never get married if I didn't lose weight.

Oh, the old world wisdom.
I don't want to start a rally or debate about men and who they will or wont' love... at all.... these are just my own opinions about my own life. noone elses....

Oh I love older people who say whats on their minds! You know what was a selling point to me is I honestly would not date someone that was overweight (like me) so why should I expect to date, let alone marry, someone who would. Its a horrible thing to say out loud but the truth of the matter is I have always dated men who were in shape and always wondered why my fitness level - weight did not bother them if it bothers me.

I truley believe that no matter what your shape or size is there are people out there that would love, appreciate and lay down their life for you if they loved you - just the way you are. But, for me, I don't want them to. I want to be smaller than them and I want to be healthy too so even though the old wisdom is straight to the point (and may not hold any weight) - it vibrates in my ears and makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.

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Default Totally know where you are coming from

I know where you are all coming from. I am 5'10''. I have been on the Metabolic Research Center program since May. I started out around 240. I can't believe I had hit such a high number. When I told anyone that I was starting it, people kept saying, why do you need to lose weight. I guess I just hold it well.
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I am so happy to have found this thread, I've been losing weight pretty good until about 3 months ago. Just recently started back. I lost 40 pounds and even though I can see the difference I expected to be able to tell more that I had lost so much. It's sort of discouraging to have lost so much and to not see it. This thread encourages me to keep going... Hope it stays alive.
I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as **** don't deserve me at my best. ― Marilyn Monroe

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Come on Spring!
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Time to start a new thread. This one has exceeded the 50 post limit and is now closed.
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