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Default Steel Magnolias #35

Good morning gals. Well, we are at the 48 hour countdown now! We sat around and watched Las Vegas stuff most of the day yesterday, some of it pretty outdated as some of the restaurants and casinos are either closed or have been imploded. There used to be a casino called Westward Ho that had these huge 3/4 lb hot dogs for 99 cents and they had huge frozen margaritas for the same price. The one show was talking it all up, but the show was dated around 2001 and the casino has already been imploded so no hot dogs or margaritas for anyone anymore! If you want really cheap eats, the lower casinos are the place to go. They do that to draw people in as they can't compete with the mega resorts.

Today is hair and nail and library day along with going to the atm and getting money and then going to the grocery store for something to fix to eat tonight and getting some one dollar bills for tips until we can get into the casino and get change. None of the banks will change money for you here unless you have an account so I have to get change at the customer service desk at the grocery store. I am not driving 25 miles to Millington to the Navy Federal outside the base.

I am pretty caught up on my list and packing too, which is great. Jack is going to try and get comp time for the overtime they didn't pay him for. If he can, he will just take all day off tomorrow and then take 2 hours of sick time. It would be nice for him if he could do that as then he wouldn't have to get up early tomorrow. His dr appt isn't until 11 though we have to leave early to try and find their new offices.

Better hop to it and get chores done and get into the shower. I want to be at the hair salon right when they open.

Hopefully I will get in here tomorrow, but if not, I will talk to you when I get back if I can't get in here while on vacation and send a couple pics.

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