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Default I'm still onboard...

Greetings! I am still on board. I have enjoyed the latest posts very much. Found myself feeling emotional. So sad, the story of the 14 year old. My heart swelled at the thought. I have two boys, 8 & 9, and I cannot even IMAGINE that happening. (I prayed) And yes, I felt better, hopeful. I am still pressing in, reaching for my goal! I seem to be staying the same but it happens -- errrr....every month about this time. I need to get back going to the gym. As I said, I'm an "all or nothing" mentality most times and I haven't been to the gym in 2 months. I had worked out for nearly 8 months and then quit. It's a BIG STEP for some reason, going back. I would go every day at lunch and do 20 minutes on the stair stepper and 20 minutes of weightlifting, arms one day, alternate to legs the next. Then I would walk at night (all or nothing mentality kicking in) and sometimes in the morning I would walk. There were times I would visit the gym twice in one day. Do water aerobics. I should look like Superwoman by now! Ha! NOT!!! Anyhow, I long to just be moderate in my thinking and, say, work out like 3 times a week. Wouldn't that be great? A heck of a lot better than now. I wouldn't start the gym this week because I am going out of town Thursday through Monday and I won't have a FULL WEEK. Then when I come back to work on Tuesday...there won't be a full week. SO WHAT!! I think I should probably START on Tuesday, don't y'all? (I'm from Texas...lol) Just tell myself I have to do three days that week and to CHILL OUT!! For some reason I feel like I have to be so mentally ready to jump back into working out. It's weird. As fast as this low carbing drops that weight off I need to do something. I feel like a walking bowl of jello. Thanks for acknowledging I'm on the bus. Y'all are great! Major inspiring. As I said, I'm READY for Thanksgiving. Even excited about it. I'm going to be so full and probably only have about 10-15 grams of carbs. Yeahhhh!!!! I'm making MASSIVE deviled eggs & this low-carb pie. Have y'all tried it? I don't have the recipe with me. It's about 8 grams per slice. It's a certain brand of pie crust and then sugar free pudding, easy on the skim milk...Cream Cheese and then top it with coolwhip. Yummmm. Also, what's this I see about peanuts? ARe peanuts real bad or what? I am a peanut eater. I eat them proportionate to the amount of carbs I can have, of course, but why are you, Hopeful, so "down" on peanuts? Maybe there's something I don't know about em. Does anyone use Ketostix? They help me so much. I've done Atkins (that's my low-carb choice) before and always used them. I am using them again because I LOVE being in Ketosis!! It also helps me measure and adjust things (like peanuts) in accordance. ANYWAY...I've jabbered long enough. Time for me to sit back and ride. Talk to ya soon...HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING!! Will post again soon...
LovinLife <}}><
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Default HI ALL

Hello everyone!!!!

Just a few minutes here, Im a cleaning fool today hehehe

WE went to funeral yesterday, biggest one Ive ever been to, tons of teens there...a few of them got up to speak about their friendship with Lindsay.....amazing what these kids can do and say at a time like this....

Lovinlife---yes I use ketostix,,,not everyday tho...but I do like the proof of being in ketosis,even tho I usually know when I am by how I feel...

Hope everyone is doing alright....turkey day just around the corner...yum, yum.....I think Im all set for it, just some minor cleaning......

Talk to ya later
Go Green!!!!! Terri
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