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Old 10-16-2003, 12:24 PM   #76
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Hey guys! another gorgeous day here. Its cloudy but a nice cool breeze. Probably spend the day outside again today! Its so good for the kids. Just wanted to pop in to say a quick hello....I have to get in the showe.

BOB - YEs I have been to the Yankee candle store. Ive been to the one in Brandon and in Citrus Park. LOVE THEM! I am going there on Saturday. How the heck did you find that on Ebay. I dont even wanna know what you were looking for to find that! LOL.

DEB - your niece is too cute! I will let you know how the Ranch is as soon as I try it. Did I tell you I am finally going to the HFS Saturday?? I can't wait.

PANCHO - Still al little bruised but getting better. It should be ok in a couple of weeks...lol just kidding. Here is the recipe for that cheesecake/mousse/awesome quick sweet fix!

Quick Chocolate Cheesecake

1 pkg. chocolate fudge s/f pudding
1 cup heavy cream
3/4 cup cold water
4 oz. cream cheese

Beat pudding, cream, and water until thick, Beat in cream cheese and refridgerate.

Very easy and soooo good! I used 1/3 less fat cream cheese!

have a good thursday everyone! Good TV tonight BOB! Anyone into Survivor?? I got myself hooked AGAIN!

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Old 10-16-2003, 12:25 PM   #77
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Didnt see this until I looked back so....

WELCOME BACK JACKIE! So glad you had a good time! We missed you!

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Old 10-16-2003, 01:11 PM   #78
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Gheeez, lots of posts to catch up on!

I weighed 125 this morning; not quite sure how that happend. I guess this being naughty finally caught up to me, but waited until I had a great OP day yesterday to totally confuse me. I'll never figure it out. I did get to the gym this morning and did 5 minutes on eliptical, lower body on circuit & weights and 25 minutes on treadmill. I plan to go tomorrow and Saturday too.

I ordered a pizza stone through abc distributing. I can't wait to get it and try out those pita breads that Deb posted. I also did order a few gifts for the girls for Christmas.

Delaney was really tired after her shots and just cuddled with me all day; made me feel bad for talking about how "bad" she usually is. I love her sooo much and know that she just gets frustrated that she can't express herself. Britt is in Kindergarten and there is already a little girl that is not nice to her. This little girl told her that she doesn't like her and that she is not her friend. She was also laughing at Britt when she was making 2's on the white board. Why does it start so young? It really pisses me off, and how can I be pissed off at a 5-year old. I guess I am just frustrated because this is her first "real" year of school, and it could set the tone for years to come. Everyday when I drop her off, I whisper in her ear, "Remember that Mommy loves you no matter what." I want her to know that she is loved!

Anyway....I plan on dropping Britt off at school and then coming home for about 90 minutes to make lunch before having to go back to pick her up.

jecrites: I know what you mean; I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying anything. Delaney is too young to understand what is going on, but I really try to watch my behavior when Britt is with me because she picks up on so much and I want to set a good example. Hope your taxi-cab days are over soon.

Mom: IS THERE A LIMIT TO SPACE ON THIS BOARD. I must have hit my limit by Monday . Your Marlins did it, congratulations to them and you. Great idea on the ID bracelet; you can never be too careful.

agape: Welcome back.

Emma: Way to break that 220 mark. Good job; I hope the losses continue for you.

Deb: Don't go crazy with the ice cream; save some for me . I actually like the chocolate, caramel, nutty stuff....not too keen on the mint stuff. Red Velvet sounds interesting enough to try though. I did get to the gym early this morning, and it felt great to get that workout in early.

Monet: Wish there was a key to figuring it all out. My weight fluctuates for no good reason. I am not so good for 3-4 days and maintain, and then I stay OP well for a day or two and gain....go figure!! I guess it's all in moderation, and I have to just keep an eye on it. Congrats on being where you are; hopefully you can get below that all time low...just a few #'s to go. Great shirt your friend had; everyday is a new adventure, it seems.

Country: I think that is a very realistic goal for all of us....to maintain over the holidays. If I can do that, then I have accomplished something. Even if I had more weight to lose, I think I would give myself that goal to maintain throughout the holidays, so I don't feel deprived, but don't go overboard either. Have a great day!

Jack-K: Welcome back! It sounds as if you had a great time with Fruit & Ashley. How fun to meet other SB family. You'll drop those 4#'s in no time.

chrisd: Glad your behind is getting better; you can't sue for lost exercise time, can you? . Thanks for the easy cheesecake recipe; I will be trying it when I drop these two pounds I picked up somewhere in the past few days.

Take care all, and I hope to check in later.
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Old 10-16-2003, 01:24 PM   #79
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Hey All

Oye va is meir! I've been in MICHAEL'S bedroom for a few hours TRYING to get that pig sty somewhat straightened up. That child has more clothes than a store! I've found, when I've told him to put clothes away, he'll just stuff whatever, wherever and thus, he's broken the bottoms of the drawers. I've been in there with the hammer, nails and wood glue. One bottom is cracked but I think it will hold if he stops doing this. He won't be too happy when he comes home but I'm not happy either. I spent a lot of money trying to make this room look nice and he has a lot of drawers in there to put the stuff away in properly.

There's tons of laundry, dirty, clean, who knows, I just threw it all together. Took all the stuff out of the drawers trying to organize it. I just have gotten so disgusted! There's one good thing about him going to college, at least I know that room will be clean!!! I'm not cleaning it all, but I'm going to give him one task to accomplish today and that's go through tons and tons of papers. He can't say no, there's no school tomorrow, so he can't use the excuse that he has something due tomorrow! Did we have this much crap when we were this young??? I don't think so!

Okay, not sure how many of you have noticed little tidbits in posts, how many of you that are on my e-mail list that got my e-mail about a week ago asking a general question, but I figured that some of you may be wondering what the heck you are reading about, so here goes...as many of you know, we have had quite a few SB GET TOGETHERS over the past few years, many of you taking part in such wonderful events, flying in from all over and having an awesome time. Basically, they've all been up in the Orlando area, hosted by SOLSHINE. BUT, this coming year, we thought possibly we could do something a little different, somewhere a little different and a place that was a bit more centrally located so more could join (of course, I think I'd have the longest drive of anyone). We thought about FRUIT in Louisiana! She has a huge home that I'm sure would be able to accomodate all that would love to join, esp. with the help of blow up beds in addition to what she has already. We thought about doing this the end of Feb., as she has time off for Mardi Gras, which we'd tie in to the get together and watch her on Monday night, ride her float and throw us beads and other goodies (oh gosh, you have to see what I found for us to wear!!!). Anyhow, it's now her job to convince DH to allow this. BUT, if he doesn't want massive amounts of estrogen invading his home in an overnight manner we can try and do what we've done in the past and rent hotel rooms and share the expenses and then possibly host the activites at FRUITS home. So, this is what's in the works at this time. Nothing definite but something to keep your mind open to as I'd love to see many of you who haven't been able to come to past get togethers, hopefully find this would be much easier to come to and would do so. Also, keep in mind you can come for one day or all the days, it's up to you. So far, BOB, TRANQUIL & SERENE are ready to take the drive with me. Anyone else think they're game? Oh, I know YELLOWROSE said she'd be there too!!!

Forgot to mention, went to OUTBACK for dinner last night. We had a wonderful waitress named JENE' who was the most accomodating person EVER! I wasn't all that hungry and even if I was, I still bring most of my meals home in a box, so I asked her if I could get the JOEY SIRLOIN from the kids menu and explained that I had had my stomach stapled and don't really eat that much. She totally understood, both her twin brothers had the surgery (just that mine was almost 20 years ago, though I didn't mention that). It was perfect! It's about 4oz of meat, I'd say, and instead of the fries that come with it, I got steamed veggies and also a side salad with just lettuce, tom. and cuke with crumbled blue cheese on the side - used about 2 tbl. Perfect amount for me! I've actually done this at another OB once before but they then had the nerve to charge me extra, and I didn't even get the free drink! So this girl, she really shined in my eyes! We gave her a SB coupon She was happy, the coupon AND a nice tip! The restautants are so accomodating these days, it never hurts to ask for subs!!!!

OPEN HOUSE at the school wasn't too bad. You take 5 minutes to go from class to class and sit 8 minutes in the class to hear the teacher. I had to run to half of LAUREN'S classes and half to MICHAEL'S class to be fair. MICHAEL'S first class had only 3 parents, but then again, there's only 8 kids in the class total. I'm really hoping MICHAEL will opt for a FL state Univ., he'd be able to skip his Freshman year from what his teacher said. That sure would be nice! One of LAUREN'S teachers looks sooo young, like a student! Parents couldn't wait to leave to run home and watch the Marlins beat the Cubs!!!

OMG, last night when we went to bed, well, I can't tell you all what exactly happened, but let's just say, ELI had a bit of a gas problem - the OUTCOME of what happened had me laughing hysterically for a good 20 minutes Laughing so hard I was crying and laughing uncontrollably. I had such a hard time going to sleep. I'd lie there and think about it and just burst out laughing all over again. I'm surprised I didn't wake up the kids!!!!

Okay, now, this ice cream issue I have to deal with. I wish there was a way to be able to have some and stop. The only thing I can come up with is to ask my neighbor if she has space in her freezer for it once it was opened? I mean, that's tacky and boy, it sure shows no willpower on my part. I guess I could just not buy any at all and wait for the next sale, which I know there will most definitely be during the time they are carrying this ice cream. I really WANT to eat some, but it doesn't have to be right now. I'm at 1 week of being 100% OP and really don't want to screw it up, though, if I eat it all in one shot, and nothing else for the day, it would get it out of the way. Once I open it, that's it! I'm a goner! I'm even thinking about re-organizing the freezer so when they have a REALLY good sale on it, I will stock up. I mean, I DREAM about this ice cream! I even think of ways I could make it myself with vanilla ice cream and ground up candy canes! I'm a sick puppy!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, maybe talking about this will be theraputic

MONET, that's wonderful that you are so close to your low again! I can't wait til you tell us you're in new territory!!! Bought a new bread book at the used book store yesterday. Haven't really had time to sit down and read it, but it looked interesting. I have to find out how to convert the amount of regular sugar that is called for in a bread recipe to honey so it's equivalent-any ideas? Well, I like your idea about the ice cream, and I can see that with Breyers, but with Publix brand, it's all crap that's in it, all those preservatives, corn syrups, etc. Did you ever see the ice cream diet that was in Prevention about a year or so ago, they do say it's good, because of the calcium. My problem is it's the AMOUNT I eat-there's no willpower when it comes to that, or chocolate

COUNTRY, your ice cream sub sounds interesting but honestly, once you have something in your mind, I don't think anything will come close and if you substitute I believe not only will you eat the sub., you'll also eat the regular, at least that's what I'd figure myself to do. As I said to MONET, it's the amount I eat. If I could just eat a 1/2 cup then I doubt it would do anything to my weight loss efforts, but I've NEVER been able to eat a 1/2 cup - now if we are talking about a 1/2 gallon, then, we're talking

JACKK, WELCOME BACK!!! So glad you had a nice trip, except for the trapsing up and down BS more than you'd of liked. I'm so happy you had a good time with JACKIEO & FRUIT. What you said, You would have thought we had known each other for years. is said by EVERYONE who meets another board member. It's so true!!! We really have an unusually wonderful group of people on this board and it shows when we finally get to meet up Hoping with you meeting TERRY that he'll give in - personally, I think he's afraid of too much estrogen taking over for a weekend, it may be too much for him. If he's not keen on the idea of us taking over his abode, maybe we can do just what we've done in the past - hotels and host a party at FRUITS house. I'll be hoping you'll join us too! Waiting to see what pics you have to show - hopefully it won't take as long as waiting to see the pic of you

CHRIS, I'm sure you'll be calling me from the HFS when you go on Saturday - a few things to look for, the agave (ask about case pricing), Aunt Gussies (the spelt varieties are the best) westbrae unketchup (no sugar in it and delish) the Fern cake mixes (carob and spice are the best), ummm, not sure what else at the moment. Yep, I'll be glue to the boob tube for Survivor as well, so will BOB!

PANCHO, I would stop getting on the scale each day at this point. You're body is gong to fluctuate up and down for various reasons and just the fact you are staying within this same area, you should be happy. I would only weigh once a week, your being driven nuts - I know, I've been there!!!! Sorry, when it comes to ice cream, I'm stingy

Okay, gotta go get in the shower, stop at the HFS, the library and get the kids. Oh boy, no school tomorrow, I can sleep in?????????


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What??!! Another SB get-together!!! Definitely count me in if it's over a week-end. I've got too much time off from work already scheduled with Jordan's boot camp grad and then our cruise in April, but I could probably squeeze in a Friday or a Monday. Crystle, if I drove, I could come pick you up on the way!!! Are you with me?

For those of you that have never done this, it's the best!!! My DH had some misgivings as well, keeps calling Deb "that psycho woman". Deb, I promise I have no idea where he got that! He was afraid I was going to fly to Florida to meet all these weird mass murderers or something.

Deb, I'll definitely try to find a Trader Joes while I'm out there. Although, I may have to pack an extra suitcase to bring stuff back on the plane (Lyn are you listening?). We actually have a Cost Plus here. They are loads of fun to shop in. That's where I buy my wine. They have the best selection at the best prices, not that I buy very much, of course. Don't ya just love outback. They'll also let you order off their lunch menu at dinner too. I've been know to get their burger, loaded up and leave off the bread and served with mushrooms or veggies.

I think we're going camping next week-end. Don't ask me how I agreed to this, but I think there was some of the above wine involved. I don't even like to camp. We're going with another couple so I guess it will be fun. We'll see. The weather here has been great, let's hope it holds out.

Tonight, we're going to dinner at a new restaurant that is run by the Culinary School here in Austin. They have to do a 3 month rotation at the restaurant working under a chef before they graduate. It's getting great reviews and is supposed to be awesome.

Oh, and my take on the latest hot topics: Boobs - too much and droopy, Ice Cream - Not the be all, end all. Give me chocolate any day!

Later, guys!

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Default Howdy ya'll!

Today has been one of those days...good thing I have lots of hair..LOL

Poncho....I won't be eating more and hoping to maintain. I'm hoping to pass on most of the goodies. It's really goofy...I have to work my tail off to maintain. Every holiday I start to go off...what I consider just a little and I have 5 to10 pounds on before I know it and have to lose them all over again...hopefully not this year.

Deb....could you seperate your ice cream into portions and put it in different places in the freezer? I had to do that with the basmati rice. It's hard to believe only half a cup is a serving. I LOVE white rice and could eat the whole pot.

Jack-K....welcome back!

Trish...that sounds so fun but there is no way I could get away from here. I am hoping to make it up to Austin some day though and meet. Robert and I have talked about heading up that way for years now. He went once and said it was wonderful.

chrisd...enjoy that beautiful weather.

Well back to getting something done around here. The boy's room needs a fork lift and since I can't drive one I guess I'll roll my sleeves up...save my prayers and dive in.

Love and hugs,
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Pancho, Kids are the meanest things on earth. When Katie was in Kindergarten I was learey at first to put her on the bus, but after a few months of hauling Kerri and Autumn (who was still in the infant car seat) with me I decided I'd try it. The very first day she got off at the wrong spot, scared the [email protected]!! out of me! After I got her home I told her not to get off that bus until she saw me standing outside. Well after I got up the nerve to let her ride again, there was some kid that kept taking things from her lunch box. I wrote a note to the bus driver and that stopped. IT DOESN'T STOP THERE EITHER!! Last year they started school in Bossier, and there was some kid that would make fun of her drawing, well Katie being the emotion expresser that she is made herself a "diary" out of notebook paper and wrote in the silly thing that this girl made her so mad and she would like to kill her. Of course that didn't go over at school at all. She spent a couple days in ISS. She had been told to go tell on other kids that do mean things to her, but in this instance her teacher who was new that year didn't do a thing about it. There were some other things that same kid did to her before we moved last year too, but I'll spare the details since I've written another novel.
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Height: 5'8"

Default I'm here..with my tail between my legs!

You remember how I said I was going to stay OP this past weekend? Well, it didn't happen. We are still redoing my kitchen(UGH!!). I haven't been SB legal in days! Not only that, I've been eating like crazy and all the wrong foods. Forget the wagon, I need the detox dungeon--and quick! I haven't ate like this in almost a year. I'm all puffy and there's no telling how much I've gained. I feel like I've let myself and you guys down. I've been legal today, but I've already ate too many starchy carbs. Well, it's time to get my mind set straight again. At least I have myh exercise class at the church to go to this evening. I actually look forward to it. The girl that does it is great. We weigh almost the same, but she's got the energy like she's 120#'s. Anyway, I only had time to skim this board. I saw posts about boobs! I'm so mad about mine! I've ALWAYS been a full C. Even when I got to 270, my boobs were the last place I would gain weight. Well, when I started losing, that was the first place I lost! I'm now in a B cup- haven't been that since about 14 years old! They just don't look right anymore. Too low, lost the fullness. But I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but I think since working with these weights they are looking better Hubby has always said they're beautiful, so I guess that's all that really matters(NOT, just trying to convince myself ).Oh, and I skimmed the posts about children! I'm a pretty strict parent, if I say so myself. And I believe in the spare the rod, spoil the child philosophy. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work. And neither does talking. I have the book, How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk. Hasn't worked with Ashley at all. I just keep hoping it's a phase,lol. As for Boogie, he's being a major BRAT lately. He's been throwing temper tantrums and hitting me when he gets angry-which is all the time now. Today I had enough when he punched me in the mouth! I tore his little behind up. Talking and telling him he musn't hit,etc. didn't work. Alright, I got about 4 loads of laundry that needs folding, gotta go...
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BEAUTIFUL DAY AGAIN OVER HERE!!! It was 59 degrees when I got up this morning, but the temp slow rose to 85 by the afternoon. NO HUMIDITY!!! I sure do hope this stays around for a while.....

The EBAY item was on another board, and I couldn't stand it until I share it with y'all! I about died when I read it, and when I saw the pictures, I thought at first they were just stones.....BUT, as you read....it's on the up and up....

Y'all are very yappy today...too much COFFEE?????

I went this morning to get my blood work done, and I'm anxious to see on Monday when I go to the Doc if everything has come down in numbers...I've lost 35lbs since last years blood work, so I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed....

EVERYONE need to really think hard about coming to this get together...those of you who have been to one can attest that we have a blast! I missed the last one, but don't intend to miss this one! The only bad thing for me is that it's dead in the middle of our busiest time....SNOW BIRDS ARE ALREADY ARRIVING!!!

I can't get to everyone this afternoon...gotta go fix supper....BUT
I'm thinking about each and every one of you.


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HiedieHo All!

Yesterday I again went swimming, hopped in their jacuzzi, took a shower and thenwent to the Sit 'n Fit group. Let me tell you, just because you're sitting doesn't mean you're not exercising!!! Wow! Did I find a few muscles. It was fun and I plan to go tomorrow. Can only make that class on Wednesdays and Fridays. They also meet on Mondays but that's the NH day.

This morning was NH day and then the Joyful Noise went to another NH to entertain. I always have a good time. The morning group was really great. We got into the coma thing and pulling/not pulling the plug, as well as the twin separation and the ferry boat accident stories. Those three things really geberated a good discussion. Even the lower level residents had something to say today!

DEB: Am trying to keep at least one day OP. Yesterday a little slip, today okay so far. About the LA get together, if it's right in my back yardI guess I'd better go! I won't have airline tickets anyway.

JECRITES: My DIL was huge only a 36/38 but took G/H cups. Had sore shoulders and back problems. Insurance said it was cosmetic, but the doctor she went to this time proved it was medically necessary. She is so glad she had it done. Feels better and can buy better fitting clothes. Bras were a problem before but now she can buy off the rack so to speak. A friend in church had to wait until she was 65 and then Medicare paid for it. She says she should have done it years ago.

CHRISD: Please post the recipe for that chocolate mousse type dessert. OOPS! See you did!

PANCHO: Don't know how long ago you had your reduction but doctor told my DIL to wear a bra, as they will eventually sag if not protected.

TRISH: WAnt an extra suitcase for a trip home? When you pack just put the next smallest suitcase (if you have the nesting for storage kind) in side the first case. Then you have one right at hand when the time comes.

Well have to get ready for a HFH meeting tonight. I ate supper as I typed. See how conscientious I am!

Take care, Shirley
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Happy Thursday everyone....

Didn't get here yesterday. Was busy playing Betty Crocker. Got lots of Zucchini Bread made for Christmas goodie bags. And not a chance of me eating this, I will not touch it.....it is made for all those NOT watching sugar intake. I used regular flour and sugar!! But it sure did make the house smell good. I only have 2 relatives that are doing SB. So I will make theirs special. My one Aunt isn't really doing SB, but she watches her sugars, fats and only eats whole grains. The other one is an Uncle, and he joined me on SB after I started losing again. He stalled on PP also!!

Forgot to weigh in yesterday, but I was down 2 pounds this morning to 160, for the second time in a week, so will claim it....I only have 10 more to go. Next loss will hopefully put me in to the 150's!! Don't know why it seems to mean so much, I will never quit eating this way.....I know if I do, that I will be right back where I was. And that is NOT going to happen this time. It has taken me over 2 years to get this far, and it has been hard work!!

Guess what I decided to take to the pot luck this week, lol....sauerkraut and german venison dogs!! Doesn't that sound good??

Agape-- Welcome back, sorry you have been so very sick. Hope you will be with us more now.

Em-- Way to go girl....you are doing super!!

Jec-- You are doing an awesome job with the exercise this week. WTG!! And of course you will see a drop on the scales next WIW, (crossing my fingers, here!)

Deb-- You gals crack me up!! But I know what you are talking about. I have gone from a 40 FF to a 36 E. So I am still packing alot around. Boy, do my shoulders and back feel it. For those gals who are always saying they wish they had more, I always ask them if they would rather feel like a milk cow!! Because that's how I feel!

Monet--WTG, glad you have gotten back down to that low. You are almost into new territory, Yea!!

Country-- I too hope to not gain over the holidays. Last year I stayed op for Thanksgiving, then took a food vacation for Christmas dinner only! I didn't gain anything, but didn't get to try any of the new goodies people made either. I still make dh all his Christmas candies, but this year I told him that I am not making him much because he gets to eat all the stuff we get in the goodie bags!! And there is still Christmas candy in the freezer that I made last year!!

Jack-k-- Welcome back, glad you had a great vacation. I am glad you girls had a great time together, hope to see some pictures soon!

Chrisd-- The mousse recipe looks good. Thanks for sharing with us!

Pancho-- I love ABC Distributing! Only I always over do when I order there! I have gotten most all of my Halloween decor for my front deck there, and many Christmas gifts!

Trish-- I am definitely with you.....CHOCOLATE!!

Heart-- Repeat after me...."NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING THIN FEELS." Hang in there, hon....you CAN do it!

BOB-- The E-bay item was hysterical!! I have only browsed there when someone else on here mentioned it. Will have to do more looking I guess!! ( And by the way, who would want to buy a left nut anyway??)

See you all later........

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Hello again:

Well, I have a confession to make....my DH does not know that this board even exists. SO, telling him about some SB get-together will probably not happen. He thinks that the people you meet on these boards are a bunch of lunatics. I'm not sure why. I found a support group when I had my Breast Reduction, when I was pregnant, on Atkins and then you guys. I feel totally different. BUT, convincing him may be a tough job. I will have to see what I can do.

I have a pot of fresh green beans cooking with garlic, onion and a slice of bacon...smells delicious! I also have a whole chicken in the oven.

Not much going on today here.

jecrites: So sorry to hear about dd's troubles at school. Is everything better now. It is times like these that I am glad I only have two children.

Deb: Sounds like your Outback dinner was great. I will have to remember them when we go out again sometime. I never knew you had your stomach stapled.

Trish: Enjoy your dinner tonight.

heart: Good luck catching that fast moving wagon.

Sef: Thanks for the info. I like to go 1/2 & 1/2. I do have a lightwight cotton bra that I wear most of the time; they do encourage it. I still won't wear one to bed....just not comfortable enough. If they sag a little then so be it; I want to be comfortable when I sleep . Sounds as if you are staying busy!

Well better go spend some time with the kiddos.

Take care,
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Hey Hey!

How's everyone today!? I'm still doing good...still alive! As the day went on, I decided that I didn't actually have a virus. I think at school, I had a large case of the trots. Then when I went to the front bathroom I got a whiff of the stinky toilet (not the one that I had the trots in!) and I puked! After I was home, I had the trots a couple of times but I pretty much felt a lot better. Then today - same thing after lunch - running to the back toilet with the trots. I think it was the lima beans! HAHA! Oh well!

JACK-K: Girl.....I'm so glad you made it home safely! It was soooo wonderful to meet the both of you. If I wouldn't have had my chaperone with me I would have stayed longer! I know that Terry really enjoyed the both of you - eventhough you couldn't tell! He just talks so much! I do all the talking for the both of us - I guess he is just used to being quiet! haha! I can't believe that the Saints actually won that day! Your friends must have been upset. Did your hubby enjoy the pizza? I loved it but I did belch it for the rest of the day! Terry did too! haha! Did you have that problem?

BOB: HILARIOUS left nut on E-Bay! Also - I loved the e-mail about the farts! Passed that one along to everyone!

NOW - I noticed that someone (no names mentioned BOB) mentioned my BOOBS on the board! HAHA! Yeah - I got my boobs reduced last Christmas and they are just wonderful! I'm so glad that I did it - I feel so much better. I was a DDD and now I'm a C. I hope if I take some weight off - more boobs will go away!

I took my pics to get developed today so I should have them tomorrow! Well, lemme run.......

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Pancho, Oh yeah, I finally got things straightened out at the one school, but we've moved from there almost a year ago and she's doing fine. I couldn't figure out why in the world she was having problems in the first place, most kids like her really well. She's the total opposite of me, she's very outgoing! I've never had a problem with Kerri in school, but Autumn is the one I'm gonna really worry about, she don't take crap from no one no matter who they are AND she speaks her mind. Not looking forward to "daily" calls from the schools because of her.

OK, I had some frosted oatmeal cookies while ago, first cheat this week, but I couldn't resist them. At least they were oatmeal and I am up off my butt to exercise in the mornings. I know, no excuse is a good one. Had chicken, peas, and broccoli for supper, but for some reason those cookies just wanted me to eat them.

I don't know how many of you watched American Idol last year but we did and I completely fell in love with Clay. I got his new c.d. yesterday and I love it. It's not the normal pop/rock stuff that's out now days. It's a really nice change. Hubby don't care for him though, he's more into the old heavy metal type mess, so it's easy to understand why he don't like it.

Well it's getting late and got to get these kids off to bed. I'll talk to y'all tomorrow.

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How's Everybody Tonite?

I'm doing good today. Had a nice visit from daughter and grands. That is the reason for me not getting on board this morning. Thank goodness, it's better late than never.

Debbie ~~ It really is good to be back. I would liken this board to a doctor in evey capacity!!! And this board is a true friend and I say thank you.

Monet ~~ Thank you for your concern, I do feel a lot better. Great that things are going well for you, esp. the weight lose, WTG!!!

CountryMom4Him ~~ Thanks, I'm getting better everyday. I've got to get this body moving for sure to get my strength back. One day at a time is a good thing to remember. (hugs to you) :-)

Jack-K ~~ WB...sounds like you had much fun.

Pancho ~~ Thank you much.

Teensybean ~~ Thank you, I will be here more. I've got to get this show on the road.

Now I must say goodnite. I was doing a Debbie last nite. I didn't fall asleep until after 4:30 am. Tonite I will sleep. Have a good nite, will see ya back here tomorrow.

Love yall,
LJunel (slim and healthy)

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