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Old 10-13-2003, 12:14 PM   #16
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Default Monday

Hello everyone.

Well I finally got up the courage to get on the TM again. I walked on there for 35 min today. Now Scooby is napping on it, strange cat! I'm also working on the water challenge again. I haven't been drinking near enough.

I have a Party Lite candle party to go to tonight. There's gonna be all kinds of "goodies" there, and I'm making a cake to take, not planning on eating any of it, just some legal things if there is any and if not I'll do my best to not have anything.

I've got to run down to the basement and change out the laundry and then off to the shower and finish up the cake for tonight. I'll check in again later.

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Old 10-13-2003, 12:22 PM   #17
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Default Good morning!

I am such a sucker for routine. Back to walking this morning. I was sitting here contemplating whether to workout or not and Lawana called. Out the door...LOL I truly enjoy the company. It's such a stress reliever. Eating was awesome this weekend. The scales are up...so pooey on the scales.

Welcome to all the new people!!!!! (((hugzz)))

Trish....back on the wagon. You can do it.

Poncho...you did pretty good at your garage sale. 124 is still tiny. You'll be back down before you blink.

Deb....WTG taking the plunge! I hope you get some rest today to make up for those sleepless nights.

Yellow....I bet it is just wonderful where you live. I still have family in the Carolinas but have only made it up that way once in the last 25 years. I remember the couple of times it use to snow in the winter. One thing I miss here in Texas.

ChrisD...I love blue cheese also. Ken's makes a wonderful blue cheese. I just found their Ceasar flavor and it is too good also.

Susan...hope you have a great productive start to your week.

Ashley....I agree Jackie is such an encouragment. Sounds like you ladies had a nice time. I'm glad ya'll where able to meet each other. Nice to know your real name.

Beach...I am so sorry your work is putting you through all this stress just to probably place you in another position. They know your work history and job performance. Seems like they would just move ya'll around and let those that don't do well go.

Monet....wow a big dinner. Sounds wonderful.

I wanted to say howdy to more of ya'll but the kids are NOT doing school. They need my encouragement to get moving.

Love and hugs,
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Old 10-13-2003, 01:08 PM   #18
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JECRITES: The cat probably likes the warmth of the TM after it has been running. Mine will find a ray of sunshine to sleep in, even if it is right in the middle of the floor.

COUNTRY: I hope you got the kids back to their school work! I remember those days! My son was the worst! He would go off in a dream, and it would take him all day to finish a math assignment! I sure miss those days!

PANCHO: My husband does SB more for his cholesterol and triglycerides than anything else. He doesn't have any weight to lose. (unless you count the maybe one pound he would like to lose on his abs, so he can have six pack abs!) I tried to get him to do Atkins a long time ago, and he hated it, but after doing SB essentially, due to how I was eating, and therefore cooking, he gave up grains about three months ago, and has done very well. He feels better eating this way. He is VERY self disciplined, which can be nice at times, and a pain at others!

DEB: Hooray for getting in the pool! I am sure you are exaggerating about the flab....

YELLOW: I am making dinner for the leadership community meeting for church. The casserole I am making is not really SB legal. It has cornbread stuffing on the top. I will try and avoid eating the topping, and just eat the chicken. Its a simple recipe...1 boiled and boned chicken, 1 can each cream of celery and chicken, and a package of the cornbread stuffing mix. You mix the chicken and the soups with 1 cup of broth, in a casserole. Then mix the stuffing with about 1 cup of broth and spoon it on the top and bake. Pretty easy, but most people like it, so its good for these dinner meetings, where you have a lot of people to please! When do you come back through Atlanta?

FILLISE: Hope you are having a productive day! Any news on your surgery?

Ok, I gotta get back to work here! Later!
Mini Goal:

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Old 10-13-2003, 04:31 PM   #19
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Hey All

Gonna try and get in a post while I can before MICHAEL asks for the computer

Took back the microwave, didn't get another one. I'm afraid to buy another one from the same place, though they have the biggest selection of anywhere. The one I initially wanted, they still don't have in, so I may just have to wait and MICHAEL will just have to suffer

JACKIEO, glad to hear you had a nice time meeting JACKK & FRUIT, I'm so jealous! Have wanted to meet those 2 for a long time. I'm crossing my fingers:cross: that FRUIT'S DH will let us invade his territory. If you think you had a good time then, just imagine what a get together with a bunch of us is like - BIG TIME FUN! Oh, honey, I don't exaggerate at all about my body, flab and other parts, nope, unfortunately, I'm quite honest. If I stamp my foot down it take a while for the flab to stop jiggling! Trust me, it's NOT a pretty sight

TRISH, ever notice how that Mexican food just seems to do you in? You need a trip to the DD and OLE OLE

FILLISE, if I can get over to my DS's 3 times a week, after the kids are dropped off at school I'll be doing it at least until it gets too cold. No heater in this pool Hope you get lots accomplished on this Monday.

CHRIS, hoping there's no pox for Dominic. Sounds like you had a nice dinner at OB. When I go and get the salad I don't have the dressing but instead I ask them to put crumbled blue cheese instead - delish! Pray for some sleep for me tonight - my butt's a-dragin!

ROSE, yep, trying to do something besides walking to get my butt in the lose weight gear. I wish I was up there! Between hearing you and my Mom talk about the change going on up there I feel so left out. I can't even fathom how gorgeous a view you must have up there right now. How's RAY??? When are you staying til. DM has been running and running but I know she said she's going to call you soon. Hope she reaches you

PANCHO, wish we had a Kohls here, I was at one in Atlanta but none down this way. My sister has the pool gate back up thankfully. Down here it's so common to hear about kids drowning. My DM and I worried long before they even broke ground with the pool and then to hear her say this! At least I don't have to worry as much now that it's back up. Oh, MICHAEL just loves meeting my "SB FRIENDS" as he calls all of you!

JEC, good going on getting on the TM today! I am drinking a bit more today, well, sorta, I made lemonade, so 1 lemon to 24 ounces water, I think that counts towards my water, don't you Have fun at your party tonight, sounds like fun - I love stinky candles!!!

COUNTRY, good for you for getting out and walking. If I can sleep tonight I'm hoping to hit the pavement. The way I feel right now I feel like I already slammed in to the pavement HARD! I agree, pooey on the scale!

MONET, read my reply to JACKIE about my flab, I don't exaggerate Ask BOB, she'll tell you.

Okay, good job, was able to get caught up and no one came in and asked for the computer YIPEEE!!!


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When you have an "I Hate My Job" day, try this. On your way home from work, stop at your pharmacy and go
to the thermometer section and purchase a rectal thermometer made by Johnson and Johnson.

Be very sure you get this brand. When you get home, lock your doors, draw the curtains and disconnect the
phone so you will not be disturbed. Change into very comfortable clothing and lie down on your bed.

Open the package and remove the thermometer. Now, carefully place it on the bedside table so that it
will not become chipped or broken. Take out the literature and read it carefully. You will notice that in small print there is a statement, "Every rectal thermometer made by Johnson and Johnson is personally tested".

Now, close your eyes and repeat out loud five times: "I am so glad I do not work for quality control at
Johnson and Johnson."


TRISH...I think MY VOLS must have been with your LONGHORNS , and they all must have been over at the FAIR!!! I was so ashamed of my team, that I didn't leave the house all day for fear that I would have a confrontation with someone with a smart mouth!

SUSAN...EVEN YOUR YELLING FOR THE BIG ORANGE didn't help! I've NEVER seen them play like that before.....NEVER!!! My DB who is more diehard than me, and stays until they turn the lights out....left in the 3rd quarter! Did you notice how empty the stands were in the 4th? I did have a good laugh though, and that helped my "down feeling" from the previous week....the dang game got so hidious, that I finally started hee hawing ....I've been saying for three years that we need a NEW QUARTERBACK!!!!! ICEMAN MY ARSE!!

MONET....make that 41 people...I'll be up ....

DEB....TOOK IT BACK????? Get a SHARPE...that's what we have and it's wonderful....and it has the popcorn button too. It's a 1000 watts and believe me, when it goes, I'll be getting another one just like this one...I got it at BURDINES....check them out!
I hope LES got a picture of you today...I better call her before Wednesday!!!
Tell my SWEETIE that I'm sorry that he didn't get me yesterday...I was working on the computer PLUS had my head in the TV watching GODFATHER III....THEN CASINO!!!!! I gave KATE your message about the TWINS!!!

ROSE...So glad to hear from you..I bet the parkway was beautiful!
I miss the mountains so much! You need to take some pictures of the follage and post them on the board!

CRYSTLE....I absolutely love the KENS line...they also have some good BBQ sauce that's not too bad sugar wise. Give their GREEK dressing a try...it's YUMMY!!!

JENN...Good going on the TM...you need to teach SCOOBY to walk with you..I understand that cats are easy to train in that way!
I like Party Lite, but they are so expensive...they have a really good eucalyptes candle...check it out...it really leaves your house smelling fresh and clean....

PANCHO...So glad you finally got to have your sale...Did you make enough to take us all out to dinner????

CHRIS...Glad you had a good time at your dinner...I just love OUTBACK...anything they have is wonderful...Did you see the game? Pretty darned good eh?????

ASHLEY...Wish I'd been a little fly in the wall Sunday. Missy's a hoot isn't she? GAWD....I wish y'all were closer in miles...Did y'all get to stroll around a little after lunch? Missy told me that she took some pictures, and I can't wait to see them!

BEACH....{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}} We're going thru the same thing at the hospital, and we hold our breath on every round of layoffs..it's a scarey thing, especially since you've been there for so long! There's so much in B'ham, and I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you! We're here and you know it so
let it go when you need to!

{{{{{{{{{{{{{WELCOME TO ALL WHO ARE NEW!!!}}}}}}}}}}}

I'm fixing supper...grilled porkchops fixed with JACK DANIELS grilling sauce....roasted potatoes for Kate fixed with olive oil, salt and pepper on 500 degrees for 30 min! And I just finished throwing together a big bowl of slaw!

Still no word on Skeeter...I hope to hear something this week....

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Hello Sugar Buster's!

Hope eveyone had a great week-end. Mine was very quiet, and laid back. Friday after Dh left, I pretty much did nothing. Saturday I made a cauliflower dish for our family potluck. IT WAS THE ONLY THING I COULD EAT, AND IT WAS GONE WHEN I GOT UP TO FIX A PLATE!! So I didn't eat anything for lunch....but came home early and fixed a nice salad and some WW spaghetti with a meat sauce. Sunday was spent cleaning house, and doing the laundry. Which is what I do every Sunday. Dh didn't have any luck hunting, so he will be going everyday until he gets lucky, then I have to start going. We both get our licenses and tags.

On to some replies.......

Deb--Glad that you made a splash. Wasn't it fun once you took the plunge?? What is up with the sleepless nights? You haven't had a good nights sleep for almost a week now.

Monet--Wow, dinner for 40?? I don't even have pots and pans big enough to cook for that many!! You are going to be a busy little beaver today. Have fun!!

Beach-- Sorry that you have to go through the whole process of resumes and that. I am sure that you will be just fine, and they will put you in one of the new positions.

JackieO--Glad you girls had a good time. I would love to get together with all of you great people....just don't see it happening. My dh sound like Missy's. But I won't quit hoping!!

Trish-- Hang in there....this is a new day, and it will only get BETTER!!

Fillise-- My weekend was a very lazy one. Today was spent in town looking for canning jars.

Chrisd-- Sounds like you will have your hands full today!! Bleu Cheese dressing is yummy. I think that is a pretty safe choice of dressing, unless they add lots of sugar.

Yellowrose-- Can I send you my mending too?? I have to really be in the mood to drag out the sewing machine. I really need to get into that mood, and soon!!

Pancho-- Glad that you were able to do your garage sale. They are alot of work aren't they?? I would like for my hubby to do one with all of his GUYS stuff. But he keeps telling me it is all good stuff. Sigh.....his shop is the biggest mess I have ever seen.

Jec-- WTG, I saw your post on the exercise board!! Lucky you, I LOVE Party Lite Candles. They are the best. What did you ever find out was wrong with your dryer??

Country-- I think having a partner to walk with makes all the difference in the world. Before we moved out here, my cousin and I would walk for hours and hours, miles, and miles. And it was fun!! Phoooey on the scales. You don't need them!

BOB-- Sorry to hear about your team! Not into football much, except when my boys were playing in school. But I know that it can be very exhilarating. Have fun!

Well, that's it for now, will be back this evening.

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Hello Hello!

How are ya my friends! I am happy to report that I stayed OP all day today! What an accomplishment! I guess my visit with Jackie and Ashley worked! They inspired me to do well! I'll try my best to keep it up.

I forgot to take pictures at school today to finish my roll! I'm so mad! I'll do it tomorrow so that I can get those pics developed!

ASHLEY: It was so wonderful to meet you! I can't wait to get together again. You will definitely have to come out with us the next time we go to see the band play. We always have such a great time. What did y'all do after Terry and I left? Did y'all take any more pictures? I'm sad that I only took 2! I wish I would have had more time with y'all! Can you believe that I stayed on plan today? What can I say...you inspired me! Thanks for a great lunch! Can't wait to do it again!

DEB: I'm still workin on it - I know that it will happen - maybe I'll have to hold out on him and not give up the pooty until he agrees! HAHA!

BEACH: Yeah - we were at that crappy game! We were so pissed! Hopefully we get our act together before we meet up with y'all!

Sorry I didn't get to everyone but I'm going to bed early! See y'all tomorrow!

286/283(yep back up again!)/170
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I'm off to hit the four poster...gonna get tucked in and watch the
bloob tube...
Hope everyone has a great evening...get rested up, tomorrow is another day!

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I just bought the Michel Montigue book called "Slim Yourself Thin" from Ebay on Deb's recommendation. Will this book confuse what I am reading in SB. I just started reading SB. I tried to get SYT out of the library but my library does not have it at any of the branches. They said someone claimed that they lost it. Guess they really wanted to keep it and decided not to return it. Something I probably would have done.


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Dinner tonight went really well. Everyone was complimentary, which was nice. There was a good bit of food left, which I brought home and put in the freezer. Too bad the casserole is not SB legal, or I would have dinner done for tomorrow night!

I have to work tomorrow, so I need to get to bed soon. I am considering quitting again. The manager only scheduled me for one day next week. Its hardly worth my while.... And the WWoB is back into her B-y form again. I have to work with her tomorrow, and I am NOT looking forward to it.

Going to go get ready for bed... Night everyone!

MOM: I have Eat Yourself Slim. Montignac is kind of the father of SB. He wrote and published his book in France, and the SB book was based on his program, and came out before his was translated and sold here. I think you will find it fills out the details on the SB book nicely. I can't believe people will steal books from libraries! They can take the book out whenever they want to, so why not leave it there for others to enjoy as well??

FRUIT: Congrats on staying OP! See? You CAN do this!

TEENSY: Cooking for 40 is not really all that hard! Honest! Sorry your hubby was not lucky this weekend... Do you like to hunt? I am not sure if I would like it or not. I can't believe there was nothing you could eat, and they all ate the one thing you could have! I would have eaten something, but you are so good, not eating off plan! Well done!

BOB: I was looking for you...and we had plenty of food! Maybe next month!

DEB: I can't believe you have anymore flab than I do, and I get in the pool! In fact, I have been known to skinny dip! Of course, only Tom was around....
Mini Goal:

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This was posted over the weekend and I think MAGGIE wanted to repost on the new weekly board but it got on a different board, so with that assumption, I'm copying it on to here

Junior Member

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I am new to the SB way of eating. I have been on for two weeks. I lost 11 pounds so far. I started 2 Saturdays ago. I thought I wouldnt go with my usual "I'll start on Monday line." I am 48 and started at 223. I am now 212. Can anyone out there tell me if I am doing the right thing. I am not counting the carbs. I just cut out all what was instructed in book to cut out such as, carrots, bananas, white bread, potatoes, rice, etc. I eat 100 percent whole wheat bread, no sugar added, and whole wheat tortillas and saltine crackers in addition to all the other allowables. Am I eating the right wheat products. Wheat pasta also, but none of the wheat products say stone ground. Is it ok? Guess what yall, just in case yall do not know this already. I
went to cici's pizza for lunch after church today and I asked if they could make me the pizza, minus the crust. They said "Oh your on the atkins diet, sure we can." I didn't correct them that I was on SB. So they prob do that often if only we ask. They put the cheese, pepperoni, and sausage in an aluminum pan for me and put it through the oven till it was all melted together. Ate it with my salad and it was great!! I thought that was so nice
that they would do that. I guess it beats someone taking the regular pizzas and then throwing all the bread part away.
Thank you to all of you in advance and I wish you all well.
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Hey Y'all!

Just checking in to wish you all a good week. Yes, I know it started yesterday, but it's leaf raking time up here and that means not much spare time. It's supposed to rain today so we were madly trying to get as many picked up as possible. Then Paul decided to tackle the roof and make sure the gutters were clear. So I went from raker to ladder holder.

Anyways, just wanted to send out a big greeting and a big wish that we're all LOSERS this week.

Here's a question for you all: Since we're under three months until the new year, where do you see yourself (in this journey) by year's end? Can we set some goals for either a number on the scale or a size of pants or even some regular exercise? Just throwing that idea out there. If you don't want to add pressure to your efforts, by all means, don't do this. But it's always fun to look forward and wonder.

Take care. Happy Tuesday!
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Good Tuesday Morning

Finally got a good nights rest, but unfortunately I'm still tired and I don't feel like I got the rest I did. Went to sleep with a slight headache and woke up with the same. I went to sleep at 8pm, yes, 8pm. Was stirred awake by ELI who thought I was crazy to go to sleep so early (he's been sleeping and the one who's been keeping ME up!), got up, ate some bologna and cheese for dinner and went back to sleep until 5am, woke up but luckily fell back asleep again. Maybe I just need one more good night of sleep to feel rested.

I have a few places I have to go to today, check on my parents home, go see my GF and Aunt, p/u some things for ELI at one of the Starbucks, and points in between before I have to go get the kids from school.

ELI is getting ready for work, he's so sick, but that will never stop him from going.

Okay, off to some repies...

BOB, took it back for sure. The one I want is actually a Sharpe and the one I had was a Sharpe, so that's what I'm going for. Problem is, don't know when it will come in and if we can hold out til then. I don't use the nuker that much, but you know MICHAEL, his food life depends on it. ELI needs it for popcorn. Basically, I could live without it. My JETSTREAM is another story-can't live without that! I never go to Burdines, never thought about them and nukers, may have to check them out this week, wonder if Macy's carrys any?

TEENSY, sorry DH didn't have any luck hunting. I'm sure he'll get something soon, he sounds persistent Yes, it was nice in the pool once I plunged in, I'll do it again, maybe tomorrow. The sleepless nights, sometimes it's ELI sometimes it's me and sometimes I haven't a clue why Just hope it stops already!!!!

FRUIT, here's hoping for another day OP! Gosh, if just a few hours with JACKK & JACKIEO did that, can't you image what a SB GET TOGETHER could do for a gal? Darn, we may have you OP for days!!!!! And then, the residual effects may last far after we're gone. Hold the pooty, the booty and anything else you need to hold for DH to finally give in. Tell him we need time to prepare so he can't wait too long for a decision. Tell him it's NEEDED for theraputic purposes!!!!

MOM, hope you win that book on Ebay!!!!

MONET, oh, believe it, I have always said, instead of Betty Davis Eyes I have Grandma Betty Thighs - literally! I look like I have my GM's thighs when she was alive in her 80's - it's sickening, really. I don't doubt your dinner went well. I'm dying for you to join in our next SB GET TOGETHER to see what you'd make!!!! Okay, that and to see you again too

QUILTER, once winter strolls in, do your trees lose all the leaves so you don't have to rake anymore up til Spring again? We just let them stay as they fall, no one rakes the leaves from our one tree, the avocado tree. Our other trees don't do that. End of year, hmmmm, I'd just like to be less than I am today, anythings better!!!

Okay, I'm outta here!

Will check in later


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My contribution for TUESDAY TIPS

The Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index compares the speed at which carbohydrate-containing foods and beverages raise blood sugars. The Glycemic Index categorizes foods and beverages as "high-glycemic" and "low-glycemic" by assigning a number value, typically between 1-100. Higher numbers [60-100] are considered "high-glycemic" or "glycemic". Higher glycemic foods indicate greater carbohydrate-density and a subsequent rapid raising of blood sugars or "glucose". Foods assigned with lower numbers [0-59] indicate stabilization of blood sugars over time, like four to five hours.

Because the Glycemic Index is based on multiple laboratory tests done on carbohydrate-containing foods, the important thing to keep in mind is not memorizing exact numbers, which vary from table to table...but to keep in mind "trends": higher numbers and lower numbers. Instant rice will always have higher numbers [G.I. = near '90's] than apples [G.I. = in the 30's]. You can always count on the fact that apples will always have lower G.I. numbers._

Glycemic Load

Glycemic Load refers to the actual number of grams of carbohydrates to saturate your bloodstream after your meal or snack. Apples may be "low-glycemic", but if you eat 10 of them, all those grams of carbohydrate will add up [and you will feel really, really full] and the glycemic load on your bloodstream will be large. On the other hand, if you only eat one cookie, you are limiting the actual grams of carbohydrate to enter the bloodstream, even though you are technically eating a high-glycemic snack. So, really, no foods are off limits. You can eat small doses of even the most decadent of cuisines.

So, REMEMBER: when you eat a foods loaded in sugars or starches... like bread, potatoes... if you only have a small portion, your "glycemic load" or ACTUAL GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES TO ENTER THE BLOODSTREAM, will be minimal. A low glycemic load will help you manage blood sugars over time, by managing the quantity of insulin needed to help blood sugars (glucose) enter your cells. You can calculate carbohydrate grams using grams of "total carbohydrates" listed on food labels.

...the higher the glycemic index......and the greater the glycemic load..._...the faster blood sugar will rise...

Feeling foggy?

When blood sugars rise, insulin is released from the pancreas, which triggers a serotonin response in proportion to the amount of insulin being released. Insulin and serotonin work hand in hand. The more insulin, the more serotonin. Just in case you are not yet familiar with the word, "serotonin", it is the brain chemical which produces a good mood (in its proper concentration). If you over-do the carbohydrate, too much serotonin is released, and your brain fogs up.

SEVEN STRATEGIES to manage your blood sugars

1. When you eat more than 100 grams of carbohydrate-containing foods or beverages, you will begin to over-produce serotonin, inducing a drug-like state: sleepiness, fuzziness and tiredness. I call this "serotonin overload" or "overdosing on serotonin" -- and I lived in this state for roughly 18 years due to my anxiety, needing desperately to numb lots of emotional pain I was feeling. So, if I can learn how to manage my carbohydrate intake, you can too. To stay mentally focused, energetic, and in a good mood, eat and/or drink less than 100 grams of carbohydrate at your meal or snack. Here's an example: a slice of 100% whole grain bread contains roughly 15 grams of carbohydrate while 1/3 cup of brown rice contains roughly the same dose of carbohydrates.

2. The trick to transforming the carbohydrate-addict mentality, is to learn to deal with anxiety constructively...for starters, breathe deeply three times. Next: stay away from toxic people and places, so you stop feeling the need to numb your Self with carbohydrates. When feeling anxious, you may in fact be dehydrated. Drink water, first, before eating. Or, perhaps you need to breathe! Anxiety could be a symptom that you need more oxygen. Take a deep breathe...or two, or three.

3. Stop depriving your Self of foods you love. If you deprive your Self of favorite foods, you may end up binging on them. Instead, educate your Self about foods that nourish you and ignite your Spirit. Remember... nothing is off limits if you enjoy a small portion! This practice will minimize insulin response and stabilize serotonin in the bloodstream.

4. When you get enough serotonin, cravings for carbohydrates vanish! To raise serotonin, go for a brisk walk, get some sunshine, eat tryptophan-rich foods or have some low-glycemic carbohydrates!

5. Select low-glycemic foods. Examples of low-glycemic foods
include:...apples, pears, peaches, plums, grapefruit, grapes, cherries, barley, real pumpernickel rye bread, wheat berries, thicker pasta noodles, organic dairy, free range poultry and lean red meat, fish, nuts, lentils, butter beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans, soy beans, black-eyed peas or protein-rich foods or beverages low in added sugars.

6. FYI: 4 grams of carbohydrates = one teaspoon of sugar. Start the habit of calculating teaspoons of sugar per serving by counting "Total Carbohydrates" per serving[listed on the Nutrition Facts label]. Once you know what the total carbohydrates are [per serving], divide by 4 grams of carbohydrate per teaspoon, to get teaspoons of sugar per serving. This process will give you a good idea of the actual "glycemic load" on your bloodstream after your meal is over.

7. Eat protein with carbohydrate, or select plant proteins like lentils and other legumes, which have an inherent combination of protein and carbohydrate. Protein slows down the rate at which carbohydrate enters the bloodstream. Include protein at your mid-day meal, when it is most important to stay mentally alert, manage moods, blood sugars to stay energetic and productive. Examples of protein-rich foods include legumes (beans, dried peas, lentils, peanuts), dairy products, poultry and red meat.

In conclusion: Getting hung up on "The Glycemic Index" is missing the point.

The key to selecting the finest carbohydrate containing cuisine is
not to mind the glycemic index, but to keep nutrient density in mind.
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Good morning everyone,
It was a good weekend, repotted a lot of houseplants, finished closing the pool, did a TON of laundry. Had people over for supper Sat night, went to a flea market Sunday morning, worked out yesterday morning and took one of the kids bowling too. Ate mostly OP, and the scale was good to me this morning(I tend to check more than once a week).

Quilter - we've been losing leaves too, but not nearly enough to rake yet. The colors are very late this year, usually we're at peak by now and we're nowhere near it yet. But raking is always a chore and all 4 of us wind up either raking or dragging leaves around.

Teensy - my dad goes hunting and we enjoy the venison when it comes, but season hasn't started here yet. Sometimes I go with him, but I'm just not lucky.

Pancho - We have Kohl's here too, and took advantage of their sale to get stuff for the kids and husband over the weeknd. they have great stuff.

Hope that everyone else is doing well!
Hopeful for WIW...

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