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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 4/22-4/28

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, I think it says a lot:


No matter how difficult an effort may be, that difficulty is only temporary. And it is more than compensated for by the achievement that effort produces, an achievement which can remain long after the effort is over and done.

It's easy to think of perfectly good excuses for not taking action. The time will come, however, when those excuses will look trivial and silly next to your regret for missed possibilities. If you're reluctant to take action, ask yourself this question. Would you rather invest your precious time creating regrets or creating value?

Would you rather live with the temporary discomfort of taking action, or with the permanent regret for not doing so? The opportunities of today must be acted on today if they are to be fulfilled.

The sooner you take action, the more of a positive difference you can make. The earlier you get started, the more time you put on your side.

Before this day is over, make the effort, accept the challenge, seize the opportunity. Fill the days to come with value and accomplishment by being willing to take action right here and now.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

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We have 2 birthdays to celebrate this week!!!





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Thanks Debbie!

I logged on early today in an effort to try and keep up better this week.

Happy Birthday, Heartmom!

Hope everyone has a great week.


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Angry Monday

Good Monday Morning to all! I am feeling better and am so happy about that. DD is also recovered and off to school. It was obviously one of those 24 hour cootie deals and that is better than another dreadful week of illness.


So many of you Southern Americans are talking about how hot it is for you. We have had very cool weather. All last week was overcast and the weekend was sunny but chilly. It *looks* like spring but doesn't *feel* like it yet. My mom in Ontario said they had 39 degrees Celsius on the humidex (uhmm...imperial that would approx. be about 108 F ) When she told me that I was very thankful for the chill in the air and my roaring fire here in the in woodstove!

Question for the Moms out there- Summer Camp brochures are flying around now and I am looking at them with curiousity. I never went to camp as a kid because we always had cottages we went to. Hubby did go every year but there were 7 kids in his family and there were siblings with him. My daughter just turned 8 and most camps take 8 year olds. I wonder if anyone sent their kids to camp at that young age. I am more scared of it than she would ever be because I have never sent her away for anything before. The Moms who have sent their kids to camps...what age is a good age to start? Did you find 8 years old too young? Advice about this would be appreciated since I am in the dark, not having ever gone to camp myself.
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Happy Birthday HeartMom!!!!

Awoke to a cool morning today.... Brrrr. I just shut the air off and turned the heater on. Spring is wild and I love it. Beat my husband and little dog out of the bed this morning so I'm sitting here with a big cup of nice hot coffee..

Gracious- I'm so happy you're feeling better this morning...... I only got to go once when I was a kid and just loved it. But I sure would see how hard it would be to let your little one go....

Semmens-I had the same idea, start early....

Debili- Thanks for the good morning boost.

Oh only two more days till weigh in!!!! Time to get it well under control and today is a brand new day. I think I can, I think I can!!

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Default Dreary rainy monday

Our heatwave has broken, and it's been cool and rainy the last few days, and will be the rest of the week. So I can put off spending $$ on the air-conditioner, don't need it for a while.

I REALLY disagree with today's Motivational quote: (apologies to Deb)I think it's much easier to start than to keep at it, and the effort is NEVER over! Making a WOL a habit and approaching it with enthusiasm EVERY DAY no matter how you feel, is a lot harder than the initial effort which shows pretty immediate results. To me, this is the trap of having met some goals. Keeping going, when the results become more subtle and the effort invovled in producing them becomes harder, is tough. That's where habit must replace motivation. I'm finding that even after almost 10 months, the habits are all to easy to break eating wise, and over 20 years of exercising still doesn't make it fun some days to go face piles of metal and the forces of gravity. I just have to keep focusing on more subtle goals which I haven't met. Othwise the pants get tighter, and I'm back where I started mentally.

Gracious: I went to camp as a kid because my mother forced me to. I was a real loner, and she thought it would be good for me. I HATED it! My kids, on the other hand, are very social and adaptable, go figure! DD went to camp for 1 week when she was 8, loved it, and went for 2 weeks for the next few years. She would have happily stayed all summer if we could have afforded it. My son has been going to cub scout and now boy scout camp since he was 9 and loves it. This year (he is 11) he will be going to an international camp in Italy for a month, and can't wait. I'm very closely watching the international geopolitics, and getting more worried daily! I think it really depends on your child's personality, and the "personality" of the camp. I would never force a kid to go, remembering my own experience.

OK- gotta go. Today the teachers have an in-service, so I'm home trying to lash my son into completing a large science project, and trying to get in a workout without him running and turning on the TV.

Falling down is not failure....Failure is staying down.
Save the Earth, it's the only planet with chocolate and wine.

It isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

9 years at or under goal weight! Working Maintenance Everyday
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Thumbs down Good Monday morning!

Whew--survived the spaghetti cooking marathon yesterday! it was a hit and the kids made close to $2,000 for their summer conference at Montreat! For anyone that might want to know how to make spaghettie for 200 here goes:

15 pounds ground beef
8 insititutional size cans of tomato sauce
8 12 oz cans tomato paste
1 bag onions
1 bunch celery
5 carrots
1 head garlic
1 large (like the big Tone's or Kroger jug) Italian seasoning.

Cut off the tops of the celery (make sure you get all the leaves--that's the part you want). Chop celery and leaves, onions and garlic in food processor. Divide into 2 large stock pots and brown 1/2 the meat in each pot. After the meat is browned you can add 4 cans of tomato sauce to each pot and 4 cans of tomato paste. Add 2 1/2 cans of water (in tomoto paste cans for each can of tomato paste used--that would be 10 cans per pot). Stir well throughout the cooking process. Cover the top of the sauce three times with Italian Seasoning and stir in well. Add 1-2 tbl salt to each pot. Chop carrots finely in food chopper and add to each pot (it cuts the acid in the tomotos and is a healthier addition than sugar). Let simmer for two hours and serve over 30 lbs spaghetti.

Nothing to it!

BTW--if you want to make this in a family size serving--use 2 lbs ground beef, 1 institutional size can of TS (or 3-24 oz cans) 1, 12 oz can tomato paste, 2 1/2 tomato paste cans of water, 1-2 onions, a handfull of celery leaves (they tenderize the meat as it cooks), 3-4 cloves garlic and 1 or 2 carrots. Season the same way--you will be using a smaller pot so you can still cover the top of the sauce 3 times with seasoning--salt to taste. This will make 4 quarts of sauce, which will feed a family fo 4-6 with enough to freeze for 2-3 more meals!

OK but I was exhausted when I got home yesterday. I couldn't face cooking anything else--so I grabbed a couple of hotdogs last night--not on program, but I was too tired to do anything else.

Mom and Dad got home OK--but they had a small accident. A truck threw part of a tire that was in the road and it landed on the hood of their car. They were doing 70 at the time, so it could have been really disasterous--but all they got was a dent on the hood and a good scare. I'm so thankful that they made it home safely!

OK I have meetings this morning. This week--at least the first part of it will be a bear since I have to catch up on all the work I missed last week at the funeral and while Mom and Dad were here.

Have a good day everyone and a good week!


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Default Camp


My nine-year old niece (and she had just turned 9) went to sleep away camp last summer. We were worried about her staying because she doesn't like to spend the night away from home. But she had a ball and is going again this year. For her first came I think it was only 3 or 4 nights away from home. This year she is going for an entire week.

I went to basketball camp as a child. Camps arounds specific activities can be great because it brings together kids with similar interests.

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HiedieHo All!!!

Thought I'd check mail and one thing leads to another so here I am!!


GRACIOUS: Glad you are feeling better. I have a hard time with woe when I am not feeling well. Seems like I want to pamper myself because I think I need a boost and then overindulge.

MEL: I agree with you on the motivation thing. All of us have made the decision many times to lose weight and have started some plan. The hard part is to keep going with the plan. It is so easy to get discouraged when the results are not as quick as we would like! I, for one, need sticktoittiveness!!!!

FILLISE: Our kids have fund raisers for Montreat all the time. I never remember hearing of it back east, but there is a long tradition of participation here. Don't you just love reading the amounts for large cooking? And all the energy it takes to do it? Hooray for you!

Well I gotta get some breakfast, get dressed and start my ADLs, NH, gym and grocery for milk.

Talk to you all later.

My inspiration is all of you. I am in a slump and would have given up a long time ago if it hadn't been for this Board and learning coping mechanisms from you all.

Take care Shirley
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Happy birthday Heartmom!!

BOB - I had a dirty martini on Saturday night just for you. First one I've had in a while and it was wonderful!!!!

Well, the son's car is history. We've decided to get a new pickup to replace it and next year after he graduates, he can pick up the payments and insurance if he wants to keep it. He doesn't know yet. We've been telling him that we couldn't afford anything new right now and we're just going to have to keep looking for something old. He'll get it this afternoon. I hope he's surprised. It's pretty hard to get a 16 y/o old excited about anything but this just might do it.

Hooray, I'm down a pound this morning. I hadn't been exercising and started back with a vengeance this week-end. Walked Saturday and Sunday morning, 3.45 miles. The week-ends are the hardest time of the week for me to stay OP. I think I probably did a better job this week-end than I normally do. Probably didn't eat enough but I feel pretty good about it over all.

Gracious - I really think it depends on the kid. Is she excited about the prospect or dreading it. I think both of my kids at 8 would have loved it but my younger son has a good friend that would have been miserable going at that age. I think my older son was 11 when he went to Boy Scout camp for the first time. I really think, though, in most cases, it's way more traumatic for us Moms than for the kids, no matter what the age.

Toni - The heater??!! Send some of it our way.

Fillise - So, I'm guessing you're not going out for Italian anytime soon!!

Gotta run now. Physical therapy this morning.

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Good Monday Morning!!!

Sitting here, with my water, my raspberries and my good intentions of getting my morning post on here

Got my butt up and out this morning and did my 4.5 miles. I wasn't keen on going out this morning, a moment of brainlessness that I overcame quickly. It's MONDAY, I never miss going on Monday's-so out I went. Even had a better than I thought time of 45:38

ELI and I went up to Broward late yesterday. He didn't get home from the AIDS WALK until about 2:15pm. Went for lunch at (where else) OLE OLE, went for Carbolite (Cheesecake and Vanilla) and went to see SWEETEST THING with Cameron Diaz-it was okay, not as good as I had thought it would be. Ran to SUPER WALMART wheree I continue to corner the market on raspberries since they are $1.49 there ($3.49 at Publix). By the time we got home, I was pooped!!!

Scale seems to be stuck UP at 124, been this way for the last 4 days and I DON'T LIKE IT!!!

TRANQUIL, CONGRATS on reaching a new low and getting below the 260 mark. Just wait until you get under the 250 mark, you'll be doing a double happy dance, and it's not far away! Your quiche sounds delicious-will you post the recipe for it on the board, PLEASE??? As for the CARBOLITE, you can call the company, their phone number is on the FOOD INFORMATION BOARD and ask them if anyone in your area sells it, they will know. BUT, would love to have you come for a visit and take you to all my favorite joints-just let me know-have the room!!!!

JRED, don't have the weather channel, but I'd probably be addicted to it if there were hurricanes coming-when they are out there, we defintely pay lots of attention to the weather on the TV. Otherwise, I'd say no, I wouldn't be watching that. We haven't been able to determine if the scanner is going to work or not. Michael didn't get to do the entire download yet, he's going to burn a CD at his Fathers house in hopes that will take less time and he didn't get to finish it. We need to find out if the instructions are on line, I think that would definitely help. If it doesn't work, it's only $2, not that I like throwing good money out the door, but I've done worse.

NANCE, sorry I missed your call-what was that all about??? Michael wasn't very good at telling me why you called, something about making food for people coming?? Glad to hear you and DAN got away without the kids, well, sorta of. I know how that cell phone can be helpful at times, annoying at others. Scenic route?? Junk cars, old tires-what the heck did you drive through, a trailer park???????? Did we get to fix NADIA'S hair? Hopefully it didn't go from bad to worse. Hey, I love your hair and I think it fits you beautifully. Send a pic of the new doo, would love to see it (and you).

GRACIOUS, glad to hear you're feeling better, esp. after the way you described how you felt yesterday! I can definitely give you insight on sending kids to camp. My kids started going to camp years ago. Lauren was 8 years old the first year she went, Michael, almost 10yrs. old. I sent them for 8 weeks and we got to see them for about a 24 hour period after 4 weeks. I sent them to a camp here in FL, about 6 hours from home. It was the same camp that I went to when I was a kid, and believe it or not, the same people still own it, and the same cook is still there as well (I kid around and say that he's still using the same grease for the food!), so I felt quite comfortable sending them there. My nephew went as well. They absolutely loved each and every summer and I have to admit, having both of them away for 8 weeks was wonderful!!!! No cooking, no cleaning up, no yelling, going on vacation-it does have it's benefits!! Also, it was a small camp and the ratio of kids to counselors was great-very important (only 160 kids at this camp). Michael didn't go last year, he chose summer school instead. Doesn't seem like Lauren will go this year since she's required to take summer school for PE, and she's not happy about it, she really wants to go back. They had times of their life that they will never forget and made friends with people from all over the state and a few out of state-it's an experience that they'd treasure forever. It's not for every kid, but if your DD is friendly and outgoing and really wants to go, she'll probably love it and have a wonderful time. So, that's my 2 cents

MONET, sounds like you had a nice peaceful Sunday all to yourself yesterday. It's always nice to have some ME time where you can do whatever you want, or nothing at all. Thanks for the exercise suggestion, but for me, I'm just no good at following tapes on the TV. I have quite a few, most I've never even bothered to stick into the tape deck, it's just not ME. I think I'm going to go for the weight training class at the school-just hope I'm motivated enough to get my but there twice a week!!!

SEF, your posts NEVER bore me-I always find all you do amazing and inspiring and wonder, as I have before, if I will be as active as you (and ROSALIE) are when I get to that fine age you are at-I sure hope so!!!!

BETH, that sorta stinks that you don't have regular hours to work. Hard for the body to adjust to different times on different days. Will it always be different hours, or after a while will they put you on just one shift, which I would think would be better. Sounds like you planned ahead with your eating superbly, I commend you!

TONI, regarding eggs-have you ever tried the EGG BEATERS? If you don't like them, you could always use 1 real egg and mix a 1/4 cup of egg beaters to that and use it and still have that richer egg taste. I like the egg beaters but found they have a funky taste if I use a non-stick pan vs a stainless steel pan. I actually got rid of most of my
non-stick pans and bought new ss pans a while back-love them. LOL! I don't think I've seen anyone so excited to have WIW coming in two days-good luck!!!!!

HEART, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you enjoy your special day today!!! Okay, not sure if you explained this before or not, but how did BOOGIE get that nickname? I have images of a little one munching on little boogers as many kids do (yes, I do have a vivid mind, at times), so please, let inquiring minds know how that name was chosen. Hope he's feeling better today! Many people who eat off plan get sick, you are definitely not the first to find this out first hand. I always think it's great when someone has a lapse and lets us know how it made them feel physically, as well as emotionally. It keeps those who may contemplate eating off plan more in line-who likes getting sick to their stomach-NOT I!!!!! So, thanks for sharing

SEMMENS, so, what's on your agenda for you birthday week???

MEL, you made me go back to read the MM today. You don't need to apologize to me, how you feel is how you feel-plus, I didn't write it, just chose it I personally think things get easier as you go on, as it becomes a WOL instead of something you look forward to finishing and not ever having to do again. For me, I think it's harder to start something. I can't say I find joy in exercising, well, at least not in the summer time, but do enjoy it more in the winter!!

FILLISE, WOW, you helped raise a lot of funds!! I couldn't imagine making spaghetti for 200, it's hard enough for me to make it for 2! One kids likes sauce, the other one doesn't. It's always something!!! OMG, thank goodness your parents weren't hurt from the tire-surely they must of had the heck scared out of them. Here in Miami, we are always hearing of things impalying windows, it's very scarey.

TRISH, CONGRATS on being down a pound today-your persistence pays off! How old do the kids need to be to drive where you are?? My kid would die if he got a new car, my gosh, he'd be thrilled if I let him get his restricted, to heck with the car. They can get their restricted at 15 here, license at 16, but Michael, and Lauren, know I have strong reservations about kids and cars. Living in a very large city where the majority of people can't drive as far as I'm concerned, as well as there being no need for Michael to be driving, much less thinking about getting a car (and causing me to have sleepless nights and days of anguish wondering), he knows that this is NOT going to be anything in the future for him. Terrible Mom, aren't I??? What are you going to buy??

Well gals, I'm outta here-going to try to tydie up my un-tydie home. Have to run to the bank for ELI later-nothing exciting planned for the day, that's for sure.

Hope you all have a wonderful week-will check in later!

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MORNING EVERY BUDDY!! It's me BOB checking in from work...I've survived the weekend, got up this morning and LO AND BEHOLD...I'M STILL 50!!!

TRISH...so glad you tried it and SO GLAD you liked it!!! They are very tasty and if I were still in my 20's and out every night, I'm sure I could become VERY ADDICTED to them

HAPPY...BIRTHDAY.....HEART!!!!! have a great day...I did....get on out there and spend some $$$$$$ ...I did....

I just wanted to drop by and leave everyone a little chuckle to start your week off...I'll be checking in when I get home from work

If you think life is bad.....

If you think life is bad.....How would you like to be an egg?

You only get laid once.
You only get eaten once.
It takes four minutes to get hard.
Only two minutes to get soft.
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So cheer up, Your life ain't that bad!!!!


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Good Morning Feloow SB'ers!!!!

Had a fun day out in the kitchen torchering my family with SB recipes from last years board!! What a crack up!!!! I made some SF Oatmeal cookies, and the only thing in them to sweeten them was SF applesauce. Needless to say after adding about 10 packets of Nutrasweet, they still tasted horrible. I made Debs crustless quiche which was DELICIOUS!!!! There's only a few of those left and their mine, all mine. I made FROGS cheesecake recipe with the Special K crust and SF Smuckers Strawberry jam with fresh strawberries and everyone liked that!!! So two out of three ain't bad, but after the cookies, I didn't think I'd get anyone to try the GOOD recipes. I think their ought to be a rule that you can't post a recipe unless you've actually MADE IT (Deb I know that will exclude ALL your entries since we know you DON'T COOK )

Fruit-What night is the Scrap book party? I want to come!!! You'll have to let me know how you did, and I have a directory for Scrapbook supply stores across the USA if you need to find a retail store near you for STUFF and you will want to get moe STUFF!!!! My fingers and legs and toes are crossed that you see 249 in the NEAR future!!!!

Monet-Laughing about the kid stories....I'm with you all the way, if I was at home, they could careless, but Dan the Man aka DH, and I make it a priority for time just for us. We also make the kids a priority and have Family night as well.

Sef-I DID leave a note...explaining everything, and I still got 20 cell phone calls. Mainly they wwanted to know when I would be home so I could take them to buy things that they both WANTED (not needed) that was the major crises at hand!!! Tried the Smuckers 100% fruit....much much better! Made Frog cheeesecake recipe and put some on top with fresh fruit and it was delicious!

Toni-Where about in Missouri do you live? My husband is from Kansas and we got engaged down at "The Plaza", which I understand to be on the Missouri side of the border.....He had reserved a carriage ride for us when he popped the question, it was VERY romantic!

Tranquil-There is only 2 quiches left, and their MINE!!!!! I didn't have green onion like Deb said to put in so I just made it with a yellow onion, but had the bell peppers and boy are they good!
I am an admitted scrap-book-aholic, so we'll have to share info.with each other!

HeartsMom-I remeber all too well they days of going off plan after being OP, and let me tell you IT DOES NOT PAY!!!! Seems the system gets used to all the good stuff, and then when you put in the bad stuff you end up worshiping the porcelain goddess one way or the other! It's the SB pixie fairy telling you "STAY ON PLAN"

Gracious-I think when the kids start ASKING to go to camp, that's a pretty good indication that they'll have a good time. My Mom shipped me off in 6th grade, and I was HOMESICK.....my daughter on the other hand just got back from a winter camp and LOVED it, but she was dying to go. Hope that helps!

Well....as usual too much time on the board, not enough time in the shower! Must get ready for work. I do have this new-"DO" that requires fluff-n-fold each morning now, so gotta run. Catch up later with the rest of you and love to all!!!

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Default Monday

Hello all!

Thanks for all the weight achievement, pottery, and new puppy encouragement. I am really very happy to get your suggestions and also, if you have one, critique.

I didn't have the best of weekends - food wise, but I am still at 155, so it is aaaaalll good.

I am in the process of cleaning out my back yard and getting rid of the Florida sand dunes (oh YEAH!), so I had to attack a couple of stumps hampering my progress. I could've had a friend do it for a small charge, but being broke as i am, I decided to hack up those roots myself. 4 hours later, sore and much wiser, I took up my DBF's suggestion to go ahead and pay someone anyway. At least for the bigger stumps.
If you haven't seen it, you would never believe how spidery and cunniving crepe myrtle roots are! At least I dug out and hacked to pieces a citrus stump. I felt like an amazon, wielding that 20 lb axe!!!

THUNDERWOMAN – That’s great news for your baby! And that she is healthy too. Do you talk to her? I watched a TV special on Discovery how important it is for a fetus to hear pleasing sounds, and also be called by name. Something about connecting those brain circuits better. Also, when she is Ashley is born, she will only move from being an observer, to an active participant in your family. He he – I am sure you think she’s pretty active right now!

J RED – Does your son have any work posted on the net? It is very easy to upload pictures. I am always interested in other people’s work, especially if the are related to the SB board members!! Sorry to hear about your throat. I always attack colds and throat aches with a plantain tea (or extract), chamomile (to relax the internal organs) and Propolis (to disinfect the throat). Since honey is out of the question for you (being on OP), you’ll probably be exploring the alternative ways. Good luck!

FILISE – Oopf! Can you believe those people? (no offense our health workers, please) You tell them you are breaking up in rash all over, and they tell you to come sometime later. At least they are always good at taking walk-ins. I hope your skin clears out, and that you don’t spring any extra hair. Get well. It is nice that you can look at the cycle of life so open heartedly. Your aunt must’ve had a great life. Congrats on the new family member!

TONI48 – Thank you for the encouragement. The red and white pot was sold! And I had to re-list the pit fired pot. However, it already has 6 bids just after 1 day! How very strange. You can never tell how something’s going to sell. All the proceeds from these sales are going into my “get out of debt” funds. I have been trying to get in touch with the people who are keeping the puppy girl, but I haven’t been successful. We’ll see.

TRANQUIL – You got it girl. I haven’t been able to get my paws on the puppy yet, so I am waiting to see what will be. I think Ricky knows something’s going on, because he is eyeing me suspiciously. J

JACK –K – Thanks for the congrats. I feel like I literally worked my butt off! Lol! Now I am zoning into the home stretch for the 150lb mark.

MELIRIS – I know, I know. Pottery supplies have some kind of investment option, whereas the dogs…well, from the financial stand point, a bottomless well (just like my house). But you gotta love them!

FRUIT – I always wanted to be successful bird owner, however, 1 dead and 2 almost abandoned parakeets later, I realized (FINALLY) that birds for me are best happily frolicking amongst the trees. I am learning the cardinal songs, and you can get those little red ones quite ticked off…

DEBBIE – I haven’t made any butter bells yet. Actually, I haven’t made much of anything lately, but thanks for the butt kick. I needed it. I will post the pics of my teapots as soon as I get some. I should just waltz down to Orlando City Hall and take the pictures of the exhibits. Wouldn’t you love that? But than, all of you will be saying how the heck did she win the first place….

BETH – I used to work the graveyard shift, and it is the worst! I never thought I was a morning person, until I had to stay awake during the night. After the work, I always felt like I was having a jet lag from China. I keep thinking about you and your family, wishing a speedy ending to all your trials.


To those I have missed - have the greatest Monday!

Snotty GirdleHead
Day started SB
He who conquers others is strong;
He who conquers himself is mighty.

- LAO-TZU, The Way Of Life
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