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Old 02-15-2002, 08:18 AM   #76
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Thumbs down

Good morning friends! Have a busy morning but this afternoon I hope to have time to say hello to all. DH and FIL are leaving for an overnight hunting trip this afternoon and I need to do lots to assist in prep, mainly clean house kinda stuff.

Made DH dinner last night that was 99% SB legal. Also had cheesecake - 2 baby cakes SF for me, oreo for him. Sorry there are those of you who aren't too hip on the holiday. It is important to DH and I because it also happens to be the first time we professed our love for each other in a magical, romantic evening 10 years ago. The timing had very little to do with the holiday, it was just the moment that it needed to be said happened on V-Day!

Fell asleep watching Olympics on tv last night. Neither of us were very romantic in that respect! I think I've made up for most of my HUGE sleep deficit! Managed to have a nap yesterday and I was asleep by 10:15 last night!

Have been a bad little snacker lately with all the little bitty chocolate bites around. Have to remember that they are poison and stay away from them! AWFUL!


Will try to post a note to all later! Have a great Friday!

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MORNING FROGGIE....we were posting at the same time!




Don't spend the rest of your life cooped up in your kitchen,
or your 4-wheel armchair.

Get moving!

Start moving those arms and legs and get some air into your body!
Why? Because regular exercise gives you 12 great benefits.

Unfortunately, most of these benefits are health benefits. (Boring)
So we'll skip them and cut to the bottom line.

Exercise helps you to lose weight!

So you'll develop a drop-dead gorgeous figure, marry a millionaire,
and get to drive everywhere in a stretch limo!

Okay, that's the plan. Now here are some details.


Exercise helps weight loss in four ways.

1. It burns calories that might otherwise be stored as fat.

2. It slightly raises your Metabolic Rate.
Metabolic Rate is your 'tick-over' speed. The higher your metabolic rate,
the easier is it to lose weight. This is particularly helpful in overcoming
the 'plateau' effect of dieting.

3. It gradually reduces your fat ratio and increases your muscle ratio.
Remember, muscle cells are 8 times more metabolically active than fat cells.

So the higher your percentage of muscle, the less fat you have and the
easier it is to lose weight.

4. It's great for motivation. Getting active is a great way to make a new
start and demonstrate your commitment to a new healthy life. And let's face
it, the greater your commitment, the easier it is to succeed.

Finally... and much more important:

Exercise gives you a HUGE BUZZ.

For example, a little light jogging works wonders in so many ways.

- It's a great way to shove it to your fat neighbor.
- It annoys the **** out of passing motorists.
- It's a great excuse for buying new items of sportswear.
- You can swap exciting jogging experiences at parties.
- It helps you to live longer, which is quite handy.

[NB. Ghetto-joggers, see my new range of bullet-proof leisurewear.]


Well any exercise is good. You don't have to doll yourself up in $400
tracksuit and trainers, and jog your butt off around the neighborhood.

Housework, gardening, beating up your husband, clearing out the attic:
all these activities help to burn calories. But the best type of exercise is
aerobic exercise - i.e. exercise that is strenuous enough to raise your
heart rate. This is the sort of exercise that lifts your metabolic rate.

Do you have to join an aerobics class? Well it helps but it's not essential.
Brisk walking, jogging, step exercises, swimming and dancing are all good
forms of aerobic exercise.

Vary your movements to exercise your WHOLE BODY, not just your
legs. Over-exercising thighs is likely to leave them BIGGER. (Whoops!).


It depends on you. After all, everything is relative.

If you are a professional couch potato, then a daily 15 minute walk is
a great start. On the other hand if you are on your feet most of the day,
then a 20-30 minute swim three times a week, might be the best way to

Whatever you do, do it regularly. Because 20 minutes of daily exercise
is much better than 60 minutes every third day. And it doesn't have to be
finished in one session. Two 10-minute sessions are just as good as one 20
minute session.

Exercise is not a set program, it's a life-thing.
For best results, you should think long term - i.e. years, not weeks.

Years? (Gulp)
That's right. Which is why it's so important to choose something that
suits you and your lifestyle.


It won't solve your weight problem by itself.
All it does, is help.

Sensible eating is still the No 1 solution to weight loss.
If you don't eat sensibly you won't lose weight no matter how much
exercise you do.

So don't expect too much from your exercise. Be realistic.


To burn off the calories in a small wedge of apple pie (or 4oz pretzels)
you have to walk hard for about 2 hours 30 minutes.

To burn off the calories in one 3oz croissant,
you have to swim for about 2 hours 5 minutes.

To burn off the calories in 3 spare ribs,
you have to run hard for about 1 hour 20 minutes.

To burn off the calories in 1 hot dog (without onions or relish),
you have to walk hard for 1 hour 25 minutes.

[Figures are approximate and apply to a 150 pound woman]

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Default Good Friday Morning!!!

Hi, Everybody!!! Today is my day off from the office job, but, of course, there is always too much to do around here. But Iím not complaining. At least I can spend more time with my girl, even if itís while vacuuming. Itís supposed to be a fairly nice day, so I will probably take her over to the park. I enjoy being free during the daylight hours so that we can get our walk in. She really loves it too.

ZANNE---Glad to hear that you had a better day. You may not be where you want to be, but at least you are going in the right direction! The key is NOT to get down on yourself and keep your chin UP!!!

ROSALIE---Hope you werenít too disappointed with your oatmeal cookies. Not much fun to clean up the kitchen when you donít have anything yummy to nibble while you do it. BTW, there were so many really difficult words in the Bee on Tuesday. I was working at the timerís table and my friend was recording all the words that were given. We were trying to guess at the words on paper and let me tell you, I missed MOST of them. Itís a humbling experience, because I really thought I was a better speller than that. The people who make up the word lists for the national kidsí bee make up our word list, so thatís why they were so tough.

FILLISE---Donít feel bad or apologize for being a non-practicing valentiner. Iíll make you feel good by telling you that my DH and I didnít do anything special. We tried to do lunch, but realized too late that we had already scheduled lunches with other people. Last night we had a genealogy meeting to go to. That was real romantic . . . not!!! So you are not alone in your feelings. I think the cutest thing about Vday is how little kids get into it. Personallyk, I think Vday peaked for me in third grade when we decorated those wonderful shoe boxes and sent each classmate a very special little note card. I loved that, and itís never been the same. Also, I loved your report on the sugar industry. My question is this . . . is there any sense of right and wrong in our world? Or does it all come down to the ever loving dollar??? I could get really depressed about that and so I shall stop thinking about it. But you are so right about it being in everything. So maddening!!!

MELF---Hey, it was good to see your name scroll up into my window. I have every bit of confidence that your weight will stop yoyoing up and down and you will settle into where you should be. Just keep up that good work that got you there and youíll be fine.

BOB---Just love what you posted this morning. How true, how true!!! That must be why I feel so often like a stuffed pig. You can bet Iím going for a long walk on the range today.

Well, thatís it for me, guys!!! I gotta a long Kimmy-do list so Iíd best get out of these pajamas and start the day. Have a great weekend.

Take care.
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Old 02-15-2002, 10:00 AM   #79
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OK. I comppletely blew it yesterday. I had been so good for a whole week. But yesterday here come my sweet little students with candy for the teacher. Now I didn't have to eat it, I know, but I did. And boy did I pay for it last night. I was sooooo sick. Anyway, today is a new day and time to get back in the groove. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Good Friday Morning Everyone

I didn't think I'd not be able to get back on the computer yesterday to post, but I wasn't able to due to Michael having a ton of homework-always the priority.

I have to say today has started out WONDERFULLY!! I got my jog/walk in and am proud to say, I HAD A NEW BEST JOG/WALK TIME EVER!!!! Did it in 43:38!This is 42 seconds BETTER than my previous best time!!!!! Can you see my excitement??

It's gloomy out today, just as it was yesterday, but today I had a determination to go no matter what! Yesterday the day started out just as icky. I was all dressed to go walk and it was sooo gloomy and rainy looking that I didn't get in my walk. I had to take Lauren to school and didn't want to chance getting stuck somewhere in a downpour with not much time to spare to get back, so I forego it. Could of gotten it in as it really didn't start sprikling until I was ready to take her to school. Never a good start to the day when I don't get my jog/walk in. Today was different!

Anyhow, yesterday was a big day for me personally-I came to terms with a few issues that have been plaguing me lately. You are all well aware of my post I did last week about the SB LEGAL TREATS and how I have no control it seems when I make them. Well, I had a good day the other day, the next was bad. I had left over goodies that were calling my name in the freezer and MIND YOU, I even made another Fearn Carob Cake after saying I wasn't going to make any SB LEGAL goodies-and as expected, I ate the whole thing.

I was wondering what the heck was going on with me-why did I keep doing this to myself-all the hard work I've done over the (almost) past 2 years could easily be reversed if I didn't take a hold of this situation once and for all. First, when I read SOL'S POST on how we had only 22 Days til our SB GET TOGETHER in Orlando, that it home with me-3 weeks and here I am out of control! What kind of role model am I?? Also, I thought, here I am thinking I'm so good not eating things off plan and not cheating and I really am cheating-MYSELF! I'm always the one to point out the HERSHEY BAR ideal I have and how Hershey's was here before I was born and will probably be so long after I've left this earth and they are NOT going broke without me eating their products and how one day, if I truly want a Hershey bar, I'll be able to have one-well, it's not just a Hershey Bar, it's all these SB LEGAL GOODIES that's I've been overindulging with that I have to think of as being the same. Where I have so much control in not wanting to eat off plan, why don't I have control to limit myself to one cookie, one piece of cake, one portion of anything? I have to realize that the control is NOT there for me and if I don't take care of this situation now, I'm going to be gaining weight like I've done on diets in the past.

Also, I was reading an article from a mag. I got at the HFS that also made me think about what was going on with me. The article is titled SUGAR SOLUTION and I wanted to quote some of the article:

It talks about LOW BLOOD SUGAR and says "Hypoglycemia occurs when you feel dragged out because of low blood sugar. Ironically, this low blood sugar syndrome may be caused by an overabundance of sugar in your meals and snacks." Researchers found that LBS sufferers complained of hypoglycemic discomforts in several main categories, one of them being drowsiness with 73%. Other miseries included fatigue, sudden hunger, sweating, sleeping problems, paleness, muscle pain (there are others, but these are ones I had experienced recently). Hypoglycemic may result from munching on endless sweets and never exercising (physical activity improves your body's handling of sugar). When you eat too many processed foods you set yourself up for a big fall in blood sugar. You create an environment in your body that allows these symptoms (and conditions) to occur. Your body breaks down carbohydrates, including those in vegetables, fruits, breads and grains, into simpler sugars. As these carbs. pour into the blood in the form of glucose, cells in the pancreas secrete the hormone-like substance insulin. Insulin is supposed to persuade cells to take up this in-flow of glucose and use it as fuel. But if, during this process, blood sugar drops too low, the pancreas released glucagon, which stimulates the release of glucose into the blood to bring the blood sugar levels back up. Overindulging in sweet and processed foods may upset this blood sugar balancing act. Because a massive amount of carbohydrates drives you insulin and glucagon down, the fats (stored as carbs) in your body can't be released (for energy) and you crave more carbohydrates. As you continue to consume large amounts of carb, the pancreas secretes greater amounts of insulin to properly transport the excesses of circulating blood sugar. Eventually, every time you eat sugar, your pancrease may rlease excessive insulin, whjich drives and keeps your blood sugar low enough to make you feel like you are lying downin a corner telling the world to go away.

After reading this article which I've severly condensed above I thought "THATS ME!!!" This is WHY I've been feeling so crappy, so tired, nothing I ate satisfying me! All the SB LEGAL TREATS I've been indulging in is causing this to me!

So, lots of things were going through my mind the last couple days and that little light bulb started to shine brighter once again. I told myself yesterday I would turn over a new leaf today and find that same spark that I found when I started SB. I let myself over-indulge BIG TIME yesterday, I ate whatever carob cake was left in the freezer, I even went as far as to make individual cheesecakes (some plain, 2 with bits of SB LEGAL CHOCOLATE in them, 2 wtih real strawberry swirled in with it, 1 with carob in it-needless to say, you can guess that I ate way too much (5 of the 9 I made). Also had some squares of chocolate-not sure what else-I was like the Tazmanian Devil yesterday. BUT I knew, come today, things were going to be different and I felt NO GUILT whatsoever, whereas before, I had. So after all that last night, I threw out the few cookies I still had in the freezer (they weren't so good, hence why I still had some) and I had Lauren take my entire stash of SB LEGAL CHOCOLATE (mind you, it fills an entire plastic shoe box tightly!) and told her to hide if from me. I am NOT even making another SB LEGAL TREAT until we have our SB GET TOGETHER next month. The only thing I will allow myself is Carbolite when we go up to Broward. I've turned over a new leaf and I'm feeling great! Esp. after this mornings great walk/jog!!!!

I have always said, I think the first 3 days of a new way of eating is the hardest, for me it has been like this in the past, so I look forward to getting through these next 3 days with that in mind-I KNOW I will do it-I feel it so profoundly and I haven't felt like this in a long time. I feel such a sense o f renewal! Oh, and I am NOT weighing myself until next WIW!!! Hope you don't mind me sharing this all with you!!!!!!!

So, I better get to posting to everyone, I'm so far behind with replys it's going to take me forever!!!!!!!!

RED1, I'm glad you know that your clothes being bigger on you is a better indication of weight loss than the scale is! What exactly does DH eat that would keep him feeling full and not be hungry? I see sometimes where people start SB and aren't hungry, but then they don't eat enough and then they don't lose-so this is possible, but hard for me to say without some more info on his eating. I would say to try and journal your food intake, at least for a day or two-this may provide some info on why you are feeling tired, but then again, could be hormones-but with a little detective work, like I did above, you can usually pinpoint and fix the problem. I hope everyone has a great time in Vegas-take pictures to post on the board!!! Look forward to hearing about it when you return!!

FROG, hope you are feeling more rested today. CONGRATULATIONS on another pound gone-I'm not only proud of you, but so excited as well! When you lose I feel like I've lost too (if only!). BP did good with the roses-pays to ***** to the air a little I see

BETH, sorry about that diamond mistake-need to check what I write sometimes! Hey, at least you got diamond earrings though! I would be afraid to get post diamond earrings, I tend to lose posts! PLUS, with my wild hair, hard to see anything but hoops. Hope he surprised you well last night!! If you do get a scale, do have DH hide it-it's a terrible obsession to have, as I do.

QUILTER, as long as you are eating well, don't worry about weighing in! LOL! Cut you some slack-can you see why I have to cut you slack from above! It would be like calling the kettle black!

HAPPY, you pronounce AGAVE as ah govee. Glad you get the envelope. Remember, this is less sweet than the one we can get at the HFS. Just ry it and see what you think. We have the Nature's Own SF Bread here-but I have NEVER seen the rolls, and I go to their outlet. I will try to ask if they know anything about it next time. Until then, you can always cut out circle shapes from the bread and pretend they are buns! LOL!! Don't worry about buying a cheesecake-making the one I have to bring Just let me know if your friend would like to attend so we have a number of how many are coming. We'll have more details as things develop. As for bringing things-well, we have wonderful WW pita that's made down here by a ME company that I usually bring bags up for people. They are about 6" and there's a dozen in the bag, I believe, and it's $1.25 a bag.

ZANNE, for the mandelbrot, it's 2.5 minutes for the side baking. You're basically just trying to brown the cut edges lightly.

SHEANN, don't worry about the gain, like you said, probably fluid retention, as always, be patient, it will come back down!

ROSALIE, sorry to hear about the oatmeal cookies being a flop, thought maybe you can use them to make some granola-but I see they are about gone! I, like you, feel only the love of your life should get a VD card and/or gift-but what a nice surprise for the kids to bring you flowers!!!

SOL, I LOVE THE CARD you got Vince, so cute!! Really, the two of you, you can see the love!!! Yummy, SB LEGAL CHOC! What did he get you??

FILLISE, oye, what a sweet thought you had for VD and us!!! I have to agree, the greeting card companies and mass retailers do hype of all the holidays. I don't mind the hype on VD, but on more religious holidays I think it's too much and lays a veil over the true meaning of the holiday. Hope with Lent now here you will find the renewal you are so deserving of!!! I didn't get to see the NBC report, I bet it was interesting. I had to laugh when you mentioned SUGAR & KIDNEY BEANS! Just 2 days ago I went to Publix to return 2 cans of kidney beans just because they had not only sugar, but corn syrup! I said the same thing you did-why do they have to have sugars in them! I've found some brands that don't, but most seem to have it.

VES, I don't use anything to combat bloating, other than natural patience. Usually it's not THAT bad for me-just feel my stomach as being "fluffy" for a couple days. You mentioned yogurt-if you like it you should try making your own fruited yogurt. I take 6oz of ff yogurt (I like HORIZON or CASCADE-both available at HFS) and take a fruit I've pureed (and stuck in a ice cube tray and frozen), like strawberries or mango and take one of these cubes that weigh less than an ouce, along with some Stevia and mix it up-delicious!!!!!!!! I truly hope you and SOL can get together for some walks in the near future!!!

TRISH, CONGRATS ON THE PANTS!! You may want to look into a piece of equipment that I have that works the upper body. It's called a POWERBELT. Check out the website http://www.walkerswarehouse.com If you want more information about it, call the head honcho JOSHUA CORN and tell him Debbie from Miami recommended you call him-he's a great guy (have to say, cute too) and his product really is wonderful! Let me know if you have any questions about it.

THUNDER, I will look for what sounds to be a good recipe with apple in it. If you don't see that I posted one within the next week, just remind me, I have a tendency to forget things at my age sometimes!! LOL!!

BUSDEB, you know, even if I can't make it up to Orlando in April to see you, there's a slew of the gals in the area that I'm sure would love to get together!!! Of course, you know I will give it my best shot though!

LAMAP, you made my day!!! I'm thrilled and delighted to hear you will be joining us in March!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Finally!! Would you plan on staying overnight Saturday? I hope you got some much-needed rest. Sounds like you not only deserve it, but need it!!

MELF, glad to see your post and to see you are staying down in the low numbers!!!

BOB, thanks for posting all that info from the article!!!

MUSIC, sorry to hear all that candy made you feel ill Hope you are feeling better!!!!!!!!!

GATOR, hope you have a wonderful BIRTHDAY!!!!

PHEW! I'm done, for now! I'm gonna go mosey into the kitchen and make a chicken salad sandwich for lunch. I'll check back with you all later. I hope you all enjoy the weekend!!!

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Thumbs down Good Friday Morning!

I really need to be working, but it is important that I at least stop in here. And I want to respond to Deb's post (above).

Deb--I know exactly what you mean! Even when I am totally OP in terms of what I eat--I still have issues about how much! I'm starting to accept that this is a struggle I will have all my life. There is no such thing as one cookie or bite of ice cream for me--even if it is all SF! In one way it is a little disheartening to see that you are still struggling with it even AFTER reaching (even exceeding) your goal. But more importantly I think it is a valuable glimpse as to how so many of us regain weight after we've lost it (ok everyone now stand if you struggled to lose a large amount of weight only to regain it--perhaps even more--once the "diet" ended). Deb, I congratulate you on continuting to fight the battle so that the cycle will be broken. You continue to teach and inspire even as a skinny minnie! Don't think for one minute you are being a bad example--you are human--and your example is invaluable to each and every one of us on this board to be thinner and healthier humans!

ps--i found kidney beans w/out sugar in the "ethnic" food section--the brand was Goya. They were more expensive, but worth it.

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Talking Oh yes---

Happy Birthday to our beloved Gator!!!!!!!!

May you have many skinny more!

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Default HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!



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Default Friday


This is going to be short- just wanted to say hello and pass on birthday wishes. I'm still here, buried up to my eyeballs in very non-legal food, trying to get ready to feed the OSU lacrosse team and their parents tomorrow. This afternoon's fun is making huge trays of baked ziti and meatballs, then tonight I'll roast the turkey, and tomorrow tackle the house, salads, dessert trays (all store-bought- I don't trust myself to bake that much). And play shuffle in the oven.

Sounds like a lot of us have been having food problems this week. I've had a horrible time, really the worst since I started SB last July! I don't know if it's the more restrictive BFL program, or if it's because I'm 1/2 way thru it and not really seeing the fat-loss effects I'd hoped for, or I'm just REALLY STRESSED about this lacrosse dinner, but on Wednesday my last meal of the day was a bowl of ice cream (haven't touched the stuff since 7/24/01) and last night I cruised thru every SB legal bit of food in the house. I've still been getting in my workouts, though I feel like what I ate! This has got to stop, as Deb says, and today I WILL eat 100% clean. I don't know about tomorrow with the dinner, but after that, the excuses stop. period.

Well, gotta go empty more pots of pasta....

Falling down is not failure....Failure is staying down.
Save the Earth, it's the only planet with chocolate and wine.

It isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

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Bob - Thanks for the FYI on the canadian/russian shared gold medal! I wonder what the russians think about that. It was the French judge who was suspended. Anybody watch the Men's long figure skating program? It's too bad Plushenko didn't win the gold, I thought his skating had more passion than Yagudin, but Yagudin was flawless, and Plushenko made some errors. Timothy Goeble was great to watch! With time, he's certain to win the gold. I can't wait for the Ice Dancing!

Debelli- that's a great idea, freezing fruit puree for yogurt.

Happy Belated B-day Gator Gal! I hope it was a good one!
Tree - SB re-started 04/30/06, SB 10/01/01 lost 30#!

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Default Friday afternoon

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Gatorgal. Hope it is a great one hon.

I hope you all have a good weekend.....I will try to post sometimes this weekend...it will be a busy one for us.

Deb......I would love to meet any and all of you Orlanda or vicinity ppl.....just let me know if you are interested. I haven't asked the band director yet but I am sure I could be excused from my duties for a little while sometime that weekend. The dates are April 25-28.

Cya later,
Debbie )

since 8/18/2001

We can do no great things.......only small things with great love.
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Melf--thanks for your sweet remembrance. I know that I don't post every day, and so I was touched by your remembering.
And, FROG--you too. Thanks!
Actually, BOB, you were not late. My B-day is today. My friend took me out to lunch to a French restaurant. I tried to speak French to all the waiters, but none of them spoke any French.!!
And Debbie--That cake looks yummy. But I know it is not SB legal. So won't touch a bite of it! :-)
And Sol, and Fillise and Tree. Thanks for your good wishes. My kids are coming over tonight to fix dinner for me. My DH got me a foot reflexology massage for me for my B-
Day. It sounds like heaven as I love to have my feet rubbed, esp. after a hard day on my feet.

Debelli--I was reading an article about people that have lost weight and now are working to keep it off, like you are doing. The upshot of the article is that it is a life-long journey, and that eating a balanced diet of healthy foods: veggies, grains, low fat meats, and fruits, is a WOE that they choose every day. They allow themselves one day for having a small frozen yogurt cone or small piece of cake or what ever. But they know that they have to stick with a WOE for the rest of their life that will keep them healthy and in control. It reminds me of something that BOB mentioned a while back: a book that she has called "God's Diet." I think God's diet would be fresh fruits, veggies, etc, and no double chocolate cheesecake or banana split. We all identify with what you are going through, and understand the overdosing on SB "legal" foods is not really legal. So we are all with you in this.
You can exercise until the cows come home, but unless you start eating right, you'll still be a cow coming home.

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Good evening everyone.

I finally found the agave nectar. I asked the lady at the HFS the last time I was there and she said they didn't have any. So this time when I was there I looked down every isle. I saw 2 bottles of it. Also Debbie, I found the carob and spice cake that you mentioned. When I got home I made the carob. I only had a little 1" square. It was delicious. I also read that someone snacked on carob covered peanuts, so I thought I would look for some. I only found the ones that the HFS packaged up. I didn't buy them because in the ingredients it said "corn and malt barley". It didn't sound legal, so I passed it up.

I have been going over the things I have been eating this past week or so. I really think that I have not been eating enough of the right foods and too many starches. So... I think this next week I will try to not eat any starches. Only veggies, fruit and protein and see if it gets me to losing again. AND of course make sure I get enough water.

I have been glued to the Olympics. I am glad that they gave the Canadians a Gold Medal as well. I thought I heard on the news that even some of the past French judges had been approached by someone. I am not sure if this is in fact true because I only caught a small part of it.

Well, I hope everyone has a great evening.

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