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Default Dear successful men and women

I thought this might be a good place to ask a question to all you successful dieters who have lost that weight and are feeling great. Did any of you use a book to help you out with ideas and diet plans? I want to start a diet with my husband (we could both lose about 50 pounds.) but I wanted to see if anyone could recommend a good book that helped you lose that weight. I don't want any fads or gimmicks, but just a down-to-earth book that gives some helpful hints and suggestions for a life-long change.

If anyone has had success with the help of a book on weight loss I'd love if you could let me know the name of the book please.

And congrats to you successful dieters, I know it had to have been a long hard road, and I have a lot of respect for people that have the courage to not give up.

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In My Humble Opinion, Weight Watchers offers the most -- you choose to your taste, likes, etc - You can pick what makes most sense to you - lo carb, vegetarian, etc-- My husband and I both are following WW - and its great to have access 7/24- and my husband doesnt feel strange being the only man in a meeting.
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hi every1.

i didnt use any books or anything for the 1st 30 lbs but then i got stuck on the same weight and needed the help of something so i bought the slimmers world book on food optimisation, its about foods that work together to fight the flab. ita a fantastic diet and the upside is you can eat what you want (in consididration) and you do never go hungry. id recommend it to anyone!! the only problem is, i live in britain and am not sure you can get it across the pond, but if you can, id highly recommend it.

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JoAnne, I second Monique, read "Thin for Life" by Anne Fletcher. (She also has a second book, "Eating Thin for Life," with more recipes.) I especially liked Covert Bailey's "Fit or Fat", which will definitely inspire you to work exercise into your lifestyle. The third book I couldn't do without is "Volumetrics". All of these back up the Weight Watchers program, which helped me lose 101 pounds and keep it off, through lifestyle changes. I don't believe in diets; they never worked for me! Best of luck to you and your husband; it sure sounds like you are taking the right approach to becoming healthy and fit!
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Thank you for helping me out! I'll check out those books. For those of you who said that WW had been their main partner to success, do you remember how much it costs and how many times a month you have to go to their location?

I'm trying to exercise now, lol, you should have seen me with my red face, my legs shaking, and completely out of breath, and that was from just walking briskly less than a mile!!! I think I'll take the WW advice, my poor body is begging for someone to take care of it! I doubt my husband will do it though, he already said he didn't want to participate in that stuff, so a book or two might help him out.

Thanks for the help, it narrowed down the over 20,000 books Amazon had about diets.

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I've ordered Win The Fat War from Rodale - I really love looking at before and after pix and reading how folks knocked the weight off and kept it off.

I have plenty of my own *before* pix!
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