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Default Thursday's Chick Chat

Good Morning! Actually the sun isn't making it's appearance yet, it's a thick pea soup fog out there! But the sun is promised later, with temps in the 60s today. It's a good day to finish my shopping, I have 1 gift yet to buy and some stocking fillers, so I think after I pick up Maggie we'll do some shopping.
It's my turn to take the girls to school, so no time for Curves. I just put on a pot of chili for tonight, so supper will be easy and then I can settle down to watch Survivor.

Chellez ~ How did you like the outcome on The Biggest Loser? Didn't Eric look AMAZING!!!!! They all looked great, but he looks like a totally different person! I wasn't too surprised about Heather, I kind of suspected that she may have gotten pregnant. I'm glad she stuck with the program, though, and didn't give up.

I'm going to grab some breakfast before I have to rush out of here. Let's make this a great OP day!
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ssssip....aaah....Nuthin' like the first sip of the first cup of cawfee in the morn!
Cottage: A pot of Chilli sounds delish! Enjoy yer bussssy day! We're having Pea Soup this morning too. The temps will be in the 60s but the only outdoors I have planned today is to walk the doggies and ooh I almost forgot, I have a hair cut and perm this afternoon... Wheeee! Don't laugh folks but I have the flattest hair in the world sooo I get body waves/soft perms done - only to use a flat iron to straighten my hair! Sounds silly eh? Well it's the only way I can get my hair to have any body or oomph to it
well time fer either a crossword puzzle or a bit of Sudoku! Have a greeeeeeeat day chicks
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Moooorning! Thank goodness it's Thursday! I am SO ready for this week to be over!!

Cottage: Can I join you for some shopping? Jason and I have 1 gift each to buy for friends, a secret santa gift, and stocking stuffers. Yikes! Sounds like you're a busy bee today, so try and take it easy! I'd drop the girls off and stop at the coffee shop and sit down with a good magazine, but that's just me!

Schatzi: That's so funny about your hair! I've got curly hair, but I straighten it and then use a curling iron on it. Jason thinks it's rediculous! Who cares? We look good, right?

ME: Well, I still have the 3 lbs off, but I got off track in a big way. There's just so many sweets at the office and I can't keep my hands off of them! I'm off to a good start this morning with my work out and my P1 breakfast out of the way!

We've got the family coming over for dinner tonight and I'm making lasagna, but I won't eat it. I just needed something cheap and easy, kinda like me! Just kidding! Anyways, off to straighten the house a bit before I have to get ready for work.

Hope you chickadees have a great day!
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Schatzi, too funny about the hair problem but I do understand.

Cottage, this weather is just incredible! I might even be able to get some bubs planted if it lasts.

Kim, good work keeping the fluff off. Be strong at the parties and family festivities.

A wave is about all I can manage these days! I'm living in chaos and it's getting to me. I want my house back! The guys should be finished this afternoon and I'll be able to get my furry guardian angels back from 4PawsInn.

Food has been just awful! I'll spare you the details but it's been a "grab and go" kind of week. I still have the remnants of the flu and my cold but that's no excuse. Once I get my kitchen back, things will change.

The Canadian Men show last night was interesting. The guys were very buff and charming but I got the distinct impression that they held women in contempt. There was a capacity crowd and some of the "ladies" certainly weren't! I was quite amazed at their rowdy behaviour. They weren't from Delta where we are all so veddy, veddy refined. I left before the show was over.

This morning I will see what I can do about the wrapping. I'd sure like to get it all done so I can spend the weekend doing the tree and other fun stuff. I have three Christmas parties next week and an 80th Birthday Party on Sunday and haven't a thing to wear unless I find my bin of Holiday sweaters and earrings!

By the way, the generator installation is now complete and Charlie has given me a lesson in starting it. It's nice to know I'll still have heat, light and water if we have a power outage this winter.

Happy Thursday, Chickies!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Kim - It is easy to make South Beach lasagna. There is a recipe in the South Beach cookbook. Often what I will do is make half my lasagna with spinach and zucchini and half with very lean ground beef (or mix it all together depending on who I am feeding). I use the whole wheat no bake lasagna noodles and it is so good. Tonight I am making Turkey enchiladas for the family and for a potluck I am going to. I've South Beachified the recipe and it will help use up 4 cups of the turkey that I cubed and froze from Thanksgiving. Yum!

Ruth - I'm glad you are set with that generator. Heat is critical where you live! Have a wonderful day.

Schatzi - I've got the straightest hair and I can't ever do anything with it. I keep it cut short and I used to brush it back but I've been trying out bangs for the last week and I think I like them better. I'm just not sure. I used to perm my hair but it never felt like me. I AM getting to the point where I am going to have to make a decision on whether I make time to get my hair colored (which I have never done) or I let myself go gracefully gray. My sister has been coloring her hair for years.

cottage - I love chili. I think I'm going to throw chicken broth and veggies together for lunch with some frozen shrimp and make a soup. I was going to do it Tuesday but got stuck on the phone until 2 so I ended up with a sandwich.

Me - I've got Roundtable tonight and since we are having the potluck we start early so I need to get there really early to set up. I don't know how well the enchiladas will stay warm getting there that early. I'm bringing a bottle of Diet Coke since the only drink provided is what we call in Scouts "Bug Juice". I don't want all that sugar in the lemonade so I'll bring my own drink.
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Man I'm so aggrivated that my boyfriend's DVR cut off the last 30 mins of the biggest loser. Someone said I can watch it at NBC.com I think? Maybe watch the first hour and a half and then the good part on the computer?

So I think I"m officially plateauing. Either that or my body is telling me that I'm small enough. Like I said yesterday, maybe I was just meant to be 145? I know with my spin class and weights I'm building a lot of muscle. Either way I KNOW I need to focus on loving myself the way I am, period.

Had a GREAT run this morning. I just LOVE running. So funny how back in Elementary/Middle I HATED it. Just love the feeling of going fast, pushing myself etc. YAAAY! Ok too much coffee for me this morning.

So Saturday we're heading to Dallas to celebrate my boyfriend's grandparent's 75th wedding anniversary. How amazing is that? I need to remind myself to grab some waterproof mascara.

Oh and tonight I'm going to a wine and cheese party. Trying to carefully plan today so I can indulge a little tonight.

Barb - Bug juice. Mmmmm sounds delicious!

Ruth - Just breathe and make sure to schedule a massage!

Kim - Hang in there, take it one meal at a time, keep up with the exercise you exercise Queen and it'll be off in no time!

Schatzi - That is silly, but I understand. I have naturally wavy hair and straighten my hair all the time. I gotta nice coffee buzz going myself!

Cottage - Cheers to a great OP day! Chili sounds delicious!

All the other beachers have a fantastic day!

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Come on Spring!
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Oh dear! Painter Bill didn't show this morning. He fginally showed at noon with sad news - his helper, Floyd, died in his sleep last night. So sad and so sudden. Bill is pretty shaken and very apologetic that the painting won't get done today. Floyd was just 60 and Bill was counting on the "lad" for the rest of his life. Bill is 74.

Back later - the gift wrapping is calling me!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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WAHOO! My Christmas shopping is finally done, and most of it is wrapped!!!! I hhhhhhhhhhhhhhate traffic, malls, crabby people, etc. So I'm home now and going to try to finish all the wrapping before Terry gets home. He's a snooper, too, that brat. If I find out he snoops, I'll kill him.

Still holding steady, weight-wise. I seem to have gotten stuck. I need to keep plugging along though. Only 30 days until Key West, not that anyone's counting. I was hoping to be down to 120 by then but I just don't think I can do 7 lbs in a month, as slow-going as it's been.

Hope all is well with all of you chickies! Hope you are all blessed and not stressed for the holidays! I'll hopefully be checking in more often, but I'm just a crazy woman lately! Talk to you soon!

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Just got back from the Christmas presentation on my daycare. The babies were dressed up like candy canes very cute. There I am holding a baby on stage again and on everyones cam-corder. At least I am a few pounds lighter then before.

Ruth so sorry to hear about Floyd. What a shame

Sarah how does it feel to be able to run? I can't wait till I am able to do that.

On the brite side my friend and I took our waist measurements on the last day of June then again today. I lost 1/2 inch. I am very excited because my scale is broken and I did not know if this way of eating was working for me. I have not been on phase II for very long.

All take care

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