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Default Holly Jolly Tuesday Chat

Ho Ho Ho!!! Where are the mornin' larks lurkin at???
G'mornin chickies! Got my cawfee and crossword puzzle ready to go to start my day. Finishing up wrapping, studying and cleaning this crack house are on the agenda for the day! What's going on on yer stretch of sand?
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Good Morning, Schatzi,! I guess everyone is either sleeping in, or busy today!
I just got back from Curves, had my breakfast, and set out the ingedients for more cookie baking. I think I'll have time to bake a couple of batches before it's time to pick up Maggie and take her to ballet. Tuesdays are always busy for the girls and I, with ballet, tap and piano lessons all scheduled into the day. The girls love it all, though, and aren't complaining, so it works for us.
Well, I'm going to go change out of my workout clothes and start baking. Maybe we'll get a chance to enjoy this Spring-like weather we're having right now, too!
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Morning Schatzi! Morning Cottage!

Schatzi: Lord knows I wish i could be home to clean and do laundry today. I have a mountain of clothes to wash and I feel like I'll never catch up. Hope studying goes well... how much longer until your classes are done for winter break?

Cottage: oooo Cookies! I'm planning on making the cookie jars that are layered for some presents this year. I'm not quite sure if I should make a batch to give with them or not.

Well I took my quiz last night and I got an 88% which isn't bad (its a B on our grading scale) but I would have liked to get an A. I'm at a 99.3% in the class and I suspect I'm the highest right now. I turned in my rough draft for my term paper, so now I can relax and finish up my 2 homework assignments and study for one more quiz and I'm done until I get my rough draft back. Only 3 more classes til winter break!

Anyway! Enough about school! My office smells like warm apple pie cause I have my White Barn New York candle burning. MMMM mmmm! If I can't eat it I might as well smell it! I've been doing a lot better than expected with getting up a bit early so I can fit breakfast in. I'm still woofing it down really fast which I hear is not good but alas, I need to make it to work on time and getting up any earlier than 7 would be bad news for anyone that angers me in the morning! Amazingly I haven't stepped on the scale in 3 days so I have no clue how much I weigh. I hope it's going down even though I'm not totally OP. I'm going to start trying to fit exercise back into my busy schedule starting tonight. I'm sure that will be interesting.

We get the rest of our Christmas money from Daniel's side of the family tomorrow. I wonder what other kitchen stuff I can buy with it! I really shouldn't be purchasing stuff like that with our wedding coming up. Everything I'm getting is on our registry somewhere but it's like that's all I want for Christmas. I can't find any clothes I want plus I don't want to spend X amount of money on anything when and if I lose the weight I'll be too small for them. *sigh* the pains and gains of losing weight.

Well I'm heading off to get this invoice done. Hope you all have a good day!
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Come on Spring!
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Whew! I'm in! When Claire came to hang pics yesterday, one dropped and slid behind the desk. We got it out and thought nothing of it. After she left, DEAD MODEM! I spent a couple of hours on the phone with my ISP and they told me to bring in the modem (DSL). This morning I had a brain flash and checked the telephone connection - sure enough, that was it. The picture broke off the little plastic clip thingie! I had an extra phone line thingie and we're back in business.

I've not had time to go back and read and have to get offline shortly. Charlie and his "lad" Kevin are here working on the electrical panel prior to installing the generator. Donna is coming to work with me on book moving as Bill comes to paint tomorrow. It's Grand Central station around here sometimes.

Schatzi, I love crossword puzzles too! I must collect some so I have extras when I go for my knee operation - sometime in this century, I hope!

Cottage, those girls sound really busy and really enjoying it. It's nice that they can have those lessons. I was poor folks when my kids were small and the poor things missed out on stuff like that.

Chellez, way to go! Excellent mark! And there you were all worried!

It's springlike here today and is NOT raining. AS far as I'm concerned it can stay like this until about 7 PM Christmas Eve!

Catch y'all later!
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Holly Jolly indeed! I'm loving the day already!!

So, it's day two of P1 for me again and I'm already down 3 lbs! All that water weight whooshing off my body feels wonderful. Today is my day of rest exercise-wise. I hate doing that so early in the week, but Jason and I have our "consultation" with our OB this afternoon. I'm hoping he'll just run some tests, prescribe me some pre-natal vitamins, and let us know how much more weight would be his "minimum" before we conceive.

Ah, feels so good to be back on the right track! Tough times are headed our way, though. BIL, who is a single dad to a three year old, is not handling things well right now. He wants my MIL to drop everything and come get our nephew because BIL is not good at disciplining him. Luckily, MIL called us before quitting her job and packing up and going. We're going to see if we can take our nephew for a week or two and let BIL have a break and maybe even get a little disciplining in. I know it's hard for him being a single dad, but it's really time for him to step up and do his job. We'll help him as much as he needs it. I don't even mind keeping nephew for a month or two until he gets things straightened out. I think what will end up happening is that BIL will miss him so much he'll straighten things out within a few days and things will be back to normal again. At least I hope so!

Well, I'll be back later to chat with ya'll, need to head to a meeting!

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Schatzi - I love crossword puzzles too. I've taken to Sudoku over the last year. Once I figured them out, I couldn't get enough - now I'm onto Killer Sudoku and Nonomino. It's a great brain teaser. In fact, I spend lots of Sundays doing the puzzles in between laundry while fiance watches football. I like it because he can have some alone time with the t.v. and I get some alone time with me and my puzzles.

Chellez - I found a few recipes on the net for cookie layering in jars - I think it's such a great idea. I'm giving one to my new future niece with a bunch of fun cookie cutters (plastic, of course) and decoration stuff (sparkles, etc.)... she's at the age where all she wants to do is help mommy in the kitchen. It'll be so cool for her to have her very own thing to do.

I brought my gym stuff to the office. Let's see if I can bring myself to get there tonight. I was so depressed over my recent gain and now with the wedding coming up, I just feel panicky. I had a glass of tomatoe juice and 2 over-medium eggs for breakfast. I have plans on getting my hair cut at lunchtime so I'm not sure what I can grab to take that is going to be healthy. I'm going to have to start bringing things to the office to eat. I love celery and carrots, but I can't do carrots yet. Fruit would be easy too ... I'm on day one of phase one and all I can think about already is phase two...


Restart ticker: (I'll delete it once, I hit the previous weight - only 2 more pounds to go)...

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Hey everyone

Just back from work. Tonight is the only free night that I will not have to go anywhere or do anything. Every other night this week is busy...Guess I should do laundry or something productive.

Chellez I love the smell of candles. Hopefully smelling that won't cause one to be hungry.

Kim Great job on the 3 lbs.

Ruth I'm glad to hear your up and running. Thank goodness it was nothing expensive. My DH fixes computers and believe me repairs can be costly.

Schatzi You sure are full of energy in the morning...the the coffee must be powerful in your neck of the woods.
Cottage You must be drinking the same coffee to go to Curves before breakfast--I'm impressed.
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