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Default Monday Morning Musings

Are we ready to start the week with new resolves after a weekend of feasting? I know I am! We had a full house all weekend, and that meant a lot of entertaining and a few meals out, so it was a challenge for me. This week I'm going to have to work extra hard to try and meet my November goal, so I'm off to Curves first thing for a good hard workout. I'll pop back in a little later to catch up with what's happening.
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! We slept until seven again - I could get used to this!

The Girls are very annoyed with me this morning as they got no breakfast. Hershey is having fasting bloodwork done this morning as I suspect she has developed diabetes. I didn't feed Lucy either as it didn't seem fair. (I'll dole out her food once I have La Hersh in the car and ready to roll. She seems to have given up on her Phantom puppies, thank the canine God!)

Yesterday's visit with Harry was bad. He had ripped out his catheter! Can you imagine? So he will definitely be in hospital for a while longer. I'm sorry for him but also angry.

After the vet trip, I hope to get some Christmas lights up. I need tall Rob to do the front porch but can certainly do the side myself. I refuse to turn them on until Advent next Sunday but they will be ready to roll.

Onward to December!
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Good Mornin! Mornin Larks!!!

Cottage: Way to get back into the routine!!!
Ruth: Boyohboy that Harry is a handful! I'm glad that he seems to be bouncing back though .... Poor Hershey... I hope that she will be okay too.
I'm not sure I'll be doing much decorating this year... We're going to Jersey and Pennsy from the 23rd to the 3rd soo I think I'l just put out a few odds and ends...I do have this cheeky little aluminum tree that changes colors.... completely 60s camp kitsche...(for those of you old enough to remember those tinfoily trees with the tricolor wheel spinning behind it...its kinda like that ) but today is major studying and about 3 hours of lectures..
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Good morning all!

Well, I survived Thanksgiving weekend and was surprised to find that I actually lost a pound I wasn't expecting that. I'm hoping the trend continues. Especially since my life is going to be very hectic for at least the next month. I have final projects to do, graduation to prepare for, GRE's to take, and grad schools to apply to But for now, I'm just going to sit back with a cup of cinnamon apple spice tea

Hope everyone has a good day.

December Goal

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Good Monday Morning! *said in a sing-song voice*

Hope everyone's doing great! I AM!! I weighed-in this morning and I maintained! I weigh EXACTLY what I weighed at the same time last Monday! I'm beyond excited about that. This is probably the first year in three or four years that I didn't gain over the holiday! Now I've just got to get through Christmas! Work will be interesting today. I've got my employee evaluation at 9:45 this morning and I think it will go well. (I'll probably check back in to let you all know!) I've been told by my boss that some people's evaluations will be bad, but I've been assured that mine won't. Phew!

Kaity: Congrats on the loss! If you can lose over Thanksgiving, I'll bet you can lose every week! Good luck with all the studying and applying. Don't worry about those GREs, Jason and I took them thinking we would do terribly, but ended up doing fairly well.

Schatzi: I love those trees! They look so cool! I tried persuading Jason to get one this year, but he's way too traditional! Have a good day studying!

Ruth: You do have your hands full with Harry! At least he shows a lot of spark! We're doing lights outside the house for the first time this year! I can't wait!

Cottage: WTG! Getting back on track is so hard! We'll do this together! I need to get my heinie in gear!

Hope everyone else has a great day!!

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Mid-Monday Morning Monkey Mania!

Wow it's hard coming back to work after a long 4.5 day weekend. I was dragging hard this morning I went to Wawa to pickup a free coffee but alas, the free coffee offer ended yesterday, so I went without and got a thing of milk and special K instead. I'm sure it will be better on my mid section in the long run anyway!

My tummy is feeling much better today thankfully. I have no clue what was wrong with me. I had to make myself become sick in order to feel better (i won't go into details.) Whatever it was I was miserable. I was lying in bed last night terrified that I wouldn't be able to go to class tonight because of it.

Speaking of which, I have my first quiz tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I do well. I really need to pass this class to show my parents I can do both school and work at the same time. Otherwise I'm wasting my workout time going to class for nothing!

Speaking of workout.... shew thats something I haven't done in forever. I can honestly say I haven't been on plan for about 2 1/2 weeks and I'm feeling it. I feel all chunky monkey where as when I'm on plan and working out I feel all perky and lean. I guess it's just holiday stress plus school thats pulling my attention from my diet. I haven't done too bad. I just wish I could say I've lost more. I don't think I'll make my biggest loser goal by December 9th. I'd have to lose 7 pounds in 12 days. Ah well... there's always the next one.

Well I feel a mid morning nap coming on.... guess I need to get to studying before my lunch hour so I'll be somewhat prepared for tonight. TTYL!
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Morning ladies - Spin class was TOUGH this AM, my heart rate really got up there (which is a good thing) - Went to fix myself 2 black bean burgers for breakfast today cause I had read that the black bean burgers were ok... well this was the SPICY black bean burger and they have corn in them... couldn't just throw them away so I ate one and then threw the other away...

Chellez - Glad you are feeling better! I know how you feel because set the 135 goal for myself so many times that it's starting to feel unatainable!

Kim - Congrats on maintaining! It's probably all that exercise!

Kaity - Great job on your loss!

Schatzi - Nope don't remember those trees but sounds pretty silly, I'm excited about putting up decorations this year as it's the first year I've owned a home to do it it in!

Ruth - Hope Harry feels better, that does sound INCREDIBLY painful... yuck!

Cottage - Let's make this a great week! I'm READY!

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