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Schatzi 11-22-2006 09:04 AM

Waterlogged Wednesday Chat
Batten Down the Hatches! Man the Life boats!! :rain: :rain: :tantrum:
Oy we've had 2 days of steady downpour, high winds and a spattering of ice! A good day to put on some soft jazz, light some scented candles and :book2: Does everybody have their :turkey: defrosting???

m.u.s.t. g.e.t. c.a.w.f.e.e. :coffee:
Come :cofdate: and tell us about your day

Kim_Star060404 11-22-2006 09:19 AM

Morning! :thanks1: -Eve!!

Thanks for starting us up, Schatzi! I was going to start us up, but figured if I wait a minute, you'd get to it while I was getting to it and I didn't want to make poor Ruth do another merge! I would love to sit and :cofdate: for a while!

Made it to San Antonio okay. The drive was decent, other than Jason complaining that he drove twice as much as I did. Hello! I had to handle the traffic! ;) We ended up getting in later than planned, so BF and I skipped the sushi and we all had Whataburger instead. I had the grilled chicken salad. I definitely prefer the sushi. So, what's the gameplan today? Head over to grandparent's house to see them and aunt, uncle, and cousins who came in yesterday, head to the bookstore to look at pregnancy books, garden ridge pottery for leather working materials for Jason, and Bass Pro Shops for gift cards for just about all the men on our list and my older sister! I don't know what we're thinking! Oh, and I'm supposed to go visit an old friend from high school, but she was supposed to call last night with details, so maybe that'll be nixed! Otherwise, we'll just be relazxing! Bwahahahaha! Time to hit the shower! Have a great day!

Ruthxxx 11-22-2006 09:38 AM

Want me to come down and help build the Ark, Schatzi. You guys sure have been getting crappy weather - sort of like the past nine weeks here.

Kim, you are going to have to slow down a bit to ever get preggers! What a whirlwind time!

The tranqs worked! Lucy slept until I came downstairs at seven this morning and even ate some breakfast. Dogs stop eating just prior to whelping so we may be over the hump. Actually no humping was involved in this syndrome! :lol: Sorry!

Tonight I go to Brockville for the TheraPaws Christmas dinner which will either be fun or a crashing bore. Aside from individual evaluations and the AGM, we really don't work "together" although we do the same thing. Actually some of our volunteers are downright anti-social. We'll see what happens. I'm on the social committee but got talked into this event.

When I am in Brockville tonight, I'll sniff the south wind. Maybe somebody in NY state will be cooking turkey a day early. I love the smell of turkey roasting! One of these years I'm going to invite my self to an American T-D dinner!

Have a productive day but try to find a wee space for yourself.

Kiko 11-22-2006 10:34 AM

Morning gals!!

Schatzi That sounds like a lovely day! Things are never quite that quiet around this house of mine. :)

Kim Are you pregnant or "trying"? Apparently I missed a few posts. :preg:

Ruth Busy as always, woman! Make sure you take some time for yourself as well!!

Yep- my 20 pound turkey is slowly, but surely (I hope!) defrosting. :thanks2: I am getting my grocery list together so we can hit the store before it is too crazy. I am doing the turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. Abigail and I are also going to make turkey cupcakes. They are too cute- you frost them with chocolate frosting and use candy corn to look like feathers. :) We are also starting a new tradition this year- we are making a Thanksgiving Tree. We are going to make it with branches from a tree in our yard. I die cut paper leaved yesterday- when our guests arrive they have to write what they are thankful for on a leaf and add it to our tree. Including my girls, there will be 12 of us here for dinner tomorrow. I LOVE Thanksgiving- it is by far my favorite holiday. SO much to be thankful for when you really get down to it. :happ3:

Barb0522 11-22-2006 11:30 AM

Our weather in the Dallas area is just beautiful! Hopefully some of it can head your way, Schatzi! We are going to spend Thanksgiving at a friend's house. I'm bringing the 4 bean salad and the cranberry sauce (made with Splenda).

Then on Friday, everyone comes over here. I decided to be cheap this year and went with the free turkey from the grocery store but it really isn't big enough so I got another free turkey from another store. THis way I should have lots of leftovers. And I'm just going to HAVE to make broth from the bones. Yum! I've got a ham too. We'll have some of it for dinner tonight and the rest with the crowd on Friday. I'm toasting bread for the stuffing now.

The rest of the day will be different errands. Brian has 6 more popcorn cans/boxes to deliver so we'll see who we can catch home today. And we have GOT to get his hair cut. There is still more house cleaning to do too. And I need to finalize exactly what sides I'm fixing on Friday. Brian has a magnetism and electricity project to work on while I have Wood Badge scouting stuff to work on. But we aren't going to work too hard :)

beachgal 11-22-2006 12:20 PM

Ruth, you kill me with 7 being late. ;) I struggled out of bed at 10 this morning...going to bed at 4 didn't help, but... :shrug:

Schatzi, your awful weather! I think sitting inside like you suggested sounds heavenly...will you be able to do it? :hug:

Wow, Kim, you're busy, busy, busy! My sister wrote me an e-mail yesterday asking why my dad and I were shopping so early. ;) She's a procrastinator...

Kiko, love your new avatar! :love: And the idea for your tree...that's fantastic!!! You could scrapbook the leaves so that everyone can see them each year...what a wonderful memory record! Enjoy! :hug:

Barb, I don't think you ever get a break! ;) I'm drooling at your cranberry sauce..we usually make some so I can have it, but this year there just isn't time, so no cranberries for me. :( Have fun with all the turkeys! :lol:

I'm heading out of town for Thanksgiving tonight, then we're leaving from the in-laws to go to Ireland! :lucky: Can you believe that? DH surprised me with the trip...he's staying for 2 weeks, but with all the holiday stuff to do, I could only spare one week (not even that, really, but...) So, don't give Schatzi and Ruth too much grief, Beachies (as if you ever do! ;) )...I'll be back 12/4.

cottagebythesea 11-22-2006 02:44 PM

Hey, everyone!

My day started off in full gear. From Curves I went straight to Cindy's to take Audrey to school, then Maggie and I stopped for a quick breakfast before we went back home to pack suitcases for their trip to Virginia this afternoon. Then back to Audrey's school to watch their Thanksgiving program, then back home again for lunch. Now, hopefully, they're on their way, and I start the beginning of my long holiday weekend!

Laurie,, how lucky you are, going to Ireland! Have a wonderful trip!

Barb, you're making me feel guilty for sitting here in front of the computer when I have a million other things I should be getting ready for tomorrow!

Kiko, I love your idea of a Thankgiving tree, too! What a great way to make memories for your children!

Ruth, there's always room for one more at our house!

Kim, sounds like you're having a great time in San Antonio! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Schatzi, we're getting some of your windy weather right now, and the rain isn't far behind! It feels like snow is in the air!

Okay, I better start tackling my to-do list! :turkey:

Stinger 11-22-2006 10:42 PM

The turkey is done. The low-carb stuffing is made. The spenda peanut-butter pie done. I still have to cook the sweet potatoes (I did buy brown-suger Splenda). I am armed and ready for the holiday feast battle!

Have a Happy and Blessed Thansgiving everyone.:thanks1:

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