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Old 11-16-2006, 06:55 AM   #1
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Default The "Thursday Already?" Chat

I'll play Schatzi this morning. Wakeeeee, Wakeeee!!!!!!! Where's my CAWFEE????? (Schatzi, you know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. )

Wow! This week is going by fast! Haven't been here a lot this week. Went out line dancing a couple of nights, and work's been hectic. We had our performance appraisals this week (mine went well, thankfully), and most of the people are doing the cubicle shuffle tomorrow. I'm staying in the same cube, but have been helping clear out some of the clutter so that other people can move in around me.

Haven't stayed OP at all this week. I'm not sure why I can't seem to get into a rhythm with this. I get busy with other stuff and just keep losing focus on my diet and health in general.

But for now, I need to head out the door. Gotta go pick up a co-worker who is taking her car into the shop today. All you chickies have a fab day!
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Default Thirsty Thursday Chick Chat!

I always have trouble drinking my 8 glasses of water during the colder months, and this is just a reminder that we still need our daily quota, even when it's freezing out!

The skies are looking dark and omimous, we're in for some nasty wild weather today. Yesterday turned out pretty nice, though, with the sun finally making an appearance by early afternoon. Maggie and I enjoyed a picnic at the park and hung out there until it was time to pick up Audrey.
It's my turn to take the girls to school today, and so far we don't have any plans for this afternoon. With the heavy rains coming, we'll probably just snuggle together and watch a good movie. I haven't decided on what to fix for supper this evening, but my turkey concoction yesterday turned out delicious.

I need another cup of coffee before it's time to leave, I'll be back later.
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Come on Spring!
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Thanks for starting us up in stereo this morning, Jana and Cottage. I remembered how to do a merge.

Congratulations on the good performance review, Jana. Does the cubicle shuffling have something to do with other folks' performance reviews?

Cottage, we had a splash of sun here yesterday too but this morning we are back to rain. I have wet leaves plastered to my side walk and may have to just hand pick them off before it gets really cold and they freeze there.

I have my phone jack installed downstairs now and am ready to move my computer down there as soon as my new desk arrives - scheduled for this morning. I am trying hard not to feel guilty about spending a lot on a desk. It's an antique reproduction and will look wonderful in my livingroom but.... I guess I'll make an extra contribution to the local food bank this month to assuage my guilt. I hope my friend Rob can help me move the tower, etc. downstairs. Those things are heavy.

Time for my tub. I just finished pinting the Church bulletin so have my day well underway. Now a second coffee and a magazine for a bit.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Heheeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Funny Jana!
Congrats on a good performance review! Adult Report Cards I callem! ... If your company is anything like the ones I've worked for they should just put the desks and filing cabinets on rollers...seems every few months we were moving

Cottage: and WINDY.. the backyard is already a swamp here! I'm going to work on a Crewel piece called "Country Garden" it's got lots of bright colors, my favorite French Knots and satin stitches.

Ruth: I bet that desk looks FAB! You DESERVE that treat!
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Morning Ladies!

I smell like Daniel today wearing his hoodie to work.... I wanted to keep dry from the rain, not smell like Armani Code all day!

I heard some nasty storms are going to be ripping through our area today. Thankfully I don't have class tonight so I can go home and get some well deserved rest. Nothing comes on TV tonight thats important. Well maybe The Duel on MTV but I'll be long gone into snoozeland by 10 so the DVR can pickup my slack.

My first class was yesterday and it started just like I thought it would. The MIS department couldnt get my log on right so I was walking in and out during lecture to get that straight. Then we had to take a test to see how far along you were in your math skills I haven't taken a steady math course in 4 years! I did better than I thought I would though. Just need to take some really good notes and pay attention. Suprisingly I was the only one typing my notes, and the professor was looking at me like "why are you playing on the computer" but came back to look and was astonished I was actually keeping up. I was in utter shock. With all the kids with laptops typing notes instead of handwriting them in class these days I just couldn't understand why he was so suprised. Oh well.

Good news is we got out an hour early. All of my homework is online and I can do it all ahead of time if I want to.

Other than that I'm planning on heading back to David's Bridal in February sometime. I can't seem to get over the lower 190's hump, but I think that's mainly because of stress and weird timing issues this week that I can't exercise or eat right. I had ramen noodles for the first time in forever last night. Omg they were so good. I was kind of bad when I came home from school last night. I should have just gone to bed instead of staying up to feed my face.

Ah well. Need to get working on some homework so I don't have to do it this weekend. It's almost time for TBL challenge I'm in to end. Wonder if I can make my goal? Have a good day gals despite all this rain!
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Morning Ladieeess!!

Woke up this morning and remembered that "Ranger" Captain Augustus McCrae (yes, that IS his registered name) had an appointment for his yearly shots this morning. So, out the door we go for that and it's 25* out! Yikers!! Well, the shots are done and I'm back at work. I'm glad to be back, but it seems like I won't have a lot of work to do for the 3 1/2 days that I'm here before Thanksgiving. Oh well. I need some time to rest before the holidays.

Workouts are still going pretty strong. My eating has been a little sub-par, so I've promised myself to step it up in preparation for the feasting!

Good news on the career front! The head-honcho of our county made a comment to my boss at their board meeting that there needs to be some progress in naming an assistant chief appraiser for management reasons. I'm aware of the fact that she knows who he's going to nominate, so I really think that bodes well for me and my promotion. We're about to hire a newbie and some of the information I learned at my conference will be applied during the interview and hiring process, so that puts me one step closer!

Chellez: Glad it all worked out and that you were able to get in! I hope you do well!

Schatzi: Can you teach me? I just bought some cross stitch pillow cases for my secret santa present at work and I'm going to start on them this weekend. I plan on having the internet available the whole time so that I can look up diffierent stitches as I go. I'm very unsure of myself!

Ruth: I think it's great that you got a new desk. It sounds beautiful and I'm sure you'll be very productive working on it, so it'll pay for itself in church bulletins and the like! Enjoy!

Cottage: Glad you're avoiding the nasty weather. Thanks for the reminder about the water. When it's this cold out, I just want hot chocolate and hot tea all day!

Jana: Congrats on your evaluation and thanks for starting us up!

Have a Beachin' day everyone -- and keep yourselves warm!!
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Good morning! Not much going on here, just working. Or not working as the case may be since I'm online at the moment. I had a good day yesterday. Today should be more of the same. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to exercise this week so I'm hoping to have time to hop on the treadmill for 30 min or so tonight. It's cold and rainy here today, but it's supposed to be a nice weekend.
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Default i'm back

Chellez- I can't believe there weren't more people typing notes. When I was in college once upon a time when there was a pause in lecture you would hear the click click click of several laptops. Well at least now your prof knows you and he knows you are serious about doing well in his class.

I am with you guys about the weather. They just put up a tornado watch for us. Bah!! rain and wild wind.

I had a fabulous time with the friend who came into town. We ate out many times and I went off plan a couple of times, but I did not gain. I maintained, which for me is major. Unfortunately, my friends and I have an unhealthy influence on each other where when we get together, there is all kinds of intentional ignorance about what we are eating. I tried to keep the focus on the friends rather than the food. We went to a couple of shared meal restaurants (Moroccan and Melting Pot) and I tried to influence food choices to be healthier options. Plus, I only ate until satisfied. I also exercised. I think it went really well. Of course, I am off track for my November weight loss goal, but I am not in more of a hole for December.

Things are a little more settled around here. I have hope that things will start to get better for my son. He got yet another diagnosis last week. He was diagnosed with EE which means they found this type of white blood cells in his esophagus that aren't supposed to be there. It causes inflammation and affects the esophagus' ability to expand to accommodate solid foods. It explains a lot because I wouldn't want to eat either if it felt as if I were choking or hurt when I did. We're not bummed because it means we are finally figuring out what is going on with him so we can finally start treating it effectively. He started a steroid treatment that will last for the next month and a half and he gets scoped again after this course to see if we need to do it again.

We were a little overwhelming at first because he takes several medicines and some cannot be taken with others and some on empty stomach or full. We came up with a medication plan that matches his feeding schedule. It feels like I am always holding him and squirting something into his mouth, but we have hope that with all of his medicines the feeding therapy will move a little faster and he will start to chew, eat normally, and gain weight. I think his appetite has increased over the last couple days. He eats a few bites more than regular.

So a good week for me and my family!

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Come on Spring!
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Schatzi, I love crewel work too. I have a corduroy jacket that got a couple of bleach splashes on it and am considering doing some crewel flowers to cover it up - Pardon me! To "embellish" it!

Chell, I'm impressed by your note taking too! It sounds like you are off to a great start aside from the log on screw-ups.

Kim, I love Ranger's name. I hope he doesn't find the shots too traumatic. I envy you your 25 - Oh! You mean in Fahrenheit! It sounds like your career is on the move.

Myminime, sneaking in from work, eh? I'm glad yesterday went well and today looks to be the same. Enjoy the treadmill. I envy you your nice weekend. I think we are going to drown here!

Ebb&flow, it sounds like you did well with your friends and managed to have a great time. I hope the situation for your darling babe continues to improve. I feel so badly when little ones are sick!

Well, the desk has arrived and was put in place by two Portuguese guys who immediately fell in love with my Portuguese Water Dogs! They took time for a coffee and petted the pooches. The desk looks great but I think I may put a glass top onto it before I start to use it. It's cherry and that kind of wood scratches easily.

Danny, my hairdresser, called a few minutes ago. I FORGOT I had an appointment this morning! I always write things down in my daytimer and on my MS Calendar but forgot this time. Yikes! His next free appointment is next Thursday so I grabbed it and wrote it down! I can't believe I did that!

Not much else going on except two invitations in the mail to Christmas parties! It seems a bit early but ..... falalalalalala etc.

The Girls are snoring away on their beds which I just vacuumed. I can hear the mud on their paws drying and falling into the beds. Why the heck they made dog beds white is beyond me!

Time to throw together some lunch. It's a pea soup day and time to make another batch. After reading the sodium content on canned soup, I will never buy it again! Primo Chicken Soup with Roasted Vegetables has 48% of the sodium RDA in a single cup!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Default New Years Challenge

So I woke up this AM feeling fat and committed. Funny feeling fat when I'm still down 24 pounds from where I started. It's all perspective - So I WILL be 135 by New Years. My ticker is lying, I'm probably around 147 I'm guessing. SO that means 12 pounds by New Years. 12 pounds in 6 weeks - That's 2 pounds a week and TOTALLY do-able. I am committed, I am strong I will do this. YAAAY!

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Sounds like everyone had a pretty good day. Hope you all that had nasty weather made it through without too many issues.

Hey Cottage - who knew we were posting this morning at the same time???

Ruth - The new desk sounds great! The glass top may not be a bad idea. My parents had an antique desk that they had one specially cut for, and they never regretted it.

Schatzi - My company is in the "any reorg is a good reorg" phase right now. They haven't moved anyone around for a while, so people on the same teams were scattered around the building. We're pretty overdue for the cube shuffle.

Chellez - Hope your class goes well. I know you went through a lot to get back there. I can't believe that more people weren't taking notes on computer either. NO WAY that I'd be able to write as fast as I can type.

Kim - What a great name! Lonesome Dove is my favorite book. After I get done with the Harry Potter series I'm reading now, I'm planning to re-read it.
Congrats on the good news with the job!

minime - Hope you get a chance to get on the tonight.

ebb&flow - Glad to hear you had a great time with your friend. And really great news about your little boy! Hope the steroid treatments take care of it for him.

Sarah - Keep plugging away - I know you can do it!

Hope everyone has a good evening.
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