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Back to the beach and exercise

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Default Back to the beach and exercise

This is my second time going through SB. I had a great loss the first time 30 lbs. Lost it and have kept it off. I have a couple of questions for those of you who have been around a while. I can remember the first time going through Phase 1 and not feeling well b/c of exercise. I was doing spin class, running and lifting weights at the time and I felt terrible. I made it through it just took a toll on me physically. I really like those exercises and I'm not really open to much else so if I shouldn't do vigorous exercise then I'll just wait until phase 2.

Also is anyone out there hypoglycemic? I am and I have to blood sugar swings to prove it. I was the first time I went into SB and it really helped to follow phase 1. Are hypoglycemics recommended to do the full implications of phase 2 or do we remain somewhere between 1-2. Going on to phase 3 killed my haitus from hypoglycemia, started adding in way too many carbs and there I was falling asleep all day again. That's what got me back to the beach. This is honestly the only plan that was sensible that I could live with and that worked. So I'm glad to be back on but I'm concerned that maybe I should just take it easy for the next couple of weeks.

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If you are use to exercising continue your routine but at a less intensive pace and length. Folks say that adding more beans, and other proteins to their phase 1 menu help with fatigue and feeling "out of it" . It seems that going on Phase 1 zaps folks energy levels but once you acclimate, you should be fine... listen to your body and dont push yourself on phase 1..

Folks like me who were basically sedentary or use to a slower pace opted not to add exercise until after the 1st few days or week of phase 1.

I'm not hypoglycemic so I cant speak to that...but seems to me the best thing is to listen to your body..If phase 1 and 2 worked for you and once you went to maintenance things went kablooey, I would talk with my doctor, follow phase 2 or whatever dietary regime s/he recommends
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Hey, MsRuthie! Schatzi's right...if you're exercising right now, it should be okay to continue in P1, but if you haven't exercised in a while (even in a couple weeks), it can be hard to add it all in during P1, so I'd do it slowly and listen to your body.

I'm hypoglycemic, and like you, P1 works wonders! But I do okay in P2, as well...so I think the key is to do like Dr. A said and listen to your body. Figure out what starches you can have without it triggering blood sugar swings and stick with that. When you finally get back to 3, if you find yourself tired again, back off on the starches (especially any 'bad carbs' you've included). Okay? Let me know how it goes!
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When I went through Phase 1, I did my usual amount of exercise (3-4 times of Jazzercise a week) and felt okay, although I had to drink two or three times as much water as usual because I felt really dehydrated. (I'm really glad I did exercise, because it made me feel good and got my mind off my cravings for bread!) Like others have said, if you're used to exercising, you'll probably be fine, but if you never exercise, the first two weeks of Phase 1 are not the best time to start!

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Default Thanks so much

I decided to get my blood sugar straight before I went back to that heavy training I was doing. I took a much needed vacation from working out and I should be back in the swing of things next week. Going to do one of my regular bike rides tomorrow and see how it goes. I added sweet potatoes back in after 2 weeks and I feel much better. Considering that I have hypoglycemia I decided to add one low GI item ever 2 weeks so that I be sure what triggers my blood sugar swings. I'm hanging with sweet potatoes now and I see after that. Thanks so much for responding, I'll keep you posted.


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