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Old 10-26-2006, 06:49 AM   #1
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Default Thursday Chit Chat

Good Moring Ladies - hope all is well with everyone. Things have been really busy here at work so I haven't had a chance to post - pop in now and then - but whenever I go to post - I hear my boss yell for me so off I go!!!!

I havn't been doing well lately, kind of gave up becuase I haven't seen any loss - haven't been eating many veggies - but I haven't had the extra $$ to spend - hopefully I can get back on track.

Well I must get going - my boss is going out of town and will be here in a few minutes - need to finish a few things before he gets here. (get here at 5:45 am and still am behind)

Hope you all have a beachin day
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Coffee is needed badly this morning. I've just had my first sip and the day is starting to look better already. I wish I could sleep better at night, I haven't had a good night's sleep in months. Friends have suggested taking a calcium tablet before bedtime, or drinking a cup of Valerian root tea, but none of those work for me. I guess I just have to put up with it as a phase of my life. I'm not even going to consider getting a prescription sleep aide, I want to wake up clear-headed and refreshed, not foggy headed.
This morning I'm headed out early to take the girls to school, then run errands for Cindy. After school, it's working on crafts again, both girls are really into that. The cookies they made during their playdate yesterday turned out nicely, and they are both taking a plate of them in to school to share. I think we're just having leftover Spinach & Chicken Casserole for supper tonight, that is so good!

Good Morning, RMT! We were both posting at the same time! Not to worry, though, our Ruth will take care of that.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble staying OP. We all have those days, but you have to just keep thinking positive. Don't give up, you can do this. We're all rooting for you!
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Good Morning Ladies!

Just popping in before my workout this morning! Can someone get the coffee going? I'm gonna need it this morning!

Nice to see you back, RMT! I'm with Cottage on this one, we're here, cheering you on!!

Gotta get sweatin'!! Be back later, I'm sure! ~Kim
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Where's my fluffy slippers and fleece robe It's colder than a witches tit

RMT: Welcome back darlin'!!! 5:45 AM and behind already?? I hear ya -seems like not enough hours in a day... and we're pullin for ya to get back on the Beach!

Cottage: I go through spurts like that too. A cup of decaf tea, and when desparate I take those blue PMs -- thankfully they don't make me foggy in the morn.

Kim: CAWFEE IS A PERKIN I made an extra strong brew this morn... hits the spot!

Not sure I mentioned that DH hurt his knee on one of our land hunts..He went to the doc and he came "this close" to breaking his leg.. The MRI shows a huge white blotch... The doc said that that blotch is usually accompanied by a fracture line... so he showed all his leetle students what a "bone bruise" looks like.. and asked DH if it was ok if he used in his teaching.. No treatment for it ...all the ligaments and tendons are intact.. he just is suppose to stay off it for at least a month... so Work has given the OK for him to work f/t at home... oh joy....

We went to see The Prestige the other night with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman It was a really good movie!!!

THAT CAFFEINE IS Kickin in... Time to get ready for the day!!!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Beach Babes, and thanks Schatzi for doing the merge.

RMT, it's nice to see you here again and I can totally relate to not being "into it" right now! I'm stuck too.

Cottage, I want to wake up refreshed too in the morning so "sleep-aids" are not for me. I tried Meltonin (sp?) but it gave me very vivid dreams and I just didn't feel rested in the A.M. Sometimes I drink a glass of warm milk with almond or rum extract in it. That does seem to help.

Kim, you sound a bit more like your usual perky self this morning. Enjoy your work-out.

Schatzi Dollink, did I ever mention that I find you insufferably perky in the mornings?

I'm on my way to Ottawa this morning and will drop my darlings off at 4PawsInn. I am going to see my sister's new condo, have lunch with her, visit deat Aunt Rose (94 and feisty!), do a bit of shopping and try to be home here before dark. Luckily my meeting tonight has been cancelled so I intend to watch Grey's and fall into bed at an early hour. Sister Joan and I are planning a special birthday visit for my brother, The Young Prince, and are brainstorming today so I hope my brain will shut off at bedtime! Sometimes it would be handy to be able to take it out and put it in a bubbling jar on the dresser!

Gotta throw on some city duds AFTER I lug the recycle stuff to the road. I need a wardrobe consultant when I am meeting my sister who is always beautifully dressed in clothes I've never seen before. What a woman! Of course, it helps to be loaded, I guess, but she just has really good taste.

Have a great Thursday.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Morning Chicks! *yawn* Been up since 4am and am just now finishing my coffee - I hope it kicks in soon. Brought a diet pepsi with me to work b/c I know I'm going to NEED it about 3pm.

RMT - I'm just back to the beach after being where you are for awhile. It'll get better!
Cottage - no suggestions on the shut eye but I hope you get some good quality rest soon.
Kim - glad you're feeling better
Schatzi - Ow! Hope your DH's leg is better soon & that he doesn't drive you crazy being home. Mine drives me when's he cooped up at home for too long.
Ruth - have a great day with your sister!

Food's planned for today and about to start in on my water. P1 (along with a couple of other life things) are giving me lots of energy this time around which is making it a lot easier to stick with things.

Hope everyone has a good OP day!
~ Kelly

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Once more, with feeling!
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Morning, chicas! I'm so proud of myself today *and it hasn't even begun yet*, because last night I pushed myself and made up breadfast, lunch, and two snacks, and stuck 'em all in a brown bag. For me, this is a major accoplishment: to plan ahead and then actually follow through.

RMT-I can totally relate. I'm living with my parents right now, but if I wasn't there would be no way I could afford to eat the way I need to. I would be stuck living on ramen, ramen and more ramen.

Cottage: This sounds a little weird, but it puts me right down: Either take a nice warm shower about 1 hr before bed or, if you're like me and don't like going to bed with wet hair, take a foot bath in your bath tub. I fill up the tub up to my ankles, toss in some epson salts, and read a book. I've also had to cut down on the activities I do in my bed and room. Supposed to that room science thingamabobber, you should only get dressed/undressed, have sex, and sleep in your bed room, so that when you see your bed, you head thinks sleep. Happy snoozing!

And it really is cold out there. I need to find some wool socks or something. Or knit some wool socks!
Here it comes, a better version of me.- Fiona Apple

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Good Morning again! I'm feeling a lot better now! (Thanks Kelly and Ruth!)

I'm back at work all day today. Actually, I'm working through lunch and until 6 pm tonight. I've got a lot of end-of-the-month stuff to do. Next week we start inspecting again, so it's all got to be done today and tomorrow. Yikes!

I'm feeling a little down right now, probably because of the illness AND TOM. I just feel like maybe I'm loosing my focus a little. I really want this holiday season to be great, but I still want to leave it lighter than I entered it. I really have to plan out this holiday season, get all my ducks in a row, and be diligent about what I do and what I eat. It's going to be a hard season!!
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Mmm. Grunt. Morning.

OK perky morning people, what the heck? I've been up for 20 minutes and still am groggy and dreading going outside in the cold to take the trash to the curb because SOMEONE (*coughTERRYcough*) forgot to on his way out the door this morning. I'm yawning literally every minute and a half still.

I know I've been MIA and that's because I've been busy and when I get busy I fall COMPLETELY off the wagon and I'm NOT changing my ticker but let's just say I'll be lucky to throw up a big 2 this month. I've gained all 7 lbs back since Sunday. I'm sure that's TOTALLY healthy, to gain 7 lbs in 4 days. I've decided that I'm not eating anything until Thanksgiving. That's my new diet plan. STUPID.

I know, I know, I'll get back on track today and I'll get there, I'm just grumbling because I'm honked off at myself and I'm making YOU all read it!

Schnatzo, I love the little phrase you used to describe how cold it is outside. My father always said "Colder than a mother-in-law's kiss." It made me giggle. Good luck with Man Chicken home all the time.

Ruthie, I had a dream 2 nights ago that we met. I don't have ANY idea what you look like but I met you and you had all kinds of Ph2 foods for me to eat and your little black doggies were there.

Well, I guess I should go outside and take the garbage out. This isn't a good sign... the heat has been running since I woke up, and it's set at 65 (we're cheap.) It must be cold out. Talk to you girlies soon.

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Hey girls...

MIA this week as well, busy, tired, and stressed.

I am actually playing hooky today- I even took the girls to daycare and am just taking a day to chill and rest.

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Can you believe I am so busy today that I forgot I was supposed to start dinner in the crockpot? Luckily I have time to cook it on high and it's cooking now.

Work has been very busy today.
Barbara - Started South Beach 5/22/4 Restarting 8/15/16
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Yikes, Barb! That was a close one! At least you won't be going hungry tonight!
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