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Default Wednesday Hump Day Chat


Cottage and Ruth- Think we are all starting up at the same time?? I miss 'ole Little Chick and how much she loved "Hump Day!" Wonder how she is doing- I miss Ellis too.

Quick post as I am already a bit late. I have been attempting to get up early for some quiet Bible time, I have done it twice now this week and love the way it starts my day.

Made it through another day and it seems that I don't need to go back to Phase 1 after all. I know Barb had mentioned that when she slips up that a strict Phase 2 works. I am already down 4 pounds from Monday, so my ticker is lying, but because I am lower. I don't count my official weight until Thursday, so will change it if needed. I am really proud of myself though, b/c at the meeting yesterday there were muffins, bagels, tons of candy, Chex Mix- didn't eat any of it except for a few small bars of dark chocolate. I had a delicious grilled chicken salad for lunch and skipped the bread. You have to understand just how off I have been and how good it felt to exercise some control!!

Okay, gotta go- only one kid to get out of the house this morning, which is always a lovely thing. Abigail is hanging out with DH today.

Love ya girlies!
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WTG Kiko! Four pounds since Monday is AWESOME!! Doesn't it get frustrating trying to figure out what phase we need to follow when we have a setback? Seems to me like you're doing great! Also, good job getting up for QT in the mornings. That is something I really need to work at!

All is fine here. Took the day off for exercise as I slept in this morning AND have to clean the house and bake a cake tonight. How am I always the one who gets volunteered for the birthday cake duty at work??? So frustrating because I know it's a good cake, but I can't eat it!!! (What a week to go back to P1!) I'm sure my new way of life is the reason I get volunteered (while in a meeting with our boss, no less!)

Oh well. Not much planned for the day. Just work and a few other things. My Ranger needs to be taken to the vet for a bump on his head, but I can't leave the office today, so DH will have to do it. Mr. Toby also needs to be at the vet by the end of the month for his shots. YIKES!! I'm just hoping to get through the rest of the week and have some REAL time for myself Friday night. I really need it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday -- at noon it's all half over!!

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Good Wednesday morning to you all,
What a misty humid morning it is here! Supposed to clear up later though, so that's all right. Can you believe it's the middle of the week already? I have the morning off, so I'm getting the laundry done and paying some bills. After I pick up Maggie this afternoon we're running a few errands til it's time to pick up Audrey, then the girls are having some friends over for a playdate. I was going to think up a project for them, but I think I'll just let them play and run wild. We're having leftover Taco Bake for supper tonight so I don't have to think about what to make.

Kiko, thanks for starting us up! I was thinking of starting us up around 6:15, but got ready and went to Curves instead. Good for you for staying OP!!! I've just been so-so, but I'm getting motivated by you. I often think of Little Chick and Ellis too, and also Bamie. I miss them a lot.

Laundry needs to be folded, and I have to refill my coffee!
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Good Morning!

I forgot to get my car's emissions tested!!! I need to do that today... I got a nasty not from Motor Vehicles. But... on a positive note, I got through yesterday and did rather well. I am feeling much better. I even exercised last night.

I am going to stick to the plan for the rest of the week and start on Phase 2 next monday. I think my body is on the plan but every now and then my head thinks differently. But I have to say... all of the food that my head still wants every now and then... I don't enjoy as much as I used to and my body doesn't respond well to them either. I feel slow and sluggish... kinda how i felt when I just started SB.

But I am feeling great today! I hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday!
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Come on Spring!
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Good Wednesday Morning and Happy Hump Day!

Thanks for starting us up, Kiko. What a good idea to have a quiet time first thing. I must try for that. Good work on the weightloss! I'm down 2 since my week of debauchery.

Kim, I hate being voluntold but it's probably because you have a reputation as a good and reliable cook! I hope you get "me" time on Friday - we need it! I hope the pets are OK.

Cottage, I envy your having your grand daughters so close. I miss mine. It's sort of humid here too - I'd say it's Indian summer but I think we need a bit of snow before it happens and the elaves need to be off the trees. Lots of them are hanging on around here.

Sheananigans, get that emission tested! Nag! Nag! Too bad your ehad and body are having relationship issues. Are you getting enough protein and legumes? That sometimes helps the sluggish feeling.

For some reason, the Doggage were barking at midnight last night and I had to let them out in the rain. When we got up again at seven, somebody had thrown up on the kitchen scatter mat and there was a puddle! :yikes! What's with that? Not a great way to start the day although they were happy with it! They seem OK today.

Today is the day that Harry moves back to his real room with the brand new floor and his life becomes a bit easier. Unfortunately he has had a couple of falls in the past two weeks which is pretty worrying. (He is very impatient and won't wait for a nurse to help him with transfers!) He also has some major bowel or liver issues which we are going to track down with some tests and ultra-sound. It looks like I'm in for a stressful couple of months, alas!

Never mind, it's going to be a decent day and I am going to take a stab at a couple of garden tasks this morning. I do the TheraPaws thing at the Clinic at one and will spend the rest of the afternoon sewing, I think. I wish my arms and legs would grow longer so I could stop shortening pants and sleeves!

Tubby time and then into my gardening duds. Have a great day on The Beach.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Come on Spring!
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Drat! Friend Doug came over to get an antique screen door we found in the barn and I forgot the Girls had not been out since breakfast. Guess who is going to have to leave the gardening and wash her kitchen floor again!!!!!
Never mind, Ruthie. It's starting to rain anyhow.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Well, I'm back on the beach after being off for way too long. I'm going to make sure I stick to it this time. I made the Mushroom-Lentil soup last night and am having that for lunch - it's yummy. And the best part is no cholesterol! I turned it off after 5 hours in the crockpot on high (I needed to go to bed), but I think the lentils could have stood another hour b/c they're still a bit crunchy. Or maybe I'm used to the way my mom used to overcook them? LOL I don't think DH will eat it, so I have lots left over to freeze and pull out for lunches later.

Kiko - WTG on the 4 pounds!
Kim - good luck with the cake - I agree that maybe you got volunteered b/c you're such a good baker.
Cottage - good job getting to Curves this morning!
Shen - I get that way too - I'll crave something for a week, and when I finally have it, it's not half as good as I'd imagined it to be.
Ruth - yes, you definitely want the leaves off of your trees. We've had a terrible few days down here in the Buffalo area after our freak snowstorm last week. Hope your puppies stop leaving such suprises for you.
~ Kelly

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Hi Ladies

Its a dull rainy day and I'm just too lazy to dress.
My eating last night was appalling,I really binged,bring me back up on the scale ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!! Thats what happens to me when I have a dinner at noon,and have a lite supper.{morn=eating like a king, noon=eat like a prince,night=eat like a pauper} doesn't work.I get hungry and want to eat,why do I do that to myself[sabotaging all the time]

I have no problem during the day, my snacking its at night while watching television. Sometimes I just can't control my habit. Dh says I watching to many food TV shows and I should go to another channel,I thinking maybe hes right,the food that I see being cooked might be triggering my eatting at night. Going to give is a try and see if thats the culprit to my weight loss effects.

Sorry for whining is one of those days,will post later when I'm in a better mood.

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

2010 lost 9 lbs.
2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.

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