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Default Monday's Mumblings

I know I am still mumbling as it is early and I haven't had a sip of coffee yet.

I am starting this week with a Phase 1.5 to see where it gets me. I feel miserable and am now up 6 pounds from my summer low. Time to take control and quit complaining about it!!

Have a super day girlies!!
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Come on Spring!
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Originally Posted by Kiko View Post
Time to take control and quit complaining about it!!
You bet Kiko! I just got on the scale and am in shock after a week of not paying much attention to my food. I'm muttering and mumbling and trying to boot my own butt. Very clean and mindful eating is on the menu today but I'm going to let my ticker lie for a bit.

The Girls and I feel a bit lost this morning without Mary Ellen here. We sure had a great week of hanging out and talking. There was lots to catch up on and I was very sad to see her go yesterday.

This morning I'll tackle Mount Laundry and find some places for my houseplants to hang out for the winter. I also have some very dirty and dusty things to clean up. ME took the stuff off the top of the back room closets. Yick! Why on earth do I have two clay bakers and two cataplanas! I've already got a start on the Spring yard sale.

Painting class is this afternoon but I may skip. I'm pretty tired and am fighting a cold.

Time to quit muttering and mumbling and MANAGE!

WHat's happening on your stretch of The Beach?
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good Morning Everyone - what a wonderful day here in centra PA - a wopping 25 out this am - but a very nice drive into work (at 5 am) it looks as if it is going to be a promising day.

Nothing new here - made some wonderful veggie beef soup yesterday and had some for breakfast today too!!!!

Well I must get to work - hope you all have a beachin day!!!!
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Good Monday Morning everyone! (Ugh!)

I feel really lazy this morning and REALLY don't want to go to the office, but I've got to.

This weekend was a lot of fun and I really hated leaving. The drive was decent although it did rain for about 4 hours of the 6 hour drive. I didn't stay OP that well this weekend, so I'm heading back to P1 for this week. I need to start from scratch! Oh, and the scale was broken by the "men" this weekend...apparantly the way they broke it is too embarassing to tell me. DH and I are going to run to Wal-Mart this weekend and get a new one. Until then, I'll just have to trust the way I'm feeling.

RMT - Geez, that's cold! And at 5 am! Phew!

Ruth - I hope you get to feeling better soon! I'm glad your time with Mary Ellen was wonderful! Have a great day!

Kiko - I agree! I'm the only one responsible for wether I lose or not, so this is up to me and MY determination! We can do this!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

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Morning Chickies!

I see that the majority of us are freezing this morning. It's been so chilly the past few days Daniel hasn't cut the A/C on. Usually its a steady 66 in our apt with the A/C set low and the High Velocity Blower set on the highest setting.

Kind of been lazy this weekend.... I went out and got us a new vacuumm after not having a working one for the longest time. Picked up my invitations and save the date cards for the wedding at Wal-Mart. Figured it was much cheaper to print my own and buy a new $50 ink cartridge than to pay $500 plus shipping for someone else to. Granted, they won't be as fancy, but who ever remembers the invitation anyway.

I almost was a bad girl and spent my last of my money on Nip/Tuck season 3 Saturday. My friend Laura is renting it from Netflix cause I got her hooked on the show. I was going to buy it to refresh my memory before she starts calling and asking questions or telling me what happpened. (She likes to do that.)

My exercise challenge isn't doing too bad.... just kind of fell off the wagon this weekend. I'm battling what I think is a cold so I cleaned really hard on Saturday and that was about the extent of my exercise. Since my exercise scare last week (worked out way too much one day and barely ate anything), Daniel has been weary of me going to the gym for more than 30 minutes. I assure him I'm ok.... just had a brain fart that one day.

I'm so ready for Halloween to get here. Its my favorite holiday (aside from Christmas of course!) I'll probably pick up a small bag of sugar free candy for myself this year and thats about it. We have to post flyers on our apt door if we want to pass out candy. It's just so expensive that we've opted not to. My parents have about 500 kids come through their neighborhood in the country. I can't imagine how many we would have in the suburbs.

As far as today goes I'm down to 196.5 which surprised me because I was expecting to go up like I always do on the weekends. I didn't exactly stick to the plan from Friday to Sunday, but I wasn't eatting bad foods either. I just wasn't hungry so I barely ate. I'm doing Phase 1 this week just to clean out the junk in my body (if there is any) and hopefully make my goal by the end of this month. The 225th Anniversary of the Battle at Yorktown is this weekend. That means a lot of tourists, lots of gunfire (the fake kind) and tons of historic reenactments. I can only imagine how bad the traffic is going to be near my house from Thursday to Sunday. It will only get worse next year. Everyone from out of state will be coming to the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown. So the historic triangle will be filled to the brim with people. Maybe I'll see some of you?

I'm going to stop writing my novel here and get some work done so I can finish up my new romance novel I'm reading before lunch time. Cheerio!
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Morning everyone,
I thought I'd try to get a few things done before I sat down in front of the computer. Seems once I sit down here, nothing else gets done!
We were busy this weekend our community yardsale Saturday, and we had my DD's two girls staying with us for the weekend, too. The house was a mess, but I sure enjoyed having them here and cooking for them. Needless to say, my eating was less than stellar.

Kiko, I hear you loud and clear! I'm in the same boat as you, and I really don't want to go totally Phase 1 again, either. It's a little scary feeling my waistband getting tighter, though, so maybe that will shake me up enough to get back on track. I sure wish I could get back all that willpower I had when I first started this!

Ruth, I'm glad you and ME had a wonderful visit. I know it must have been very hard to say goodbye to her yesterday. Are you planning a trip out to see her in the spring? Thank goodness for computers and phones, though, so you can still talk to each other regularly. Rest today, and take care of that cold, don't let it get worse.

RMT, it's a chilly 33* out, and only going to get to 56* today, brrrrr! I guess old man winter is right around the corner.

Well, the morning is speeding by, and I still have a lot to do. The girls and I are meeting friends for lunch after school, then spending the afternoon at the MoonBounce Playground. That should make the day go by fast, I'm tired and I'll be glad to get back home again.
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I can do this!
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Morning, Chicks! I'm mumbling here too...same thing as you both, Kiko and Ruth! It's a super-stressful time for me right now and I'm eating up a storm. :angry: But I'm becoming more aware of why I'm bingeing, and that's good.

I'm off to CA for two weeks starting tomorrow. I have a five hour layover in the airport and am trying to strategize ways to stay busy without overeating out of boredom. I'm also trying to think of creative ways to stay OP while staying with friends. Any hints, chickies? I know some of you have stayed a week or more with friends. How do you stay OP without getting in their way?

Hope everyone has a great start to a healthy week. We all need it!

I won't be around much for the next three weeks...be good, chickies and kind to Ruth and Schatzi. I know you will...
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Hi Ladies

Sorry about posting so late. Our internet company turned our computer off,all Sunday for no reason.We finally got a hold of them this morning,to turn it back on,we paid our bill for Oct.

When our computer was turned back on the first thing we saw that that Hawaii had a major eathquake. YIKES!! Hope we'll be able to cruise there. I can't believe this is happening as it to me 40 years to convence Leo to take me there.

This morning was W-I day: and I remained the same.We have a brisk cold today ahead of us,but Leo & will try to walk along the beach.

kiko-I'm back to Phase 1 again also. Having to many carbs thats sabitashing me.Old dogs don't learn new tricks as I'm one of them & I just don't learn. Taking it easy when entering phase 2,but do I do that NO.Good Luck on Phase 1.5 .

Ruth-I need a kick in the butt and the How long was I on the beach 3 yrs and I'm still on Phase 1 & 2 never reaching Phase 3.

Kim-Glad you had a wonderful weekend & sorry you have a broken scale. What kind of scale are you looking for our Wal-Mart doesn't have the best scales. I had to go to Denisons for a waist high physcian scale by Health-O-Meter.

RMT-Winter is coming nothing like a warm bowl of soup.Have a nice day.

Chellez-Halloween isn't the same anymore.Too many Nuts Or Lunnys running around ruining for the rest of us watching the small kids having fun. Back in the 50"s {giving away my age} we had any problems with anyone hurting us. Now the children go to school parties instead.We have a handful of trick & treaters so I bought cheese doodles,just in case my have some left i can use them in a casserole.

Cottage-I think we're all in the same boat. DH telling that the computer is attached to me some how as he see on always on it. Have to get off and get my laundry done too.

Beachgal-Have a wonderful 2 weeks in Ca.too bad the layover is so long. We heading out to CA to pick up our crusie ship but our layer is only 45 mins.

Have to go,
Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.
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Hi, y'all! I had a wonderful but wet weekend. See the weekend post for details on our cub scout camping trip.

I'm off work today. I finally got meals planned and went shopping so we have food. I'm making a vegetable lasagne for dinner tonight. DH is helping me go through all our camping stuff to get the basics that I need for Webelos Outdoor Leader training on Saturday and Sunday.

At least I didn't gain any weight this weekend although I'm up one pound for the month.
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Evening gals...

Barb I am glad that your weekend was fun. I am sure it got quite wet yesterday. We so needed it though!!

Ruth I can imagine that you were sad to see your DD go. I cherish the relationship/friendship that I have with my mom.

Laurie Safe travels to you!!! We will miss you- does your friend have internet access so you can check in from time to time??

Beach So true about Halloween. At Abigail's preschool they dress up and have a party. The youth will be sponsoring a fun event on the Sunday prior to Halloween at our church. I may just do those two and skip the actual trick or treating. We will see whether DH is off that night or not.

Cottage We have several of those moonbounce playgrounds around here. They are very popular for birthday parties. DD needs to decide exactly where she wants her bday party. It isn't until the end of November, but they seem to book quickly. She changes her mind every day. I told her she has to choose by Friday. (DH's payday, so we can put a deposit down.)

Okay- at least 30 minutes until I go to bed, but I have been OP all day. It sure feels good!!! Of course, I still need to make it to bed without blowing it. Sometimes easier said than done!!
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Hi girls. I'm hanging my head in shame. Fell off the wagon yesterday BIG time and so my ticker is lying as well. Back on track today though. Hopefully it comes off quickly. I was doing so well! Dang.

These stupid Bears are honking me off. Growl.

Anwho, hope you girls are well. Sorry I haven't been around for a few days. It's probably why I was naughty yesterday. Better watch the end of the game and go to bed. Have a great night girls.

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