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Old 10-14-2006, 09:36 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default The Weekend! Oct. 14 & 15

Sure is quiet around here!

um.....never get into a wine drinking contest with your kid. Mary-Ellen is having gingerale for breakfast. I've had a coffee and some Laughing Cow on half a ww bagel. Today will be a slow day as we recover.

We shopped yesterday and bottled wine (!) but were home by 2 for doggie loving. Today will be fairly quiet. I hope to get out to dig a few plants for ME to take home in her extra suitcase. It is cold and wet again but the woodstove had its first fire last night and we'll do a repeat today if the house gets too cold. At least we didn't get the snow they got in Buffalo! Too darned early!!!!!

So what's a happenin' by youse?

It will be a pretty abstemious day around here while we recover but I do have lots of salad stuff and lean meats around for lunch. Chicken's on the menu for dinner, I think. We've had beef twice and chicken (or turkey) all week. I may change the menu!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Morning Ruth! Sounds like last night was a fun night, even if it does take the rest of the day to recover!

Things are great here, finally went to sleep at 3:30 this morning after watching "The Family Stone" and "Troy". Two great movies, but what polar opposites! I'm just here at BFF's apartment waiting to hear that my parents have passed South Austin. I can't believe that it takes me just as long to get to the other side of town as it takes for them to drive in from Austin! CRAZY!

Well, since the sushi, food has been OP although I haven't drank as much water as I should've. Well, there's the phone, so I'd better go! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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Good morning, Ruth!

I hope you get to feeling better today!

I am definitely ready for cooler weather! We don't really get snow where I am (VERY little)..but I am ready for fall, that's for sure! The thought of a fire is wonderful...but I do know that if it starts now, I'll be miserable by January, and wishing for sunshine!!

I got some work to do today, and I am procrastinating big time. Sitting here trying to get my grocery list together. I promised DD we would go get her a costume for halloween...and of course, that means getting our small dog one too!

We are adopting 3 guinea pigs next weekend, so we need to go buy them some toys too!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good morning ladies Hope no one minds if I start jumping in here too.

My only plans for the weekend consist of reading... and reading... and reading. I'm in grad school for English Lit and my current task is to tackle Tom Jones, a 900-page novel... I'm 150 pages into it and have to have it done by Monday! Yikes! So between that and all the time it's taking me to plan SBD/P1-friendly meals, I'll be a busy girl. I'm trying to think of as many different things to eat as possible (with the help of the lists/recipes here, of course) now, so during the week when I have less time it'll go a little quicker. I'm getting the hang of it, though.

re: the weather - I look forward to the cooler weather just so the wood stove can be used! My dad's got one at his place (I wish I had one!)... it's always so nice to go there at Christmastime and sit near the wood stove. This'll be my first winter in 8 years outside of Canada... judging by the mild weather outside here and the fact that it's snowing up there, I don't think I'll miss it much

Okay. Off I go to read. Have a pleasant Saturday
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well... last night I had mojitos and bread and an awesome salad... My goodiness my body did not like it. It is strange how that happens. I went out and in my head, 1 drink, a piece of bread, and a salad isn't that much... but ugh! I feel icky and bloated... I guess this is my body's way of telling me that we don't eat like that anymore. I didn't even drink half of my drink... i ended up drinking water like crazy. This is a good experience though... I know that my body is changing (has changed) and is relearning eating habits. The bread didn't do aything for me except make me feel bloated... the salad with the grilled chicken, mushrooms, and peppers however.... was wonderful!

Well... I am just planning on eating right, doing some house cleaning, and going food shopping today... hope everyone has a good day!
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Hi Ladies

Sorry I haven't been on the board is a while. Just didn't feel like posting. My #'s on the scale are up again even with the low carbing.Don't know where to turn next.Can't be on Phase 1 forever,I'm extremely senstive to any carb even the veggie ones.Does anyone have or did have the same problem as me.I've been trying to swim up steam for 3 years now, and I can't seem to get to the goal end of the beach.

Made a Barley Vegetable Soup today,tonight I making a spinach pie. Both recipes low carb.

Have anice weekend will post on Monday

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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britomart, welcome and have fun reading Seriously, it's a good book (though I never made it through, but I didn't HAVE to read it for a class.)

I slept late - almost noon - for the second consecutive week. As my kids are entering adolescence and that "sleep the day away" habit, I seem to be joining them. Maybe leading them, even. Most of the weekend wasted since I really DO have to work.

My dh is sick and tired of low fat low carb meals for me. He's sick and tired of vegetarian meals for my son. My feeling is if he wants something else, he needs to do the cooking that day, so there. That said, I'm making him his favorite meat loaf and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.

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Hey girlies,

Hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend. We were up early today as I had a training to attend. I wasn't too thrilled about it, but we will get a $100 stipend for 4 hours of our time, so I won't complain too much! My girls hung out with my mom since DH is working today- they were so sleepy this morning, but had a great time.

Been stressed, tired, and not eating too well. I know I need to get myself back together, but am having a hard time doing so. I hate it when I let myself get like this. I am almost feeling like I need to go back to Phase 1 to really get it under control, but I HATE Phase 1!!!!!!

I am tired and grumpy, just want to go crawl into bed. Can't quite happen with the girls, so I need to snap out of it.

Kaurel What is your DD dresssing as for Halloween? My older DD is going to be Pocahantas and the wee one is going to be a ballerina. They should be quite cute!

Okay, need to end my pity rant and get something done around here!
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Evening ladies! Getting ready for a nice evening in. Terry and I have a couple of movies to watch tonight. I think I may have some popcorn. I'm very excited about a day of movies tomorrow too. Maybe I'll be in the mood to bake something.

Hope everyone else has a nice, relaxing weekend. Hugs!

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Default Sorry if this isn't posted right - I kept getting an error message

Good Morning All. Not much going on this weekend. DH and I hung out yesterday - did our errands and went to the Farmer's Market - I will be so sad when they need to close down for the winter. I just am not the same when I don't get my fresh veggies!!!!! I love the "pepper" man - he has the best peppers and they are 2 for $1.00 (but if you are a regular like I am he usually tosses one or two extra for free) My dd has to go with her dad today so that is sad - just got my husband off for work at 5:30 and thought I would stay up and clean and make out my food store list so I can spend extra time with dd before she goes at 10. I sure do hate it when she has to go - the house just isn't the same w/out her here!!! My dh and I somtimes sit in her room and watch tv or just hang out - b/c we miss her!!!!

Well I didn't have the best of weekends so far - I have been really upset out this "diet" thing and how I haven't lost any weight in like 2 weeks. So last night - I HAD A CC CHIP COOKIE!!!!!!!! It was ok - too sweet and then I just wanted salt. Today I am making stuffed peppers (fresh from the farmers market) and a salad. Tomorrow is slow cooker country style spare ribs, Tuesday is Parm covered Tapilia - not sure about the rest of the week. I am so much better if I plan ahead.

Well Ruth - I hope that you will be feeling better today than yesterday!!! I am so sorry that your dd is going home - just remember how much fun you two had - and there is always the next visit to look forward too.

Well I must get going a few more things to do before my dd gets up - going to make her breakfast in bed this am - the usual (we eat breakfast together all the time same thing) Dippy Egg, Toast, 2 slices of Cad. Bacon. So I must get moving.

Hope you all have a Beachin Day!!!

Oh by the way so cold here the last few days - it was like 25 out this am and yesterday - I had to go start up my husbands truck so it would be defrosted for him to drive to work!!!! Later Chicks!!!!!!!
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((Ruth)) ME is a lucky Gal. Spose you are a lucky Mom too!!

Britomart- we heat with a wood stove all winter. LOVE it!!!


HUGS to all. I am procrastinating doing dishes. Then I can mess it all up to make supper*arg*
It is 5C/41F and sunny!! Nice blue sky!!
It has been fun to tell people of all my life changes. Lots of surprise and well wishes. Enjoyable.

DS has played hockey and now it is time for housework, baths, supper etc.

This is me yesterday morning with my Mom before planting the tulips( for Breats Cancer research). New sassy hair do. I dont usually have that many chins but was scrunched up in the cold.
AND......We are the proud new leasees of a 2007 Chevy Cobalt; 5 speed;silver exterior, grey interior( dirt coloured),air, tilt, cruise, everything else is manual. Leased for much less than we put into repairs on the van last year and we will spend 75% less money on gas!!! It is all under warranty bumper to bumper.We are picking it up on Thurs!!!! weeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This is a first for both of us.

Also, I signed my contract yesterday for the new Pro Organizing job( like Clean Sweep on TV). I work from 9:30-3 on Tues and then when all these kids are really gone I will work as the jobs arrive but about 10-15 hours a week. My choice when and for how long based on availability. Yippee!!!

Very, very happy person sitting here. Feeling like I am in a space to lose weight too. I controlled my eating all week( wasn't perfect) and I exercised 3 days.

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Hi, guys! I'm back from camping. We had a wonderful time but I'm going to be very glad to sleep in my own bed tonight. Traffic was a nightmare getting there on Friday but we still got our tent set up before dark and we found out where the decent restrooms were (what a walk!) - the latrines were closer but the ladies had two spiders that wouldn't leave so I walked!

Saturday was a blast. I glued water bottle rockets for the pack and taught the music beltloop. We learned how to make Dutch Oven cobblers so we'll be able to make them all by ourselves in the Spring. We did a really cool song and skit at the campfire Pack meeting. Our campsite was right on Lake Texoma (our tent was probably 20 feet from the water) and it was just beautiful. Many people rented cabins because of the worry about rain but we took a chance. It was 1:30 this morning when the rain started and then it was off and on the rest of the day. We got quite wet packing up but we made it home okay.

Tomorrow I have a vacation day. I'm hoping the rain stops so we can lay out our tent to dry out and get the mud off stuff but they are predicting more rain. And it's hard to complain when we need the rain so much.

Well, I need to plan meals although I'm not going to shop until tomorrow. Six more night of sleeping in my own bed and then I'm off to Webelos Outdoor Leader training where I camp for one night.
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