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Default Finally Friday at the Beach

Morning everyone!!

How's the coffee?

Well, I just woke up this morning and I'm getting ready to do my Pilates Accelerated Fat Burning DVD. Yesterday was my day of rest, so I'm ready to get back to work!

I got great news from the boss yesterday! He may be sending me to Austin for the Texas Rural Chief Appraisers' Conference the weekend of Nov 12th. The cool thing about that is I'm up for a promotion to Deputy Chief Appraiser and I really think this means he's closer to giving it to me. I've known for a while that I was his #1 candidate, but was getting impatient to find out when. He's slowly been giving me more responsibilities and his final step will be to give me more authority in the office. Woohoo! I've been waiting for this because I know this can be a career for me, and I'll be able to retire at 55!! (I know it's a long way off, but I like to plan!) A bonus for going to Austin is that I can leave early on the company dime and go stay with my parents in Leander for a night. Then I'll see them the next week for Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a beautiful, happy Friday! I also hope you all got good sleep last night!! Sending and some everyone's way!!


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Come on Spring!
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Good news, Kim. I wish you every success. It sounds like you have a mentor in your boss - cherish him!

Yesterday was darn cold and today is too but I think we may have missed a killing frost in the garden. If so, I will definitely finish the basil harvest today. It's going to be another gold and blue October day. The leaves are at peak too.

It's Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and the Village will be booming with yard and bake sales, Mill tours and wagon rides through the Park. My DD arrives from Nanaimo at 7 tomorrow so I'll be going into Ottawa. I'm not sure when we'll get back to Delta so will put my poor furries back in the kennel for overnight. (I'd ask Rob or Claire to let them out for potty but they both have weekend company and it could be that the plane is late so.... It's a good thing the Girls don't find the kennel traumatic!)

The cookie baking marathon is about to start but will be interrupted by a footcare appointment at ten - poor planning! I have about 15 yellow stickies on the fridge to get done before tomorrow afternoon so had better get off my fluffy butt and do them!

But first a soak in the tub with my second coffee.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good morning all!

Kim- Good luck with that promotion. And have fun in Austin.

Ruth- I wish I had the will power to have a cookie baking marathon. I'd end up eating a lot of them. Thanksgiving sounds fun there.

As for me, I don't feel like I've lost any weight this week. I'm on week 2 of Phase 1, so I'm supposed to be losing weight right? I don't think I ate quite right this week. Is there anything wrong with staying on Phase 1 an extra week? I know if I'm determined I'll stat OP, so that wouldn't be a problem. Is there any other reason why I couldn't stay on for a third week?

Have a great day everyone!

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We're in the midst of a "Nor'easter", it's pouring and windy and cold! But it's FRIDAY!, so I'm not complaining. I dragged myself out of my warm cozy bed and went to Curves, then stopped at my Mom's for coffee. Now I have the morning to myself until around 11. The girls and I have been invited to one of Audrey's classmates home for lunch and a playdate this afternoon, so that will be fun. We get together often with this family and I like them a lot. Tomorrow Jake and I will be getting up at dawn to go to a Dutch Smorgasbord for breakfast before going to a big craft festival. The entire town shuts down and craft booths line both sides of the streets. It's fun and crowded, but we go every year and really look forward to it. The rain should be out of here by then, or it may be cancelled, and we'll have to make other plans for the day.
I tried that new hairdresser yesterday, and so far I like the way she did my hair. I hope I've finally found someone I can depend on. She has her salon in her home, and I like that. It's a very homey, relaxed atmosphere where you aren't pressured to have your nails done or a facial or all those other extra $$$ ammenities.

Kim, congratulations on the good news! Your future sounds promising!

Ruth, I'm coming to your house today, yum, cookies! Be strong, don't eat too many! I bet you can hardly wait til your DD gets there, and I hope you have a wonderful visit together.

jMy tummy's growling, I haven't fed it yet, so I'm going to go find something to eat. Be good!
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Last night was my turn not to sleep well. I feel like I woke up about 500 times. Worried about my little brother, and it was COLD last night, and either I'm getting DH's cold or my allergies are whooping me. I was going to start doing pilates in the morning before work but I just couldn't get myself up an hour ago. I almost feel a little drunk, I'm so tired.

Hope you girls all slept better last night! Sheesh it's 40 degrees out. No wonder I'm so cold!

Better get ready for another long day at work. Hope you all have a good one.

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Good Morning Ladies

Its Friday Yipee!!
Going to be a busy woman today .Going to rehearse with my singing group again,we're going to get our Christmas music together and see which songs we're going to perform this year.Than the cesspool men are going to clean out the cesspool as we haven't done it in 2 years,with 4 houses filling it up,it just has to be done.

Will post later
Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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Good Morning Chickies.

COLD here in central PA today - wasn't even 40 out whenever I woke up.

Going to have a hard weekend in store for me - my b-day is today and I know my dh and dd will make me dinner and cake then my parents will come to visit on Sunday w/ ice cream cake - there is no hope for me this weekend - so Monday I will be back on Phase I for a few days.

I was soooo upset yesterday I went to a cute little coffee shop in Bellefonte and they were advertising a Pumpkin Lattee (YUMMY) so I asked the owner - I need a sugar free fat free one can that be made? She said oh yes (and she is really nice) well today my dd and I stoped in to treat ourselves for a GOOD cup of Joe and I asked the lady for the same thing - she said oh I am sorry the Pumpkin Lattee isn't sf ff - they can make it ff just not sf - sooo I had a Extra Lg Vanilla SF FF lattee (it was good too) but anyway I cheated yesterday and didn't even know I was so dissappointed in myself - but so far so good w/ the cravings.

Well I must get back to work

Hope you all have a beachin day

Kim - will keep my fingures crossed for you for the promo - I am sure you will get it!!!!!
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RMT Have a wonderful birthday.

Kim You asked about the coffee?? Well, my first attempt failed miserably as I got it all ready, started the pot and got into the shower. When I got out, there was coffee EVERYWHERE! I hadn't put the stupid pot on the machine, so the coffee brewed, it just brewed all over my kitchen. DUMB!!

Weezle, Ruth, Kaity, and Cottage Have a wonderful Friday!!!!!

No time for much posting as we are heading out the door in just a bit. We decided to take the girlies to the zoo- it should be a very fun day. Abigail is so excited, we are going to take the DART rail down to the zoo, so she considers this to be a gret adventure. I have our lunches all packed and ready to go. Can you tell I am a little excited to being doing something fun??

I will check back in this evening... everyone behave!!
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Late check in gals ! One town over (Apex, NC) had a chemical plant explosion last night..and while the evacution has gone smoothly, folks are worried about the air quality, water and soil damage..etc, Hazmat is here and most folks in the neighboring towns are staying in doors with the AC on/windows closed... Thankfully no injuries, and the families are being well taken care of by the town and plant...

Kim- That is wonderful news!!!!! Keep our fingers crossed for you!

BB: Christmas already??? But I guess the way time flies it is just around the corner.

Cottage: Can you believe I miss "nor'easters" Your day tomorrow sounds like so much fun!

Ruth: Busy Bee as usual! You must be besides yourself having DD visit!

It's raining here...which you would think would be good... but the news folks say Bad for the type of chemicals that are being released in the air by the chem plant fire... it's still burning...and they are planning to just let it burn itself out.. The Firefighters just don't really know what they are dealing with with the base chemicals and then what it turns into when it becomes a gas by the fire.. How a Chemical plant got built or why residential areas were built close to it is beyond me
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I'm new to the Beach, so hi!

It's my 2nd full day of Phase I, so I'm still all giddy about starting the program. We'll see how I feel when my body realizes I've given it no pasta..

Just to be different, we've been having near record highs here in the southeast. It's already 80+. Our high for the day is ONLY 89, so it's cooling down. As a bigger girl, I BEG one of you to send me some cooler weather! BEG! There's nothing worse than being all sweaty and icky just because you're outside. I don't mind working up a sweat, I mind not having to work for it even.

Anyway, gotta go. It appears my new doggie (just adopted her last Sunday) has developed some kind of cold and I need to get her to the vet ASAP, let you all know how it goes.
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