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Old 09-23-2006, 03:29 PM   #1
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Default What SBD foods are triggers for you?

Hi there girls! I am new to SBD but not new to dieting lol. Have been doing SBD since the 13th and lost 4 lbs so far I thought it might be interesting to have a thread on what "legal" SBD foods are our personal triggers.

I know that one of mine is Cool Whip..I cannot eat just 2T of col whip, I'm sorry..lol Ain't gonna happen. I have eaten almost a whole tub before
My other trigger I can think of right now is black olives in salt water (canned). I could sit in front of the tv and eat the whole can! My good ness..so I have neither Cool Whip nor olives in the house
It works for me..
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Well, I consider Cool Whip to be FRANKENFOOD so it's not a problem and I can have just a few black olives.

My downfall is NUTS so I just don't have them - ever! Maybe someday I'l grow up and get some self-control but I doubt it.
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Mine is the FF SF Pudding - I just can't eat one serving - I must EAT IT ALL!!!! What I try to do is when I make pudding/jello - I seperate them into individual rubermaid containers - that way I have less of a chance eating it all - but I still know it's there.
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Old 09-23-2006, 10:19 PM   #4
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I'm with the Nutty Group.. I'm Nuts fer NUTS! Pistachios, cashews, pecans!
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My trigger food is ice cream . There's just no way we can live together in one house.
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In the two weeks I've been eating this way, I've sadly discovered twice now that cashews are a 'legal' food that I cannot eat with any semblance of self-control. Both times I've eaten a good deal of an entire can. So, I am going to stick to pistachios.
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Old 09-24-2006, 04:53 PM   #7
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My Trigger Food is bread/grains in general. Can't have them. Doctor diagnoised that I'm very carb senitive to that food group.Have to stay on Phase 1 indifinately.

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Beach Bum - I noticed you have been saying that you are cutting out the carbs and are losing again - That's what I'm hoping to do this time, as I've all but fallen off the beach it seems - Really want to find that balance again -

For me it's NSA Fudgecycles - I can eat like 5 at a time, can't just eat one so therefore I can't buy them - actually trying to get out of the habit of having dessert after dinner - and just have dessert occasionally

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hmmm... does coffee count as a food. My complex offers complimentary coffee and fresh baked cookies every day! AND they place the table right next to the glass doors to the gym (my complex is owned by sadist ). Anyway, I have been doing really good with staying away from the cookies... but coffee has become my 'treat.' I use part decaf and part reg, 1 packet of splenda, and skim milk.

I love cool whip... I try to use it in moderation but it is so easy to just scoop on into that tub when you have the spoon in hand. I fall into the 'a scoop for me, a scoop for the recipe..' trap. My willpower is a funny thing... Obvious things like a plate of cookies I avoid... it is all the small choices that add up that I need to keep in check.

Also... as my sweet tooth is kept in check, I have noticed that I am craving more salty things (nuts, olives, feta, etc...) maybe this has something to do with it...
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Bananas and grapes -- they might be legal SBD foods, but they are difficult for me to eat in moderation and tend to make me crave other sugary items.

I also have a problem with Cool Whip, so I just don't buy it anymore. Anything else, when I'm fully on the Beach, I can resist or eat in moderation.
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