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Default Wacky Wednesday Chat

Good Morning fellow Beachers - hope that all is well with each and every one of you.

Not much going on today - to be about 60 and maybe rain - guess fall is finally here. But I love fall, just not the rain w/ it.

Hope the coffee is on at your house - if you get a chance send me a cup here at work and stop for a chat!!!!!

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Hi, RMT, and you'll have to wait for the coffee. I'm picking up a cup from Wawa on my way to work in about an hour, if you can wait til then!

So how's everyone on this last full day of summer? I'm feeling pretty good, and even managed to make it to Curves this morning. I did take it easy around the circuit, though, but it was better than no exercise at all. I had expected to see a big loss after that nasty virus, but I only lost 2 lbs. Cindy lost 10 lbs thru it all! Why couldn't I be so lucky?

This sounds silly, but with the recent "Spinach Crisis", is anyone else afraid to eat packaged salad greens? I have a bag of romaine in the fridge, and I can't bring myself to use it. I should just probably throw it out. It's going to be hard to eat a salad again, with all this going on.

Nothing exciting happening here today, just same old, same old. What's happening in your day?
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Come on Spring!
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Hi RMT and Cottage! I'm passing coffee to you both. It's semi-sunny here for the last day of summer. I've been to the garden and my Naked Ladies are in bloom and looking good.

Isn't that great news about Faye's husband, Superman Jack!!! He must be quite a man.

Not much planned today except TheraPAws at the Clinic at noon. My kitchen is pretty spiffy right now after recovering from muddy paw day and I have the second load in the laundry. I am working on a list of niggles to get done before my DD gets here and will start with a major clean-up of the sewingroom!

I am a bit leery of packaged salads too and bought some (expensive) stuff from our local organic farmer. It's just yummy and does include spinach. I also have spinach and chard in my own garden so am not worried. When spinach re-appears in the stores, we'll know the crisis is over. I do think the press sensationalizes these things but it's best to be careful.

The cushions on the deck are dry now so come and sit for a bit.
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Morning ladies - Just a quick post before spin class - So I binged the heck out of yesterday probably ate/drank 3000 calories and I'm not proud of it.

Triggers -

A) Horrible day upset by dad's ex and PMSing
B) Best friend of all my life just got engaged and we went out to dinner which included drinking (extra cals and less will)

Today is going to be a better day although it was my official weigh-in and after yesterday the scale said 148 - Sucks cause I was down to 144 this weekend - Not taking it too seriously cause I know by now how quickly my weight fluctuates, but still sucks! Off to spin!

Ruth - They were telling us at the store to make sure to wash the packaged lettuce too

Cottage - not afraid but like I said, grocery store said to wash them (hey and 2 pounds is great!)

Rosalind - We drank all the coffee but will make more after class, I love fall too! Although I'm sure our fall is different than yours, you can keep the 60s and send the rain our way!

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Morning everyone!

It feels NOTHING like summer in West Texas this morning! Woke up to about 48 degrees with a biting cold wind chill. (The locals tell us this is the norm, but we just moved here from South Texas, so this is freezing for us!)

Dropped my "baby", Ranger, off to the vet this morning to have him neutered. I am scared to death. I know it's routine and necessary, but that always seems to apply to other people, not me. This is major surgery! I complain about him all the time (he is a bit of a needy-momma's-boy), but the truth is, I don't know what I'd do without him. My first reaction was to go hit the local bakery for a HUGE chocolate chip cookie, but I settled on a diet coke instead. Not great, but better.

I'm sure the remainder of the day will go better. I'm babysitting my 3yr. old nephew tonight, so there will be a lot of extra running around after him in addition to the usual treadmill walking.

As a result of dropping of the dog, I got behind and forgot my pedometer. I'll get it at lunch and just add a couple of steps to the total for this morning.

Hope everyone has a beachin' day!!

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Good Morning Ladies

Nothing new to report,we were going out to th Mall to pick up a humidifier for Leo breathing. The air in the house is getting too dry and hes coughing again when waking up.Doctor suggested a humidifier.But we're staying home with all the bad weather we're having.The sun is out ,but it suppose to rain again. What a down pour we had last night.

RMT-Thanks for stating us up this morning. I not a caw-ffee [like Schatzi]would say,but I thinking a cup or two would be inviting.

Cottage-Sorry your weren't feeling well,but big congrats on your 2 lb loss. That wasn't the best way to lose it but it happened. Don't fret over someone else lossing more. We all lose at different times,you know that. You might keep yours where Cindy might gain it back.

Ruth-I learned my lesson after that packaged spinach scare. I'm so lazy and bought the preparaged all the time.I guess thats from Rachaels Rays 30 min cook show that I watch fatefuly. Hubby & I will use the fresh produce,clean it and use a salald sprinner to dry it out.

Sarah-You'll lose it again,the most important you had fun at your friends enagement party.Remember life goes on,you have to these little episodes from time to time.

Happy to hear Faye Hubby Jack is Ok after the surgery.

Have a great morning Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

2010 lost 9 lbs.
2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.

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Today is my official weigh in day too. I've been down to 144 for two days in a row now so I've changed my ticket. As long as I can stay down, I'll have met my monthly goal.

I'm still using packaged salad mix. I'm really missing having spinach to add to pasta and casseroles. I heard that you couldn't count on the loose spinach since some stores pull it out of big bags. It would probably be okay if you knew where it came from but I don't that I would trust what we get in Dallas.

Leadership training went great last night! I was more relaxed than I thought I would be and the leaders seemed to have a good time. I picked up some hints from them. They are going to have another session in October and I've offered to teach the Wolf/Bear again if I'm available. They are talking tentatively Oct 14 which would be our fall campout so I'm hoping they change it to a date where I can help.
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Hi, I'm new to 3fc I'm with Physicians' weight loss & wellness program was told by my doctor to follow SBD. I'd like to meet new fellow SBD followers for encouragement and suggestions.


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Afternoon Ladies.... Hopefully Everyone is Feeling Peachy Today!

Rosalind: Thanks for reminding me tomorrow is the first day of fall.... as if my allergies were not clear signal enough.

Cottage: I'm not really worried about the spinach ordeal. I figure Food Lion will put it back on the shelves once its cleared up. I did however opt not to buy any bagged salad and just went for the fresh romaine instead. My fiance was still freaking out cause he wanted to make a big deal about me giving him e coli I'd say go fresh and organic and don't forget to wash them!

Weighed myself this morning on the start of day number 3 and I lost another pound. I know you're only supposed to do it once a week but I get that little voice in my head that says "you want to look" so I give in. Better than eatting cookies I must say!

I went and exercised for the first time in a long time yesterday at the gym in my apartment complex. That was an adventure. The one bike they had was way too high on the seat and wasn't adjustable. Didn't mind the treadmill.... just hard to get moving with all this weight in my legs. Today is aerobics day so we will see how that works out.

On a lighter note I get to go home and deal with Daniel drinking Fleet tonight. He has to go get a colonoscopy to check on his diverticulitus (sp) so he will be peachy keen and leaving me to my own devices.

Did anyone catch the episode of Deal or No Deal 2 nights ago? The guy from New York played really well and had the 3 million but sold it. I thought he was crazy. I did catch my two absolute favorite shows last night: House & Nip/Tuck. Both of them are very worth watching in case any of you need something new.

I hope everyone has a great evening and a good dinner most importantly
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