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Unhappy afraid of entering phase 2

hello everyone, I'm a little worry about entering phase 2 this is my last week of doing phase 1 the reason is that with ph 2 I will have a little more variety of foods and I'm afraid to binge on the foods and fall off my wagon. call me crazy but thats my fear about entering ph2 any one had this problem and how they delve with the situation? thanks everyone for helping me.
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I am just a newbie starting, but I would think the very best thing would be to introduce the new stuff slowly. It is always scary going to the new Phase as a lot of programs use a stricter 1 or 2 week program before getting into the long term weight loss one. Dr Phil's program does, I know the Richard Simmon program does. I think the main thing is to RELAX and just work things in a little at a time. No one said you have to add bread, pasta, fruit etc all at once. You have come this far and I know you can go the whole way. Just remember go slow, get used to introducing something than add something else. If you find you KNOW you can't handle something then don't ever eat it. I mean, for example, no one ever died from not eating BREAD! If you know if you eat bread by the bunches, just leave it alone and use something else to expand your food choices. Another thing that could help is with the carbs and such, make just one serving and no more. If you want to eat something extra use the list of phase I foods. I may be way off base and if so, I imagine those that have been on Phase II awhile will say I am full of bologna (well FF bologna any way! )

Much Good Luck to you!

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Today is my last day of Phase I also, I am scared to go onto Phase 2 as I only lost 5 lbs from Phase I. I have been excersising and taking a One a Day vitiman - not sure if that is why that is all is lost. I have been speed walking/slow run for about 2 weeks now almost everday for at least 20-30 minutes and do some basics like lunges, push up; and a few tummy excersises, so I am not sure if I gained muscle and that is why I haven't lost any more weight - a little discouraged but I do feel GREAT.

Anway I think I am going to stay on Phase I at least 1 more week. Let me know what you plan on doing.

Hope you have a great day - RMT
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I can do this!
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RMT, it's honestly not a good idea to stay on Phase 1 any longer than the 2 weeks. It's not only not healthy, but it doesn't help. Five pounds in 2 weeks is not only a high amount, it's almost verging on unhealthy (though sometimes we lose an 'unhealthy' amount in Phase 1 because we get rid of water and other things). You want to aim at 1-2 pounds per week. Not only does this level of weightloss more likely to allow you to keep your muscle (SO important!!!) and actually lose fat, but it also gives your skin time to catch up and shrink (means less plastic surgery needs later!), but most importantly, it gives you a chance to really get to know your plan so that when you reach goal, you have a MUCH higher chance of maintaining. Remember those fad diets where you lose everything super-speedy-quick and then gain it all back even faster? (my best one? 27 pounds off in 2 weeks, and back on in ONE! ). When you do that, you usually lose muscle, then put back on fat. Not a good combo! Trust me, it's a great thing to lose slowly. When I compare my skin and how much it's shrunk back to 'normal' with my friends who did weight loss surgery (I have huge respect for them...that's so hard to do!), my skin looks a lot better, simply because I lost so much more slowly. I really think it's worth it for health!

Chela, good for you on posting about your fears and making plans to combat them...that's a great strategy for success! Phase 2 can be scary, but it's actually wonderful! If you really got rid of the cravings in Phase 1, you'd be amazed at what you can eat without 'going whole hog' as we know we did in the past! In fact, I made the newbie mistake of thinking that we had to eat everything listed in the menu the first week of P2 (we had an unexpected death in the family and I obviously didn't read very carefully! ), so I added three starches and two fruits. I did gain a bit, but I didn't crave. Can you believe that?

For everyone, it's best to start Phase 2 sloooooooooowwwwwwwwwly! Seriously! Check out these threads for lots of info:

What's Your P2 Combo?: Tons of Beachies posted in this thread with the 'combo' of foods that works for them to lose healthily on P2. Each person is different, which helps emphasize how much it helps to work this out slowly on your own to see what works for YOU! They also give tips on what they did to figure out their combo and help remind you that if you gain a little as you work out P2, it isn't something to stress over...it comes right off and is worth the work! (I gained some weight figuring out P2--5 or 7 pounds--but it came right off and I then went on to lose over 100 more pounds...)

Emergency Handbook for P2 Links to lots of threads with info on how to work P2.

Phase 1 Time Limit--From the Daily Dish This has info on why it's NOT a good idea to keep going on P1...one of the few times in life where doing what worked isn't going to keep working.

How to Add Food Slowly in P2:
Here's what to do:

Step 1: Add ONE thing and only ONE thing (the SAME one) for a week. If you really are worried that you'll crave, start with something with a low Glycemic Index (you'll find a list in the book, in our FAQ, and lots of huge lists online--just type in "Glycemic Index" at www.dogpile.com or another search engine) item like berries. Try eating them at the same time each day and pay attention to what your body does, not just to your weightloss. Wait a whole week to see what really happens. If after 3 to 4 days you see something really bad, like you are craving like crazy or you gain 4 pounds move on to the next step. But if you aren't seeing anything horrible, wait it out so your body can adjust, okay?

Step 2: At the end of the week, evaluate.
  • If you crave, try adding protein, eating the item at a different time during the day (i.e. I can't have starches or fruits before lunch or I crave), or switch the item. Some people tolerate fruit better than others, some tolerate starches better. DON'T assume that if, for instance, oatmeal makes you crave, that you can't have any starches or any oat products. Different products (even different brands!) can make a difference in craving vs. not craving.
  • If you gain weight, try something different the next week, but keep the item in mind so you can try it again some day. You never know what might eventually work out for you!
  • If you do well, no cravings, no gain, add something new. Do the SAME process as you did the first week...add ONEthing and only ONE thing (the SAME one) for a week. If you tried a fruit before, try a starch, or vice versa.

Step 3: Do the same evaluation and keep going on at this process, repeating steps 1 and 2 until you start gaining or craving after a period of successful eating. You may have to tinker with your 'combo' to get it just right, but eventually you'll know what you can do. Don't be afraid to play with it even after you decide what works for you. Little changes might work too! For instance, I normally eat one starch and one fruit a day to lose. But I can sneak in an extra serving of starch on the weekend and still lose. I can also 'sneak' in a 1/4 or 1/2 portion of starch/fruit (like SF granola or 1/8 of an apple in a dinner recipe) daily and be okay.

One of the best things, IMHO, about SBD is that it puts you so in touch with what works for YOUR body. You're not stuck following some plan that is someone else's idea of what should work for you...you get to decide what to eat based on how your body works. I think that's really smart!

Good luck and don't be afraid to post...Chela, you did the right thing and I'm sure there are other newbies that are very glad you posted and made them feel like they weren't alone. I know you'll all do GREAT!
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This was my way of handling the switch.......I was still on Phase 1......I just added oatmeal and strawberries. a week later I added low carb wheat tortillas. a week later, i added in apples. now, in my mind, i'm still on phase 1. i know those are my "safe foods". but i have made a few additions over time. The SB breakfast bars and cereals and wraps are great, but I remember, these are my additions. because i'm still on phase 1.
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Thank you so much, Laurie. That was an excellent post. I am on to Phase 2 tomorrow. The two weeks seem to have flown by. I have really not had any issues but I have been eating a basic balance carb low glycemic diet for 10 years now. I rarely eat starches but I have sweet tooth and I love fruit. Snacking, however, was my biggest downfall. Even snacking on healthy foods can put on the pounds. Thank goodness, I have been able to let that go over the past two weeks. I am looking forward to the challenge. It will be hard, I have to admit to see the weight loss numbers decrease. It is a quite a "high" to see the large numbers in Phase 1. Your post and this forum will be my guides for patience. I am sure I will be be here "whining" from time to time.

Karen S.
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thanks everyone for your great advice
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