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Default Motivatin Monday on the Beach

Up Up UP Time to shake yer tailfeathers chicks! It's the start of a brand new day, a brand new week! I need a bit of high test -- cawfee that is I just got done folding a load of whites and was very perplex over all these single unpaired up socks More than the rouge one or two that I guess we all give up to the Laundry Gods... so I went a huntin, and under the Guest room bed, my Casey has been pilfering socks to make some sort of nest along with other underthings... So both my doggies have a laundry fetish! Darby has taken to sleeping in the hamper for some weird reason, and the other is making her own doggie bed!
So what's goin on on yer piece of sand today?
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schatzi - when I got my australian shepard we called him a frat boy because he LOVED the smell of beer,wine,mixed drinks...he'd go all bug eyed and he loved running around with undies on his head. He'd put his head through a hole and run all over the house with HUGE eyes!! He grew out of it though and is a solid member of the family now. He's been clean for 4 years. Now it's the lab that we have to watch our drinks around!

Weekend was nice. Had a company picknic yesterday. It was very hot but nice. Did a long mountain bike ride. Wonderful. I can't wait to go again. The nice thing about getting my exercise out there is that I don't notice it as exercise. It's adrenaline pumping and you're so focussed on the next turn, root, log, rock or sandy area that you don't worry about reps, time or calories - you just focus on learning how to ride a new area or getting to the fun dips. You're willing to ride almost anything to get to the fun stuff!

I was completely OP this weekend but today am back on. I had to be honest with myself and also take away the food allergy triggers of old. That means - no dairy, night shades (spicy stuff) or tomatoes. The nice thing is that when doing this I can usually eat a lot more rice. (brown rice) and still lose and feel good. It's a much more limitted diet but worth it in the long run if it improves my health!! So I'm doing a lot of positive self talk today. I'm worth it!!!
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Good Morning Ladies

We're up early,as we're expecting the stove repairman around 9AM. One of the jets is out of commssion,and it has to be replaced. Wonder how much $$$$$$ this is going to set us back.We happy the heat has broken,and we're going to be in the low 80's the whole week.

Leo has to go back to the doctor as he was bring up a little blood in his flem.We have an appointment tomorrow for the resuts of the cat scan.

I finally found some diet or WOE that works for me. My sister is lossing also,I guess we both have the same problems with bread carbs.

Thanks SCHATZI- for starting us up on this beautiful Morning. Going to start the laundry this afternoon.Don't have doggies,so don't have to worry where my socks are,but bringing down the clothes and than up to the second floor will be exercise enough for today.

LITTLE GRASSHOPPER-You did great with your mountain bike WOW!! thats fantistic to get your exercising done that way. I've been slacking this past week, hurting on shoulder with the fall. But this week there no excuse. You're lucky you can have bread/grains.That a NONO for me thats way I'm low carbing.

Will post later.

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

2010 lost 9 lbs.
2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.
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Default Awake for Now

Schatzi - I worked on laudry this week-end and had the same sock problem. We had a "sock drawer" for many years for those stranded strays but now I'm having to cull that down - I think they breed while they're in the dark!

Grasshopper - I've been thinking about dusting off my bike too. I've been kind of clutzy in the past and worried about falling but I think things are better now. I like the idea of not thinking of it as exercise.

BB - Yea for getting the stove fixed! We just got the dishwasher up and going again - one of those Tim Taylor [Tool Time] snaffoos. Hope the medical tests go well for Leo.

I still working on finding the carb that's my nemysis but I'm not giving up! DH seems pleased so far with the menus for dinner. He likes to play with his large juicer every morning. I think the juice he concocts tastes horrible but as long as he doesn't insist that I drink it (and that he cleans the juicer) it's his thing.

The drive to College Stations (1 hour) and back with a friend was great relaxation over the week-end. But I'm tired, I couldn't go to sleep last night. At least I'll be tired tonight! I always sleep better with exercise - putting the dishwasher back together yesterday didn't count for physical exercise but certainly mental gymnastics!

We're babysitting another kitty for DD#2 until she and her DH get a place of their own. "Duece" is all black but a tiny chest spot of white. He's adapting to the other cat and two dogs (and they him). Actually he's friendly when he's not scared.

Here's to a beach of a day!
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I can do this!
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Wow...everyone must be on vacation! I'm not used to getting into the daily and having only a couple of posts to reply to!

Schatzi! Those dogs sound like a hoot! My neighbor's cat has been sleeping in his laundry basket since he did a load of winter close at the start of spring...I can only imagine the hair he's going to have to brush off before doing that load again!

LG, SO glad that you had such a motivating exercise experience!!! That's GREAT!!!!! Keep it up, chica! And good for you on being honest with yourself about allergies. I know that I find it hard to do that too, but sometimes it helps to tell yourself that you can have those things if you want, but it just doesn't feel worth it for how they make you feel...then you don't feel so deprived, you know?

BB, I really hope Leo is feeling better soon and that the CAT scan shows something that is easy to heal. You're both in my prayers. Yikes about the stove, but congrats on the break in the heat! Now you can get back to your walks...is your shoulder feeling better?

Oy, what a weekend. Yikes!!! I have lots of good motivation this week...not only are we nearing the end of the August challenge for the site, but I really need to get things working here! I'm dissapointed that my weigh-in this morning was bad...but I'm just going to work with it.

Normal grocery shop day...not much else exciting, though we're going to Lowe's tonight to order new blinds for the bathroom, and a bunch of little finishing things, like handles and switch plates.

Have a great day, chickies!
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Laurie - I live to save the daily for last and this morning it took forever to get caught up with all the posts. I guess I should have logged on yesterday. I'm disappointed with this morning's weigh in too. But I did pretty well eating at a friend's yesterday. I brought stuff and make portobella pizzas for the adults and pizza with Boboli for the kids. Now if I had only left the Tostito's alone (but the homemade guacamole was so good)...

pampgal - Hope you get some rest tonight. I hate it when it is hard to sleep. Last night I had a weird dream with a Jurassic Park like theme. Strange.

beachbum - Hope your DH is okay. Please let us know. Our heat is supposed to break tomorrow. I think the high is only going to be 98 and we might even get a little rain. We couldn't even go to the pool until late yesterday since it was just too hot.

little grasshopper - Your biking sounds like so much fun! I can't wait until Fall so I can start riding outside again. I've never done mountain biking. It's pretty flat here.

schatzi - Those are some dog you have there! Sounds like they are nesting!

me - Tonight is when the Cubs will earn their Aquanaut Activity badge. I'm glad the rain is holding off until tomorrow (although we really need it). I should be able to renew my Safety Afloat and Safe Swim tonight too. This is a busy week so I won't be able to get to the gym tonight. I wonder if I'll get to do any swimming? I hope so.
Barbara - Started South Beach 5/22/4 Restarting 8/15/16
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Hi, everyone!
I got back late yesterday from a glorious week at the lake, doing whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Boy, did I ever get spoiled! The Finger Lake area of NY is absolutely beautiful, and we did a lot of hiking in the state parks and visited almost all the wineries in the area, too. One of the highlights of my trip was meeting up with Beachgal in Ithaca, and we spent a pleasant afternoon together. She has pictures of the two of us together that she's going to post here so you all can have a look.
Today it's back to work, and I have the girls here for the day so I can get caught up on laundry and grocery shopping. They just had their lunch, and now they're eager to go swimming and keep asking me if I'm done on the computer yet. Time for a dip in the pool, see you all later!
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Back to work today. It was my first day at work since I started Phase 1. I find eating right at work is much harder than home. If I don't pack the right foods, I have nowhere to get an ok snack.
Which brings me to my snafoo. I tried to microwave eggbeaters this morning...and I just couldn't do it. They were rubbery and nasty. So I ate my lunch for breakfast. At lunch I got a mini veggie tray. And half way through I realized I ate carrots. Carrots are off limits phase 1, right? Is it really cheating if it was a vegetable?!!! I really only had about 5 baby carrots.
Otherwise I was perfect. Even had a salad for dinner.
I'm very excited too, because I made the Chai Tea with Soy Milk from one of the SBD cookbooks this weekend, and I loved it!
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Hi guys. Guess I paid for my long, exciting ride yesterday. We went today and while I did some things easily that I was scared to do the last time - over all I was exhausted! I'm going again tomorrow morning to see if I feel better. probably just need a recovery day.

Oh - tried clipless pedals today. That's where your feet are attached to the pedals with cleats. My neighbors officially think we're crazy! DF ran beside me while I road back and forth - falling in the yard all the time because I couldn't get my feet unhooked! Not quite ready for clipless!
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Just getting a chance to post today- I checked in super quick from work, but didn't have a chance to say hello!

Cottage We are glad you are home safe. I can't wait to see pictures!!

Schatzi I have more ding-dang baby socks with no match- it makes me crazy.

Barb Glad to hear that there may be some relief on the way- I would love for my kids to be able to play outside a bit!

Laurie You sound discouraged- chin up, my love!!

Bubba I am thinking you could have done a whole lot worse than 5 baby carrots. Sounds like you are doing great!

Me- Day 3 on program here! I was pretty beat once we got home from school, but still made dinner. Buttermilk CHicken Tenders with Blue Cheese Dressing. If you all haven't tried these yet you are in for a treat!!!! They are so flipping good. I doubled the recipe so I will have lots of leftovers for lunch this week. DD and I made a cake for DH's birthday tomorrow- she is so excited!

Anyhow- need to go finish up the 'ole nighttime routine. One kid down, one to go!
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Here we go again!
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Everyone's doing so good! Well, I stayed OP and wasn't bad at all, even though I got a little discouraged. But on my weigh in, I didn't show a gain, and didn't show a loss--was exactly where I was last week. And that's ok. I think my body went into shock or something, LOL!

Schatzi--my sister's cat used to steal her socks when he was little, but only the red ones!
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