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Default Monday Chick Chat 8/14

Morning girlies!

Hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend and are ready to conquer another week! Our weekend was good, a bit of fun mixed in with some laundry and some rest. Eating wasn't great on Saturday, but good yesterday. I have meals and snacks planned for today, so now it is a matter of implementing the plan!

Have a super day- more later!
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Good Morning All. I'm getting a slow start today. I guess I need to develop a love of coffee. I just don't seem to like it and it REALLY doesn't like me...

LOOOONNNNNNGGGGG day ahead. Mondays are usually so relaxed but NOT today. Lots of clients wanting lots of varied things. It will make things move quickly but I think I'm going to be exhausted at the end of it.

Yesterday I pulled out my old summer clothes box. I found my former favorite shorts. I knew they didn't fit right now but I didn't realize HOW MUCH they didn't fit. I'm use to things being hard to button or tight in the waist. These were not even close to buttoning!! 3 inches apart!! That's when it suddenly hit me just how MUCH weight I gained this time. And how differently it's coming off. In the past I've lost weight without exercising. I just limitted calories or ate a bland no anything type of diet and lost weight. I seemed to loose it very porportionately. Seemed to. This time I'm losing from my arms and legs a lot and it's making me look like a watermelon on toothpicks!! I look silly in workout clothes because you have my torso and then you see my arms and legs!! I know it's temporary and will make me push harder to shape up that torso but STILL....can't I wine about it a bit first! Anyway, I pulled the old shorts out of storage so I can track my progress on them. I will probably be dead of winter when they fit...don't care - I'll wear them anyway!

Have a great day gals!!!
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Good Monday morning! Sunshine again - this is starting to remind me of Mexico! I actually would love a rainy day so I don't have to water!

Kiko, I had a bad encounter with some garlic bread last night! I just didn't get on the scale this morning - talk about denial! Yes, we need to PLAN and then FOLLOW the plan.

Grasshopper, clothes and the way they fit is the reality, isn't it. I have a huge bag of stuff to go to Goodwill tomorrow - not just old clothes but things that just don't fit right. It's good to keep something to measure your progress.

Yesterday was fairly relaxing. I even had a longish nap in the afternoon. I changed into my gardening clothes after lunch and the bed looked so tempting.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Anyhow I did get some more gardening done and the front bed is well watered now.

This morning I am gathering together yard sale stuff for pickup, will put one more bag of cocoa bean mulch on the east end of the front bed and that'll be it for gardening until I get back from my trip! I have two appointments tomorrow, Maple View to visit with Hershey tonight and some heavy duty decision-making about what clothes to take to Indiana on Wednesday morning. Since it'll be all rural ramblings, clothes will be pretty casual.

Whoops! After eight so I'm cranking up this old body to tackle Monday!

What's happening on your Motivated Monday?
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Got on the scale to monitor :scale: and down .6 which brings me to 6.6 pounds lost in 4 weeks. Why do I have to be so slow?! Why is it that turning 40 messed with me? Okay, so it actually might be that I am still enjoying myself a bit - and not exercising, won't help.

On the up side, I went to a restaurant called Red Robin and ordered a cheeseburger on lettuce (as a sandwich) instead of bread, and yesterday the guys wanted Domino's Pizza, but I had one piece, just the toppings - no bread, and went on to eat a Mongo Portobella Mushroom Cap "Pizza". So, I am slowly changing the how to eat part - and now I need to concentrate more on the other positive habits.

Getting ready to leave for Chicago, early Friday morning. *5:30am* ugh.

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Morning gals! Sounds like all in all we all ate pretty well this weekend... It's a gawjis morning here... Cool, feeling like a hint of autumn...but it's going up to 90 .. Yeech!

We found one house that we liked on our trip to the Triad area (greensboro, nc) and made an appointment to see it this afternoon. It looks pretty much exactly what I am looking for...
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Kiko - Today is the first day of school for us. We met Brian's teacher on Friday and really liked her. We've got his backpack ready and I dropped him off this morning in front of the school since he didn't want me to walk him in. Fourth graders are so grown up!

little grasshopper - I HATE coffee. I drink hot tea in the morning for my caffeine (and switch to decaff for later in the day). Or I'll have a diet coke if I'm home. The shorts will show the progress for you. You can do it!

Ruth - We sure would love some rain here. Today is our 30th 100 degree day this year and we are really really dry. Some areas got some rain this weekend but all we got was some sprinkles for a few minutes and enough thunder during the pool party to keep the kids out of the water for an hour. Oh, well, it cleared up and they were able to get back in.

scully - At least you are losing. And it seems like those who lose slower seem to keep if off better. Oh, I love that portobella pizza. I am going to have to plan that again soon.

me - My weight is up a bit this morning but it always is on Monday. I'm still down 3 on the month so that's fine. I'm on my own at work this week so I'm hoping for a quiet week. I REALLY want to make it to the gym after work today.
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Wish I could send some of the rain we got towards y'all! Friday night it stormed like nuts, Adam said it was "rivering." And yes, that is my husband, not my child! I am hoping it will help our new grass to grow out back, though. We are in a new build so everything is still hay. They put some kind of mesh underneath as well and Chester's claws stick in it when he has to go potty. Poor thing!

I slept ALL weekend. I was so tired on Thursday and Friday that I felt incredibly sick. I took naps every day and slept well at night and now I feel somewhat normal! Unfortunately that meant no unpacking! But I don't even care. It feels good not to be exhausted. I intended to bring my gym clothes to work this morning to go afterwards...totally forgot until I got in today. Sigh. I have decided I am either going to start going 3x a week or I am going to cancel my membership and just work at home. I get a great deal on the Y through work but even that's not worth it if I am not going!

Eating not so great...but our organic farming delivery has helped me to save money and also eat healthier, more veggies. Yum!

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Morning, Chickies!

Kiko, I actually envy you having a good day yesterday... My Sundays seem to be a binge-fest lately. It didn't help that DH went to bed early with a stomachache (not sure from what?) so all I did was think, feel sad, and eat. Thank God there was only so much in the house! At least that part of the plan worked! I know I'm falling into the trap of eating too many carbs and then giving in to the cravings that happen as a result. This week needs to be all about carb vigilance and finding healthier outlets for my emotions! Exercise is a great one, but I'll actually be getting one less workout this week. It's for a great reason, though! : I'm going to meet CottagebytheSea for lunch and shopping! I'm excited to meet her in person after so many years of 3FC friendship!

Grasshopper, it's a good reality check, isn't it? Plus, it's a good reminder that the older we get, the harder it is to get the weight back off. I've read so many stories about people who yo-yo or unhealthily dieted regularly in their younger years and really paid for it with their health in their older years. Let's commit to doing this right and doing it for the LAST time, eh? Don't stress about how you look at the gym...people are probably so busy looking at your arms that they don't notice your torso, or think you're wearing bulky clothes and must be as skinny as your limbs all over! Plus, it's an incentive to bulk up your arm and leg muscles, which will help boost your metabolism, too!

Oh, Ruthie, I hear you about sticking with the plan...and watering! Spent a while watering in our yard yesterday...it's been pretty darn hot! Yet I still have mildew issues with my squash. Hmmph! I'm so excited for your trip...I know you'll have a blast!!!

Good for you on changes, Scully! Remember, slow loss means you'll keep it off, and your skin will have time to tighten up! Trust me, that means a lot!!! I've compared my skin with friends who've had gastric bypass and lost super-speedy-quick and trust me, you don't want to lose fast! I don't know if it helps, but you're not the only one who finds over-40 means weight issues...and slow loss.

Oooh, Schatzi, good luck with the house hunting!!! Let us know how it goes!

Barb, sending lots of 'get to the gym today' vibes your way, hon! : You are so right, 4th graders are so grown up! Parents used to come to me when I was teaching 4th grade and say, "What did you do to my kid! They're (using hair gell/using deoderant/won't let me help them with______/etc.)!" It's just part of that age...but it seems so dramatic that it freaks parents out! Your Brian sounds so wonderful and I know he's already doing you proud. You're a great mom, Barb!

Jessie, I heard about that organic delivery thing in my Cooking Light a month or so ago...but it's not available here in the boonies. What fun for you, though! Glad you got sleep! Bet the gym will help perk you up further. It's counter-intuitive, but it's such an energy boost!

Have a great day, chickies! I'm off to grocery shopping and dinner planning...then tonight we're putting the final coat of paint on our bathroom!!! That means we'll basically be done with our work in fixing the bathroom. We'll have floors put in next week and then we can install the new toilet and the towel racks, shower rod, etc....but that's easy-peasy compared to putting in new walls, a new shower, etc, that we did previously. We started this project in March and have been using our downstairs shower since and haven't had a toilet upstairs in two weeks. It really s**cks to have to climb downstairs over baby gates to use the toilet in the middle of the night! I can't wait to be done!!!
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Hi Ladies

Another beautiful day on Cape Cod,tomorrow is going to be a scorcher again. Going out to BJ's this morning to pick up our usual several items.Tomorrow I have to sing with the church choir for Assumption Day.

Went to BJ's this morning and go some more books to read.The prices are lower than reg stores. Had to buy my s/f Metamucil fiber got a large jar [2.8 lbs @$17.99] I think I got a bargin.

Thanks Ladies for the congrats on my W-I yesterday.Hope it continues to go down,before we go on our 40th anniversary cruise in Nov. You know about cruises FOOD FOOD FOOD everywhere. I'll really need will power that I don't gain the weight back again.

Have to get some storage boxes down stair in the basement to make room for my DD & DS and DGC are comming at the end of theis month for a visit. Looking forward to seeing them,as its been a long time since I did.

Will post later

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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Hi girlies! Long day today, but I've behaved so far. For dinner, I had a romaine salad with mushrooms, cottage cheese, and sunflower seeds, and ww pasta alfredo with lite sauce and mixed vegetables. Mmmmm it was good!

Stayed out FAR too late last night with Mom and Dad. We went to the Fair and didn't get home until midnight. Had to get up early today too. I may have a glass of red wine and curl up on the couch. Hope you all are great! Hopefully will have more tomorrow. Talk soon!

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Kiko – you’re so right….it’s following through with the plan that counts. It seems like every week I end up with left over veggies and wondering why my weight hasn’t changed more! I’m trying to learn to eat the veggies first…then the other stuff. J

Ruth – don’t you just love the vacations where you don’t feel like you have to pack for all seasons at once!! DF’s family is in Oregon (high dessert) and I always feel like I need every temp of clothing. When I don’t take them – I needed them. Catch 22! Hope you had a good day. Still envious of your therapy dogs! You must be a great trainer!!

Scully – those pizzas have become our Sunday night tradition! I take the last one to work the next day for lunch. Everyone was jealous and sniffing my food today J It was YUMMY!!! So far it does a really good job and fighting pizza/junk food cravings. As for the 6.6 pounds. I feel your frustration. Even if it was just ¼ pounds at a time…I’d love to wake up every day and see a new number!

Schatzi – you’re leaving the triangle already? I hope you found a great house and it works out for you! Is there good paddling in that area? You’d be closer to the mountains though!! Great paddling J Good luck with it!!

Barb – did you make it to the gym? Hope you enjoyed your quiet beginning to the week today!

Jessie – feeling better??? Please rest up and heal quickly! No fun being sick while it’s rivering outside! I’ve never heard that! J

Beachgal – a new bathroom???! Very cool!! We are in the middle of reflooring our kitchen. We’ve finished the kitchen – need to finish the washroom which is right off of the kitchen. That was almost a year ago…..still waiting for DF to move the washer and dryer so we can finish them. In all fairness I haven’t pushed much about it either…enjoy your new room though!!!

Beachbum – I love that store! We are getting one close to us very soon. They’re building it now. We use to go but when we moved it added 30 minutes to the trip. Not quite worth it….enjoy!!

Weezle – I can’t say I miss the state fair. It causes such a traffic nightmare here!! Plus I got attacked once because I thought I was in a petting zoo area and I wasn’t. The guy let me into an area with a momma goat with little tiny babies. She beat me up! He laughed and my boy friend at the time took pictures. When I got mad and told him that wasn’t cool for a petting zoo, he laughed even harder!

ME – I HAVE A BUTT!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!! Before my rear area looked like a ham hock. Now I actually have definition. All those lunges are paying off and I have a reason to do more. I really dread doing them – not anymore!!! I like me with a butt. friends use to tell me that mine wouldn’t even cast a shadow. Well – it does now! Not flat and wide anymore J now it’s poofy and wide J heehee!!
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