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Default Wonderful Wednesday Chat!

Good Morning, and where is everybody????
It's a glorious day here, you couldn't ask for a more perfect summer day. The girls and I will be spending most of the day outside again, and we'll probably pack up a picnic lunch to take to the park. Jake and I have a "date" with our granddaughter Amber this evening. We're taking her out to dinner and then shopping for her birthday present. She turns 6 next Monday, and I won't be here for it, so this is a little something special to help make up for my absence. She's having a party at the "Build A Bear Workshop" on Saturday, too, and I promised her that I would be here for that.
What's on everyone's agenda for the day?
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Come on Spring!
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Thanks for starting us up, Cottage. I was up at the usual time but didn't get a chance to start us up before Doggage and Coffee lured me downstairs although I did zap and ban a spammer. Your picnic and date day sounds great.

We sat on the deck for coffee this morning but it was a mite cool. August mornings certainly can give hints of fall. Please! Not yet! I'm not finished my Spring gardening chores list.

Today I will do some more weeding in my jungle. Hershey and I do a TheraPaws visit early in the afternoon and then may go to visit Harry in the nursing home as we will be 15 minutes into that 50 minute drive anyhow. He has to have an operation for a double hernia and I hope to have a firm date for him. How the heck you can get a hernia in a nursing home beats me!

Whoops! Timely reminder just popped up to tell me the lads are painting the fence over at the cemetery and I am on for mid-morning refreshments! Let's hopw Baker Betty at the Village market is doing muffins this morning because I sure don't feel like cooking! I do have a loaf of banana bread in the freezer but it's for emergencies. I have no trouble resisting anything with bananas in it! I hate the taste and smell.

Better tour the boards and crank up the morning.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good Morning Ladies

WoW!!! We have a gorgious day and I'm heading out to the beach to do some walking. I remember last WED. we were couped up in our A/C home with all this heat. Now the A/C can take a break and we can enjoy the outdoors again.

CottageEnjoy your summer date at the park.Its going to be nice here also.

RuthYou're always on the go,don't you every sit down an relax.Where do you have the time for everything??I really admire you for all the volunteering you're involved it.

Have to get the garbage out as Leo can't catch is breath lefting anything heavy.

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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Morning Chicks!
Thanks for all the repsonses yesterday about my cholesterol number. My LDL was 142 (s/b under 120), but my HDL was good. I'm just going to be more mindful of what I'm eating and start exercising and hope that does the trick for now.
Cottage - I hope you have a great date with your grandaughter!
Ruth - have a good visit with Harry
Beach - Enjoy your day! The break in the heat has been wonderful!
~ Kelly

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Default QUick flyby

Hi ladies, Wednesday already??????? My soldier left this morning, it was hard to see him go. It's going to be a long haul through the holidays, maybe not for him but it sure will for me.

Anyway, it's blustery outside today and I'm glad not to be in it.

Ruth, will you take Hershey to visit Harry? You have a jungle? Really? Is Tarzan there??? It has been a long time since I've heard of you having a "romano"

Kelly, increase your water soluble fiber and those numbers will come down better.

beachbum, have fun on the beach! Give Leo a hug from me!

Cottage, the build a bear thing is darling! My grandbaby got one for her "birth" day. They look alike!

Well, I'm in the ER today and right now I have a FMP patient (fluff my pillow) Can't find anything wrong with her, but she's here for narcotics. Gotta go.
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cottage - Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your granddaughter. Brian loved his Build A Bear bear. It wears one of his baby outfits now.

Ruth - Sounds like you have a fun and busy day planned. We're still waiting for the cooler weather. It was 80 degrees at 7:30 this morning and is supposed to reach 102 today. We've got about one more month of really hot weather. I DO need to start preparing for the Fall garden though.

beach bum - Have a good walk!

kelly - I'm sure it will get better as long as yours isn't hereditary.

rnmom - You have a tough job! I have a lot of respect for you and others who can put up with patients like that.

me - I won't have time to workout after work today so I'm glad I got 40 min on the treadmill yesterday (and Brian walked 20 min while I fixed dinner just because he saw it pulled down). I've got my head to toe skin check at the dermatologist today. I go annually now that I've had several years without any precancerous ones (so far 5 precancerous moles have been removed). I want to encourage everyone to get checked if they never have. My sister had melanoma but they caught it before it spread because she was getting checked every 6 months. At least make sure your doctor checks it at your annual physical.
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Another hot day in Texas... did my eliptical this morning, going to yoga after work today... skipped my work out yesterday because my BF wanted to go see Superman at IMAX... It was so awesome! There were parts that were in 3D but the kicker was the huge screen and sound system... definitely worth it! Well hope everyone has a great day... I'm meeting some friends tonight at a local pub for dinner, so prayer that I stay OP!

Barb - Thanks for your 'mole advice.' Always wonder what the point is of going for my annual check-up since I have my 'annual' every year, but you've just given me reason!

RNmom- What a stressful life you lead honey! Puts my shtuff in perspective! Will says prayers for your soldier... alwasy amazed at those who are able to work in hospitols! Makes real estate seem like a cake walk!

Kelly - Hang in there, I think we all need to watch what we eat and make sure we get exercise! I bet your cholesterol will be down in no time.

Beach bum - Man I'm jealous of everyone this morning! Your weather sounds incredible! We still have our ACs cranked up full blast!

Ruth - Your weather sounds delicious! A mite cool? It's 80s and HUMID at 7AM here in Texas!

Cottage - Oh Cottage I am so jealous! You have such a lovely day planned! I get to sit inside my silly old office all day!

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Ready to Change
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Good day girls. I am in a happy mood today. My babysitting business is starting to pick up and I should be full by Sept, I actually having a waiting list. Things are looking up. Now if I could just get backing to eating properly and exercising then life would be great. I am going to go through the recipie section and then make a list to head to the store. I am going to start phase one tomorrow. Goodness how many time have I said that one. Well maybe now that I am heading to a happy place mentally it will make things easier.
Well girls have a great day I am off the recipie section.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Hi guys - checking in late today. I looked this a.m. but didn't see a new thread so I thought I'd check back in in a bit - it didn't happen. DF and I are about to go mountain biking, so lots of cardio today Lots of Fun too!!

Ruth - I have a picture of the village you live in. I'm sure it's nothing like the real thing but it sure is beautiful - especially with you running around taking care of everyone

cottage - I have a build a bear haha!! I love him though. Friend gave me a back packing one for christmas one year. He's a black bear with a pack and tevas. Very cute!

soon - how's the dress shopping going? The one you liked is similiar to mine but mine is much more simple. I REALLY like the one you found though! It's amazing!! Good luck shopping!

RNMOM - prayers and good thoughts for your soldier! I hope he adjusts quickly to the heat. Bet he got tired of our complaining about it here

barb - I've been thinking that I need to go. I've never been. Grew up on the beach and am molie I did take very good care of my skin as a kid though. I'm going to make the appointment and get checked out. Thanks!

me - realizing today that I'm eating better and exercising but somehow it's peripheral at best. I don't know if that makes sense...it's like I'm doing all of this but if something more exciting came along - I'd do that too. If something stopped me from working out today - I'd be okay with it. If someone said I had to eat cake, I wouldn't freak - I'd eat the cake. It's like the passion and motivation is missing I'm just going through movements...they happen to be the right ones. Does that make sense?? I need to find a way to get pumped about losing weight and getting healthy! I won't make it to my goal if I don't....or is it possible that I've adjusted to the lifestyle and there's just no drama???? Probably not but a girl can hope. Any ideas??
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