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Default Totally Awesome Tuesday Chat

Morning girlies!

I had a fabulous night of sleep last night. Ahhhh....... I also had climbed into bed around 8:30 or so. DD climbed in while we read and then went to her bed for lights out.

Louren I have taught either 4th or 5th grade for the last 15 years. This year I will be a Title 1 teacher, where I pull groups of struggling kids and go into classrooms to work with kids and teachers. I am very excited!

Eating was perfect yesterday! I just need to make a plan to get exercise in as that is what is going to get me to goal. I think I have adjusted my eating all I can at this point, time to kick this body into gear!

I will check back later if there is time. Drink your water, eat what you have planned, and have a super day.
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Rise n Shine The hummingbirds are all zzzip zzip zzippin by the feeder--and the hugical butterflies are flutterin on the Budelia bush..I'm enjoyin a cuppa cawfee, and am about to make an aspargus/mozerrella omelette then hit the treadmill.
Stirfry Chicken and salad on the menu tonight!
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howdy - I'm rising slowly today. I wish I drank coffee! I could use some right now. I got up early for a body pump class and they don't offer it at a time I can take on Tuesdays....huh. I could've slept longer.

okay, confession time. I had the weekend cheats and was all read to get back on track yesterrday. I'd even lost weight! Then a client brought in chocolate from her favorite store. She didn't have an appt - just brought it in for me. I ate it. (it wasn't a lot, but still...that's three days of sweets). So my weight is up and my face is swollen and I'm exhausted! I know it's water weight so I'm not worried about that part - but I need to get back on track! Off to the gym soon to take a spin class. That will kick my butt into gear!

I tried to talk to DF yesterday about the way we think of meal planning. We plan meat and side dishes. So I said we should start thinking about veggies first and let the meat be our side dish - just so we really think to eat enough veggies in a day. He said "I'm not going to do it." huh??????!!!! What was so horrible about that? They can be so wierd some times! He finally realized he can think what he wants - we're still eating more veggies. It's already happened.
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Good Morning!
I was up early researching the area where I'll be vacationing next week, and trying to plan a meeting place for Beachgal and I to get together. What a nice time for my printer to act up!
We are having some beautiful weather today, the humidity finally dropped and we can go outside again! So that's where the girls and I will be most of the day. Cindy has a polo game tonight, so I may bring the girls here or we might go see her game. It's hard to keep them focused on the game and I end up missing most of the action because I'm attending to them, but we'll see.

Kiko ~ to you for getting back on track! I think once all my vacation time is over, I'll be able to get my focus back on track, too. I haven't been too bad, but not exactly 100% OP, either!

Schatzi ~ I'm enjoying my coffee with ya! Your chicken stir-fry sounds like a good idea for tonight!

grasshopper ~ Chocolate! That's what I've been craving (and eating) the past few days, too. At least mine's all gone now and out of the house! As far as your meal planning goes, I bet if you just make more veggie dishes along with your meat, your DF probably won't even notice. I do all kinds of sneaky things with our meals, such as shredding zucchini into tomato sauces, etc., and Jake doesn't even know it. And this is a man who says he will NEVER eat zucchini!

Gotta run, it's getting late and I have to start work early today. See you all later!
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Goal: A Healthy Me
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Default 226

226 - that's my number. Cholesterol that is. I'm 29, not overweight (although I still have a few pounds I'd like to lose, I'm at a healthy weight for my height), and I eat relatively healthy. I've been doing SB since february and although I've been mostly off the past month that number just floored me. My father had his first heart attack at 34. I don't want to be like that. Until now I've been able to play it off to his unhealthy eating, weight, and drinking (at that time). Now I'm scared.
Time to get back on board SBD. I go to an osteopathic doctor and she recommended taking benefiber 20 minutes before my biggest meal to help block cholesterol apsorbtion (I think this was also mentioned in the book?). Also recommended reast yeast rice (a supplement to lower chol.) and ginseng to help with energy to help me get back in the exercise habit. Does anyone have any info on success with either of these? I know with the exercise once I get back into it, it will give me energy to keep going but it's sooooo hard getting up at 4:30 to do it.

So, back to P1 for me for 2 weeks. I'm a little pissed at myself b/c I totally spaced on bringing a lunch today, but I'll just have to go out and find a salad somewhere. Also this time I'm going to switch to egg whites and limit my cheese. Might also be the time to switch to skim milk from 2%. *shudder* I don't mind in my coffee, but I don't know if I can handle it to sit down and drink a glass of milk.

Cottage - do you mind me asking whereabouts you're vacationing? I grew up in Ithaca and just this past weekend we went camping at Sampson State park on the east side of Seneca Lake. It's sooooo beautiful around there. Do you drink wine? There are some great wineries in the area!
Grasshopper - that's a good plan on the veggies. I find the less I talk to DH about the specifics for healthy eating the less complaining I get from him. I do the shopping and just buy what I want for meals (things that I know he doesn't mind....it's not like I'm forcing him to eat brussel sprouts). If it's already in the house he's more likely to eat it.
Kiko - WTG on the eating!! I can't believe how early school starts in the south....we've got a whole month to go up here.
Schatzi - morning!
~ Kelly

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Kiko - I climb in Brian's full sized bed to read to him every night. I love that ritual. We're reading the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe now that we finished the Little House on the Prairie series. I've been moving his bedtime back earlier again to get him ready for school to start on Monday. At least next year the start date will be the fourth Monday in August for all of Texas. I just wonder what that will do to the end date? Exercise seems to make a huge difference in losing for me too but partly it seems like I am more likely to stay OP when I am exercising regularly. Or am I more likely to exercise when I am OP?

Schatzi - That omelet sounds good! Brian had Southwest Eggbeaters and a slice of RF swiss wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla for breakfast with a slice of turkey bacon. That has to be a healthy meal for a 9 year old. I can't believe I used to feed him Poptarts!

little grasshopper - My DH doesn't want to eat as many veggies as I eat either. Often he eats more meat and a smaller portion of veggies. Sometimes I cook an extra veggie just for me. Last night I made the Chipotle Beef Burrito. DH had said before that he would like it better if it just had more ground beef and less beans and Brian and I have said we would like it better if it had more beans and less meat. No problem. After I had added everything but the beans and spinach, I removed a cup of the meat mixture for him and then added the veggies. He ate a little of the mixture with the veggies and mostly the mixture without. He was happy and we were happy. And at least I knew the meat was 98% lean. I often do chop up veggies in the chopper to add to dishes too.

cottage - I wish I could meet up too. But Kiko and I haven't even managed to find time to meet up and we live close!

kelly - How is your cholesterol ratio? Mine is really good because the olive oil raises the good cholesterol. Some doctors think that is more important than the total. I eat oatmeal almost every day and that is said to lower cholesterol too. You might switch from 2% - 1% for a week or so to get used to the taste and then go to skim. I also put some SF DaVinci syrup in my skim milk to help the flavor. If you've been mostly off SBD the past month, then that may be what has raised your cholesterol.

me - I got in 70 min. at the gym yesterday which is good since I have a couple of nights this week with evening activities so I won't be able to make it to the gym. Oh, I made Portobella Mushroom pizzas the other night. They were a little bit liquidy. Has anyone come up with a solution for that? Maybe I just needed to try a different recipe. I loved them though (but I used mini-Boboli for Brian's and ended up eating some ).
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Good Morning Ladies

Its getting humid again,DH Had to put the A/C on Downstairs around 6 AM as he had trouble breathing again.Wish it would have stayed like we had yesterday we had a cool brease all day,coming off the ocean,and was it refreshing.

Well Gals I'm NOT the super hero like you think I am. I'm back up a little as I was having too many veggies on the Atkins Plan.Have to go back to weighing & measuring,before I go slipping back to my original weight.

KIKOThats a great feeling when everything goes your way. You're exercise & eating plan sounds terrific.Keep beaching.

ShatziI love those little birdies in the morning, We have one[song sparrow] that dancers on on A/C and than starts cherping away.Thats they only thing we love about the summer.

Little Grasshopper=Your weight will come off,just leave the chocolate alone and big congrat getting back on the beach again.

Cottage-Have a wonderful time on youre vacation not matter where you go.

Have a nice day Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

2010 lost 9 lbs.
2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.
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Come on Spring!
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Holy Beach Bunnies! I'll never catch up!

I was up at 5 as usual and fed the Girls but didn't make coffee. I then went back to bed and slept until just now! I can't believe it! I guess my weekend tuckered me out.

Kiko,"Drink your water, eat what you have planned should be posted on my fridge for today. Good for you being perfect yesterday - I wasn't. My ready-to-go pork smelled "off" so I ended up having a wrap at the Long Horn. needed here.

Schatzi, it sounds pretty magical at your place. My hummers aren't visiting the feeder as often now that there are lots of flowers. I must plant a Buddleia near the deck for them.

Grasshopper. you always sound so chirpy. Sorry about the b**** from **** yesterday but it sounds as if you coped well. Keep shoving those veggies into DF.

Cottage, the Finger Lakes area is just lovely! I've not been down there for about ten years but must wander down again. Of course meeting Beachgal will be wonderful - she is the sweetest and most enthusiastic person in the world! Give her a huge hug for me.

Kelly, bummer about the cholesterol reading! South Beach brought mine down a bit but my doc still put me on a low dose of meds. From what I've been reading, garlic capsules, salmon oil and Metamucil/Benefiber or ground flax also will help.

Barb, i love hearing about you and your Brian! The best part of my busy day used to be reading the bedtime stories to my babes.

BeachBum, sorry it's getting humid again. Was it worse this summer than last? At least we have air conditioners. Lots of folks in Delta don't and I am very careful to not mention that I do. They might decide to move in!

Despite my late start, I need to get lots done today as usual. At least it's cooler today - for now. There are several strips of weeds in my garden rows that need to be cut down before they go to seed and I want to do some baking to freeze for the Church sale that will happen when I'm away. I am going to Indiana for a week and will spend some time with Jane who MODs Jaded Ladies and then meet up with my garden biddies for our annual gabfest. It will be fun and a good break. I am planning little mini-trips for fall, either by car of plane depending on my bank account.

Better get with it. Have a glorious day.
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Mornin' Ya'll

I am so disappointed, corporate has put a monitor on internet use at the office. So that's why I haven't been on in a while. I have a few min each day and by the time I get caught up with info and everyone I have to log out. So this morning, I thougth I'd say HEY to everybody. And when I get a few min at home I'll post to everyone.

I'm here in spirit, and lurking when I can!!!

Good luck to all on the program and take care
Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, And dance like no one's watching.
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gotta lose it!
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Morning all. Well I'm feeling better, still not talking to my sister, but she'll cave. I went to my AVON meeting last night, I won a few things, that made me happy. I shopped online last night for a wedding gown, found one that I really like. It's the June gown on PC Mary's site.
I'm off to get ready for work, hope everyone has a great day!!

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. Swedish Proverb
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Default Hello

Hi everyone, sounds like you are all busy. I need to get that way but just can't seem to budge...I'm going to go running and see if that doesn't get me going. Was OP for phase one yesterday, I actually feel better today then I have for awhile. Need to increase the water thing. I'm needin' a little fiber too, feeling slugish if you know what I mean.

soon, link us to the gown...........I love wedding dresses!'

Tammy, sorry about the bummer of internet use at work....I guess I can understand that sort of stuff, do miss you!

Ruth, mini-trips sounds much more fun that big trips. Recovery should be easier. Have a blast!

beachbum, you are a HERO! Can you have too many veggies?

Barb, so cool that Brian eats healthy food!

Kelly, exercise and increase of good fiber should help that number, oatmeal is yummy stuff.

cottage, how cool that you and beachgal might meet! Take a picture to post OK????

littlegrasshopper, don't beat yourself up, drink lots of water today!!!!

Schatzi, any luck with the land hunt? Sounds like your current place is pretty delightful, flowers, humminbirds.......................so relaxing!

Kiko, good night sleep is good for weight loss they say. Congrats on getting some of that.

Well, I do need to get busy. My fridge is starting to plot against me and is getting ready for an assault...it's time to make a defensive move against it!

Hugs to all
Heaviest ever! 190.5
Current weight is 178.5
In 2004 I started the incredible journey of SB and lost 53.5 pounds! I am ready to find that road again!

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hi guys - slow start today. I tried to workout. really did. The spin class was yesterday - my own bike was rebuilt by DF and the chain broke - so I got a walk in, as I walked my bike back home again. ug. I then did lots of stretches and ab stuff. Legs, and arms with stuff I had at home. But it gives me a chance to catch up here.

Soon - i looked on the net for a long time before friends finally talked me into actually trying ON the dresses. I found that the ones I liked on line didn't look good on me at all. The dress I ended up with and LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE is one I never in a million years would have thought I could wear. I never even considered it! So go try on tons of dresses - you'll know the one when you put it on. You'll be ready to get married, right there on the spot. You'll feel beautiful!!

Kelly - I agree with the ratio comment...think about the northern countries and territories where they eat so much whale. Their numbers can be as high as 600 but they're some of the healthiest people on the planet because of the ratio. The only other thing I can offer is that my natural doc swears the body processes runny egg yoke a lot better than hard cooked...so eggs soft boiled or over easy with runny yoke are okay for cholestoral - not cooked solid though. So when you HAVE to have a whole egg - there you go Also consider, it may be genetic. And there are many MANY studies now that say cholesteral isn't the killer - it's the sugar in the foods that most people with high numbers are eating that is causing the problems! (I'd ask you Osteo about it though )

Beach Bum- you're doing a good job figuring out your body aren't you! Eat what FEELS right. It's so hard to take the time to ask yourself if this is REALLY going to be good for you. I think our bodies know - we just don't listen well! haha!! Chocolate has to be good for me, right?

Ruth - as busy as you stay - if you slept this long, you NEEDED it! I hope you slept well!!

Barb - the funny thing is that he eats more veggies than me - he just didn't want to change his THINKING for some reason. He's hardly ever an "I won't do it" kind of guy - but this got him for some reason. It's almost funny.
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BTW - soon - I looked up the dress - it's BEAUTIFUL!!!
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