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Default If you really want to feel bad about eating something...

look up its nutritional info!

I had a small jamocha shake from baskin-robbins last night...I estimated they put about 3 scoops of ice cream in there. 840 calories and 48 grams of fat later...I want to cry!

I wouldn't ever eat Reese's cups growing up because I saw how much fat they had once! What happened to that will power?

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Uh huh, I know all about that. At one of those traditional American resturant chains, I thought what I was eating couldn't be that bad... I mean, BBQ ribs and some nachos? But come to find out, I was consuming 2800 calories. I almost fainted. And, it explained my weight gain (I ate this stuff 3x a week, mind you). I try to be alot more careful with restaurant food. Any food that is not homemade I try to automatically assume the worst. I'm usually right, too.

Even my own food isn't always great unless I'm watchful of what it is and what I'm putting in there. I've been on this pecan pie thing for a week now, and I cook the traditional southern pie staight from my grandma's recipe book. I decided to add up all the ingredients I've been putting in there.... it's about 3400 calories per pie. ::dies::

I am not even going to complain about gaining 2lbs this past week... I know how and why it got there.
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Isn't it insane what we think of as a normal portion? And after years of eating that way, it's really hard to get used to normal portion sizes. That's why I'm really encouraged by counting calories, though I've avoided it for several years. <sigh> It's amazing to me that I can eat so much by lunch but only have consumed 500 or 600 cals...veggies and lean proteins really don't cost you much. But I'm amazed at the cal/fat for nuts...no wonder overindulging in those slows our loss immediately!

Jessie, are you craving? I have to admit that when I started SBD, I finally was able to admit that my will power would never be a decent match for my cravings...it took getting rid of the cravings (by following SBD and not eating sugar and simple carbs) that helped me finally lose weight and stick to an eating plan. When I'm craving, I just can't control myself for long. That's not a bad thing, hon. It's just honest truth and a result of what sugar does to us, and how awful high fructose corn syrup can be. Try doing Phase 1 until your cravings go away if you are having some...and avoid sugar like the plague. I bet, even after all those calories and all that fat, that you were hungry for more before you even finished the shake. It's an awful thing. I've been there and can't say I'll never be there again, but I know you can get away from it and to a place where you can eat and feel full and not be horrified at the amount of calories in your food.
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