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Come on Spring!
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Default "Monday, Monday!" Chat for July 17

Good morning and the new work week is about to begin. I keep thinking about Mama Cass every Monday. (By the way, she died of a heart attack at age 33, not of choking on a ham sandwich. That's an urban legend.)

This week, except for Wednesday, should be relatively peaceful after last weeks horror-show. Today will be an at home day, although I may go over to the Library in the next town for some books this evening. I just cannot be out of reading in summer!

The Girls are lying in the shade on the deck but will be wanting in soon. Our forecast is for very hot weather (the 90's) for the rest of the week. Can you say salads and BBQ for the week's menu?

It's time to do a bit of weeding before the heat really sets in.

What's on your Beach Agenda for today?
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Default Monday Beach Chat - July 17

Time to Conquer the Day Beachers!!

I've got my big mug of cawfee, and will be heading out to water the flowers before it hits the predicted 100 degrees ... Thought I'd start us up fer the day and come back in a bit to
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Default Newbee (sort of) on the Beach

Good morning from CT! Going for a bike ride here before it tops 100 degrees.

I'm doing a modified start to this diet - trying to use up what I have in the house first before doing a major shopping (a friend of mine and I are starting something new - we go shopping once a month at some price clubs and reduced price stores like Aldi then just quick picks for produce during the month). My pediatrician asked me to watch the carbs with my older child - that we have a great opportunity to train him before puberty really sets in.

As for me, I'm at my peak and the end of my rope. I am looking for something that will work consistently and that I can live with. Have tried a few other plans, lost 10-11 lbs then put it back on. The most successful I have been was with Weight Watchers (lost 25 lbs) but that also came back quickly (10 lbs a year) and the points thing is just too much of a pain to follow - I am looking for something without tons of rules.

Did pick up an ellipter and a smith machine earlier in the year so I hope to create more of a routine.

The information on these boards was terrific. Totally defines the diet in terms I can grasp - I had tried it once before but the recipies were just too glam for me - with two kids, I can't spend that much time in the kitchen with prep work and to have something different for lunch every day was actually more frustrating. I am taking the quick and easy cookbook out of the library this week.

Thanks again for all the great posts.

The Big Picture - for November 2007 (wedding of a friend)

June 20th Goal

Carrot for each 10lb loss:
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100*!!!! And it's going to stay that hot all week, ouch! I was outside already this morning too, Schatzi, giving my flowers a good soaking so they won't wilt in this heat. I'm going to try to get some housework done this morning before I go babysit. I won't be getting home until around 7:30 this evening, so it'll be a long day.
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Good morning to all. I started the sbd a week ago today. I did really good all week, and then came the weekend. I didnt do to bad but i had a picinic i had to go to and i had a hamburger without the bun ( which was good) But i also had some potatoes and a few diet pops. So i feel really bad that i did that.
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Morning Chickies! Been a while since I've posted. Been under a ton of stress lately and seem to have lost track of my beach towel. I'm hoping I find it soon.
Last week DD (4) had tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed. Everything went really well and she's already back to normal, but going in to it I was a wreck. Food had been pretty off-plan and I can't remember the last time I ate a veggie. I'll be going shopping today and will try to stock up on some in-season things. The budget is really tight right now so I don't know if I'll be able to go totally back to P1, but I'm going to try to make the best choices I can.
I've been trying to read posts here and there, but I think I've missed a lot. to all the newbies!
~ Kelly

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Thumbs up

Good morning ladies!

I was so busy this weekend! Between running kiddos here and there and church activities I feel like I didn't even have a weekend!

You'll never guess what the scale said today!? 229.5!!

Is this right? 5.5 pounds since Friday morning?? I haven't seen the 220's in a year! Wow!

Anyway, my plan for today is to get my house back in order from the weekend, entertain a friend and her little ones this afternoon, and get cought up on laundry. I would also like to dust off the ol' treadmill and take it for spin...but I'm trying to take this new lifestyle bit by bit so I don't burn out, KWIM?

Have a great day on the beach! Pass the sunscreen!

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Come on Spring!
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Erika, it's definitely possible. You are detoxing and flushing out. Take it easy on the treadmill - the first week on Phase One can make you a bit tired.
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Good Morning Everyone,

It is heating up here in South Carolina also.. Ruth BBQ and salads sound great.

I am re----starting Phase I today, fell off the wagon on the 4th so bad I was knocked into a "sugar coma" for 2 weeks. LOL.

I had a really BAD physical this year, weight up, cholesterol up (LDL up, HDL down). Nurse practioner suggested I follow the AHA diet eating 1800 calories a day, with minimum of 6 breads and 3 fruits. That lasted one day, I just pulled out my SBD book and reread and decided to get my but in gear, I have to have re-check in 3 months. Oh yeah, 2 inch increase in abdominal fat. What do I need??? South Beach and Dr. Agaston!!!

Stay cool chickies!!

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Morning gals!!

Ruth An uneventful week for you?? Hmmm.... we shall see if this holds up for you.

Schatzi and Cottage I hear you about soaking the flowerbeds before the heat- I watered my poor flowers last night and they were soaking in every drop!

Kelly Welcome back!! I am glad to hear that all went well with your DD's surgery- I am sure that was nerve-wracking!!!

Erika That is awesome on your weightloss since Friday. Isn't it so motivating????

Limbo You can get as creative or stay as practical with this way of eating as you want. I have 2 young kids- 4 1/2 and 13 months. They eat whatever I eat- I just always add a starch to their dinner. Chicken breast, boneless pork chops, burgers, there are so many easy things you can cook that really require no prep work. I typically make a bit extra for dinner and then that is always what I eat for lunch the next day. You can make it work for you!!

50 Don't beat yourself up- just pick up and move on today!

Me- We are having a friend of DD's over late afternoon and then for a sleepover. Poor kid hasn't had one playdate since we have been back from NY, so I thought she would have a blast! We are picking her friend up this afternoon after the baby's nap. Other than that, the always present laundry and tidying up the house!
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South Beach Life Style
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My dog (Kado) had her pups on the 12th of July, she went up under the house to do so, and Where she went I was told that know one could get to , that I would just have to wait it out till she brought the pups out in a few weeks, Well I just couldnt handle that! so Yesterday, I started up under the house, and I made it all the way and brought out the pups she had 6 pups,, yes,, 6 pups, the funny thing about it is, she helped me along, she would nudge the puppies, and she carried two out.. I thought it was pretty neat, she had tried to get me to go with her several time under the house, she would keep coming and getting me and such... ...

We have been moving the Pavilion and the Office at Amos Run Hunting Club, for those I email I will make sure to email you some pics of our big move.. pretty neat pics.. Food has been as well as can be expected, I did drink some beer this weekend,, but today is WATER,, I will be drinking it like I stole it...LOL... Take Care everyone and Sorry I am not catching up all too well.
Crock 02/06/06 back again 12/07
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Come on Spring!
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Oh, Ms Crockett, CONGRATULATIONS on being a Grandma! I had forgotten about the pups coming. It sounds like your dog is pretty bonded to you. Of course she'd go under the porch; they are den animals. I bet they will be darling when their eyes open at 10 days or so.
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Default Good morning!

Hi everyone, it's Monday and I'm ready to tackle the house. Got to spend the weekend in the ER and it was about like I expected it to be. Something about hot weather and sunshine brings out the carelessness in people. By the time I got home last night I felt like I had been beat up. Of course it didn't help that I went out of town AFTER work on Saturday to go to my 30 year class reunion and the got up in the wee hours of the morning to go back to work yesterday. The class reunion was a blast, some of the class I hadn't seen for 30 years! I graduated from a class of 115 so we were all pretty good friends and have stayed that way over the years.

Anyway, I ate OP at the dinner except a small amount of fruit. I couldn't resist it. I was glad I had done the phase 1 again because earlier in the day I went shopping for clothes and got a cute outfit to wear. Wednesday is the first day of phase 2 and I'm nervous because I've been bad before about adding carbs back so I'm really going to have to plan meals for that.

Sounds like everyone is pretty much enjoying lots of hot weather. It's amazing how it dictates our days........weed before it gets too hot, exercise before it gets too hot...

Well, I'm off to do my Saturday cleaning and figure out what to eat for dinner. Everyone take care and drink plenty of water!
Heaviest ever! 190.5
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Good afternoon ya'll

Man is it HOT!! Our weekend was pretty uneventful, stayed OP most of the time, just a little slippage...but I felt obligated. My DS girlfriend came over yesterday and was baking him a cake and you know how you get I just had to try a piece to make "her" feel good, But anyway it was just a small one and I think I can bounce back.

Made big ole' salads last night for DH & myself for our lunches. I'm getting to go to lunch now and I'm looking forward to it YUM!!!

I hope everybody is having a great day, keep cool out there and don't let yourself get run down in the heat!!!

Take care
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hey chicks just a quickie, I worked all weekend and then we were at the lake with dh family- I have one wee one sleeping, one DH sleeping, one playing with lego one in her room and one waiting for the computer. Hope you guys all have a great day. I will be back probably not til tomorrow, have a great day.

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