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Default Returning South Beacher

Hi all, not sure if any of you would remember me, I was a South Beacher about 6 months ago. Well, a lot has happened in that time, and I'm back on the old Beach to try and shift the last pesky pounds.

Basically my husband decided he needed to 'get his head together' (tm) which involved moving to the other side of the country away from me and 8 month daughter. First I heard that he wasn't coming home was when he took a 40year old working girl and her 4 kids to his dad's 60th birthday party. I subsequently divorced him, and my absolute should be through on the 3rd of August. I came off the SBD as when he left I basically stopped eating (The Famous Divorce Diet), and I thought it would be dangerous to restrict my already limited calorie intake. I dropped nearly 2 stone (I did start eating normally again, I hasten to add!!) but recently have hit a plateau, and so am trying again as of tomorrow, as I found teh SBD the easiest to shift the pounds and make me feel like I wasn't on a diet!

So the Veggie Quiche cups have been made for tomorrow (I'm sorry, but how can anyone live on just 2? They're tiny, and I only made 9 with the mixtue!! Oh dear, cheating already this isn't good!) and I'm following the books meal plan exactly to make sure I get it right. Hopefully I can arry on finding help and supprt here!
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So sorry for all you've been through, Oberon. It sounds horrible.

Glad that you're making positive changes in your life, though. Being healthy for your kids and for yourself is so important! You might consider, if you can afford it, to see a doctor or nutritionist about your diet. If you've restricted your calories to a very tiny amount (even unintentionally), you may have messed with your metabolism to the extent that SBD won't work as well or the same way as it used to. It would be worth talking with a professional to see what they have to say about how to get your metabolism back on track. For example, your body may think that even though it's getting food now, it won't very soon, so it may hold on to your fat stores just in case. I just don't want you to feel frustrated if things don't go the same as they did last time.

That said, SBD is such a healthy way of eating that I'm sure you'll feel much better on it...and in time things should be much better as your body readjusts.

Glad to have you back!
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Thanks for the advice - I had a checkup not so long ago, and everything seems to be okay. Looking forward to losing those last pesky pounds, as I eat pretty healthily anyways - cheese at night is my big downfall. Stilton on crackers, and I can't half get through that!
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Welcome back Oberon! Wow, a lot of changes in your life you know we'll all help you anyway we can!
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