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Old 05-30-2006, 07:20 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default Torrid Tuesday Chat

Well, I don't know what it's like where you are but we are in our first heatwave of the summer. Today is the day I will finally turn on the air conditioner. The eastern province is under a smog alert but things are fine here. The cities must be terrible!

I gardened until 11 yesterday and then gave up before I melted. The Girls and I sat in the shade on the back deck until after lunch and then retreated to the house where it was cooler. A real goof-off day! It was even too hot for my plant scrounging friends to come.

Kevin comes this morning to level my AC which seems to have sunk about 6" on one side. He's bringing a patio stone and I'm sure glad he can lug it, not me! I intend to continue to read my book, do a bit of hand sewing, drink water and pet the Girls. It'll be a quiet day around here, I hope.

So what cool thing are you planning for this torrid Tuesday?
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Ready to Change
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Morning Ruth, me I am stuck here at work wishing that I was at home. It is going to be a great sunny day here as well. I can't wait til I leave this job- I am on the count down - if all goes well I am done the end of June. I have been busy the last few days I tore off my front deck all by myself and then on the week end had my dance show. Wish I could say I was back on the beach but will be soon, I have been eating better just because I am back here with you guys well I have to dash before I get caught. Have a great day girls.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Good morning beachers!

And a happy tuesday to you all - I know I'm already enjoying this short week, since May 29 is a holiday in the UK too. I had a nice, long, busy weekend since my mom was in town visiting. Friday we went sightseeing and took a river cruise down the Thames which was beautiful, then had dinner with my boyfriend's family. It was the first meeting of the families, stressful (for me) but a great time was had by all. After my mom left on Saturday evening I finally got to kick back and enjoy some quality time with the boyfriend, much needed! The roomates were out of town and the weather was terrible, so we just enjoyed the empty house and cuddled up on the couch with some good movies and conversation. It was great!

I weighed myself when I got into work today, and despite being really naughty eating out almost every night while mom was here I still lost 2 pounds last week! That's 7 total so far and I should move on to P2 now, but I think I'll stick it out on P1 for another week to make up for that tiramisu I had thursday night Mmmm, it was good though...

Ruth - I'm glad to hear you didn't have to work TOO hard in the garden, sounds like you had a nice way of enjoying the hot weather anyway! Enjoy your terrific Tuesday, hopefully the weather will stay nice and sunny for you.

June mini-goal - 10 lbs!!
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Ta daaaa!!!!! That's what I was saying over the weekend, when I discovered that I can do a cartwheel again! (In the past several years, I just didn't think it sensible to ask my arms to support my weight).

But it's okay now! And what reason, you might ask, does a 29-year-old journalist have for cartwheeling? Well, I'll tell you. It's because my weekly weigh-in shows me to be at 199.5 pounds! That's right, ladies, ONEderland! Yay!!

Hope everyone else had nice, relaxing weekends. I actually ended up going off plan, but only briefly. My niece insisted on feeding me four fruit juice jelly bites and three pieces of pineapple. But I went to a cookout and resisted kahlua truffle cake and the most massive chocolate chip brownies I've ever seen! (I had chicken, veggies and fresh fruit for dessert).

Ruth -- It just doesn't seem like you had any spring to speak of, girl! Enjoy your quiet day!

Schmellie -- your weekend sounds terrific. Of course, I'm of the opinion anyone in London is automatically having more fun than me.

little chick -- Morning! What type of dance show?

Have a great day, ladies!
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Goal: A Healthy Me
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Good morning Chicks! What a beautiful weekend we had around here. I don't think I stopped moving for more than 5 minutes but it was a great time. I wasn't an with staying OP but I don't think I did too badly. Friday we had a rehearsal dinner where I had a hot dog and veggies for dinner. Saturday was the wedding (DH was the best man) and I managed to stay OP there - kept myself to only a few glasses of wine, too. Sunday was pretty much not OP because I went on a winery tour with a bunch of people I haven't seen in ages. I had more carbs than I should have but tried to watch my portions and everytime we got back on the bus I drank water until the next stop to keep me hydrated. I enjoyed myself entirely though and it was worth the pound I was up this morning. It felt so good to get out and have fun. I learned a very important lesson this weekend .... I love wine! LOL

Today is DD's 4th birthday. I'm excited for her but a little sad that my little girl is growing up. Tonight we're doing presents and ice cream sundaes (I'm going to try to keep mine small) and on Saturday we're doing her party. I have so much to get done this week!

I'm going to try to catch up on the board - I hope everyone has a great day!
~ Kelly

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just a few more...
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Ruth-here's to that lowkey day you've got planned! I hope that it all happens.

Little chick-good luck on that countdown, hoep it doesn't get too endless

Schmellie-good for you making it through all the family events!! And not gorging due to stress, lol

Sunlit-you did great if you avoided the brownie and cake, and who can resist a little fruit bite from a neice? You go girl with the cartwheels!!

Keylly-happy birthday to that little girl, sorry it's kinda bittersweet-

As for me-it was a pretty mellow weekend, did some berry picking-mmmmmmm, some swimming although still too cold for me and a cookout but our friends gave us about 10lbs of fresh caught tuna steaks, toooo delish and kept me away from the nitrate tubes aka hot dogs...

ok now I've got to get a couple lbs off betfore Thursday so I can claima loss for the month. I think I'm maybe down 1.5 but I desperately trying to break through my latest weight barrier...with all the stinking exercise I've done this month I really expected better results, I guess I need to focus a bit closer at the old eating plan...

I will not surrender. I will not turn against myself when things get tough. I will never show weakness on the outside. The tougher and tighter the situation the more I will love it.
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Good morning, good morning! Just sipping on my CAWFEE (where is Schatzi by the way??) trying to get motivated for the day.

Made it through my Memorial Day weekend OP with the exception of a big habdful of Goldfish crackers on Saturday night. My weight is up though- still need to remember portion control!!!

Kelly Happy birthday to your DD. The baby is one on the 9th and I just can't believe a whole year has already passed.

Barb Doesn't sound like your 3 day weekend was at all relaxing. Hope you get some down time today!

Bat Don't get frustrated- your body is building muscle!!

SunLit WTG on hitting one-derland!!

LC Get yourself back on the beach! It feels great!! (corny- I know!)

Ruth Glad you allowed yourself a relaxing day!!

Okay- need more java and need to get a grocery list together. DH and DD are determined to make homemade pizza tonight. We have plenty of WW flour, although I may make mine on portabella mushrooms. Yum!
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Grrr, second try at posting. I wasn't logged in the first time and lost everything I wrote
Well our weekend was uneventful. DS was sick until Sunday night. We could have went out on the boat Monday but I didn't want to deter DS recovery. So we stayed around the house and did yard work. The darn mole crickets and crab grass are trying to take over.

I figured out why I didn't have cravings until the end of phase I...PMS! I didn't realize it until I started about a week early. I've also gained 2lbs.
I'm hoping it's because of TOM and water retention. So I'm going to stay off the scale until I'm done so I don't get discouraged.
I'm starting phase II today. I'm a little worried about it. My plan is to have one good carb a day this week and see how it goes. Wish me luck.

I had more posted with my first try...sorry I can't respond to everyone this time, I've got to get to work.
I'll check back later.

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hottie inside
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Hello Chickies!

My weekend was pretty uneventful, but relaxing. Planted some flowers and got my house looking ready for summer. We had a few cookouts with some neighbors and stayed pretty much OP all weekend with the exception of bbq sauce. Why does everyone have to put it on everything they grill?!? I guess I really didn't get too much of it since it was just on the outside, but I'm sure I had more than I should have. I wish I could find the SF bbq sauce in my area...DH likes to put it on everything too. I am going to have to just make some myself with my LC ketchup.

Well, have a great OP day!


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Hi everyone...yes, I am still here, mostly lurking.

My weight loss has stalled in the past month even though I have been pretty much on the SBD program. This weekend we went camping with some friends who took us on some WICKED hikes and lo and behold, two pounds down this AM.

What better proof that EXERCISE needs to be added to my routine?

Glad to see some familiar chicks and some new ones. Have a great week, everyone!
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'ello ladies. Well I'm back from wv. Thought I had lost 3 lbs but turns out my moms scale was not the same as mine and I only lost 1. I couldn't excersize much while I was visiting so hopefully now that I'm back home I can excersize more. poo!
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it's the courage to continue that counts." --Winston Churchill\

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Morning. I'm up a couple of pounds from the weekend but I hope its water retention. I know I didn't eat healthy at the Renaissance Fair (there weren't any good choices). Yesterday I was pretty much stuck to my computer
Barbara - Started South Beach 5/22/4 Restarting 8/15/16
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i'm so down today.
no idea why. i don't wanna work i don't wanna be on the pc i don't wanna do anything...just. blah.
oh well.
hopefully everyone else is having a good day...
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Lose that Baby Weight!
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Just a quick post by then I have to go get my DH from work...Things are going well here. Almost at my goal for exercise this month. Still have to get a training run in tonight...Hope you all have a fab day!

ruth - enjoy your quiet day

little chick - wow you have been busy. Have a great day !

schmellie - Congrats on losing those lbs...

sunlit - haha rofl on the cartwheel...it truly is the little things in life eh? congrats on reaching onederland! I cannot believe you resisted those desserts...that truly is an accomplishment.

kelly - Happy bday to your DD!

batmomm - I hear you about needing to focus...

kiko - great job getting through the holiday OP wish I could say the same

wannabehotmama - I am on tom as well, isnt it a bear to try and stay OP during...

wannabehotagain - I love a good cookout, congrats on staying OP all weekend.

socal - stalled is better than gaining!

lottie - One pound is better than none lost right? And now that you are home you can kick it into high gear again.

barb - you and me both on the water retention thing.

lotus - I get those blah feelings...just gotta work through them

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Hi Ladies

Not feeling to well,my tummy hurts. Going on a very light diet today.Last night,after I went to bed[10ish] I had acid relax attact, which went down my wind pipe,and did it sting. I couldn't lye down so I went downstairs and played word games on the computer until 1AM.

The Insurance Adjuster is coming some time today. Leo has to go down again to the police dept to pick up the report.We took pictures of the accident to show them what happened.

I was planning[before Thanksgiving] to be at my goal by my birthday[6/22] but its not going to happened,as Leo took sick and that went out the window. Heres hoping that by the end of 2006 I will be there.

Will post later,Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

2010 lost 9 lbs.
2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.
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