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Old 04-05-2006, 05:30 AM   #1
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Default Happy Hump Day chat!

That's right Chicadees! It's Wednesday HUMP DAY!!!! Time to shake the cobwebs out , Fire up the Cawfee Pot , and Seize the day Gals!!!!!

I'll be back in a bit, haveta go kick up the heat a notch, git out my BIG Cawfee Mug and git my heart started!
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Come on Spring!
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The cobwebs are out and I'm coffeed up. I even remembered to insert my brain which spent the night in a glass jar on the dresser.

The Girls were delighted this morning to see snow on the deck. I am much less delighted because I planned to rake today and it just isn't the same when you rake snow along with leaves!

I will be taking my furkids to doggy daycare shortly as the window dudes are coming this morning. They will put new windows into my back room which will make a big difference. The current ones are thermapane and don't open. They have moisture between the panes and sometimes steam up so you can't even see out of the darn things. What's the point of a window that you can't see out of?

Coffee and muffins will be on the plan this morning - not for me but for the lads. I also will try to get some sewing done while they are here.

What's happening around your beach umbrella today?
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Old 04-05-2006, 07:16 AM   #3
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Good morning Schatzi and Ruth and all you other chicks out there! Well, the sun's a shining and the birds are chirping. That's a good sign! I'm on my first cup of coffee this morning with one eye barely open! You ladies make it sound so inviting to go out on your deck and drink your coffee...unfortunately right now I'd have to walk out my back door and walk all the way around to the back deck(lazy of me heh?) I'm hoping this spring/summer we'll be able to put french doors or sliding glass doors on the back of our house so we can just walk right on out. Well, I better git going I have little rugrats arriving! Have a great day girls! I'll try to peck in later!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Howdy hi, girlies! I just can't get enough sleep, it feels. I woke up going "Already?" today, and I only woke up once last night.

Busy day today. Have to go to work, and then teach 3 piano lessons before coming home and running. DH is off so we may go to the Y, but I'm not sure.

67 and sunny today! WOO HOO! I'm all about the nice weather.

Well, gotta get ready for work. Hope you girls have a lovely day!

July SW: 129
CW: 129
GW: 124
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Default Good Morning

I am having a good morning so far. I get weighed today...do so every wednesday. I'm hoping for another pound off. The painters are coming in today, should be done by the time I get home from work (I had the tiles in the bathroom removed and a new tub surround put in). My mom is staying for the weekend. lots of cleaning to do.

Have a wonderful day!
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Old 04-05-2006, 08:22 AM   #6
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Mornin' ladies,

Trainer just called in sick, and Weezle I'm with ya, too darn early to be getting up! This daylight savings stuff really messes with ya. So Gonna go to the gym and do my eliptical instead.

Have a busy day with orientation at the new company, trying to get everything switched out, luckily my new office is only 2 miles away so that part is definitely easy. My aunt is in town for the evening so we'll have dinner with her. Camping this weekend and I am just so grateful that after such a stressful week I'll have a release.

Hope everyone is doing wonderfully!

Too much - Good luck with your weigh in!

Weezle - Does sound like a busy day! I can relate! One thing I like about those busy days is that I don't have time to sit around and think about munching.

Tar - Enjoy your coffee, goodluck with your rugrats!

Ruth - I agree, no point in windows you can't see out of!

Shatzi - and I don't have cawfee buut I've got my TEEEEEEEEEEEAAAA! Wooha!

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Come on Spring!
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GRRRRRR! I just dropped the Girls off at doggiedaycare and came home to a message. My windows are NOT going to be put in this morning after all as they've not finished making them! "Miscommunication" as John the Lad said. I think he's in trouble with the big boss who called me a few minutes ago and apologized.

So....here I am dogless with a "free" day. Maybe I'll get some sewing done and take another stab at our taxes. I do have tax software but it doesn't seem to be handling medical expenses correctly. Can you tell I used to work for Revenue Canada?

Hmmmm....maybe I'll go get the stuff and make some individual taco bake casseroles to freeze. That is such a yummy recipe!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Happy Wednesday!

I do so enjoy Wednesdays, primarily because it means we're on the downward slope towards the weekend! I should really go out and find a job where I actually look forward to - or at least don't mind coming in to work.

Got on the scale this morning and it has truely been my friend this week. The weight that I put on at the waterpark is shedding nicely - which I'm sure was mostly water weight due to all the salt intake.

Not too much else to report, oh Batmom I tried your chicken enchiladinis receipe - AMAZING!!! I did without the black beans on the bottom, cuz DB and I are not big fans of them, but made a side salad and some green beans as a side too. I must say I was a little leary of all the cottage cheese it calls for, but needless to say it was super nummy! I can't wait to make it again

Schatzi - Cobwebs describe my mornings to a tee. Some mornings it takes me until noon to shake them all out.

Ruth - New windows make such a huge difference. We just got some new ones put in last fall, and once they were in we realized we should've replaced them sooner - what a difference!

Weezle - I am jealous. 67 and sunny, that would be great. It's a sunny one up here in Wisconsin, but we're only supposed to have a high of 50 today. I'll still take it though, the flowers like to poke their heads out at the sun. Our newest dog seems to think they are alien invaders and barks like crazy at them every time we let him out. It's hilarious!

Tar and Too Much - Good Morning!

Sarah - Enjoy camping, I have to get out there and do that one of these weekends, it really is relaxing - and it sure sounds like you'll need it with the changing of jobs.

Have a great OP day everyone!

Life is short, live it to the fullest!

April Weight Loss Goal:

Started SBD on March 1st - 31lbs to goal weight!
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Old 04-05-2006, 09:27 AM   #9
Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Good morning chicks! Well so far I've lost 5 of the many pounds I put on last month. How did I manage to put on so much weight in only a month? Weird! BUt at least it's coming off fairly quickly. I'm running late so no time to do individual replies. Have a great day everyone!
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someday 145
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Morin chicks,
Sounds like everyone is up an about already. I slept in and it felt good, but, now have to get butt in gear. Granddaughter was sent home from school yesterday for her eyes. She has eye allergies and they get runny and yucky, anyway, the school always thinks she has pink eye or something and sends her home. I went off on them. So, today again dd and I are taking her to the allergist to get a letter stating she is on medication for it and this is nothing to be concerned about. Every year. Why can't people look back in records? So, need to take all 8 of my meds and get dressed to get her there in time. Have a great day everyone.
Oh, I posted last in yesterdays tuesday chat about the new Coke Blak. Interesting taste.
Well, out of here, Have a great day everyone.
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Determined Loser!
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Good morning everyon! :flow!:

I started to reintroduce my carbs this week, and I kind of went a little out of control. I think I'm going to go back to phase I for the rest of the week, and then try to add more gradually next week. How did you guys do it? One carb a day?

It's 63 out and sooo sunny! I'm going to walk to work this morning. I love how much it wakes me up for the day. Not being a big coffee drinker, I need something to give me 'umph' in the mornings!

My scale broke on me (I dont like saying 'I broke my scale') a couple weeks ago and I still haven't gotten around to getting a new one. So I still don't know what or if I've lost on phase I!

Anywho... I hope everyone has a really great day, and I'll check in later!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Well hello! I feel SO much better after my morning diet coke. I'm not much of a caffeine-a-holic but I have to have either a pop or some green tea in the morning, otherwise I'll fall asleep at my desk. I've been working here since last June, and I'm STILL not used to getting up early.

Thought I'd tell you all what's going on with the job search. Hollywood has set up another interview (with the Regional Manager) Saturday morning. I told the DM that if the position isn't for Springfield, I can't take it, so I don't want to waste his boss' time. He informed me that he's looking at a future Springfield position, which leads me to believe he may feel that I would be a better candidate for Store Director than one of his current managers. So, we'll see what happens with that.

Then there's Chico's. After a great phone interview with the DM, I finally got my application faxed in to her today. Of the two, Chico's is the one that I would want (better hours and money) but at this point, I'd take either. The thing I worry about with Chico's is that the new Regional Manager won't want someone without specialty store experience. We'll see what happens with this one, too.

So anywho, that's where I'm at. This has been the longest job search. I really need out of here. I almost walked out again yesterday. Fortunately people are leaving me alone so far today.

So now the tough decision for me is: Do I want to do interval running today or just one constant pace? I can't decide.

July SW: 129
CW: 129
GW: 124
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South Beach Life Style
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Good Morning, All is well here, Not a lot that I care to report, Staying OP and lost 2 more lbs.. that makes 30lbs all together, I can feel that I am loosing now, and the NSV's have started,,, that really seems to give me Motivation,,, Take Care All
Crock 02/06/06 back again 12/07
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Lose that Baby Weight!
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I slept in too late Not much going on over here on my beach. Just working like usual. Even though I did not want to I got a strength training session in yesterday. Tonight is yoga which I am really excited for. Also have to make it a point to get this messy house clean, I am having my office painted this weekend. Well have a great OP day chickies!

Schatzi - You better believe I have my BIG coffee mug...getting up today was a pain.

Ruth - ooooh muffins sound divine.

tar - have a good day

Lisa - Sounds like the weather there will be beautiful for your run. Have a good day hun.

to much tummy - Yeck cleaning! I have a fair share of it to do myself...BOO Have a good day though.

sarah - Does your gym have cross trainers? I love those things. I am a huge fan of the eliptical do not get me wrong. But I have to hike the incline up to 20 to feel it and put the level on at least 5. Cross Trainers are just like the eliptical on the bottom but you use your arms on the top. The one at my gym has a program called Xtrain on it and it will kick your butt just like a trainer.

nicole - I think we are all trained to look forward to weekends so much it is rare to find someone who isn't counting the days until Friday.

pear - congrats on the 5 lbs have a great day.

chipper - I read your post about Coke Blak...is it a soda or an energy drink?

jazztap - I think during ph 1.5 it was one carb per day...do you have the book? The doc talks a little bit about how to safely do it without tempting yourself too much or stalling your weight loss.

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Old 04-05-2006, 11:06 AM   #15
Green Tea?! Yum!
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I just joined up with 3FC yesterday & am hoping it's ok to join this group?? I just posted my bio up there on one of the stickies. I've done SB for a while, sometimes I fall off, now is one of those times. But I'm back to it. Anywho, just wanted to do a quick intro.


Started South Beach on May 6, 2004. Lowest weight was 148. Stayed on that wagon until August 2005 when my younger brother came to live with me. I have since moved (for awesome job) and am on my own again. Returning to SB June 25, 2007.

My weight loss site
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