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Old 03-20-2006, 12:07 AM   #1
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Default Monday Mayhem

Well, since I am up I thought I would post a Monday thread. I slept in way to late today(11:00am) and Now I am wide awake. Plus my BF(best Friend) got me so excited talking about our trip to Tenessee in July. Also, I am thinking, thinking and then stressing about my webpage I have to design this week for school . And I also think the guy at tim horton's gave me caffeine in my coffee , and this is huge cause I don't drink caffeine.
Totally went off plan tonight and am going to get back on day 1 tomorrow. I think I did well considering kids were out of school this week but I think the routine in pattern and me going back to work this week will help to. I know, excuses, excuses, excuses . Anyway, I am going to try to go to bed now, will check in in the afternoon( busy day), hope everyone has a great day .

Valentine's Day 2011(Pedi/Mani)

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someday 145
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Still feeling like poo. Called dd and told her I couldn't watch the gb. going to doctor today. Hurts when I cough and ear hurts. Still got chills. going to lay on couch now until I can call doctors office.
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gotta lose it!
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Morningeveryone....I'm off to my Monday morning meeting (grr!)
Chipper -hope you feel better ASAP.
Scrappin - hope you got some sleep!
See you guys laters!

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. Swedish Proverb
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Mornin' ladies. It's the first day of spring!!!! And, we're expecting snow tonight. Yep, that sounds about right. I'm starting phase 1 again today, but I'm hesitant to say that because the last time I tried to "crack down", I only lasted a couple of days. I hope for better will power this week. Off to Curves...

Scrappin - Hope you got some sleep. Don't know if you've been to Tennessee before, but it's beautiful! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Good luck with the web page.

Chipper - Get some rest darlin'. Good move on not watching the gb today - I'm sure you don't want to give her whatever you've got.
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Happy Spring!.
It's finally here, hooray! Even if it is dark and gloomy-looking outside and only 25*. I'm off to Curves, I'll check in with you all later!
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Soon and Cottage, we posted at the same time. Have a great day!
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I always love how "spring" is 40 Degrees in New England. Oh well, better than 30 degrees I guess! I can't wait for the warm weather, though. But then when it's here, I'll be complaining that it's hot and that I can't wait for winter! .

Today is day 2 of Phase I for me and so far so good. Last night I felt awful; tired, cranky, headache, etc. But, I live on Coca-cola and fatty/carb heavy foods so my body is just saying "You suck!" I'm sure. I took some asprin and went to sleep early and today I woke up without the headache.

I am going to have an egg for breakfast with some 1% milk, I need more veggies in the morning but I have none in the apartment right now, I will have to have a veggie-heavy lunch and then on the way home today I will buy some more and some V8, maybe, to have in the morning.

Actually, are the flavored V8's still Phase I? Like v8-Spicy (yum!) and V8-lemon, etc? I wouldn't assume the juicers are, but the veggie ones?

I hope you ladies have a great day! Feel better! Being sick is the worst but I hope is passes quickly.

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Happy Spring Chicks!!

We woke up to snow again here

Scrappin - I hope you got some good rest. I hate those nights when your mind just won't shut off.

Chipper - Feel better soon!

Soon - Don't they know meetings should NEVER be scheduled for monday mornings? Hope it's not to painful.

Jana - Good luck with P1....maybe a few days will be all you need to get the cravings back out of your system.

Cottage - Have a great workout!

Geek - have a good day!

We're off to the doctor this morning for the baby. Then hopefully I can make an appearance at work so the boss doesn't have a total fit. Made the meatball casserole last night to have tonight....it looked so good I wanted to dive in at 9pm but I resisted
~ Kelly

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! Sorry about the chicks who have sickies, lack of sleep and Monday morning meetings but glad it's the first day of Spring. It's 16ļF here for anyone who thinks THEY are cold. It's a beautiful sunny day though and the birds are singing spring songs. The squirrels are chasing each other and - ing so it must be spring!

I just cleared some stuff out of the freezer and am making some beef vegetable soup. I may make egg white noodles to go with it or throw in some whole wheat pasta. I have my painting class this afternoon so hope to get the soup underway this morning.

Have a not too manic Monday!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Hi Ladies

Oh!! What fun time we had with the grandchildren. They arrived at 11:30 AM just in time for our Friendly's Lunch.
My DD,S-I-L,and DS come along for the ride. The kids were so good, no mess this morning anywhere to clean up after them.They played hide and seek in the upper loft & bedroom and the adults were in the livingroom with my DH. They stayed until 5PM,and with that short visit bought so much happeness for me and my DH.

SCRAPIN-Thanks for starting us up. Hope you find your ZZZZZZZZ's

CHIPPER-Hope your feeling better soon.

JANA-Go on Phase 1 for a few days and than back to a Phase 1.5 adding one fruit & bread/grain group 1 per day for a week,and if you lost, than work up to Phase 2 slowly.

COTTAGE-Happy Spring to You,and have fun at curves.

GEEK-Know about the Springs in New England, we don't get them,until June and than its summer. Phase 1 will do that, you have to detox after that Phase 1 is fine.But for me Phase 1.5 is better[1 carb per day]

KELLY-Sorry to hear you baby is sick. Meatball casserole sounds yummmy!! I would be temped also.

RUTH-Hi Have start cleaning out my freezer also. UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!Have a lot of frozen food[not beach friendly]I'm afraid,but I won't have time to cook with all the radiation treatments schedules for my DH. I'm the designated driver.

Going to get ready for our long trip to Boston, to meet with two other doctors.Than it back to Cape Cod for the Radiation Treatments.

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

2010 lost 9 lbs.
2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.
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just a few more...
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happy spring!

Geek-double check the ingredients but I can't see why the flavored v8's wouldn't be ok. My hubby and I like the blue cap best. I htink it's calcium or something but it just has a good rich tast. We hate the lt green, low sodium one,

Hope you feel better Chipper!!

Soon I need you to go to Curves os I can get my laughs for the day

I'm off to my trainer and braving eggs (since the bug hit...ew) hopefully they slide right down

I will not surrender. I will not turn against myself when things get tough. I will never show weakness on the outside. The tougher and tighter the situation the more I will love it.
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just a few more...
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hey Beach=glad you enjoyed the brandbabies!! I can't wait for my mom to come and visit my boys...May 3rd

I will not surrender. I will not turn against myself when things get tough. I will never show weakness on the outside. The tougher and tighter the situation the more I will love it.
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I'm pretty darn pleased to have dropped 2 pounds this last week -- it means I've met my March goal early (Which probably just leaves me room to mess up that loss). I guess my rate of loss is going to be about 2 pounds weekly, as it's been for some time.

And I bought some new pants! They fit -- and are four sizes smaller than what I had been wearing pre-SBD.

Geekchic -- I'm looking forward to spring in N.E. -- so I can finally turn off my ridiculously expensive heat!

Beachbum -- glad the grandkids were fun. Here's hoping your DH does well with his treatment.

chipper -- Feel better soon!

Scrappin-- Ooo, you have a Tim Hortons near you. I used to love their sour cream donuts (not as much as, say, broccoli, of course )

Ruth -- the soup sounds good.

Kelly -- good luck at the doc's!

Jana and Cottage, stay warm!

Soon -- I laughed a lot about the giggly wiggler you mentioned over the weekend!

Everyone, have a great day!
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Good morning chickies. Its so dark and dreary here this morning! Jana - can you believe it?? Snow on the first day of spring...only in KS! I'm so tired this morning. I know part of it is the weather and part of it is the fact that I drank zero caffeine this weekend. My head is killing me! I had to skip my water this morning and go straight for the Diet Coke. As soon as this is done, though, I will go right back to the water. I also feel like I'm coming down with a cold. DD has had one for the past week, so I'm sure she has passed it on.

Scrappin and Jana -
Beach - I'm so glad you had fun with the grandbabies!
Batmom, Cottage and Jana - Have fun at Curves. You ladies make me want to join!! I love all of the funny stories.
Chipper - Feel better soon!

To all other chickies - Even though the weather stinks -
Happy Spring!
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Hey chicks! OK, after a fabulous 10 days with my bf he's gone back to CA and I'm sooo back on P1 for a week. Soon, you are so going to win this month! Somehow I've managed to only gain a few pounds this week so hopefully the rest of the month will take it off plus some. But, needless to say, my tickers lying right now by 2#. But we had fun, no arguments, and I remembered why I'm with him in the first place. We agreed to work harder on not arguing over the phone. The long distance thing is so hard but we've done 2 years of it so 9 mos shouldn't be too hard. Plus he's never been to grad school and just has a hard time imaging the stress I'm under and why I can't spend 3 hours a day on the phone with him. But we're going to work harder and be more understanding of each other. Hopefully Dec 14 will get here soon.

Eating was bad, badder, and worse. Not much else to say except that I'm going to remedy that this week. So, chicks, what have I missed? Fill me in! Have a fabulous day!! I'm going to go catch up on the reading to see what you gals have been up to.
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