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Default General ? about meat sources


I have been reading the food lists and I am still confused about whether or not we may have a few of the following meat sources:

1.) Hot dogs..I noticed meat substitute hot dogs on the list but not real hot dogs. Can we have them if they are low in fat and have no sugar? I bought some Hebrew National 97% fat free today..the label says zero sugar when you read the nutritional label. Are these OK?

2.) Sausage..just how often can we have sausage with less than 3g fat per serving? I made the quiche cups and used sausage inside them. I've have had 2 cups per day on 3 days this week, am I already over my sausage limit? I was sorta hoping to make the sausage/white bean soup from the Phase 1 recipe index over the weekend too but don't want to botch it and eat more sausage than I'm allowed.

3.) Don't everyone stone me for this please, but are we allowed to have rabbit (before you all get this awful image of me I make it using frozen rabbit from the market )on South Beach? DH and I like it occasionally especially when it promises to be dreary out and we have all day to mess around with simmering something in the kitchen.

Thanks for your help and patience.

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Hi Broomy! I don't know if South Beach ever mentions rabbit but the meat itself has a very good protien level (highest protien count of any meat) lower cholesterol than chicken or other meats and has about 790 calories per pound compared to chicken at 810 and so on. So, health wise, I would think rabbit would be a fine choice for South Beach.

Here are some sites I found to show the nutrition info:


http://www.foodfileonline.com/static.../food17180.htm This website states that "it would be acceptable for a low-carb diet such as Atkins or South beach."


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FF or LF Hotdogs are considered as very limited.. Although a hotdog may have no sugar or low in fat, they are highly processed or as Ruth likes to say.. It's a FRANKENFOOD You might want to have them only on special occasions like a cookout.

Regular sausage is on the Avoid list.. Turkey sausage is listed as Limited.. and a portion is considered as 2 oz. So it depends on how much sausage is in the quiche cups.. The turkey bean chili is delish, you might want to limit using sausage to just one dish a week ...


The terms limited and avoid aren't expressly defined in the books.. I think the chickies here provided some guidelines .


Hope this helps Broomy
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I am not sure how rabbit fits into SB but rabbit is good! So is deer, turkey, quail, duck, and all sorts of game animals. I actually hunt my own and I know that deer would be OP with SB because it is so lean.
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I have had the fat free and low fat hot dogs occasionally and I have to say that they always make me gain weight. I suspect it is all the sodium and other processed stuff in them. I personally keep them to a minimum.
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Thank you for all your replies.

Schatzi...I bought Hebrew National Brand hot dogs which are kosher and therefore less processed. Never liked non-Kosher dogs before anyway tasted too fake, too plastic to me..just plain icky. I wonder if I could safely have 1 or 2 per week?

And as to the sausage I think I took 2 turkey sausages, removed their casings and cooked their innards for use in the quiche cups. I was only planning on using some turkey sausages in various recipes and needed to confirm facts before my imagination goes wild.


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