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Default ouch I just fell hard

....off the band wagon...help me back on please

there is chocolate in my apartment and I just ate a bag of popcorn...at least I worked out this morning- I will prob work out in a little bit to......I am sooo sick of eating healthy...but I dont want to gain the weight back.....it is my TOM so maybe I am just cranky I dont know

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I can do this!
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Originally Posted by angelshine90
there is chocolate in my apartment
Angelshine, I'm sorry! I know how hard that can be. The best thing to do is jump right back on the wagon and not let this trip become a five week fall, okay?

First of all, get that junk out of your apartment, hon! No wonder you ate it...if I had chocolate sitting around, it'd be gone in a minute! Get it all out of there...toss it out, give it to the food pantry, or to friends, but get rid of it. That will help immensely!

A teacher of mine once said that when you tell a child or a pet "No!" you have to give them at least three "Yes!" to choose from...that helps them resist doing the "No!" So, get some healthy snacks (that you LIKE and aren't sick of) and prepare them or buy them, but get them IN your apartment. Then, when the muchies hit, at least you're eating healthy, okay?

That said, you obviously need more variety in your diet, hon! If you are "sick of eating healthy", then you are feeling frustration from eating too many of the same things...obviously things you either never did like or don't like now. We see lots of people who say, after a couple weeks of SBD, "I just can't eat another salad!!!"...and we wonder why they were eating so many in the first place! There's so much you can eat on this diet...the only thing I've found that I can't make SBD safe is Creme Brulee (or other things that call for carmelizing sugar).

So, if you can't figure out on your own how to make things that will appeal to you, post here about what you want and we'll figure out how to make them, okay? There's tons of ideas in the recipe forum and you can find a million recipes online.

Chocolate: you can have 1 oz of dark chocolate each week. Find one that you like...there are tons out there! I've also found that these things help me get over that chocolate craving:
  • Eat Well, Be Well chocolate bars (come in plain and with almond)--they are caloric and do have fat, so don't eat a million, but a piece of two of this will make you feel better almost immediately! It tastes awesome and only has Splenda in it, so you won't get the sickness you can get from sugar alcohols.
  • Make hot chocolate! I drink this every night--you will find the recipe on the side of the Hershey's cocoa box. You can substitute either Splenda granular or (even better!) SF syrups. If you do the syrup, you can mix it with the cocoa until it makes a smooth glaze...then there aren't any scary lumps.
  • Have a PB cup (or an NSA fudgsicle, or a Blue Bunny NSA chocolate/vanilla swirl bar, etc...)

Popcorn: You can have popcorn every so often. I can't remember if it's once a month or once a week. The only kind we're supposed to have is air popped, but I figure if you don't have an air popper, you can get any brand of microwave that DOESN'T have anything on it (Healthy Choice used to make a 'natural' flavor like this) and use that. You can have three cups.

Hope this helps, hon...I know you can do this!
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I know I definitely get cranky and irritated around my TOM, but I guaruntee that EVERYONE on this forum has fallen off the wagon... I agree the longer you fall off the harder it is to get back on... I haven't been doing so great and am scared to get on the scale, but just gotta keep going. I can't see how much you've lost (cause I don't think the trackers are working right now), but I would focus on that and how easy it is to gain it all back... I gained bac 5 pounds in an extended weekend of indulgence but I think I'm just about back down to where I was... one day of bad eating won't cause much of a dent but the days add up..

But I'd say most importantly be sweet to yourself and figure out alternatives to eating... long bath, pedicure etc. HANG IN THERE and keep coming to the forum because I know support helps as well in staying OP.

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Originally Posted by angelshine90

there is chocolate in my apartment

Sounds like the beginning of a scary campfire story! Truthfully, though, there is chocolate in my apartment, too. It is a mint-flavored KitKat bar (I love them). It slumbers peacefully just three feet from my bed and it is a something of a talisman at this point. My will power is truly an awesome force if it will keep me away from something that once would have lasted a fraction of a second in my presence.

I'd throw out all the bad stuff in my abode if I wasn't pretty sure my roommates would be angry with me for tossing their goodies.

Don't beat yourself up over it, though. We all slip and fall, in any number of ways and places.
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