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Default Wednesday's Chat

Morning Chicks,

Up at the usual hour and time to battle the treadmill once again. I have had a rough week. I have been on some kind of bad food binge. It's like once I fall off I have to reallly do some damage before I get back on. I'm sure that I'm not the only chick who sabbotages themselves like that. Today, I am going to try again. I've said that for three days now and I hope I mean it this time. At least I haven't fallen off the work out and exercise wagon which is the only thing that's saving me right now.

Crk - I read through yesterday's posts and I hope that all is well (reminds self to stop feeling sorry for own problems when others have bigger and more serious issues to deal with) please post an update today - we are all pulling for you.

Everyone else - I'm glad your all here. You might not know it but you do provide a lot of motivation for me to keep trying. I WILL NOT GIVE IN!!! (reminds self again).

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Come on Spring!
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Good early morning, Freaky. Thanks for starting us up. My eating has been pretty darn bad lately too. I plan my day but then cookies or something dumb sneaks into my mouth. Today will be better for us both.

It's cold here this morning. I must stop turning the heat so low at night. Duh! It's 10ºF out there right now but promises to be another sunny day. I may drive to town for a few things, maybe even veggies as I've finally used or pitched most of mine.

Schatzi has been missing since the weekend. Her neighbourhood got really zapped by lightening and lines have not all been restored. I've been in touch with her and she misses us. I'm sure she'll be back in here as soon as she can so get your earplugs ready for a Schatzi WAKE-UP call!!!!

Hugs to Christina.

Peck in this morning and tell us how things are with you.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good morning all,
I have been down because after a 10 lb. loss Dec. 27-January 20, weight loss stopped. I moved cautiously to Phase II and still intersperce Phase I days trying to jumpstart things. Finally I was rewarded with a 2 lb drop. I just need to keep my focus on the long haul.

My point to ponder...time continues to pass and in a month, I can look back at a 5-8 pound weight loss, or I can say, another month passed and I didn't do the plan 100%...the scale may reflect a gain or no change...both feel like defeat. I am all about banishing the mindset that created my past setbacks. I am determined to keep the scale marching down and not let slow progress undermine my efforts.

Freaky and Ruth....part of my new mindset is that everyone falls OP from time to time...getting back on more quickly is my goal...and not letting the thoughts that help me rationalize a poor choice to rationalize more and more poor choices. This is all a mental game for me! How about you?...I am interested in how others overcome the self-defeating psychological games dieters play.

Off to 6 am spinning class now. You are all inspiring! Thanks.

Failure is not an option, just a nagging possibility that helps me to stay focused. FocusedThisTime
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Good Morning Chicklets!
Today is my super-busy day, so I'm going to make this a quickie. I'm pretty pleased with myself this week, so far I've been staying OP and working out every day. But I'm optimistic, it's only been 2 days! I made the Turkey Parmesan from the new Quick & Easy Cookbook last night, and it was delicious. I baked mine in the oven, though, instead of frying in olive oil, and served it with spagetti squash for me, the real thing for Jake. I'm having leftovers for lunch today, yum!
I hope Schatzi can make it back here soon, I know we all miss her. Well, time to leave for Curves. I'll check in this evening to see what you've all been up to.

for Christina. I hope you have some good news to report today.
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Good Morning!

Another quick morning post and another glorious day of one kiddo in the morning! It was nice and cozy in bed this morning- I did not want to move!!

Freaky You can do this- take it one meal at a time if you need to. We are rooting for you!!

Cottage If you have time (obviously not today!) can you post the Turkey Paremsan recipe? That sounds good.

Ruth Good Morning!!

Okay- my weekly behavior goal is going well. It is so funny b/c last night I wanted to snack (I was actually hungry, not just wanting to eat!) but kept thinking of having to post that I blew it. That totally kept me from eating! I finally just went to bed b/c I was hungry!!

Christina Post as soon as you hear something from your doctor!! Thinking of you!!!!!

Oh man- it is 6:00 and my hair is still wet- gotta jet!!
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Helloooo? Treats, please!
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Good morning, chicks. Yesterday was a bad day. Why is that that as soon as I see a loss I sabotage myself? I need to get more disciplined and get back in gear. Today will be a healthy day with walking and eating right.

I bought some quick cooking barley to have barley cereal in the mornings. Just to change things up a little from my usual oatmeal. This morning I'm having an Almond Energy Blast with added mango from the new cookbook. I haven't tried it before but it looks really good.

This morning I had a little bit of a scare. My cat pounced on Wallace, the baby, this morning while the rats were having playtime on the couch. And I thought he had been doing so good with them this whole time. I guess they have their instincts that will always be there. He didn't do anything or hurt Wallace but I'm sure the poor guy was scared. I'll have to be more careful in the future.

Freaky: Don't worry I did the same thing to myself yesterday...after a 3 lb loss! Just get back on plan and move one! You're doing great.

Ruth: Don't you hate it when sugar just jumps right into your mouth? The only thing you can do is do better today. Lots of new fresh veggies sounds like a good start!

Focused: Noone can ever do any plan 100% all thetime. In the book it even says that the diet is set up so when you do go astray you can just pick back up and get on with it. Don't think of it as a defeat, it's just something that happens. Just get back OP and you'll be great! You're weightloss is coming along nicely so that's something to celebrate!

Cottage: I still haven't made the turkey parmesan. Maybe I'll try that this weekend. I've beenwanting something tomatoey and italianey lately but won't have time to cook till Friday. have a fabulous day!

Kiko: I never posted under your thread but it inspired me to make my behavior goal to drink more water...and I have been. THanks for that, it really helped me get back on track with the water.

I'm sending good vibes to Schatzi. Get back soon! I'm having Schatzarrrrinna withdrawls! Everyone else, have a great day!
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Good morning, Chickies~~

Not doing a whole lot this morning--yet. I need to get myself over to the DOL and do my In-Their-Face check in. Bah! I hate that. To me, it's just a complete waste of my time and gas.

Talked to Bill, the Big Cheese over at the new lab. He says they're hoping to have me up and running within a month. They've got a lease up at corporate but the doctor who owns the building has a few "issues" that he needs to address...like running hot water, new paint and carpet, a new toilet, etc...before they will sign the lease. Hopefully, since Mrs. Doctor is out of the country, it'll get done without a hassle. She's so tight with a dollar, Washington's dentures pop out.

I was doing some cogitating yesterday and I think I've figured out one of my food/exercise issues. It's BIL. Since he's been back, I've not wanted to leave my bedroom b/c I know he's around. He hasn't gone back to work yet and he's just ALWAYS here. He never goes anywhere. I don't like being around him, so I just stay up here and I don't eat right and I don't get any exercise. That's really bad b/c I'm the type that can very easily turn into a hermit unless I push myself to get out and about.

I also did some research on IBS and ordered some probiotic supplements. Hopefully those will put my tummy back in order and I can go back to eating salads and other roughage again without "distress".

Ruth, glad to know that Schatzi is still around. I thought maybe she'd grown tired of us! LOL! Tell her we miss her and will be glad when she's back.

Focused, Sounds like a good attitude to have! Keep it up.
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Mornin' ladies... man what a day yesterday was! Have so much going on at work, car problems and am grateful that atleast I have my diet and exercise to cling to... been doing well this week and staying OP and exercising ever since my superbowl disaster....

I know I keep posting this but so excited about the beach this weekend! Even if I overindulge a little bit I think I can stick with SB foods.. me and the BF have plans for tennis and jogging on the beach too (that is if we leave the room)...

Have a great day chicks and Christina you are still in my prayers!

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Good Moring Chicks

Nothing exciting is happening at my end,except it very quite in the house,as my DH is not feeling well this morning and it up stairs in bed. Never thought about being lonely like I'm am today.I wonder how,people living alone koup.Sorry for Whinning not being up beat.

Now for my plan to stay on program I'm going to focus on staying on the beach,as when I by myself I like to eat. COMFORT FOODS and W-I is only a few days away.I must stay in control.

Freaky-I'm in the same boat today looking for COMFORT FOODS.I'll have to get out of the leaky boat and swim back to the shore of the beach.You'll find your way back also.

Ruth-It cold here but not that cold 10% here heading into the the 30%.Wanted to walk along the beach,but I guess I be doing some indoor activity.

Focus-You sound like you have a good plan,congrats on your weight loss.

Cottage-your turkey recipe sound delish. Don't have that SB cookbook,and if I buy one more DH will throw me & the book out.

kiko-Your did great. I could never go to bed hungry. Have to look for your thread.

Pearshape-Sorry about your scare, you'll have to watch them carefully. My cat Midnight use to like look at my parakeets and I wouldn't let them out of the cage just for that reason.

Mamacita & Sarah HI.Have a nice day



Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.
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Morning girls. I was bad last night and had Arby's for dinner. MIL was put in the hospital, so that is what I ate on my way up there....Then I had a piece of carrot cake when I got home...so bad...I need to be good and get OP.....ANyway..Have a good day!

May Goal

Every bite of sugar puts one more dimple on my @$$!!
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Good morning, all!
I'm inthe midst of a mid life career change, from sitting behaind a 'puter all day to business to business sales. I had so much fun doing Avon on the side, I thought, why not, it's time for a change.
Plus the office where I work allows smoking in the building. Never mind it's against state law. I need out of "Marlboro Country" and quick.
That's the stress in my life, I'll be changing that for the stress of taking on a new career. I may hear something this Friday, a business cellular place wants to talk to me a second time.
It just amazes me how selfish some people can be. There are only three of us non-smokers in an office of 6. One other lady just resigned, only my supervisor will be left of the nonsmokers. The boss will walk right into our offices with a cigarette going. I have a constant sore throat now and my sinuses feel like I've been snorting Super Glue!
Don't want to offend anyone reading this who may be a smoker, though! Sorry! But that's what it's like for the nonsmokers.

Garybearsgirl (Michele in Indy)
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Morning, gals! I got the software package early enough that I managed to get done by 11. That's better than I was afraid it would be. I've put in 23 hours before today (and I'm working Friday night) so I don't feel bad about taking some time off tomorrow afternoon. We are hopefully going to get the animal shelter video done as long as it doesn't get postponed once again.

I still have a ton of work to do today in preparation for Friday night so I don't have time to post to everyone but I'll read as much as I can.
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Morning to all the chickies! So today is day 3 on Phase I for me, and I think I'm doing something wrong. Everyone seems to talk about feeling weak, cranky, and out of it for the first few days of Phase I, but I haven't really felt it. I got a bit sleepy yesterday, but that was it. Yesterday I tried to make the mock french toast pancakes for breakfast, but I really didn't like it so I fried up 2 eggs in canola oil spray instead, and had one piece of canadian bacon. I had some rolled-up turkey and ham for a morning snack, and a salad with chicken and creamy caesar dressing (1 g sugar) for lunch. Then a string cheese and some cherry tomatoes in the afternoon, chicken and lots of broccoli for dinner, and a sf fudge pop for dessert. Today I had scrambled eggs made with 1/4 cup eggbeaters and one real egg, and a piece of canadian bacon. I have more lunch meat roll ups and tomatoes for snacks, chicken breast and spinach salad for lunch. and not quite sure what's for dinner, but something from the SBD cookbook. Anyone have any suggestions? Something I'm doing wrong or could do differently? I really don't know

Anyway, hope you all have a great day. work here is blah, but the week's half over, so yay!

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Hi everyone, no news, I'm afraid. The Dr never called yesterday and this morning the line is BUSY. Very stressful because I know they have the results by now and I just wish they would tell me!!! To them, I'm probably just another stressed-out patient, but to me, it's whether or not my baby is going to live. Well, I have to go back anyway at 2:00 today for further tests so I will definitely know SOMETHING by then. And I'll try and post later in the afternoon to let you all know.

Thanks for the prayers everyone!
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Good Mornin' Ya'll

Yesterday wasn't bad, went to pilates class and I think I must have done a move wrong, cause my neck and upper back is killing me. I don't think that is a set of muscles that should have been overworked?

I too am a sabotager...I do great for a few days and get a 2lb loss and then I just put anything in my mouth that sounds good. When I get back to a "comfort" weight I start again. It makes no sense, it's like I'm afraid to lose any more weight? I'm motivated to do it, just can't seem to get over the mindset.

Hope to hear from Christina to see how she's doing....

I hope everybody has a great day.
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