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Smile New to the Beach!!!

Hey everyone! I joined this forum a couple of days ago - and am just now getting a chance to post an introduction!

I'm Heather - SAHM to two adorable little boys - ages 3 and 1. I started the SBD this past Saturday - and I'm doing fairly well so far!

I am having trouble with breakfast - I just flat can not eat eggs without toast so the whole egg thing is not working for me.

That - and I'm probably eating too much avocado and I went on a nut binge yesterday - but they are all gone now so that is over - lol.

I have gotten some great recipes from the recipe list on this site - that CHocolate Peanut Butter Cup stuff was incredible and really fixed that sweet tooth. Anyone know if I should limit that to once day - or would twice a day be ok if I'm craving something sweet?? (LIKE RIGHT NOW!!)

Anyway - that is about it! I'm from Texas - in the Houston area. I'm pretty active with my boys and I recently joined the YMCA here and have been going to Spinning twice a week and I hope to add Pilates tonight!

I hope everyone here is having a good week so far!


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Hi Heather Welcome to the beach
I would limit the chocolate peanutbutter to once a day, especially in the beginning. I think we are only allowed one dessert per day anyway.

Hope to see ya around alot!
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just a few more...
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welcome heather!!

We're allowed 75 calories of desserty stuff I think. I don't know how much is in one of those but you could figure it out.

I've just developed a fondness for avocados too. Thank goodness they're the good fat...

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Hey Heather, welcome! I love spinning, it is really challenging. I love how being surrounded by others and led by an instructor leads me to work out so much harder. I have done pilates via book or tape but never done an actual class. My gym offers them on Thursday nights and I am usually pretty busy then. You will have to let me know how you like the class. Maybe if you say its pretty fun I will try it out myself.

Good luck with staying OP and hope to see you around the forums.

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Hey y'all - ok - I was having a moment of weakness earlier but I got through it because I realized it was time to eat dinner anyway - lol. I usually save that peanut butter thing for RIGHT before bed because that is when I have a huge craving for a snack - usually when I'm watching CSI with my husband - lol. Good to know the 75 cal thing - I did not know that!!

Spinning - I LOVE spinning! It is perfect for me at this stage because my weight is not going to let me do like step aerobics or anything like that just yet. And Spinning is perfect because you can kind of set your own pace. I'm getting better and better at keeping up with the instructor and doing what she does - and that makes for a good workout. I can see a big difference in my stamina from when I first started going - so that is pretty cool. Pilates - well - I may not make it tonight. My exercise clothes are in teh dryer - and I have to leave here in 20 minutes to make it on time - so we will see if my clothes are dry by then. If not - then I'll go next week! I'd really like to try it - I think it would be really good for me - so I'll let you know how it goes once I get to a class!

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Diana B
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Smile Breakfast

Hi Heather -- Welcome. I'm still in p1 myself -- just finished my first week and working through the 2nd.

Look in the recipe section for breakfasts p1 - they have a recipe for the Mock French Toast which is actually a mock pancake recipe, it's delicious. I did have to add a little bit more ff ricotta to thicken it or it will be very thin.

They are helping me through the egg thing also. I've been eating the eggs in the morning, but want to mix it up a bit so I don't get bored. The pancake recipe helps me with that.

I'm also going to try the egg muffin recipe they have there. This site is very resourceful!

Good luck!

Diana B - trying again!

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Heather! Love that avatar!

About the Peanut Butter Cup (I love it too...still eat it every night even in P2! ), you can have it once a day. You're allowed 75 calories of sweet treats (those are non-nutritive, sugar-free, sweet foods, like jell-o, popsicles, hard candy, pudding (in P2), etc.) each day. More than that and you have the possibility of getting sick from sugar alcohols (it's not a pretty thing...ask my husband who consumed a ton of SF caramels and was in a world of pain for an entire night... ) and messing up your weight loss.

When you are craving something sweet, try something that doesn't use those calories, like:
  • tea (try Celestial Seasonings herbal "English Toffee" tea if you can find it...it is DIVINE, especially with a little milk and splenda, or SF caramel/english toffee/butter rum syrup!)
  • a decaf latte with skim milk and SF syrup
  • chai tea (make your own using SF chai syrup or a chai tea in a tea bag with milk and splenda)
  • overnight slaw (it's in the SBD book...sounds weird, but some Beachies swear by it for curing their sweet tooth!)
  • 3 bean salad

If that doesn't work, try having a small sweet treat, like:
  • SF Jell-o (10 calories)
  • SF hard candy (anywhere from 2-15 cals)
  • SF gum (anywhere from 1-5 cals)
  • SF popsicle (around 10-25 cals)


Here's some more info that might be helpful:

You’ll find the Emergency Handbook for Phase 1 immensely useful, I think:

For those, like Heather, who don’t like or are tired of eggs for breakfast, check out my post on breakfast alternatives…the Beachies all chimed in and we have tons of great ideas in this thread!

If you’re thinking of doing Phase1 longer than normal, think again and check out this thread:
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Welcome, Heather! We can always use another Texas chick! Most of these gals would not believe how far Houston is from Dallas (actually I'm in a northern suburb so it is a half hour drive to get to Dallas). I had the best luck in phase 1 using Southwest style Eggbeaters with a slice of cheese on them (and I like adding mushrooms too). I also sometimes ate plain yogurt with Splenda and cinnamon.
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Ah! Sugar free jello!! I forgot about that! Ok - that is my solution to that afternoon craving - lol. Perfect!! THanks for all the info Laurie!! I'm going to explore all those links when my kids are napping today!

Thanks for the compliments on my Avatar - lol - I'm a Disney girl - lol - just waiting for the next trip to the "World!!"

Yes - Texas is BIG - lol. I'm in a suburb of Houston too - about 30 mins to get into downtown - maybe longer in traffic - lol. I love it here though - except for the HEAT. Flipping 71 degrees today - and yeah - that's nice - but you know - where is WINTER??? Warm winters make for really hot summers - I enjoy the cold - lol.

Breakfast is killing me - I am going to check out those breakfast ideas - I looked before - but that was like day ONE of hte diet and I was not feeling very open minded - lol - but today I'm feeling a lot more flexible and so maybe I'll find something I can eat to get me through phase one. Phase 2 - I know for sure where my carbs will be - BREAKFAST - lol.

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Breakfast just about killed me too! I finally found a suggestion for cottage cheese with some splenda and that really worked for me because I got very bored of the same old cottage cheese, and it sweetened it up a bit...oh, and I add a tiny bit of vanilla. There's a great post about breakfast idea somewhere (I think it may be a sticky...I still get lost in the forums.. )

Good luck and it sounds like you are doing great so far!!
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Hi Heather!

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Smile Hi Heather!

Hey Heather you sound like me!

I'm on phase I and I live in Houston and I take a spin class twice a week. I think I was led to the right place today. There are so many tips here and that's just what I needed. I thought I was doing the wrong thing b/c I only lost 2 lbs. last week but when I got here today the tips helpded a lot. I have been doing the right thing but every one's body is different I guess. This is my last week of phase I and I weigh in on Friday I'll see how it goes. I'm keeping my expectations low and my motivation high. I love excercising and eating right anyway so I don't know why I was tripping about the weight . Thanks for joining and stick with it. Nice to know there is someone in Houston doing this thing with me!

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I LOVE the avatar. I practically grew up at Disney World, since I lived only an hour away.

Best of luck with P1 and reaching your goals. For me, this has been a great place to visit for support and I am sure you are going to love it here!
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Welcome!!! I love the PB cup too..my fav!! And I hate the mock french toast/pancakes..Yuck...Try to switch up your breakfast..I eat veggie soup or leftovers from dinner a lot for breakfast!! I am planning a trip to Disney in June!!

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can someone help me find the peanut butter cup recipe? I thought I knew all the sweet stuff we could have and don't remember this ANYWHERE. I love peanut butter .... so if you could send me a private message that would be great. I'm having trouble reading everything that is written (time) ... so thanks.
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