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Default Phase 2 participation

i'm about start Phase 2 tomorrow and was browsing the recipes on here. I find it really interesting that there are so many more recipes for phase 1 than phase 2.....Do most of you still eat a lot of Phase 1 foods/recipes or do most people not keep going on Phase 2?

just curious
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Hi Nef, hmmmm, I think since PH1 is more restrictive,it requires a bit more creativity and thinking about how to make things that are SB friendly, and you are just learning how to make foods healthier.. When you go to PH2 seems to me that you are eating most all "normal" foods, making small changes like going from white bread to WW, and white pasta to WW, FF/LF instead of full fat cheeses etc.. so, at least in my experience, I am eating alot of the same dishes I made prior to SB with small changes like splenda for sugar, and WW instead of white..I still make the recipes I found for PH1 as well.
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Schatzi it right. (as usual. ) Phase II is simply about adding in more good carbs. I'm very grateful to all those who have posted Phase I recipes to help us get through it!
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Hi Nefarious!! I have a hard time going from P1 to P2 if I don't continue to still think on P1. I don't know maybe it is just me. I still do most of my meals as P1 meals but slowly add something I really like once or twice a week.

1st Example: My husband loves to eat at Golden Corral (it is a buffet). I love their rolls with honey butter, their macarroni and cheese, their bread pudding and their little peanut butter desserts. So when I know we are going there I stay with P1 meals and snacks all day and then limit my self to only two of the items I really like and only about 1 tablespoon of each item along with a big salad with lots of veggies and cottage cheese for the dressing.

2nd Example: I love oatmeal. So usually on Sunday mornings we have bacon, eggs and oatmeal. I limit my bacon to two slices like we are suppose to and cook the oatmeal in non-fat milk and put cinnamon on it. I dont' miss the sugar this way. And then the rest of the day I make sure I eat only P1 meals.

It was hard for me to stick with this in the begining because I felt like if I was on P2 I could eat anything. So I tell myself I am still on P1 and try to eat P1 all day except for the few things I have added back in. And some days all I eat is P1 but when I start feeling like I'm being deprived of something I go find something I really like and eat it in a small quantity along with the P1 items that day.

Don't know if this will help you any but it seems to be helping me learn what I can and can't eat as well as portion control.

Good luck!!
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