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The Long Weekend - July 2, 3 and 4

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Old 07-02-2005, 08:02 AM   #1
It's coming!
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Default The Long Weekend - July 2, 3 and 4

Happy 4th of July To You All !!!!

I snitched the above but mean it! Our Canada Day celebrations will continue throughout the weekend and into the Monday. I think half of PA is in town right now! Last night I watched fireworks from a boat out on Big Rideau Lake - fun time!

The weather has changed to a lovely cool and sunny day! I'm getting into the gardening duds in five minutes and am going out to tackle some weeds and cutting back. I have a huge tomato plant that needs to be removed from it's big pot and be planted. Wish me luck! It already has big tomatoes on it so I'll have to be very careful. i think I need tomato bras!

At noon, I need to go to town to serve hotdogs in front of Walmart on behalf of Thera-Paws. Our official t-shirts are really heavy so I'm glad of the cooler temps.

What are your plans for the weekend?
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Good morning all, I just checked the pool and the early morning rain did not cool it off too bad.So I will go exercise shortly and try to beat the rain.
Hubby is workin on a side job today so we will probably get groceries this afternoon and then eat out for supper.Tomorrow we are going to Lowry park so I can take pictures of the animals. Then eat out again. Monday is our anniversary and I wanted to plan something special but money wasn't here right now.So we will go to the movies and then he will grill me a steak for supper.We can see fireworks from our back yard so we will watch them. This is our 13 year married but 20th year since we first started dating.We waited 7 years to get married. We were both married before for 19 years.So we have surpassed the old spouse in time together.The second time around can be the best. I am the luckiest women in the world to have a man who loves me more everyday and accepts me just as I am.Pain in the butt that I can be. He is so good to me.Now if he had a lot of money he would be perfect He is truly the diffenition of a "good man" I am blessed.
We are suppose to have rain off and on all weekend.I am getting tired of rain everyday but it is better than no rain
Have a wonderful 4th of July and drive safely and try not to eat too much
Here comes rain so that takes care of pool exercise.

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Ruth: watching fireworks from a boat is the best way! We use to have a 19fter and we would go out to the Ellis Island area (where the Statue of Liberty is) and watch the Macy's fireworks...my favorite memories of this holiday!

Eleni: What a lovely story ...have a beautiful anniversary!

Me: A low key holiday for us. Another Open House weekend..But Monday we plan to take our Kayaks out to Farrington Lake or Round Valley Reserviour fort the day. It's my favorite thing to do! Yesterday my body was complaining... I've been doing 4 mile brisk walks and well, yesterday my legs,hips and back hurt so much by 5 o'clock I was in bed.. I didnt sleep well the night before but made up for it last night until the predicted storm that was due in the day, rolled in around 1'0clock... We were in the middle of it..Torrential Downpour with spectacular lightening and CRACKIN thunder..! It was hitting so close it was setting off all the car alarms.. I got up, opened the blinds, sat in my recliner with my 2 furbabies to watch the show...

Have a great day all!
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goooood morning!! Happy 4th of July weekend!!

as you can tell by my ticker I have finally losta POUND it was quick..and we were trying to see if the scale was broken..so i stepped on it and it flashed 139 and i started to jump up and down...ofcourse we think the scale is broken and it prob will never say that again...but YOU KNOW WHAT in that moment i was 139 and i HAVE not been 139 in a L O N G time...


I am off to excercise....hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

My blog
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Losing on the Beach
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Way to go angel shine ...I long for the day to see 130 anything on the scale myself

Ruth- tomato bras

Eleni- Happy Anniversary!!!! You and Bill are quite a pair...perfect for each other

Schatzi- 4 mile walk That would send my body into shock Way to go on all the exercise...I only hope I can work my way up to more than 30 minutes a day

WEll today should be a good day and I am hoping to see some family I havent seen in awhile as they have traveled my way Have a wonderful 4th everyone!!!!
Hugs and prayers, Christie
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Morning all!

Just a drive by to let you know that I'm engaged and she said yes!!!

Pictures and details to come shortly...
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Congratulations Jenn!!!
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Default Congrats Jenn!

You must be on !
Congrats to you and HB!
DISHIT WOMAN! DETAILS WE WANT DETAILS ....Can't wait for the pics!
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Hi Chicks

Went walking along the beach this morning and was happy that we could park,with all the tourest around.Not doing any thing special this weekend. Family far away in the states..

Happy 4 of July Everyone,and Stay Beaching

4 days of eating will not bring that old scale down.

Ruth- Thanks for the greeting and Good Luck with your tomato plant.

Eleni- Happy Anniversary and many years of happiness

Schatzi-Have a good time kayaking.

Angel- Big Congrats on your one pound Hope I follow soon. Ticker been struck to long.

Christain-Have fun with your family

Jenn-Congratulations on be engaged.

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.
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Hey gang!

Jenn Congrats!

Ruth Your weather sounds great- we actually had a bit of a break in our heat wave yesterday.

Schatzi Low key weekend here for us too. DH has to work both today and tomorrow, but he actually has the 4th off. We have no plans as of yet. Fine by me, I am just ready for some down time when we are all home!

Angel Can't remember the last time I weighed in the 130's- you go!! It is always so motivating to drop into a new decade.

I officially rejoined WW this morning. I plan to combine it and SBD- I just need to make sure I am eating fruits and stuff from the get go since I am nursing the bambino. Hope no one minds if I continue to post here as I won't be doing straight SBD.

Have a super day all!
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I'm bk frm the lake and had a great time ,not sure what plans for 4th till I check my work schedule tonight

RUTH........Love ur banner,that rockstomato bra'sI'm down 2needing that size for myself

ELENI......We finally got rain yesterday for the 1st time n a month,hoping u wl send some of yours to Texas!!!!!

SCHATZI........Have fun kayaking!!!

ANGEL.....Congrats on ur weight loss,,,U R nearly at ur goal,,,U go girl



Life's a beach,so jump in and enjoy the water or go fishin!! PH1 COMPLETE 6/6/05PH2 COMPLETE 6/28/05 PH3 maintaining WISHFUL THINKING
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Just had to let you know Bill brought me home 20 beautiful roses.
And I got 2 hours done in pool and got to see a hawk that landed in tree near pool for a few minutes. So day has been good so far.

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HEY KIKO,,,we must hv posted at the same time,,,,Keep hanging on the BEACH w/us girlfiend,there's always plent of sand for us all!!!.........GOFISHIN
Life's a beach,so jump in and enjoy the water or go fishin!! PH1 COMPLETE 6/6/05PH2 COMPLETE 6/28/05 PH3 maintaining WISHFUL THINKING
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Talking Chilling

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. Today kicks off the Freedom Fesival here in town, so for the next week or so there's going to be lots of stuff going on.

I went flipping through a bunch of my cooking magazines and found a few yummy looking recipes that are Phase 1 friendly. I'll post them in the recipe section when I get the chance. One is for a vanilla latte... YUM! I'll probably save that one for phase 2 since I'm not drinking any milk on phase 1.

I've been cheating alot the last few days. Not proud of myself. I haven't been exercising either. But somehow the scale went down today. I bet it won't be long till it springs back up, but I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

Toodles for now!

July Goal: 6 lbs (215) 1 down 5 to go!

Ultimate Goal (By July 2006):

Mini Goal (By October 1):
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Hey every one,

I found the daily thread..yeahh Ok, so I don't know any one yet, but here goes.

Jenne - way to go on the engagment!

Eleni - Roses wow! I gotta have a talk with my hubby, our 1st year is coming in September.

Every one else, I hope you all have a great 4th. Being that I'm in Portugal it's not celebrated here, I really miss the fireworks and the festivaties I use to go to back in Florida. I think there is a community of Americans up nort of here who celebrate, but I'm not sure, I saw something about it on the news this time last year.

Things here are GREAT! I just got my BRAN SPANK'N NEW car yesterday. We had to wait over 2 months for it, but its worth it. If any one wants to see photos go to www.babywaby.com (this is my personal home page, but I couldn't find a spot to put it in my profile. Hope this isn't violating any rules here on the forum) In fact if any one wants to know about me and how I ended up in Portugal, check out that site. I'm actually updating stuff so not every thing is working yet, but I'm getting to it.

Hope every one has a GREAT weekend! Abrašos para todos!

July Challenge Goal
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