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Old 06-29-2005, 07:15 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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I was up at 5 but too hot and crabby to start us up.

However, I did something to cool off and get out of my funk. We had a huge thunderstorm and I took off my clothes and stood out on my deck and got thoroughly soaked! The deck is very private and it sure felt good. Sometimes we should just do something outrageous and damn the consequences! The last time I did that I was 6, not 66!

Now that I'm all cooled off (and dressed!) I am going to hit the road and go to the township schools to pick up Fair entries. I'm glad it stopped raining for that task although I do take plastic with me just in case.

I'll pop in later unless I get arrested for indecent exposure!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Morning chicks!

Yesterday I managed to make it all day all OP! Guess I'm back on the beach.

Ruth - I'm soooo jealous you got rain! We need it so bad!

Soon - Smile chickie!

Bami - Did you miss my puppy pics? You need to check them out. When is DD going to Austrailia?

Jenn - I'm awake!!!! On my first cup of java.

klibrarian - Welcome to the beach!

fl mom - Sorry to hear about the illness. Nothing worse than sick kids. Oh yeah - sick husbands!

I'm hoping for another good day. TOM hasn't shown up yet but it is close. Still no need to PMS meds Maybe I'm killing people and I just don't know it. Whatever the deal is I'm liking it. PMS meds screw up my diet. Not worse than Arby's but still screw it up. I didn't dare weigh in today cause of the Arbys deal - maybe tomorrow. Have a great one!
Amy S

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Happiness is a choice.......Choose wisely!

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Default HUMP DAY Chatter

My turn

WAKE UP LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Keeper of the Cheerios
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I was waiting for someone to start this thread so I didn't have to

I was looking for the pulled pork recipe, post a thread on that in the recipe section.

Welcome klibrarian!

Hope everyone has a great day!! I've only been able to check in once a day lately, my youngest is sick. I don't know what's happening enough to make some individual remarks but hope toget back to that soon. Only 5 weeks left till school starts, AHHHHH!!!
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Good morning Chicklets....

Ruth, a woman after my own heart! How wonderful that rain musta felt ... Glad it's a private area..could you imagine a neighbor saying " George come look at this ... ruthie is out side in all her glory standing in the rain!"

Flmom, hope the little one gets better quick.

Morning Ellis, Anchors , Jenne , Soon2bfab and Bamie

DH and I are going on a "date" to see War of the Worlds this afternoon. Need to plan my snacks since I always have popcorn with XXXbutter at the movies...
Have a great day everyone.
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Hi everyone! I haven't been online for about 5 days( working and busy with kids), but I finished my P1 on Monday but I'm afraid to start [email protected] Had some Oatmeal yesterday at work with slivered almonds, and cinnamin(?), and I didn't have any cravings but also didn't really have time to eat the rest of day. Busy, Busy at work. Help, I've lost 10 lbs and don't want to gain, but I know I have to start. I'll try slowly. Hope all of you have a good day on the beach.
Ruth- you are a rebel
fl_mom- soory about the kids being sick, that sucks
Jenn-I'm awake now!!!!

Valentine's Day 2011(Pedi/Mani)

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gotta lose it!
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Jen - You & the scale are not my friends to day!!!
I'm up...not awake! Gotta get ready for work....err.
Have a great day. Morning fl mom!

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. Swedish Proverb
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GOod morning Ladies!
RUTH that sounds like an amazing time...I wish I could do that!! now i just stand under a freezing cold shower ....

This morning did not start out great...I was thinking that today was gonna be great..I had a wonderful cool sleep...over slept a bit to the point where I finally felt rested...got dressed and decided that I had enough time to stop and grab an ice coffee..So i get the coffee and I sit it ontop of my car and go to open my door..and YUP it falls off and spills all over the ground... so at this point I say forget the coffee and just drive off thinking that everyone in DD must me laughing at me....hahah I would have laughed at me!
So I decided to let it go and continue on with my great day....I find out that I forgot that Orintation is still going on so I have to work an hour and 1/2 LONGER then I thought waaaaaaaaa....So i am going to the bank at 11 and i am gonna grab a coffe and NOT put it on my car

hope your day is better then mine

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A Lily from my yard!
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I'm up against my better judgement! Off to work in 7 minutes and still gotta finish getting ready! Have a great day all! I'm hopin to check in this afternoon but I have to take DS shopping for some new clothes!

God is big, so we expect him to speak with the voice of thunder or lightning or earthquake or fire. But God often expresses his powerful love in gentle whispers. Listen for God's whispers as well as his shouts.
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RUTH....I am so jealous!!! I love to stand out in the rain, but if I did my neighbors would surely call in the police! Or a psychologist! I would love to live out with no neighbors!!!!

My day started pretty good, I headed down to the wellness center for my weigh in with John, my trainer, and I maintained this week, I am very thrilled with that because, I haven't exercised in a week and didn't eat totally OP over the weekend, I did eat well on Monday and Tuesday tho. and drank a lot of water
even tho my weight maintained, my blood pressure dropped more, i'm actually in the normal range now...it was 117/80! down from 147/106 on 5/03/05 it's been steadily going down each week. He also measured my fat and it was lower this week. So I feel pretty positive right now.

I've got the day off, I think I'm gonna work outside in my yard a little bit. It's too hot to work too much!

Hope you chickadees all have a SUPER OP day!
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Smile Ugh... tantrum time

Good morning everyone. As I write this my 2 yr old boy is throwing a big fit. He's got a mouthful of eggs that he won't swallow and is demanding bacon. You just can't rationalize with him.

Anyway, after a few days of hovering around 223, the scale is finally moving again. : I'm down to 221. I hadn't been drinking much water, so I'm thinking that's why I stalled. I'm trying to drink lots now, but it's hard. I think I had about 64oz yesterday. I felt very waterlogged. But if it works, then that's what I'm gonna have to do.

Ruth: I'm so jealous. I wish it would rain here for once.

Schatzi: Good luck w/ the movies. I've found nuts to be a great movie snack.

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Good Morning!!

FlMom Don't remind me that there are 5 weeks until school starts. I don't wanna go back to work!!!!! (Plus, I don't want to start paying childcare for 2 kids- it is the same cost as our mortgage!!)

PHins Can't complain about a maintain- that is great! There are days when I am thrilled to maintain!

Schatzi Have fun on your date with your honey!! My DH and I are planning a date for some night next week.

Ruth, Jenn, Soon, Angel, Anchor, and Bamie- hope that you are having a super day. I am going to check out some recipes and try something new for dinner tonight. I have had frozen meals for the last few nights and am quite sick of them!
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Ruth~~It's amazing what some rain will do during the summer!! It's always a refreshing treat!!

Great job, Anchor on staying OP all day!!!

Ugh brandyns moom, I know how that goes. My 4 year old is STILL like that!!

I was really bummed last night. I went to make the taco bake and my above mentioned son had played with the fridge controls and FROZE all my veggies!! I ended up making the Deep Dish Pizza and OMG....it was DELISH!!!! I woke up this morning wanting to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner today!! I'm making the pulled pork tonight. Can't wait!!

I have a new motivation as well. We just traded in my minivan for a new truck. It's so nice and I have to look hot driving around it it, ya know.

Have a great day, girlies!!
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FreckledFrog, what is your pulled port recipe? I'm looking for something new to take to a BBQ on the 3rd.

"In life, what sometimes seems to be the end, is really a new beginning"
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Keeper of the Cheerios
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Height: 5'4


Mmmmm, deep dish pizza sounds gooood!! I am going grocery shopping today so I am looking in the recipe section. I only go twice a month so I have to have OP things in the house for the next 2 weeks or else I am going to starve LOL

Kiko - I am looking forward to school starting. My 5yo is driving me batty since he wants to play board games, or fish in the back yard, or ANYTHING with me all day. I have more to do than that. When I do play with him he complains 15mns later that I "never" play with him. I am lucky enough to be a sahm so when the youngest takes a nap, I either do also or I finally get ME time when the other is in school.

Ruth - my neighbors would probablly laugh themselves to death if I ever stood out in the rain naked.

KJSLJACQUES - I just posted a question about the pulled pork in the recipe section. If you see my post, there is a link to the recipe in the thread.

Phins - yah for maintaining!!

angel- hope your day gets lots better SOON!

and I am out of time, dern kids!
~US Army Family ~
PCOS Dx '91 & '02 - IR Dx 2005
SBD Phase 2 while Breastfeeding

DS 9, DS 5, DD 2, DS 5mths

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