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Question vegetarians?

do we have any vegetarians or even pesco-vegetarians on this board doing SB? i find a large majority of the entrees are full of red meat and i'm just trying to see if there are other vegetarians so we can get some more vegetarian entrees and soups etc. on the board.
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Hi Nefarious wytch,
I'm not totally a Vegetarian - I do eat fish sometimes and "certified humane" chicken or beef when it's available. On P1 I've found it hard to stick to vegetarian foods since most all the foods on P1 that keep me full are made with some kind of meat.
Here's what I eat when I don't want to have meat:
eggplant parm - grill/broil some eggplant for a bit then I top with the sbd tomato sauce (or fresh tomatoes) a little bit of skim mozz cheese and bake it till the cheese melts. yum!
salads with tuna and beans and balsamic vinegar
zuchinni lasagna - take a few zucchinni and slice long ways. put them into a little baking dish layered with sbd tomato sauce and skim mozz cheese. I also add other veggies if i'm in the mood
tofu with veggies in a wok with soy sauce

I also love Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals. So I try to take her recipies and make it sbd friendly. I saw her (sometime a while ago) make a creamy leak soup. It had heavy cream so what i do is cook 2 leeks in a pan with a bit of extra virgin olive oil then add chicken/vegtable stock to it and white or lima beans. After that cooks for a bit I puree it all and it's a nice creamy soup without all the heavy cream. (Just remember to cut up the leeks and put them in a bowl of water for a while to get all the sand out before cooking - that's what Rachel suggests)

Well that's what I do when I try to stay away from meat in P1. P2 gets easier since I can have some ww pasta with veggies or ww veggie wraps.
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I don't eat red meat, pork, turkey or basically anything except chicken and some seafood. So I'm a psuedo-vegetarian.

I've found it quite easy to do phase one, lots of veggies is how I'm supposed to be eating anyway!

I'm a fan of quickly made meals, so I've been enjoying some psuedo-mexican style foods - black beans with low-fat cheese, lettuce and tomatos for impromptu burrito bowls or chopped up grilled chicken with avacado, tomatoes and lettuce for chicken salad. Stuff like that
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