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Unhappy Have I made a boo-boo??

I will on SB for a week tomorrow morning. I have not lost a thing. I have been reading some threads and realized sweet peas are not allowed on P1.
Could this be my problem?
Typical Day:
Breakfast: 2 quiche cups and 6oz tomato juice
Snack: Mozzarella Stick
Lunch: Salad w/ lots of veggies, the dressing in the book, 4 oz cup of sf jello
Snack: 2 turkey roll ups-no mayo
Dinner: Grilled chicken, peas, brocolli, small dinner salad. Ricotta creme

I have had 3 servings of peas this week.

I have noticed I feel better, but no weight loss. I am started to get discouraged....But I am sticking with it due to the fact I have a predispostion
for diabetes.
One more question, knowing now that I ate peas, should I stick to P1 for an extra week??
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Moved to the main forum...
I am a runner!

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Couple things to think about:

How much weight are you trying to lose?
Where you eating similar to SBD prior to starting? ie-atkins, sugar busters, healthier- less processed foods.

Have you noticed your clothes fit a little better? Did you measure yourself before you started? If not, hide the scales for awhile, dig out a tape measure and write down chest, waist, hips, thighs, calfs, biceps and what ever else you feel like measuring and keeping track of. It's fun to watch the inches go down.

helpful websites:

to figure out how many calories you need:

to figure out how many you are actually eating:
I know that we don't count calories but occasionally it's ok. Just to get an idea.

Good luck
49 years old, 5' highest weight-199lbs . Started SBD Jan 2004, lost 47 pounds in 6 months, then slowly gained it all back.

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I am no expert but I would just stop eating peas for your last week and see what your weight looks like then. I don't think 3 servings in 7 days would harm you all that much...

But, again, I am not an expert. I may stay on P1 a few days extra just in case, but that's me (maybe 1 day for each of the 3 days you ate peas?)
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Wenchy, how much weight do you have to lose? If you have very little to lose or if you have been on diets similar to SBD (where starches and sugars are controlled), you are less likely to lose as much during P1.

Do you still have cravings? If not, I'd drop the peas and do one more week. If you do, or if you are thinking "what cravings?" I'd do two more weeks.

If you are doing SBD more for diabetes prevention than for weight loss, I'd continue on the plan no matter what. It really is helpful.

It looks like you aren't getting much protein with lunch...why is that? Try adding some beans to your salad. Make sure you are getting enough calories--if you are below 1200 your body can shut down and think you are starving. Also, make sure you are getting enough water. When you don't drink enough, your body holds on to what it gets and that can lead to a higher weight than you really are.
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dont eat peas! and make sure to not drown your veggies in dressing, a light splash will do, and is that sugar free jello? and ricotta cream?? how much of that did you have?? and those quiche cups, was it made out of bread??? all those things you have to consider!! and make sure 2 use low carb veggies!!!
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That actually doesn't sound too bad, what you're eating.....I'm assuming the quiche cups from the book. My first week on P1 I also only lost about 3 pounds or so, and then the second week (especially the end of the second week) is when a lot came off. It's like my body had to realize "oh, so this is what we're doing now? I can work with that...." Try to throw in some more veggies into your snacks--maybe roll some cucumbers into those roll-ups, and much on some peppers or zuchinni with the cheesestick, and make sure the salad at lunch has some protein.....but just stick with it, and good results will follow. Now you know about the peas, don't beat yourself up over it, and move on. You may decide to go an extra couple of days on P1 if you want and feel like you can do it. But the cravings and such for sugar and bread have subsided, right, so you know you're doing something right! Good luck!

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My goal is 53 lbs. I am doing this for the weight and diabetes.
I haven't noticed any cravings, but I had some fatfree plain yogurt for my morning snack and was starving-hungry late this afternoon, about an hour after my afternoon snack. I am thinking it was the yogurt, so that is out now. lol
I did notice today that a pair of pants I had on last month were looser, but it was he opposite yest with a pair I wear regularly.

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