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Old 02-14-2005, 05:28 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default The Valentine Daily Cluck!

Valentine's Day!

Nothing happening here except my knee and I woke at three and did not get back to sleep. I'm going to go downstairs and give The Girls a Valentine hug and then make some Red River Cereal for breakfast. It's Gail Day and I do have a few things to do so I'll pop in later.

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someday 145
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Happy Valentine's day!!
Ruth - You are up early. Have a good day.
Me - Nothing happening here either. I too will check back later.
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Ready to Change
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Happy Valentines Day Chicks. Sorry I have MIA I have been sick all week end long. DH and I had the week end to ourselves as our dd's were away and I ended up in bed at 6 sat night and it was not for fun. I am still feeling rather crappy today but not as tired. Well I have run Howie has to go for a potty run. Hopefully I will get to check in later. I have to run to the bank this morning and sign the papers and dh and I have to take dd to the high school open houses this week. Have a great day.

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A Lily from my yard!
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Happy Valentine's Day all! DH just left. (finally) lol Lot's of clean up around here today and still some paintin left to do not much. It's order day. The boys soccer team has their first game today and the girls have to go so I will take Britt this evening. DH has a AYSO meeting tonight to audit the books for the new year. Busy busy busy! I need a nap already. I'll check back later.

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Happy Valentine's Day, girls!

LittleChick, so sorry you're sick, hon. Make sure you get some rest today.

Ruth, I'm sorry about your knee, love. Hugs for you and the Girls.

Chipper, what's up with you today!?

Bamie, did you get the wallpaper off?
We've started priming the walls and ceiling! I feel that we're finally "getting there"!

Back later... must get coffee...
I am a runner!

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to take all the evil people and put them over there, then we wouldn't have to deal with them. And all of us good people would stay right here. The problem is that the line separating good and evil cuts right through the human heart." Alexander Solzenitzen
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Happy Valentine's Day (and Monday!) to y'all.
I hope everyone has a great, fun-filled day!

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hottie in training
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Hi everyone! Happy Valentime's Day! (yes Valentime's!)

my weekend was so-so. saturday was an "emotional day." went to Future in-law's house. we almost always get "pizza n wings" when we go there (soooo good.) struggled with what to eat. was quite frustrated. had 8 wings and 2 pieces of pizza. Okay-bad, BUT, normally I would go there an eat a dozen wings and 4-5 pieces of pizza. so it is actually a victory. and afterwards, i felt satisfied, not STUFFED. yesterday i did better. We went to a meeting at the church for the wedding. they had fried chicken, sandwhiches, cookies. i took the breading off the chicken and ate a little of that. no cookies, no sandwiches! for dinner i avoided the mashed potatoes and dinner rolls and stuck with the ham and veggies/salad.

Ruth, sorry to hear about your knee. does it bother you often? i have foot problems, so i know the feeling!

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Good morning all,

Hope everyone has had a good morning so far. Me, I'm at my desk posting and drinking coffee , trying to get the urge to actually work today. Worked in my yard all weekend - it was GORGEOUS here. Blue skies, warm temps, the whole nine yards - springlike. My bulbs are starting to come up all over the place, so I am hoping that we don't get another really cold snap. That would really make me . Gardening is my passion. I have stuff planted every where!! I have told DH that when I die - if he is still living, if he does like he does now and ignores the yard, it would be like a jungle out there in no time He is always asking me "now what the are you planting?" Rayney is getting into it now too. She loves to help Mommie plant. She also loves to behead my flowers . It would piss me off, if it weren't for the fact that the flowers will grow back - but this time in her life I will never have again. So I say, screw the flowers, if she wants to pick em - let her pick em DH fusses at her sometimes and has a hard time understanding why, after all the hard work I put into the yard, would I let her just "ruin" things. I tell him, she's only going to be this age once, and if I can mark it by the beheaded flowers in my garden, then so be it Besides - she has so much FUN reaping the benefits of "me and mommies garden". LORD I love that child!!

DH and I exchanged Valentines Day gifts last night. He couldn't stand it anymore. I bought him a new watch and he gave me a gorgeous ring and a necklace (NO CHOCOLATE). He's so good - I think I'll keep him .

Bamie ~ sound like you have the same problem I do in my kitchen. Everything is white. Walls, vinyl flooring (eck), cabinets, appliances. I mean EVERYTHING!!! The only things that aren't white are the windows in the microwave and stove . I'm so sick of white . Tried to talk DH into painting a pretty yellow or pastel green and he shot me down (as usual), BUT I have that idea again about starting it myself?? You know, where he starts to feel manly and "takes over" because I "don't know how to do it". HMMM - maybe I'll go buy some paint

Well, better get a move on. I'll check back in later. Hope everyone has a great day.
A Mind Troubled By Doubt Cannot Focus On The Course To Victory Arthur Golden
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Learning to love ME!
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Good morning! Happy Valentine's Day! I resisted ice cream and cake at my son's birthday party yesterday, but I did eat FOUR Pillsbury crescent rolls. Those things are a nutritional wasteland, trans fat, sugar, white flour. But at least I didn't have the cake and ice cream. Today i'm back on track. We're having another birthday party tonight (other side of the family) for him, but for this one we're getting a kind of cake I don't like, so I should be OK.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Good Morning Ladies~

Just a quick peck in for me then I gotta run. LOTS of things to do today.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine, was ok & interesting. We went to go look at puppies sat. night for our boys for Valentine's Day. Long story short, we ended up in a cornfield full of MUD!! It was sooo gross!! We were in my car!!! End of the night, yes, we brought a new puppy home...the people we were going to see were kind enough to come looking for us after we hadn't shown up yet. Thank goodness they did!! The guy was kind enough to help get us out after he took the kids & I back to his house..then went back with a 4-wheel drive truck & supplies to dig my car out. Needless to say, car, needs a massive bath..Inside & Out. The rain we had (LOTS of it) washed off the outside but I have tons of mud on the inside..Leather interior!!!!!UGH!!!

Well, off to clean out my car and run many errands today...Hope everyone has a great valentine's day!!

Goal by Summer!!
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Happy Valentines Day Ladies

Back to exercising as I had to rest over the weekend having a hurt ankle but today I raring to go. I really believe that uping my exercising from 60 min per day to 90 really helped me loss my weight. Have a great day and remember {{No =No}} to the candy Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

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Oh yes, I HAVE to make it to the fitness center today...Laurie and I have a pact...

Goal by Summer!!
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Morning Chickies!

Sorry I've been MIA - I've been naughty too! I'm draggin my butt back on the beach today. It started when I made valentine brownies for DS and you know the crispy burned edges - I LOVE THOSE. So I thought I would have just a little nibble - nope - I caved and ate a bunch. Then had wine on Friday night. February blues party on Saturday, blue cheese and bacon pizza, buffalo chicken dip, crackers, spring rolls, feta puffs and vanilla vodka with diet ginger ale. It was a blur of bad (yummy) food and dancing. I didn't get home until 3:30.

And I met a new guy named Bad Bob. He's 35, divorced and has two kids around my DS's age. We'll have to see what happens. He seemed interested but you never know.

So today I started with a salad for breakfast!!!! I was starving for veggies! No more adult beverages for awhile! They are making me lazy.

Happy valentines day to all those single people out there. You can be my valentine today! To all you married folks I hope you get something really romantic and nice today!
Amy S

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Morning everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! I am loving this WOE! I think I finally found the plan that works for my body and my lifestyle. What a thrill! Getting ready for my morning workout (I'm doing a few extra minutes each day this week to attempt to counter act my champagne tonight ) and then some shopping and housekeeping before beautifying myself for dinner out tonight
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Happy Valentines Day !!!

I hate working the weekends because I miss so much here on those 2 days

Ruth~~Mice in your car? I think they want to enjoy the treats while sitting on those heated seats

Kelly~~Maybe you can rechannel Rayne's "job in your garden" to deadheading the flowers instead of beheading them (great memories ).

Bamie and Ellis~~Yeah!!! You have kitchen progress!!! Enjoy!

Amy~~OOh, Bad Bob! Sounds like there's a story there: come on~spill the beans, girl

Amb-lyn~~Bummer on the mudd, but what kind of puppy did you get????

Who posted about zucchini noodles?? How do you make those (julienne the zuchinni??)

Today is my 13th anniversary and I plan on a nice dinner and bottle of wine in my new kitchen (first time sitting in the kitchen) to celebrate.
I lost 3 pounds this week
March start wt=146, goal= 130
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