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Default I'm new!

Hello Gang,
I'm back from a long break in my diet and exercise plan - where I lost 50 lbs - and gained 30 back! I feel like a broken record here, having tried to post 3 times (I saw the post from Suzanne re-problems posting). I just posted in the biography section.

This is my first time on the beach. My hubby is working at it with me, for the 1st time in our marriage. We're 1 wk into ph 1 and feeling pretty good. Hubby weighed in this am - lost 10 lbs! I'll try tonight or tomorrow and see how I've progressed (fingers, toes, eyes, legs crossed mind you). I hope, hope, hope to lose 10 pounds in ph 1. I know that's a lot but noticed a lot of people on this site have been making great strides! I love this site, it's such a great resource for encouragement, inspiration, advice! Glad to be back! Wish me luck.
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Hi guys, I'm new here as well. I signed up yesterday but was a little lost. I've been trying to do the South Beach diet for a week and a half...I've only lost 4 lbs the first week and none since. It's so frustrating and I can't seem to stay off the scale. Bad for morale Anyway, I did really good the first week and cheated none, okay one beer. This week I "cheat" very little. I had a cracker w/ dip someone made at work, a piece of bagel w/ cream cheese. I don't know...maybe I'm eating too much "meat" and not enough veggies. I'll stop now...not sure if this will post right.
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Welcome to you both! This is a great group of beachers - wonderful support and lots of useful information. Be sure to check the FAQ section and scan through the recipes.

Shyscorp, rate of weight loss is different depending on how much you have to lose. If you think it should be more then post your day's menus and let everyone have a look.

Rochelle, it's good to have support at home when changing eating patterns. I've been gradually changing my family to eat my way and I think we're all better for it (although my son still complains about the 'flecks' in everything - ie whole grains!)
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*~* Welcome to the Beach both of you!! *~*

Goal by Summer!!
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I can do this!
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Welcome to you both!

Shyscorp, I know this sounds harsh, but you really have to do Phase 1 with NO cheating of any kind. No pieces, no crumbs, nothing. And beer is the worst thing you can possibly eat or drink as it has Maltose...it actually has a higher glycemic index than sugar! I hope you don't think I'm yelling at you, I'm not! I just want you to know why your weightloss may be dissapointing. Let's face it, Phase 1 is not fun, and it sucks to be doing all that work and spoil it with a tiny cheat, but since you are detoxing from sugar, putting even a little bit of sugar (like one cracker) starts the whole process over. Start from the last time you didn't cheat (after the bagel piece?) and count two weeks from there with no cheating. I bet you'll see several pounds fly off then and after!

That said, don't stress out that much about pounds. Hard for me to say that as I'm stressing over a nearly 3 month plateau, but it really isn't productive. Hide that scale on top of the fridge! Maybe not that drastic, but you do want to stay away from the scale...truly. You can do this!
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Welcome to the beach Rochelle and Shyscorp!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Welcome to the beach.
March start wt=146, goal= 130
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Ready to Change
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Welcome to the beach. Listen to Laurie she is one smart chick. She always gives great advice.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."
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Welcome to both of you!!
I am a runner!

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome - and yes - listen to Laurie - good advice and encouragement - but she will get you on the veggies if you don't eat enough. Just a warning
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Welcome both of you - I'm fairly new as well - on Day 6 of P1, although for the second time - I did this in the fall and had great results.

You'll love this forum - lots of great support, advice, recipes and more! Speaking of which, if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend the Taco Bake recipe - I just love it!
Incorporating WW, BFL and Zumba to take control of my fitness destiny!
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Come on Spring!
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to The Beach!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Welcome to the Beach!

March Goal:

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