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Default Hi, new to South Beach

Hello! I've been on SB for a little over 2 weeks and just started Phase 2 a few days ago and was wondering... why the sudden weight gain after such a quick loss? I had lost 11 lbs, and I gained 2lbs back when I started adding carbs. Mind you, they weren't even big carbs, not even fruit, just extra dressing or more veggies. Do you think it's because I may have added more calories? Either way, I'm glad to have found a diet that isn't as strict as Atkins, what a killer! Oh yeah, and I know I'm not supposed to be drinking caffinated stuff, but I HAVE to have caffinated coffee in the morning. Is that the problem with my non-weightloss as of late?

Also, what are the rules with low carb desserts and dressings... ya know, carb smart, carb well, all those pre packaged foods, dressings, and desserts that are sooo easy to eat instead of making food from scratch? Is anyone else eating that stuff too? Like the dessert bars? Thanks!
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Welcome to the Beach, skinnymel! It is normal for weight to vary from day to do. Perhaps you are retaining water. Normally it is best to add one Phase 2 food for a week to see how you react to it before you start adding more. If you have not been adding in fruit or another acceptable starch, then you haven't really started phase 2. Feel free to list out a day's menu and we will be glad to point out any problems. Have you been getting enough water?

It is best to avoid products that are marketed as low carb. Many of them have ingredients that are too high in fats and are not allowed. There are some exceptions such as Heinz One Carb ketchup made with Splenda. La Tortilla's Whole Wheat tortillas are marketed as low carb but contain only the good ingredients that you want. Most low carb yogurts have added stuff you dont' want. I use Blue Bunny Lite 85 as do many others. Dressings MIGHT be okay but you would need to check for the amount of sugar as well as the type of fats - you need to be avoiding saturated and trans fats. As far as desserts, you would have to post a list of ingredients so we could check but the key is to remember we are supposed to be avoiding processed foods where possible and that we only get 75 calories a day for our sweet treats.

I'm sure I'm missing something but others will probably catch them.
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Hey welcome to the beach!

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Welcome to the beach!!

Goal by Summer!!
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Hi Skinnyme. Welcome to the beach!

I have found the easiest, cheapest and tastiest way to go is to revert back to natural foods. Eat lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, beans and plenty of vegies, add some fresh fruit when you are on phase two, use herbs and spices for seasoning your meals including dressing salads, and have l/f varieties of dairy products but check that they are not really high in sugar. A lot of processed foods have some pretty unnatural ingredients and are really high in salt so make you retain water which bloats you up.

I have lost 24kg on South Beach still drinking caffeinated coffee in the morning but if I don't drink lots of water my weight loss stalls so probably best to stick to one cup if you need it. You may find that you have increased your calories when you added back in starches. Try using www.fitday.com to track your calories. I aim for 1000-1500 per day. Any less I stall and feel revolting, any more I stall as well. Also your weight loss tends to stall about weeks 3-4 but if you stick with it you will start losing again. During this time your measurements will probably go down but the scales may not budge much. As for deserts, the book has some good recipes for ricotta deserts and there is always l/f yogurt. Personally I got this size by eating too much quick and easy food (you just eat more when you can stand at the fridge or cupboard and shove it in your mouth) so now I take the time to prepare a healthy meal and sit down to eat it because I want to change my eating habits for life.

I hope thats answered all your questions.
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Hi, Skinnymel!

I realize it's hard to move from Atkins to this diet and change your thinking about carbs, but you really need to in order to understand SBD. On SBD, the amount of carbs does NOT matter. What kinds of carbs you eat does. So, to be in Phase 2, you need to add either a piece of fruit or a starch. Try just that one each day for a week and see how you do. Modify as you go and find the place that's right for you.

In general, you want to ignore all the low carb stuff. They put additive that take away nutrition in the search to lower the carbs, and we don't care how many carbs we eat. There are exceptions, like Barb mentioned, but you want to look at the ingredients to be sure. We are trying to minimize fat overall and stick to only good fats.

For dressings, you want to only use a serving size, as they have tons of fat and calories. Serving size is usually 2 Tbsp. You want a dressing with 3, 2, 1, or 0 grams of sugar, and you want the least saturated fat possible. Look for dressings made with canola oil, olive oil, or other healthy oils, and avoid anything that has the word "hydrogenated" in it. You also will probably want to avoid most light dressings (but read the labels to be sure), as they usually replace the fat with sugar.

Skinnymel, eat tons of veggies in Phase 1 or 2 as they really help your weight loss! I know you'll enjoy this plan once you really get into it. I know it can take time to prepare this food, but you will feel so much better when you are eating it!
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welcome to the Beach, Mel!
I am a runner!

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Hi Mel
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Thanks everyone for your tips and welcoming me into your group! I know I can lose the weight and this seems to be the place for the right support in doing it!
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Welcome to the beach.
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Welcome to the Beach!

March Goal:

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